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2012-12-17 07:25 21129915 Anonymous League of Legends General (kiss.jpg 2000x2000 1379kB)
New thread Old: >>21124736

0 min later 21129971 Anonymous
1st for Cursemurse Souls

1 min later 21129993 Anonymous (wat.png 405x346 23kB)
becca playing in a tournament? we girls of esports edition

1 min later 21130003 Anonymous
xth for throatfucking lulu

1 min later 21130013 Anonymous (Lunar Annie.jpg 900x773 119kB)
#th for fanart

1 min later 21130018 Anonymous
>>21129917 Cosplaying and dressing up was never something for me.

1 min later 21130020 Anonymous (1232433536465467.jpg 919x869 235kB)
xth for Fizz and Nami are fun

1 min later 21130025 Anonymous (pls dont drop her.jpg 960x640 92kB)
top 10 for tpa

1 min later 21130027 MrJuggador (1335735507851.jpg 533x568 102kB)
xth for the Goddess queen of top and lulu fags getting out of hand

1 min later 21130034 folyqa (ss (2012-10-06 at 09.19.38).jpg 1314x875 151kB)
euw /vg/ aram pass: vidya need 2 more come join

2 min later 21130038 Anonymous (81250812.jpg 500x373 34kB)
No Big Lulus, they is disgustings.

2 min later 21130062 Anonymous
Top 15 for I'm bad at the game.

2 min later 21130063 Anonymous
10th for Spindamere

2 min later 21130079 Anonymous (pukeloli.jpg 668x680 147kB)
>Vlad fanart

2 min later 21130085 Anonymous (nope.png 887x971 269kB)
>>21129890 Thats not how its done

2 min later 21130095 Anonymous (balanced.png 875x79 81kB)
Wow I didn't know Riven shits all over Renekton

3 min later 21130121 Anonymous (1352577113359.jpg 353x342 79kB)
>>21130020 >People liking vore >2012

3 min later 21130136 Anonymous
>>21130020 >That image stop

3 min later 21130138 Anonymous
>>21129915 16th for more incest pls

3 min later 21130146 Anonymous (lulu.jpg 800x1300 130kB)
Lulu is the hottest in the League. You will never hold her tiny, tight little body up to your face and eat her pussy and asshole like a watermelon as she squirms under your tongue, her soft purple thighs locked around your head in ecstasy.

3 min later 21130148 Anonymous
I'll just ask again, because the thread ended right as I asked. When is Vi going to be released? Gonna decide whether to save my ip or not.

3 min later 21130173 Anonymous
>play blind man >get lantern of seeing >enemy team leaves the game 5 mins in Your jungle is mine.

3 min later 21130174 Anonymous
xth for dodging when your teammates say "why ban x I wanted him/her"

3 min later 21130178 Anonymous
>>21130148 >No one knows yet.

4 min later 21130190 Anonymous (huge cock son.jpg 644x481 28kB)

4 min later 21130191 Shifty (on hit lulu vs fiora.jpg 449x296 64kB)
>>21130146 >pussy

4 min later 21130201 Anonymous
>>21130095 Do people still get a GA & BT on her anymore?

4 min later 21130205 Anonymous
>>21129993 behktrip pls trip

4 min later 21130207 Anonymous (m84avxx.png 743x709 164kB)
>>21130146 disgusting

4 min later 21130219 Anonymous
anybody has been having trouble spectating lately? it just crashes I tried googling it and I see a few recent posts on LoL forums about it, all without answer

4 min later 21130224 Anonymous
20th for Xerath

4 min later 21130230 Anonymous
How do I draven////??/

4 min later 21130231 MrJuggador
>>21130095 Its a skill matchup wtf is the build? why dont you have a BT? why do you have warmogs? why would you upgrade hexdrinker before your build is complete? >>21130201 Yes

4 min later 21130241 Anonymous
1 more euw murderbridge

4 min later 21130243 Anonymous
>>21130085 Bitch deserved it

5 min later 21130249 Anonymous (1352241899546.png 400x400 171kB)
>>21130146 You're awful

5 min later 21130259 folyqa (ss (2012-10-04 at 07.03.29).jpg 1920x1080 356kB)
>>21130034 >>21130034 >>21130034 >>21130034 >>21130034 1 more.......

