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2019-06-21 03:29 53005434 Anonymous (what-happened-etika-youtube-savonarola-twitter-reddit-alicepika-keemstar-deleted-video-banned.jpg 1600x1600 180kB)
So /r9k/, what do you think about this nigger and how would you feel if he decided to off himself.

5 min later 53005502 Anonymous
>>53005434 whats his story? never heard of em

7 min later 53005538 Anonymous (1539068968000.jpg 349x349 30kB)
>>53005434 Used to watch him in the past. Mainly for his Fire Emblem playthroughs. When I realized he was never going to finish them and just wanted to be one of those guys who just wanted to react to shit, I dropped him. This suicide thing is fake as fuck and so was his mental breakdown. He's just an attention seeking faggot.

12 min later 53005603 Anonymous (IMG_20190207_194943.jpg 495x372 34kB)
>>53005502 Hes this streamer named Etika. Apparently he's gonna off himself and the NYPD is looking for him again. This is like the third time he planned a suicide.

13 min later 53005616 Anonymous
>>53005434 I think you shouldn't insult God. Enjoy reincarnating as an E scort.

14 min later 53005629 Anonymous
>>53005603 sounds like he should be in a mental hospital

16 min later 53005676 Anonymous
>>53005629 Yeah he was in one for a few but apparently, that didn't stop him. If he does khs I would actually be happy

19 min later 53005713 Anonymous
did he die? It was likw 3 in the morning here when he posted the video and I forgot. Im kind of worried.

20 min later 53005742 Anonymous
>>53005434 He's severely mentally ill and it's awful that everyone is just laughing at him like nothing is wrong. He needs help.

1 hours later 53006147 Anonymous
>>53005434 Show me his big black cock

1 hours later 53006249 Anonymous
>>53005434 >What do you think about this nigger His visage viscerally disgusts me. Not trying to sound like an edgy neonazi polfag, but I don't like blacks or the way they look. >and how would you feel if he decided to off himself. Apathetic. I have no idea who he is.

1 hours later 53006265 Anonymous
>>53006147 He actually did post it here once lol. Probably on soc.

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