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2021-01-15 09:12 26004759 Anonymous (eth.png 225x225 3kB)
Why is no one talking about the unlimited supply? Literally no forum, no news channel, no youtuber... Ethereum has unlimited supply and no one is talking about it

1 min later 26004797 Anonymous
>>26004759 And? It still will be more deflationary than BTC after EIP 1559 and ETH 2.0

35 min later 26005487 Anonymous
>>26004759 It's not unlimited supply at any given time, it's speculatively unlimited supply in the infinite future. Like all other things, its price is a function of the demand and available supply at any given moment.

38 min later 26005532 Anonymous
>>26004759 So has the US Dollar and every other FIAT currency. Why is nobody talking about THAT?

39 min later 26005551 Anonymous
>>26004759 Looks like literally everyone but you knows how Ethereum works.

40 min later 26005584 Anonymous
>>26005532 its been talked about endlessly, its the whole reason for crypto. the jews have stolen 99% of wealth through fiat, fractional reserve banking, etc. go regenerate your foreskin.

41 min later 26005622 Anonymous
>>26005584 Source?

43 min later 26005661 Anonymous
really sad to see the same shit happen like in 2017 eTh Killers FUD: mUh unlimited supply mUh premined bullshit mUh fees too high mUh eTh 2.0 will never come eTh: >most devs >most institutional adoption >20 billion TVL >DEFI >NFTs >EIP1559 >L2 used and working C.O.P.E.

44 min later 26005686 Anonymous
>>26005661 /thread

48 min later 26005737 Anonymous
>>26004759 Yeah...We don't talk about that

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