5 min later 21130267 Anonymous
Is Runaans really good on Graves? It makes his escape almost 0 cooldown but i've only tried it out on normals.

5 min later 21130268 Anonymous
>>21129841 They aren't related.

5 min later 21130270 Anonymous (x gave it to them.jpg 828x358 93kB)
>>21130224 forgot pic

5 min later 21130279 Anonymous
>>21130121 Why does it have to be sexual? It's just a funny picture...

5 min later 21130282 Anonymous
>>21130085 R E K T

5 min later 21130292 Anonymous
>>21130121 >thinking it's sexual in any way

5 min later 21130295 Anonymous (graves twisted.jpg 720x1080 101kB)
xth for manly men doing manly things

5 min later 21130301 Anonymous
>>21130146 >like a watermelon Wish I had a black guy image, right now.

5 min later 21130312 Anonymous
>>21130270 stop playing overpowered cancer champs ty

6 min later 21130313 Anonymous
>>21130279 i liked it for what it was, dont worry anon

6 min later 21130317 Anonymous
>>21130205 i can't it has been lost

6 min later 21130324 Anonymous
>>21130270 Can you tell me why the fuck you built dem boots

6 min later 21130325 Anonymous
>>21130270 those fucking names L

6 min later 21130326 Aniki-tan
>>21130146 >like a watermelon Dude what?

6 min later 21130329 Anonymous
>the rotation never has any champions I want to play

6 min later 21130349 Anonymous
>>21130289 >>21129915 equivalent of gunnars in asia

7 min later 21130395 Anonymous
>>21130295 TF is dead.

7 min later 21130402 Anonymous
>>21130239 disgusting squirrel

7 min later 21130404 Aniki-tan
>>21130329 >Vi will never be released ;_;

7 min later 21130405 Anonymous (Xerath.png 1272x794 1155kB)
>>21130312 >Xerath >op >cancer wat. its not like im playing katarina or something.

7 min later 21130407 MrJuggador
>>21130329 >not owning all the champs you want

7 min later 21130417 Anonymous (Jax_Nemesis_Splash.jpg 1215x717 524kB)
>>21130295 I can dig it

7 min later 21130418 Anonymous
>>21130404 Aniki get in ARAM

7 min later 21130426 Anonymous
>>21130146 can't the janitor delete this shit isnt this like some kind of pedophile erotica shit pls

7 min later 21130428 Anonymous
Any of you guys ever played Bloodline Champions? MOBA-type short 3v3 intensive arena combat Very fun imho, it's free on steam

7 min later 21130430 Eris
>>21130329 >it does the day after you bought them

8 min later 21130435 Anonymous (Feeding time!.jpg 700x658 344kB)

8 min later 21130447 Anonymous
>>21130405 I love that splash art so much, does it look good in-game?

8 min later 21130458 Anonymous (Gurlgamerz.jpg 1600x900 446kB)
>Why even play League when you can camwhore

8 min later 21130459 Anonymous

8 min later 21130464 Anonymous
Anyone watching the BEST GAMER IN THE WORLD? He just played Ryze one game

8 min later 21130468 Anonymous
are the sales known yet?

8 min later 21130469 Anonymous
>>21130085 I don't know why they nerfed anything beside her shield, she was pretty balanced tbh. Can't wait for the katarina nerf after the skin sale ;^)

8 min later 21130473 Anonymous
>>21130407 >Buying a champ you thought you wanted and liked but you can never play them properly

8 min later 21130475 Anonymous
>>21130435 xDD

8 min later 21130482 Anonymous
xth for fantasizing about Lulu and cumming so hard my limbs start to spasm

9 min later 21130487 Anonymous
>>21130231 Cleaver is still broken.

