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2013-07-26 01:52 1012432 Anonymous (fancy-persian-cat.jpg 500x385 41kB)
So my girlfriend is MtF, and she's a member of this Trans* pride group of about forty people that has meetings every week. She dislikes a lot of the people there, but says she feels like she needs to go, I don't know. But I've been with her a few times, and here's what I've noticed. >Trans women, while they can be as beautiful as any cis woman, still exhibit quite a few uniquely dudish behaviors that make them stand out from the cis-female allies that attend >Trans men pass 100% in every aspect (bar some that are a little feminine around the edges appearance-wise), behavior, voice, dress, everything Anyone else notice this?

11 min later 1012444 Anonymous
>>1012432 Consider the way that humans are in the womb, you're pretty much female until a certain stage, so being a guy is like a DLC that's harder to remove from your game of life. I'm pretty high right now.

15 min later 1012451 Anonymous
>>1012444 A really annoying a shitty DLC you wish was never downloaded because it nerfed your favorite game functions and gliched your character avatar...

16 min later 1012454 Anonymous
>>1012432 Well that make sense, as being masculine is way easier than being feminine I guess.

19 min later 1012458 Anonymous
>>1012451 I know this feel.

22 min later 1012465 Anonymous
Maybe it's the testosterone? Not after HRT and whatnot, but all the changes the extra testosterone has done to them. No expert on anything like that, just throwing out a bit of a guess.

29 min later 1012488 Anonymous
>>1012432 What sorts of dude-ish behavior? I stopped going to support groups when I was passing.

36 min later 1012505 Anonymous
>>1012454 lel

42 min later 1012529 Anonymous
>still exhibit quite a few uniquely dudish behaviors Like what?

1 hours later 1012695 Anonymous
>>1012451 never has it made so much sense to me

1 hours later 1012734 Anonymous
I think it depends on how observant you are to subtle social cues and how well you can adapt to those cues.

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