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2012-09-23 09:48 3002595 Anonymous (1325360317594.jpg 500x333 131kB)
What does /lit/ think of my work? http://zircillius.wordpress.com/ /tv/ plebs don't appreciate literary analysis so I thought I'd subject myself to /lit/'s vitriolic criticism. Do your worse.

2 min later 3002611 Anonymous
certainly better than most blogs. But you shouldn't incorporate so much slang it undermines the merit of your rhetoric.

3 min later 3002618 Anonymous
no one gives a shit about your blog, kid. Spam elsewhere

4 min later 3002623 Anonymous

5 min later 3002630 Anonymous (5DP8f.jpg 500x757 90kB)
>>3002618 Then what the hell is /lit/ for if not to share our own writing? Arrogant prick.

2 hours later 3002998 Anonymous
>>3002618 Spam? He's looking for criticism. Please do not post if you're going to be inflammatory without cause. Also, only the immature call others "kid". Try using another insult if you want to pose as an adult.

2 hours later 3003055 Anonymous
>>3002630 The point of /lit/ is to destroy writing and ultimately the will to write.

3 hours later 3003139 Anonymous
Your first post was about Tree of Life, with the exception of Melancholia, the rest are commercial action/family. Either get better taste in film, or get a little confidence to not waste your time with these shitty fucking movies because you're afraid you won't understand.

3 hours later 3003146 Anonymous
>>3003120 Let me fine-tune this. - I'm not sure how some of those film choices really affirm the message of 'alternative film criticism'. It appears to encompass entirely normal film criticism to me. - Resorting to copious amounts of pictures is annoying as hell; that is unless you are actually analysing a particular scene/shot. It made trying to read the Melancholia review a chore. I don't see a need for any of them aside from perhaps one at the beginning to open things up. - Your Melancholia review is pretty good beyond that. Pretty short and sweet but suggests good knowledge. I'd be interested to hear your arguments about it as a work of science-fiction as firmly I am firmly in the opposite camp. - Using half stars is annoying. It suggests that you aren't decisive enough. My thoughts.

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