9 min later 21130491 Anonymous
>>21130458 God, why are females so fucking inferior I hate them so much

9 min later 21130493 Anonymous
>>21130426 Lulu is over 100 years old

9 min later 21130494 Anonymous
>>21130428 >mentioning dead games Son..

9 min later 21130517 Anonymous (1355450131202.jpg 1101x1326 474kB)
So how long before Syndrafags become worse than Riven/Ireliafags?

9 min later 21130525 Anonymous
>athene building manamune on ryze Woah, this is some next level shit I am witnessing.

9 min later 21130531 MrJuggador
>>21130473 I'm sorry, croc , one day....

9 min later 21130532 Anonymous (1355362611909.jpg 960x720 64kB)
>>21130462 reminder that i'm still fapping to this pic

9 min later 21130534 Anonymous
someone post anivia and mundo please those two are obviously best m8s of you know what I mean

9 min later 21130537 Anonymous
>>21130447 Hell yea. i wish he had a nicer one though. the particles on scorched earth own but the body design is kinda sucky compared to default. might by the green one for fun over break.

9 min later 21130538 Anonymous
>>21130493 thats probably the worst justification ive ever heard

9 min later 21130541 Anonymous
>>21130517 We're already there. Haven't seen half as much Irelia shitposting as Syndra this month.

10 min later 21130548 Anonymous
>>21130326 Juicy. Messy. Sweet. Getting all over you but you don't care. Eating that shit like an animal.

10 min later 21130553 Anonymous
>>21130473 >have designated champs you play well for every position >love another champion's design >learing characters is too hard >be terrible at everything

10 min later 21130557 Anonymous
>>21130525 stop this

10 min later 21130567 CDriver (1353588960212.jpg 720x480 121kB)
>Jarvan still isn't buffed >Lu Bu skin nowhere in sight >HoG removed FUCK

10 min later 21130573 Anonymous
What do you max on Riven now since BD became a new core item on her? Do I still max E or do I mad Q now and then E?

10 min later 21130584 Anonymous
>>21130482 >you will never tease Lulu's little clitty so much that it literally grows twice its size from overstimulation >and when she begs you to stop because she can't cum anymore you bite her sore clit for a finishing mega orgasm

10 min later 21130589 Aniki-tan
>>21130458 >playing Dominion gross

11 min later 21130593 Anonymous

11 min later 21130602 Anonymous
>>21130525 >green screen cam every fucking time

11 min later 21130606 Anonymous
>>21130589 >not playing dominion

11 min later 21130608 Anonymous
>>21130537 I still want an Egyptian one. Fucking King Tut xerath, man.

11 min later 21130613 Anonymous
>>21130538 that didn't stop the etnafags SHE'S LIKE 1500 YO CANON IT'S TOTALLY LEGIT AND NORMAL GUYS

11 min later 21130625 Anonymous
>>21130324 %Pen from W. no need for sorc till late game but they surrendered at 20

11 min later 21130628 MrJuggador
>>21130487 The AD and lifesteal on Riven is still really good on her >not getting both

11 min later 21130632 Anonymous
>>21130517 Thats a funny way of spelling Namifag.

11 min later 21130639 Anonymous
>>21130468 pls?

11 min later 21130640 Anonymous
>>21130567 >buffing Jarvan Fucking why. He's one of my favourite champs and he's already fantastic. If his ult were global I wouldn't complain.

11 min later 21130649 Anonymous
>>21130573 BC*

11 min later 21130653 Anonymous
>>21130589 you mean >no revive on dominon

12 min later 21130667 Anonymous
>>21130593 yeah making new team with cop and elementz new top is strice and new mid is vman7 "The Sons"

12 min later 21130683 Anonymous
>>21130517 Irelia is dead, S3 killed her

12 min later 21130691 CDriver
>>21130640 >he's already fantastic. You don't even know.

