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2012-12-17 08:17 21133016 Anonymous War for the Overworld -- Actual Gameplay Edition (1355429716596.jpg 560x420 79kB)
Link to previous thread: >>20821781 == NEWS == Kickstarter has reached over £70,000, more than 46% of the goal with 17 days remaining. Update #10 is out, read it here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/subterraneangames/war-for-the-overworld/posts/370784 ==What is War for the Overworld?== A mix of real time strategy and god game. Influenced by Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, StarCraft and Evil Genius. Mostly Dungeon Keeper though. Uses the Unity engine so it will work on Linux, Mac and Windows. ==Links== Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/subterraneangames/war-for-the-overworld Official Website: https://wftogame.com/ Link to playable showcase (will be updated to actually feature a bit of gameplay by tomorrow night (probably.. what are timezones, how do they work?)): https://wftogame.com/demo Blog and Forums: https://subterraneangames.com/ IRC: Quakenet at #WFTOgame Devs have shown up in previous threads and many who lurk this also hang out in the IRC, if you have any questions ask and we'll find some answers.

28 min later 21134692 Anonymous (devpost1.png 1163x1746 125kB)

45 min later 21135587 Anonymous (devpost2.png 1600x1685 150kB)

56 min later 21136275 Anonymous (devpost3.png 1230x1365 111kB)

1 hours later 21136692 Anonymous
I think I had one of the developers on my Skype through an old same birthday play vidya together thread. August 16th, aw yeah.

1 hours later 21136948 Anonymous (nice.png 1680x1050 2875kB)
What's PLAYABLE though? So far you can go into imps but you can't mine anything I think.

1 hours later 21140518 Anonymous
>>21136948 The playable version is coming tomorrow according to update #10 on kickstarter

2 hours later 21141731 Anonymous
>>21140518 That's a slightly misleading edition name then, although I guess if this thread lasts for any length of time, it would be more accurate in the long run.

2 hours later 21141812 KyleMotherwell
>>21136692 You remembered! >>21136948 Tomorrow, You'll be able to dig to your hearts desire.

6 hours later 21158331 Anonymous
Apparently multiplayer will have direct connect and maybe some sort of steamworks thing for a server browser, although to keep DRM free there were mentions of a battle.net type system.

10 hours later 21173296 Anonymous (dungeonharem.jpg 800x1015 443kB)

10 hours later 21174797 Anonymous (war.jpg 200x150 18kB)

10 hours later 21175003 Anonymous
>>21174797 yay Hopefully with the actual demo thingy coming out soon we'll get some coverage by TB or someone else on the internets and get a large chunk all at once.

10 hours later 21175125 Anonymous
>>21175003 God, not that jackoff. Someone with actual talent.

10 hours later 21175216 Anonymous
>>21175125 Hey, he got Maia from about 60k to 145k pretty much overnight, I'd be happy with that

12 hours later 21179956 Anonymous
>>21175125 i don't like him but he has an audience and they put their money were he tells them to. he's more or less the only reason maia is around. hopefully someone will back this game be it TB, game grumps, two best friends play or anyone with an audience really.

12 hours later 21180226 Anonymous
i gotta say i really think what may be making this go so slowly is them not asking for dollars. say what you will about Americans but there's a lot of them.

12 hours later 21181093 Anonymous
>>21180226 Yeah, I would love to back it at least $50 if not more, but unfortunately kickstarter doesn't seem to accept debit cards when dealing with pounds. I've backed other projects before that were asking USD and this same card so...

12 hours later 21181694 Anonymous
>>21181093 ye, you're not alone, for some reason you can't use debit cards to give money to projects asking for pounds.

13 hours later 21183685 Anonymous
>>21181694 And again, although Amazon allows an adjournment of pay until a project's paid off, Kickstarter can't keep using that credit card processor. As they take a cut from the final total of completed projects, they are only hurting themselves by not finding an alternate solution

13 hours later 21184171 Anonymous
>>21183685 i will like to point out this is only a problem for people asking for something other then dollars. at any rate with the huge success kickstarter is having right now with the gaming community (both video and board) and the recent large kickstarters using non USD as currency i can't see them not trying to come up with a solution. don't forget that kickstarter only started getting big recently, they're probably still playing catch up.

13 hours later 21184348 Anonymous
>>21183685 >Kickstarter can't keep using that credit card processor well as they are taking 5% off of every successful kickstarter they probably should design their own. they shouldn't let go of the "you only pay if it's funded" thing however, that shit needs to stay.

