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2018-12-23 01:53 50003298 Anonymous (1521683544485.jpg 832x468 64kB)
>Be me >22 >go to uni for fashion design >have small shrimpy slim and short body type >androgynous facial features with long blonde hair, big eyes and freckles >always nervous around teacher >she has big boobs, tall, huge kardashian ass, long natural blonde hair >she's always hitting on me what to do robots?

1 min later 50003322 Anonymous
She's not hitting on you, you delusional faggot Also >going to uni to study fashion design You're not only a faggot, you're a stupid poor faggot

2 min later 50003341 Anonymous
>>50003298 I genuinely hope you die a miserable painful death

8 min later 50003394 Anonymous
>>50003298 >go to uni for fashion design you know "follow your dreams" was bad advice right?

16 min later 50003472 Anonymous
>>50003394 He's more likely to be employed in a fulfilling job than any entry level STEMtard.

21 min later 50003511 Anonymous (1521983187718.jpg 498x470 32kB)
>>50003298 >thinks the teacher is hitting on him because she acknowledged he exists jesus fucking christ the absolute state of /r9k/

29 min later 50003567 Anonymous
>>50003472 lmao, imagine actually believing this. Arts students mostly don't get job in the arts sector, that's for upper middle class kids with nepotism benefits. They just end up in admin/retail jobs. And if you really want to be a designer or whatever you don't even need an arts degree you just need to schmooze and have a good portfolio. It's a joke

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