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2013-05-17 04:30 20002824 Anonymous (56456456.jpg 234x269 11kB)
So what do you guys think about this one meal a day thing? Has anyone else heard of this in the states besides me? Me and every other sensible person have been arguing with this guy at work about it, and I even found this article explaining what I'm talking about, honestly I think it's just another fad http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/new s/culture/2012/12/319_125884.html

0 min later 20002844 Anonymous
I'm a girl and I eat at a 700 calorie p/day limit, why only go to 1300 when i can do more and lose quicker.

6 min later 20002943 Anonymous
>>20002844 Because your body needs enough to at least live off of

29 min later 20003328 Anonymous
>>20002844 dumb bitch. Your body needs more than that. It'll start leeching off of muscle and other sources because the fat won't be enough. You're not getting enough protein = muscle loss You're not getting enough fats = hormone secretion levels are down which is very bad More is not better you tard.

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