14 hours later 21186432 Anonymous
>>21184171 >i will like to point out this is only a problem for people asking for something other then dollars. Are there not similar problems with projects attempting to procure funds in the form of dollars overseas?

16 hours later 21191156 Anonymous
>>21186432 i don't think there is, if a problem like that exists i don't remember hearing about it.

23 hours later 21208726 Anonymous
Update #11: New video, Kickstarter Demo Release & Holiday Gift Cards http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/subterraneangames/war-for-the-overworld/posts/371461 Playable demo (with actual gameplay) found here: https://wftogame.com/demo

28 hours later 21229163 Anonymous
i just hope this kickstarter flourishes when godus ends. either because disappointed people from it flopping pledge to this one instead or people being happy about it getting funded decide to keep doing the good work. this game is just so much more deserving.

28 hours later 21230207 Anonymous
>>21229163 Yeah, this game and I'm also a bit worried about forsaken fortress, it is pretty close to its goal but only a day and a half or so left. Both much more deserving than anything Peter Molyneux can pull out of his ass

32 hours later 21246108 Anonymous (petermolyneux1.jpg 460x276 6kB)
http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/22cans/project-godus/ Looks like Godus will make it. You fags mad?

33 hours later 21247504 Anonymous
>>21133016 I would have donated if it didn't look TOO MUCH alike DK. They are going to get sued you know

33 hours later 21248057 Anonymous
>>21246108 why would we be mad? this isn't a zero sum game you know, most of the time success breads success. peter seems like a nice guy, i honestly like him despite never having met him and he's made a lot of game's i enjoyed playing (long long ago). if he succeeds bully for him, and if despite my personal prediction he actually makes a good game? well then we're all winners. still at this point in time i just can't pledge for this game, i don't trust him as a developer.

33 hours later 21248258 Anonymous
>>21230207 >forsaken fortress thanks for mentioning this, somehow it slipped my radar. pledged.

34 hours later 21252185 Anonymous
>>21247504 Nope, they've already changed their name and a bunch of units and things to avoid being sued.

37 hours later 21262169 Anonymous
>>21246108 yes

47 hours later 21289006 Anonymous
>>21262169 why? this isn't a zero sum game dude.

48 hours later 21293070 Anonymous
>>21289006 Because Peter Molyneux hasn't made a good game since Black and White (the first one). And that was over a decade ago. It makes me mad to see people throw their money at him. Especially for something that looks like nothing more than SimCity: 44 BC

48 hours later 21294094 Anonymous
>>21293070 >It makes me mad to see people throw their money at him. me to actually, i don't think he has it in him to make a good game anymore. however it's their money they can do whatever they want with it, if they want to burn it in a barrel that's their right. some people just have bad memories or to much faith. at any rate there's no real reason to feel sad for them, or angry for them, no one was cheated here they knew who they are getting to bad with and now they need to sleep in it.

48 hours later 21294850 Anonymous
>>21230207 >forsaken fortress Also backed. Wouldn't have heard about it if it weren't for your post.

48 hours later 21295670 Anonymous
this is really different how theyre sharing this, really exciting. im starting it up now.

49 hours later 21298338 Anonymous
>>21294850 yay

49 hours later 21298438 Anonymous
>>21298338 90% with ~60 hours left? It'll probably make it.

49 hours later 21298492 Anonymous
>>21298438 Godus is at 449,510/450,000...

49 hours later 21298653 Anonymous
More kickstarter games should do what these people are doing: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/poots/kingdom-death-monster/ which is put lots of tits all over your kickstarter page. Seriously, they've already got over 2000% of their goal and still have half the time left.

49 hours later 21298985 Anonymous
>>21298492 Talking about Forsaken Fortress.

49 hours later 21299119 Anonymous
>>21298653 Honestly, I think it's about the miniatures (which are admittedly sexualized). Compare with the Reaper Miniatures kickstarter, which also made a huge pile of cash. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1513061270/reaper-miniatures-bones-an-evolution-of-gaming-min

49 hours later 21299569 Anonymous
>>21299119 dang. I need to go make a miniatures game, they seem like good money.

49 hours later 21300158 Anonymous
Well godus succeeded, unless a bunch of people retract or lower their pledges. I notice on Kicktraq that one of the days they had a few hundred people pledge but an overall profit of -46 monies

49 hours later 21300537 Anonymous
>>21300158 Ha. I wonder what happened there. I guess the number of current backers actually went down, but Kicktraq only tracked new donors.