12 min later 21130692 Anonymous
>>21130640 his ult should be global, shout demacia all the way and start extremely faint but growing louder as he gets closer

12 min later 21130693 Anonymous
>>21130593 >literally the 20th person to ask you know for "fans" you people really suck at keeping up with this kind of stuff

12 min later 21130695 Anonymous
>>21130589 >not playing dominion pleb

12 min later 21130698 Anonymous (1354007781114.jpg 766x746 148kB)
>>21130525 >watching athene "DA BEST PALADIN IN TEH WURLD XD" ever >>>/youtube/

12 min later 21130701 Anonymous (1347742232882.png 1347x675 686kB)
Replace Neptune with Lulu.

12 min later 21130706 Anonymous (dable.png 775x667 317kB)
>>21130593 >implying they aren't joining CLG gaming house along with Dignitas to starve TSM of scrim partners

12 min later 21130716 Anonymous
>>21130683 Irelia was always dead. Fucking zombie piece of shit.

13 min later 21130727 Eris (1353092711987.jpg 499x526 121kB)
>>21130517 Nami fag sounds jelly

13 min later 21130732 Anonymous
>>21130517 Already there. At least Riven is viable and Irelia was viable. Syndra is just bad.

13 min later 21130738 Anonymous
>>21130640 his damage still good

13 min later 21130756 Anonymous
>>21130693 i was in the middle of a game and I saw the curse na leaving their house video >>21130667 i'm not this stupid

13 min later 21130760 Anonymous
>>21130706 >scrim alliance sounds gay

13 min later 21130768 MrJuggador
>>21130573 Depends on the lanes, if you want to go balls deep Max Q, for safe harrass max W and if you think you are going to get shit on max E

13 min later 21130785 Anonymous
>>21130468 >>21130639 No.

14 min later 21130793 Anonymous
>>21130698 mad jelly hater confirmed

14 min later 21130802 Anonymous
>>21130525 No it fucking isn't. The active on Muramana is great on Ryze, and anyone half way competent already know that.

14 min later 21130803 Anonymous
>>21130517 >syndrafags Whats wrong with syndra? So much untapped power

14 min later 21130804 Anonymous
>>21130295 >2 cards against a fucking huge gun i guess who wins

14 min later 21130813 Anonymous (1353574219352.jpg 354x366 61kB)
>>21130753 japanase ar so kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uuuuuuuuuuguuuuuu

14 min later 21130815 Anonymous
>>21130753 WHAT

14 min later 21130821 Anonymous
>>21130683 you can't be serious all you have to do is get a zephyr and a GA and you win the game

14 min later 21130834 Anonymous
>>21130683 >minor meaningless nerfs >Irelia babbies cry she's ruined >still top competetive and solo queue pick >sustain on W only on active >Irelia babbies cry she's ruined >give base stat buff to shut them up >Irelia babbies keep crying she's ruined >still top competitive and solo queue pick >S3 changes a few items >Irelia babbies cry she's ruined Yeah... Third time's the charm, right? ;)

15 min later 21130842 Anonymous
>>21130768 I'm facing a Darius right now. This is blind pick so I'm not sure he's actually good. I'll till max E because I'm not any better.

15 min later 21130843 Anonymous
>>21130756 proves my point then i've known for days that they were going to move and i dont give a shit about that shit team

15 min later 21130845 Shifty (jontron has a toothache.gif 288x330 1766kB)

15 min later 21130869 Anonymous
>>21130756 Nah you're pretty fuckin' stupid. It's already common knowledge they're moving.

15 min later 21130874 Anonymous
Am I the only one who buys sightstone on lee sin?

15 min later 21130875 Omonomous
>Xerath's W remains unchanged h4h4

15 min later 21130891 Anonymous
>>21130843 so what exactly is happening? theyre just moving?

