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2012-12-20 05:41 30002014 Anonymous (vaporware.png 525x381 171kB)
What does /g/ think about the Leap Motion? http://youtu.be/_d6KuiuteIA it seems more like a toy than a useful device.

2 min later 30002061 Anonymous
it seems like a toy, because it IS a toy. its marketed towards macfags because "ohh, buzzword touchless controlls buzzword!" it cant be used for anything practically, because using a pen/touch interface, or a mouse, is ten times more precise. its a neat toy, it'll wont be popular for long.

3 min later 30002080 Anonymous
>>30002014 Could be useful in creating some VR games provided the Oculus isn't a bust. If it's actually precise and not a load of bullshit it would be nice for artists possibly. Outside of those two its useless. Playing angry birds and web browsing with it would be retarded.

4 min later 30002108 Anonymous
>>30002014 I want a game where you can virtually touch your waifu.

5 min later 30002134 Anonymous
>>30002108 There's no haptic feedback so it would be like fingering a ghost.

6 min later 30002139 Anonymous
>>30002134 Better than using a mouse or a touchscreen.

7 min later 30002171 Anonymous
>>30002134 That's going all the way with /g/ baseball.

8 min later 30002188 Saucey
>>30002139 >but with each click its like if she's pushing back at you it looks like it could be useful for lectures and for people who don't want to get carpal tunnel

9 min later 30002194 Anonymous
>>30002188 Feels so artificial though.

9 min later 30002199 Anonymous
It's Kinect but with a vertical orientation.

11 min later 30002236 Anonymous
>looking at a map >finally got the right location >somebody walks by >map scrolls to many miles away as they walk

11 min later 30002243 Anonymous
>>30002108 most /g/ sentence ever

13 min later 30002276 sage
>>30002014 if that shit actually works decently, i'm in for one. maybe more since my parents would probably benefit from it.

14 min later 30002298 Anonymous
>>30002199 And a much narrower width, and narrower depth of field. So it would map what is within it's field with more detail than connect (if they were otherwise identical systems). Like others have said, neat idea, limited general application. At least with the kenect we know what sort of cool things we can do. Nothing seen yet about what we can really do with this, outside of lame games

19 min later 30002398 Anonymous
http://youtu.be/_d6KuiuteIA actyal demo

20 min later 30002429 Anonymous
>>30002298 lel kinect is just another gimmick too

20 min later 30002434 Anonymous
>>30002398 Same shit as was posted earlier.

22 min later 30002462 Anonymous
>>30002429 It's one important step towards a holodeck. Or at least full body gaming. To do what kinect does with stereoscopy is far more difficult. It's not a gimmick to those who use it outside of games either.

24 min later 30002489 Anonymous
>>30002134 or a Wacom tablet

24 min later 30002506 Anonymous
fucking marketers >Our breakthrough technology uses a mathematical approach to bring you 3D, touch-free motion control

28 min later 30002575 Anonymous
>>30002489 I have never fingered a wacom tablet. For one thing I never dissected a wacom pen to mount it's guts on my finger... Was it bulky? Did it work?

28 min later 30002576 Anonymous
>>30002434 yup wrong link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssZrkXGE8ZA

28 min later 30002580 Anonymous
>>30002506 Well most of the time you'd use a mechanical approach.

29 min later 30002604 Anonymous
>>30002580 im pretty sure you're always using mathematics in one way or another

31 min later 30002638 Anonymous
Give me one good reason not to preorder one of these things.

31 min later 30002646 Anonymous
>>30002638 You don't have a use for it.

31 min later 30002651 Anonymous
>>30002580 Yeah I'm pretty sure mechanical engineers use a tiny bit of math to build shit. I'm an electrical engineer, and I know we always make fun of their baby math, but it is still math.

33 min later 30002671 Anonymous
>>30002014 Oh, so it's just kinect.

34 min later 30002684 Anonymous
>>30002646 But it's a toy, of course it's not for practical use.

34 min later 30002688 Anonymous
>>30002134 WOO WOO! ghost blowjob

34 min later 30002689 Anonymous
>>30002684 You're wasting money.

34 min later 30002693 sage
>>30002576 nice

35 min later 30002709 sage
>>30002689 >implying he doesn't have discretionary income

36 min later 30002720 Anonymous
>>30002709 Wasting money is never good.

37 min later 30002741 Anonymous
just a toy? who the fuck cares, it looks awesome. all work and no play make jack a dull boy "stop liking what I don't like" stop that talk, grow up

38 min later 30002760 Anonymous (60's mouse.jpg 580x280 45kB)
what does /g/ think of the mouse? it seems like more of a toy than a useful device

39 min later 30002778 Anonymous
>>30002760 >2012 >mouse Bitch, I've got a 1200p touchscreen on my tablet you pleb.

41 min later 30002816 Anonymous
>>30002760 it's for cheating faggots, real men play doom with keyboard only.

43 min later 30002840 Anonymous (thing.jpg 539x859 86kB)
this + occulus rift = future

46 min later 30002891 Anonymous
>>30002816 at least doom doesn't require you to look up and down, try playing duke nukem 3d with a keyboard

53 min later 30003004 Anonymous
its similar to microsoft digits. this sorta thing will be great for ar glasses. m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=Tm2IuVfNEGk&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DTm2IuVfNEGk

1 hours later 30003410 Anonymous
>>30003004 microsoft digits wristband on both wrists and ar glasses that completely cover both eyes (not some tiny gay little square in the corner like google glasses) is that too much to ask for?

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