50 hours later 21300631 Anonymous
>>21300537 Or a few five-thousand-pound backers bailed out. Might not have been serious in the first place.

50 hours later 21301458 Anonymous
>>21173296 There's a word for keepers like you..

50 hours later 21301834 Anonymous
Woah, just noticed that FTL was kickstarted. Didn't know that.

50 hours later 21302073 Anonymous
>>21301458 Oh god dat announcer "One of your imps does a great impression of you. He can even do the ears!"

50 hours later 21302903 Anonymous
>>21302073 if War for the Overworld gets up to 225k pounds they said they will hire the guy who did that voice. They even got him to do the voice in the kickstarter video.

50 hours later 21303970 Anonymous
>>21301834 Yep. One of the first kickstarted videogames to actually release, largely because it was already half-finished and kickstarting videogames only became a thing pretty recently.

53 hours later 21316592 Anonymous (screenshot1.jpg 771x527 37kB)
Just saw the new demo. Why does everything look so shiny (top of rock layer, wall textures)? Also, why are there glowing red disco lights under the floor tiles? Both of these features make the dungeon much feel less organic, dark and claustrophobic, and instead make it look like it's made of cheap plastic. Is that a problem with the way the Unity engine look generally, or is someone on the team not doing their jobs right?

53 hours later 21318123 Anonymous
>>21299569 them and p&p rpg's have a big following willing to drop money on demand, just look at this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/evilhat/fate-core in general if it's part of the nerd culture it'll do well on kickstarter, if it's not it probably won't. and oddly enough helping the poor and people in developing countries (the reason the site began iirc) is the place were you see the most apathy.

53 hours later 21318214 Anonymous
>>21316592 it's a problem with how they are currently doing the lighting, the build is prealpha dude.

54 hours later 21318664 Anonymous
>>21318214 >problem My question is if this is a design choice - in which case it's pretty disappointing if that's the best their texture artist / modeler could come up with - or if they're aware that this makes the dungeon look poor and pale in comparison to a game with 640x480 resolution, and intend on fixing it.

54 hours later 21319125 Anonymous
>>21318664 it's not how they want it to look but how it looks right now, I've actually talked with one of them on this subject in another general. if the developer pops into this general he'll really be the only person in a position to tell you but i believe it's just because they've only now introduced lighting and are still having problems with it.

54 hours later 21319437 Anonymous
>>21318664 I suppose it's mostly a good-enough-for-demo placeholder. Plus, if you dislike the textures, it should be a simple enough matter to make a replacement mod. Myself, I'd actually like more organic look, too. More crooked lines, smoldering torches, flittering shadows and twisted shapes, perhaps to contrast with straight lines, uniform sourceless illumination and right angles of the hero-controlled areas. Basically, making a Keeper's dungeon the Giger to their Classical Greek.

54 hours later 21319558 Anonymous
>>21318123 That's easy to explain. Kickstarting games and similar things often rewards you with special things people who didn't kickstart will not get. No one wants to help other people but everyone likes flaunting things other people don't have.

54 hours later 21320012 Anonymous
You know, it just occured to me now, just how moddable would you like a Possession mode to be? Personally, I wouldn't mind at all if you could hack it all the way to a first person RPG.

54 hours later 21320453 Anonymous
>>21319437 It currently just looks too elegant and cleaned and streamlined and feels too artificial to actually be something carved out of rock underground. > Giger making a dungeon fuck yeah. I'm always of the opinion that in art there's no such thing as too much emphasis on fine details; that being said, obviously this is just as early pre-alpha demo and I don't expect it to have that level of detail. But I loved in the old DK how when possessing a creature the dungeon looked different depending on who you possessed, everything was distorted and the walls uneven and you actually felt like you're in the shoes of something that spends its life underground in imp-made tunnels, surrounded by gold and blood and lava and other strange creatures.

54 hours later 21321718 Anonymous
>>21320453 >I'm always of the opinion that in art there's no such thing as too much emphasis on fine details then you should read berserk, it's beautiful as fuck and every single page is museum worthy but it takes to fucking long to make a new issue. perfection comes with a cost and that cost is time, usually more time ten a single human has to give. at any rate, they are far from done, hell when you look up you can see your hand floating over the creature, instead of ceiling.

54 hours later 21322480 Anonymous
>>21321718 >that cost is time ...Which honestly worries me because Subterranian have announced the game will be ready in just just 7-8 months, which isn't very long.

54 hours later 21322535 Anonymous
>>21319558 nah, it's just people care about things that actually effect them. you don't give a shit if all of Africa dies but you do care about getting more games. it's not nice but it's human.

