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2013-05-17 07:30 20005924 Anonymous (confused-baby.jpg 2308x1884 373kB)
What are /fit/'s thoughts on creatine? Good for skinny guys? I can't seem to gain weight, fat, muscle, or anything. 140 pounds, 6'3. I eat a lot if that helps.

0 min later 20005931 Anonymous

1 min later 20005942 Anonymous (photo.jpg 300x300 86kB)
Read the sticky.

1 min later 20005945 Anonymous
>>20005924 >I can't seem to gain weight, fat, muscle, or anything >140 pounds, 6'3. > I eat a lot if that helps. Can we just ban people like this from now on? The shit is getting old. Pretty sure most people coming here saying these exact words are just shitposting now days

2 min later 20005968 theprplehaze
good for anyone who is serious about lifting. newby or experienced alike. it's prime benefit is recovery. so if you want to be as fresh as possible for the three to four times you lift, creatine is good way to boost your recovery. nothing can replace a proper diet though. i set an alarm for every hour to drink 500ml on my phone. i get upwards of 4-5 L per day. also, you should supplement magnesium and zinc if you're going to supplement creatine.

3 min later 20005977 Anonymous
>>20005924 >in eat a lot if that helps No. try actually counting you calories. if you already do, then eat more faggot. creatine isnt fucking magic, but it does help a lot if you are already pretty strong. i dont recommend ot for a beginner. its completely safe, but i feel thar it should be used by intermediate trainee's looking for a slight edge. it will not help you. eat more.

4 min later 20005980 Anonymous
>>20005924 Do you realize how much of an asshole you make yourself out to be by posting such drivel?

4 min later 20005986 Anonymous
>>20005924 Creatine isn't going to make you gain weight you stupid fucking moron. You're not eating enough food. Count your claoires and eat more food until you start gaining. You're not special snowflake. Listen to what I just told you and back the fuck off this website.

5 min later 20006009 Anonymous
>>20005980 I want to gain weight, it sucks being skinny.

7 min later 20006026 Anonymous
>>20005924 dude you're either a troll or you aren't ready for /fit/. read the sticky, THOROUGHLY,and then come back with some real questions

7 min later 20006030 theprplehaze
>>20006009 have you tried bulking?

9 min later 20006052 Anonymous
>>20006009 then do ss, count your fucking calories, and eat at a surplus, IT IS NOT HARD IT IS EASY. how much of a weak willed faggot are you? just get the fuck off /fit/ troll or not, you are doing a shitty job at whatever it is you do

10 min later 20006067 Fuck you Fuck you
>>20005924 Fuck you

10 min later 20006084 Anonymous
>>20005986 4 meals a day. For example here was today's meals...breakfast: 4 waffles, 6 eggs, a bowl of Captain crunch, and strawberry milk. Brunch: 5 pieces of texas toast French toast and a few glasses of water. Lunch: Calimari, pesto and Tortilini, bread, and root beer. Dinner: 2 delicious tritip steaks and lots of water. Trust me, I eat a lot.

10 min later 20006091 read the stucky fucking
>>20005924 faggot

12 min later 20006118 Anonymous
OP. Instead of going to get creatine, here's what I want you to do. Goto the store now and here is your shopping list. Bread x 12 rolls Olive oil x 2 bottles Peanut Butter x 4 containers. Full Fat Milk - 4Liters Then download "Myfitnesspal" and track everything you eat in the day., Now go buy that, go back home, and start eating it. keep eating and eating slowly over the course of the day Pour the olive oil all over the bread, put a shit load of peanut butter on it, and drink the full fat milk while you're eating it. Finish of all 12 rolls, add 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil per roll, and 3-4 tablespoons of peanut butter per roll. Do this for a week, then come back and post how much weight you gained. Then tell me how much of a special snowflake you are.

15 min later 20006144 read the stucky
>>20006084 lol okay faggot. then if you aren't gaining weight it is not enough. eat more. diet will dictate your results. i used to be a fucking fool and i didnt think diet mattered. well it does. eat more if you arent gaining, and eat more. ive tried every tpe of supp out there, aside from aas and prohormones. natty test boosters, protein, weight gainers, creatine, beta alanine, you fucking name it. everything aside from steroids and food is a fucking waste of money. the only things i would ever take would be kre alkalyn and beta alanine, and that would be for a slight boost on cycle. this is coming from someone who has never cycled. all you need is food.

15 min later 20006145 Anonymous
>>20005924 No, you dont eat a lot, you just think you do. If you ate a lot, you'd be gaining weight.

16 min later 20006161 read the stucky
>>20006118 /thread. this may seem ridiculous to you op, but thats because youre and idiot. do this, you will gain weight.

19 min later 20006188 Anonymous
Creatine is for power and performance enhancement supplement, it doesn't make you gain muscle. To gain muscle you need to eat protein, and lots of it. You should not use creatine if you don't know why people use it. 2/5 made me respond.

19 min later 20006189 Anonymous (1363962129546.jpg 850x954 446kB)
>>20005924 You don't eat a lot

20 min later 20006215 read the stucky
>>20006161 OP seriously. eat more. how the fuck do you think you will gain weight otherwise? seriously. buy a pack of frozen chicken instead of a protein powder.

20 min later 20006218 Anonymous
>>20006188 Idiot it interferes with the protein synthesis pathways .. I love how pretentious you are in you stupidity

21 min later 20006238 Anonymous
>>20006084 Is this really not enough? ?

1 hours later 20006910 read the stucky
>>20006238 if you aren't gaining weight then no. is it that hard of a concept?

1 hours later 20006941 Anonymous (loading.gif 500x275 171kB)
long term effects of creatine within the body is unknown dont be a bitch and be natural. as usual, op is a fag

1 hours later 20006982 Anonymous
Guide to gaining weight: 1. Eat a lot 2. Are you gaining weight? If no, eat more. If yes, eat more. 3. Done

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