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2012-12-20 07:38 30004111 Anonymous (Windows_7_Logo_2[1].png 470x353 122kB)
Can anyone on this forum attempt to name an operating system that is of a higher caliber than Windows the seventh? It is impossible because this Windows system is the best that there is to offer. Please do not attempt to answer this question, for I have already answered it for you. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section.

0 min later 30004121 Anonymous
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit SP1

1 min later 30004136 Anonymous
windows 7 ultimate

2 min later 30004148 Anonymous
>>30004136 >>30004121 Y-you can't do that.

8 min later 30004270 Anonymous
Windows ME

21 min later 30004475 Anonymous
It's obvious that mac OS is the best. Apple is such a good company that they let their employees wear jeans to work. I always use mac OS and make really good photoshop work because photoshop is by far the most powerful mac exclusive software available. Apple is also the most innovative company out there because of their incredible technology. They invented the most incredible displays ever known to man, called retina displays. I run my minecraft server 24/7 on my macbook and it runs really well with all of my friends playing minecraft with me while i'm playing with them. Yes, Macs are even powerfull enough to run minecraft with normal render distance and fast graphics. not to mention my iphone plays minecraft pocket edition just as well. Fucking pwnt, nerd.

23 min later 30004511 Anonymous (Singularity_v1.png 640x400 1kB)
AIX and Singularity.

23 min later 30004517 Anonymous
Windows 8 can virtualize a win7 image and make it a tile. Viruses in that tile can't escape =the future of security

24 min later 30004530 Anonymous
I know this is a trol thread, but op is 100% right

25 min later 30004545 Anonymous
>>30004111 Gentoo > 8 > 7

27 min later 30004576 Anonymous
Every version of Windows except for 2000 has been abysmal. 2k is passable yet still shit. OSX would be good if Apple weren't such fucking assholes. Face it, the future of OSes is GNU/Linux, it'll just take some time for the unwashed masses to finally abandon the shithole that is Windows that has been forced down their throats since the 90s.

28 min later 30004601 Anonymous
>>30004576 >"unwashed masses" >uses linux

34 min later 30004692 Anonymous

35 min later 30004720 Anonymous
>2013 >not using glorious Windows 3.x seriously OP. You are such a raging faggot for not running this.

36 min later 30004724 Anonymous
Op, I deem thee, the dumbest nigger on /g/

36 min later 30004725 Anonymous
>forum Leenuks

36 min later 30004746 Anonymous
>>30004111 Windows Server, bitch. Don't you know anything?

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