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2018-12-23 12:46 50002542 Anonymous /Wagecuck/ general (1537135085273.png 631x595 111kB)
It's Christmas time and I have to work for Mr. Shekelstein edition.

10 min later 50002657 Anonymous (1537775505407.jpg 2048x1453 1128kB)
>>50002542 Sorry anon. I hope you feel better when you get home and drink/smoke/masturbate and or kill yourself.

13 min later 50002702 Anonymous (1543773391094.png 804x802 140kB)
>apply for a job as IT consultant >during interview my new boss tells me about how I'm responsible for building new programming courses >get hired >spend all day selling prebuilt Microsoft office courses to boomers

16 min later 50002738 Anonymous
I get to give out presents to the patients tomorrow. Hopefully the ward will be quiet so my colleagues and me can sit down and enjoy the food that were gonna bring

1 hours later 50003590 Anonymous
>>50002702 Hahaha, nice anon. Based and microsoftpilled

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