54 hours later 21322625 Anonymous
>>21322480 i think they can pull it off, with that much money they'll be working on it full time and they've done a lot already.

56 hours later 21331486 Anonymous

58 hours later 21336792 Anonymous
Wow WftO got 4,500 today, compared to the past few days where it had less than 1500 Forsaken Fortress got 9,500. Pretty fancy

61 hours later 21346964 Anonymous

64 hours later 21353736 Anonymous
80,000 with only two weeks to go... I'm afraid it won't get funded.

65 hours later 21357021 Anonymous
>>21336792 >Forsaken Fortress got 9,500. Pretty fancy all kickstarters make most of the money in the first 3 days and last 3 days. >>21353736 godus did worse and ended up getting funded because of the last bump, have faith.

65 hours later 21357359 Anonymous
>>21357021 I thought it was due to Notch tweeting about it and bringing in all the mindless minecraft masses. I barely saw WFtO interviews or support messages with more than a couple hundred views, which is what it really needs right now.

65 hours later 21357506 Anonymous
>>21357359 it could be that, i have no idea, but usually you'll see that towards the end and the start of a kickstarter a lot of people up their pledge or pledge before it's to late. and yes they could really use some publicity right now, or any internet personality helping them get some people, like TB did for maia or like obsidian did for themselves. but short of you being an internet personality there's really shit you can do about it.

65 hours later 21357554 Anonymous
>>21357359 It's on Steam Greenlight now, more people will notice it.

74 hours later 21387767 Anonymous
>>21357554 Yeah I donno, steam sales so greenlight isn't even on the front page anymore

79 hours later 21409026 Anonymous
>>21387767 whatever man, remember how people kept saying godus will never get funded and now it is? just do what you can by telling your friends about it and spreading the word and hope for the best, no reason to obsess over it more then that. hell one guy mentioning forsaken fortress ITT got 3 people to pledge without even doing anything, that's the power of the internet man.

81 hours later 21417048 Anonymous
Bumping again.

86 hours later 21433817 Anonymous
This thread really needs more coverage.

86 hours later 21434306 Anonymous
>>21433817 i think you mean the game, and maybe when godus is over, it's hogging the spotlight right now. at any rate if the thread is any indication, coverage won't matter as there's just no market for this game and that's a damn shame.

96 hours later 21461297 Anonymous
>>21434306 Godus is over...

101 hours later 21481740 Anonymous
>>21461297 I only just now got it.. haha very funny

102 hours later 21485396 Anonymous
>>21481740 it's a joke? becuse godus actually is over.

106 hours later 21498301 Anonymous
>>21481740 >>21485396 I don't get it

107 hours later 21504224 Anonymous
Welp, Forsaken Fortress just finished with 121k

118 hours later 21530932 Anonymous
90k is imminent.

119 hours later 21533175 Anonymous
Welp, Molyneux made a video supporting WFTO. That should be a good shot in the arm. And IMO, "Molyneux supports this but won't be touching it" is *ideal*.

119 hours later 21533282 Anonymous
>>21533175 got a link to the vid? and i'm not really sure his support means anything, the only reason godus made it (from what i heard) is because notch supported it. now if we got notch to support war for the overlord then you'll see a spike is pledges.

119 hours later 21533437 Anonymous
>>21533282 It's in the latest KS update for WFTO. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/subterraneangames/war-for-the-overworld/posts/374173

121 hours later 21540887 Anonymous
>>21533175 Total Biscuit also did a video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWgcg6aqgLU

121 hours later 21541074 Anonymous
>>21533282 Here's the Molyneux video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsRRzr0eBKc

121 hours later 21541615 Anonymous
>>21540887 Thanks to this (most likely) in the last hour there has been 5000 extra monies that haven't even shown up on kicktraq yet.

121 hours later 21543064 Anonymous (74564564564564.png 925x238 25kB)
Good times.

122 hours later 21544119 Anonymous
>>21543064 IT'S HAPPENING

123 hours later 21547489 Anonymous
KS just hit £100,000. This is happening right?

126 hours later 21561613 Anonymous
>>21547489 106k now

129 hours later 21571404 Anonymous
>>21540887 So he did that video but what is the game about? All he said was that it is "like dungeon keeper" and didn't really give a good description of the game at all.

129 hours later 21571740 Anonymous
>>21571404 Are you actually asking, or criticizing the video?

