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2019-06-21 03:41 53005592 Anonymous (8A38EAFD-2F25-4912-9370-84FBA21A93B2.jpg 312x258 34kB)
I wish I had friends... I wish I had someone to cry to. I wish I had someone to hug me... I'm sad, I'm scared, I'm lonely. I'm not strong enough to grow. I wish someone would help me.

5 min later 53005688 Anonymous
>>53005592 your idea of friends is fake, people just have something vaguely in common and maybe they interact a bit, but there's nobody that will actually care about your problems.

15 min later 53005832 Anonymous
>>53005688 But I care.. I care about others. I go out of my way to care for others, preferably anonymously... Surely I'm not the only one...

17 min later 53005870 Anonymous
you act like you're ready for change, but you actually aren't, otherwise you'd be changing right now. stop waiting and just fucking do it.

21 min later 53005921 Anonymous
i gotchu homie, hmu on discord Neebs#1788

26 min later 53005999 Anonymous
>>53005870 I'm not strong enough. I tried before and it all fell apart. I feel like I can't do it alone... >>53005921 You're not trying to trick me or anything?

1 hours later 53006416 Anonymous
What do you need help with? make this more than a generic woe is me thread. Maybe someone has actually decent advice you never know

1 hours later 53006509 Anonymous
>>53005592 well what are your interests? Spahriginality

1 hours later 53006563 Anonymous
>>53005592 after awhile you grow with negative energy and mature which makes you feel less, but never makes the problem go away

2 hours later 53007105 Anonymous
4chan was down sorry for not responding faster >>53006416 I probably have depression + anxiety but idk... and simple (sometimes complex) partial seizures that always crush what little hope I can muster up. I don't know what to do and I want to kill myself

3 hours later 53007752 Anonymous
>>53007105 >simple (sometimes complex) partial seizures ur fucked m8

3 hours later 53007781 Anonymous
>>53005999 >I'm not strong enough. I tried before and it all fell apart. I feel like I can't do it alone... im sorry, i wish the world wasnt like this but unfortunately it is. ultimately every friend- or romantic relationship is based on something. common interests, looks, social skills. the only unconditional love you'll ever get is from your family, in particular from your mother. thats how biology works.

4 hours later 53008014 Anonymous
>>53007781 ...my parents are old now... My dad is 74 and my mom is 70. When they pass. I think I'll kill myself for sure. I'd have nobody...

5 hours later 53008510 Anonymous
>>53008014 idk what to tell you man. its rough. all i can say for sure is that even if shit is fucked, ppl can come to terms with it and be happy. or reasonably happy atleast, pure blizz 24/7 doesnt exist anyways. i wish you well and i wish you luck. i just got lucky. i was a neet for like 5 years, well technically i went to uni but not really and am still nowhere near done with the degree. last week i convinced a techcompany i was a good fit for an open software dev position which pays pretty well. starting in a month. i hope that'll be my chance to turn things around for the better, because the last 5 years of doing nothing and living with my parents were rough on my mental health and confidence. i'm a bit scared but i know if there is anything that'll change my course it'll be this. moving out, having money and a reasonably respected job, doing something productive and being useful and needed, im sure thatll be a good confidence boost. the steady sleep shedule will be good for me too and maybe being awake at normal times makes me eat more regular so i can stop being skinny and maybe even start hitting the gym. idk if any of those things will even make me happy but its worth a shot for sure.

5 hours later 53008541 Anonymous
>>53005592 Your notion of friendship doesn't exist in the real world. I have people that I enjoy being around and occasionally interacting with, but they never reach out and ask how I'm doing. They never ask anything from me, and I never ask anything from them. We just share a trivial hobby. Nobody will care for you more than you will, Anon.

5 hours later 53008686 Anonymous
>>53005592 Try and look at the silver lining champ, get in some green space, go for a nightwalk Sounds like you're cool my dude. For sure don't eat mcdonalds, just in case you do You made it this far champ, buck up, wish not for a lighter burden but broader shoulders or whatever

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