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2018-12-23 02:32 50003664 Anonymous Vexillology Thread Redux (830px-Flag_of_Wales_(1959–present).png 830x498 124kB)
Flags with dragons edition. I liked this thread yesterday so here's an attempt at reviving it. Post flags with dragons, or your favourite flags, or just interesting flags.

2 min later 50003690 Anonymous
54 Cymru Beats up in this bitch.

15 min later 50003786 Anonymous (invictaflag.png 1200x900 77kB)
Can't decide whether to get this

16 min later 50003795 Anonymous (invictaflag2.png 1033x620 97kB)
>>50003786 or this one instead cause the horse is more detailed

32 min later 50003940 Anonymous (Flag_of_Bhutan.png 1024x683 139kB)
>>50003786 >>50003795 In general stylisation is preferred over detail, but the first example is just kind of blobby instead of minimal so I would go with the second. Also, I hadn't seen the flag of Kent before. It's distinctive, I like it.

32 min later 50003948 Anonymous (36479DC9-68EF-447C-A061-B9D35866D64C.png 2000x1334 146kB)
Doesnt have a dragon, but look at this jazzbol flag.

1 hours later 50004367 Anonymous (48409113_369724990457875_9005567807118639104_n.png 720x425 26kB)
I really enjoy this flag I found way back when article 13 was first announced.

1 hours later 50004388 Anonymous (Latvs.jpg 648x864 49kB)
>>50003664 I have a collection of SSR flags. Very rare and shit.

1 hours later 50004471 Anonymous (Qing_Dynasty.png 1024x683 234kB)
>>50004388 Rarity and dubs appreciated, but they're all kind of samey aren't they? USSR flag with a coloured band.

1 hours later 50004552 Anonymous (EestiSSR.jpg 519x692 37kB)
>>50004471 Yeah, maybe, but they're authentic.

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