129 hours later 21572038 Anonymous
>>21571740 criticizing the video

134 hours later 21585138 Anonymous

135 hours later 21587872 Anonymous
>>21572038 whatever man, when the vid made pic related happen who really gives a fuck? besides it's not like he was obligated in any way to do this, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, i mean fuck they made more money on the day he recommended them then the first 2 days combined.

135 hours later 21588141 Anonymous (RonPaul.png 940x270 19kB)
>>21587872 pic related being this, i'm fucking retarded btw.

142 hours later 21602726 Anonymous
I'm slowly starting to regret having backed some money into this project. The demo overview video was... displeasing. I understand the game is in an alpha stage, but all I'm seeing is an up-to-date, renamed version of Dungeon Keeper. And no other games involved. RTS aspects? No, it's simply just Dungeon Keeper remade.

142 hours later 21602928 Anonymous
>>21602726 >it's simply just Dungeon Keeper remade. i think it's always been advertised as just this, a new better DK with a bunch of new features but it's really just a spiritual sequel. if you aren't into that, or regretting your backing, you can pull out at any time.

142 hours later 21603450 Anonymous
>>21602726 I would pay good money to "just" have Magic Carpet remade. Same with DK.

142 hours later 21603805 Anonymous
>>21602726 >>21602928 It's also advertised as a base for modding. Keep in mind that WftO is made basically by modders (entire Rise team) and they want it to have as accessible modding as possible. I'm playing fully modded Fallout New Vegas and Mount & Blade on daily basis, so I know how beneficial can be accessible modding tools combined with community of modders.

142 hours later 21603815 Anonymous
>>21603450 i remember playing the magic carpet as a child, i never got what the hell i was supposed to do with it got frustrated and stopped playing. did it actually have a point?

142 hours later 21603912 Anonymous
>>21603805 absolutely true, a good modding community can make a good game great and a great game eternal.

143 hours later 21605052 Anonymous
>>21603815 Yes, you were probably just too young. You're dropped into a map filled with monsters, villages, magical traps, and enemy wizards. You need to kill monsters, gather the mana, build a castle to house your growing power base, while keeping enemy wizards from blowing it all up as they attempt to build their own power. Blowing up an enemy castle was always so satisfying, surpassed only by shooting down a wizard with no castle (banishing him from the map). The fights with both monsters and wizards were tons of fun. And the whole thing was tied together with a theme of "save the realm from the Big Bad Wizard/Demon". It's just so old now that even the basic compatibility with modern computers is getting difficult, to say nothing of the then-amazing-but-now-very-dated graphics.

143 hours later 21605220 Anonymous
>>21605052 (cont) And to be clear, this goes for MC and MC2.

143 hours later 21605450 Anonymous
Oh, and generally you complete a map in a Magic Carpet game by gathering some percentage of all the mana on the map and banishing all enemy wizards.

143 hours later 21605562 Anonymous
>>21605450 >>21605220 >>21605052 that sounds like a lot of fun actually, to bad i had no fucking clue about how to play the game when i played it.

143 hours later 21606064 Anonymous
>>21605562 Yeah, sorry you missed out. And damn, the spells. I've seen some tech demos that show similar terrain deformation support, but I can't name any games that used it as thoroughly and effectively as Magic Carpet. Not even From Dust.

144 hours later 21608197 Anonymous
>>21603805 Well that's nice and all, I can only hope that we're allowed to actually, y'know, wage a war ON the overworld, or something.

144 hours later 21608450 Anonymous
>>21608197 beats me but don't for a moment think what you're seeing right now is all there is to the game, it's more a proof of concept then anything else just showing you the general look of the game.

150 hours later 21636431 Anonymous
Almost at 125k

166 hours later 21676526 Anonymous

168 hours later 21682997 Anonymous
just wondering why did they put the kickstarter fee at 9%? i mean iirc kickstarter only takes 5%.

168 hours later 21685906 Anonymous
Shit, I missed Forsaken Fortress funding. Is it still possible to pledge via PayPal to get all DLCs for free? Also, were there any threads about it here or on /v/?

170 hours later 21689939 Anonymous
>>21685906 I don't think there were any threads. I heard about it in a thread about another game though. Not sure about pledging now, go ahead and ask.

170 hours later 21691458 Anonymous
>>21689939 (cont) LOL, it was actually this thread.

171 hours later 21694852 Anonymous
>>21682997 Are they including the cut taken by payment processing?

182 hours later 21726065 Anonymous
Bumping. >>21694852 No, they aren't.

183 hours later 21728502 Anonymous
>>21694852 wouldn't that be included in the 5%?

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