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2013-05-17 07:34 20005983 Anonymous (IMAG0174.png 380x494 376kB)
I'm a 30yo hungry skeleton. Is it too late to make it, bros? >pic related

7 min later 20006095 Anonymous
I guess not.

8 min later 20006119 Anonymous
Nope, you've got a good base to start on.

9 min later 20006125 Anonymous
>>20005983 it's NEVER too late to make it, breh now go eat a fucking sandwich and lift

14 min later 20006176 Anonymous
You look really skinny aesthetic already, just bulk up a bit and you'll have ex-mode aesthetics. Fucking skinny asshole >:|

14 min later 20006179 Anonymous
>>20006125 I put down 5,000 calories today, 220g of brotein. I just discovered the wonders of whole milk. It makes hitting my caloric needs much much easier. BTW, I'm 6'7" so my maintenance is retarded. Been lifting and eating now for a couple of weeks. Any estimates on how long I will remain in current skeletal form assuming I'm eating 1000-2000 calories above maintenance and lifting 4-5 days a week? I realize I'll be putting on quite a bit of fat, but from what I've read on here that isn't such a bad thing for Auschwitz survivors such as myself. Am I trolled? Should I take it down a notch on caloric intake? Thank you based fitizens.

15 min later 20006196 Anonymous
You're more /fit/ than me and I've been lifting for half a year. Enjoy your lmaonotest though

16 min later 20006216 Anonymous
>>20006176 Sorry bro. :( >>20006196 I know right? Although I don't feel any different than I did in my early 20s, energy, sex drive, etc-wise. I understand I'm already over the hill.

17 min later 20006239 Anonymous
>>20006179 There isn't really a line you step over unless you draw one. Just keep lifting heavy shit and try to make progress with your capabilities, aesthetics will be soon to follow.

17 min later 20006240 Anonymous
>>20006176 >ex-mode ez-mode is what I meant to say. >>20006216 Not actually making fun dude, just jelly, 4ever cutting sucks.

19 min later 20006276 Anonymous
>>20006240 ez mode? At least you can lift while cutting and cocoon into altered beast-mode. Having to start from the ground up is quite shitty as well.

42 min later 20006617 Anonymous
>>20006276 >At least you can lift while cutting Yeah but you eventually hit a point where you need to start eating to make gains and going to the gym and lifting the same weight every week sucks.

45 min later 20006651 Anonymous
im gonna have to side with him on this one, both bulking and lifting are fun. cutting is hell.

57 min later 20006815 Anonymous
So ex-skeletons / nutrition bros have any insight into my caloric intake? See: >>20006179

59 min later 20006840 Anonymous
>>20005983 SS + GOMAD Thank you skeleton

1 hours later 20007046 Anonymous (IMAG_1096.jpg 488x816 118kB)
>>20006840 Don't thank me bro, thank your own determination. No one can take your gains away from you but yourself.

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