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2021-01-15 07:50 26003002 Anonymous It's over (_116361362_tes1.png 1024x576 758kB)
Bitcoin represents an environmental catastrophe - Elon Musk

3 min later 26003055 Anonymous (fb.jpg 900x900 78kB)
Catastrophe are only for the poor. BTC are for the rich. Green plan initiatives do not apply.

4 min later 26003066 Anonymous
make some technology to fix it and get richer bitch

4 min later 26003073 Anonymous
Proof of stake has been proven to be an objectively superior mechanism however people will take decades to switch from bitcoin because they are retarded

4 min later 26003078 Anonymous
>>26003002 >environmental >bitcoin how

5 min later 26003082 Anonymous
what are solarpanels...

5 min later 26003090 Anonymous
>>26003002 >Musk Thanks, just bought.

6 min later 26003099 Anonymous
>>26003002 Yeah but it makes ME money!

6 min later 26003103 Anonymous
>>26003002 He’s hard for bitcoin. He’s an obvious whale

6 min later 26003105 Anonymous
>>26003002 But his shit cars running on lithium batteries that poison the environment to manufacture and dispose of don't amirite?

7 min later 26003138 Anonymous
>>26003078 It currently takes about 27 nuclear plants of electricity to power bitcoin. Energy usage will continue to climb with the price

8 min later 26003150 Anonymous
>>26003078 >not knowing that this shit takes enormous amount of energy on order to operate miniscule 7 transactions per second

9 min later 26003175 Anonymous
>>26003138 wtf 27 nuclear plants for 5 transactions per second? lel

9 min later 26003181 Anonymous
>>26003002 Btw proof or didn't happen

10 min later 26003191 Anonymous
>>26003002 This faggot is dumping battery and car waste all over the planet

10 min later 26003200 Anonymous (20210115.jpg 1399x843 164kB)
>>26003002 Bitcoin will surpass Tesla when it reaches 43K.

12 min later 26003245 Anonymous
>>26003191 nothing like a junkyard filled with corroding batteries

12 min later 26003251 Anonymous
>>26003200 I am sure that you don't know how market cap works.

15 min later 26003307 Anonymous
>>26003175 Yeah why do you think people call BTC a dinosaur?

16 min later 26003327 Anonymous

16 min later 26003339 Anonymous
>>26003150 trully the future of currency

24 min later 26003474 Anonymous
>>26003082 There aren't enough solar panels in the world to push BTC above 10 transactions a second. This why BTC will get super seceded in use (not necessarily value) by proof of stake coins

26 min later 26003515 Anonymous
>>26003002 Wow, they released like ALL the FUD. BTC is $1kk EOY, and I am not fucking joking.

30 min later 26003603 Anonymous
I believe climate change is a threat to humanity, covid 19 is one of the most deadly viruses of all time worth locking the economy down in perpetuity if need be, and that gender is just a social construct that people can change about themselves at a whim by the time they are toddlers, all because I fucking love science and recognize that worshipping politically-chosen experts makes me intelligent.

31 min later 26003604 Anonymous
>>26003002 Its a small price to pay for an eternal storage of wealth

32 min later 26003637 Anonymous (1608484879007.png 256x271 60kB)

35 min later 26003697 Anonymous (Mjk2MDU4NA.jpg 1240x930 345kB)
>>26003138 >>26003150 Good thing btc does not care what american climate jews think. Aside from that, Bitcoin mostly uses energy that is low utility. https://twitter.com/C_Bendiksen/sta tus/1068221424777814016 According to this research bitcoin is already powered by 78% renewables. Even thought i think CO2 is a meme, the climate leftist NPCs are still wrong. There is absolutely no way to prove how much co2 bitcoin mining produces, since you would have to go to every miner in the world and determine their power source. To even estimate the energy consumption of bitcoin is extremely difficult. Cambridge made a theoretical lowerbound of 39.69TWh and a upper bound of 265.96 TWh. That is a total unknown difference of 226TWh so it is literally fucking impossible to know how much energy bitcoin consumes. The Greta jews are saying >"Bitcoin uses as much electricity as entire countries such as Iceland!" >Bitcoin uses as much as 1.7 million average American homes! when you could just as easily say >Bitcoin uses only a half of the output of the Three Gorges Dam (90 TWh/yr) >The amount of electricity consumed every year by always-on but inactive home devices in the USA alone could power bitcoin for 3.4years here is old analysis of bitcoin energy consumption that looks at each different ASIC, and how many could be in use http://blog.zorinaq.com/bitcoin-ele ctricity-consumption/ Few understand this https://www.unchained-capital.com/b log/bitcoin-does-not-waste-energy/

55 min later 26004152 Anonymous
>>26003073 it's objectively inferior. here's the play by play >exchanges offer staking >its easier than doing it yourself and worrying about getting slashed >returns are better >majority of people decide to stake through exchanges >exchanges are now the main validators of the network >grayscale and etf products will also stake custodied coins, becoming validators themselves >vast majority of the coins are now held by regulated institutions, and since proof of stake allows holders to create blocks, the chain itself is easily regulated you literally are just asking to get fucked by governments. in proof of work, just because you own coins it doesn't mean shit. grayscale can take as much as they want. in order to create blocks you have to expend massive amount of energy which is a huge hurdle even for state actors. as asics continue to spread out globally this hash rate will get even more distributed and competitive. proof of work is the real innovation here

1 hours later 26004268 Anonymous
>>26003175 the energy is to make it incredibly hard for a single entity to attack the core bearer asset, not create bullshit tps that you can get a million other ways

1 hours later 26004306 Anonymous
>>26003002 >>26004088

1 hours later 26004326 Anonymous
>>26003002 >Makes his own dip to buy Based

1 hours later 26004382 Anonymous
>>26003002 Electricity isn't stored, but it can be generated. If you ca create advanced renewable energy systems that produce electricity without needing a lot of materials and being cost effective, then you will have created the future of energy consumption. - My Dick

1 hours later 26004464 Anonymous
>>26004152 You're making a good argument, but decentralized exchanges can offer staking too.

1 hours later 26004756 Anonymous
>>26004152 Based

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