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2021-01-15 07:58 26003158 Anonymous Have you guys taken the ROTH IRA pill yet? (1EA41A39-6D42-426B-88FC-7B000074BE37.jpg 1083x2289 586kB)
Step 1) Open a Roth IRA Step 2) Put the maximum contribution of $6000 in every year Step 3) Buy shares of Microstrategy Step 4) Easily become a millionaire by the time you’re 59.5, and you don’t have to pay taxes on any of your sick gains. Let’s be honest, the US rapes you when it comes down to short and long term capital gains. Cheat the system by putting your money into a tax free retirement account, and then putting that into a Bitcoin related stock. I’m only 20, but I feel extremely confident this strategy will make my ROTH account over a million dollars within the next 20 years, along with other investments and income. Take the ROTH IRA pill, fuck paying taxes!

1 min later 26003184 Anonymous
>>26003158 fuck off pajeet we don't want your filthy ponzi scheme shitcoin

2 min later 26003206 Anonymous
>>26003158 I make too much money for a Roth.

3 min later 26003226 Anonymous
why not a Self-directed ROTH IRA instead and buy BTC directly? like with rocket dollar, broad financial,etc ?

3 min later 26003232 Anonymous
also poorfags: max this shit out before you start making too much money to qualify

4 min later 26003255 Anonymous (ca5945abc3de52d0f90e9437352b504d.png 419x476 359kB)
>>26003158 where do you have yours setup? sounds comfy

6 min later 26003293 Anonymous
I use Webulls Roth IRA but I think the other comment about setting up a self directed Roth IRA and putting it directly into Bitcoin is worth looking into

8 min later 26003347 Anonymous
>>26003226 this is motherfucking genius

15 min later 26003476 Anonymous
>>26003158 my IRA is 100% in Silvergate Capital right now, way better upside than bitcoin at this point. they are a 1.4billion dollar bank that is the fiat backbone of every major crypto exchange in the usa and they crush earnings every single quarter and volume is increasing exponentially and they have a monopoly on their product offering they will easily be a 100b bank in the coming years and that's just the bear case for them, that alone is a 65x and even 100b is still small for a bank. this return is equivalent to bitcoin going to 2.5 mil a coin and Silvergate only has to get to 100b for same returns, imagine if it goes to 250b which is pretty typical for a large bank

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