15 min later 21130893 Anonymous (2012-12-13_01-58-07.jpg 698x410 75kB)
>>21130804 TF because his cards are magical.

16 min later 21130912 Anonymous
>>21130517 When Syndra is actually used

16 min later 21130913 Anonymous
>>21130891 yeah, to vegas

16 min later 21130924 Anonymous
>>21130753 Wasnt this shit on youtube for like a month before it was taken down?

16 min later 21130942 Anonymous (Xgaveittothem.jpg 1878x978 296kB)
>>21130875 What about it? not like its op or anything.

16 min later 21130946 Anonymous
>>21130804 The guy who is magic

16 min later 21130951 MrJuggador
>>21130842 I would get 2-3 points in E early then max W for the safer harass Try to force level 6 before he does and go for a kill

17 min later 21130967 Anonymous (1354944623854.jpg 334x278 38kB)
>>21130793 no, I just think that athene isnt the best streamer in the world, dyrus is one of the best lol player and streamer, i just dont understand why u are watching a subpart streamer when you can watch dyrus who is fun and good at the game at the same time.

17 min later 21130985 Anonymous
need mundo pics pics of him being manly no gay shit

17 min later 21131002 Anonymous (1320281336868.png 205x244 99kB)

17 min later 21131014 Anonymous
>>21130967 too forced

17 min later 21131018 Anonymous
>>21130985 >no gay shit you've opened the box..

17 min later 21131020 Anonymous (1332274497243.jpg 604x452 46kB)
>>21130845 >reminding me that pryde exists no stop

18 min later 21131036 MrJuggador
>>21130967 is this b8 m8?

18 min later 21131050 Anonymous
>80% winrate toplane playing Riven / Jax What will happen once I get to level 30 and start playing ranked? Can I still have freewins?

18 min later 21131074 Eris
>>21130692 this sounds amazing. Something like nocturne.

18 min later 21131079 Anonymous
>>21130967 Need to tone it down a bit.

18 min later 21131082 Anonymous

19 min later 21131086 Anonymous
>>21131020 Is that a good "no stop" or a bad "no stop"?

19 min later 21131091 Anonymous
>>21131050 Yes

19 min later 21131093 Anonymous
>>21131050 you gonna get stomped by shitbads

19 min later 21131112 Anonymous
>>21131050 don't play ranked when you immediately reach level 30 you faggot

19 min later 21131113 Anonymous (1331059175301.gif 200x200 559kB)

19 min later 21131127 Anonymous
>Leaguebabbies refer to abilities by their default hotkey placement Wow. Are you guys this fucking lazy or stupid?

20 min later 21131135 Anonymous
so how does riven do against yorick? can I go balls deep at level 2?

20 min later 21131142 Anonymous
>>21131093 Stopping Riven / Jax? What are they gonna do, set up a tent and trilane me or some shit?

20 min later 21131143 Anonymous (36859-league-of-legends-dr-mundo.8d7305cc3f7aeec3543fca8833a0b043.png 724x562 392kB)
>>21130985 Reminder that Mundo isn't a giant idiot, he is actually extremely brilliant

20 min later 21131148 Anonymous
>>21131020 >generic ugly hipster slut epig etc

20 min later 21131149 Anonymous
>>21131127 No just efficient.

20 min later 21131156 Anonymous
Make another NA aram pls

20 min later 21131164 Anonymous
>>21130985 please

20 min later 21131169 Zamphira
>>21131050 don't ranked asap the more you wait and pratice before doing it the more "freewins" you'll get out of it

20 min later 21131172 Anonymous
>>21131127 No, we actually don't know how the abilities are called.

20 min later 21131173 Anonymous
>>21131086 >>21131113 if she played league, she would be number 1 grilll gamer might even be competition for becca

20 min later 21131186 Anonymous
>>21131149 Instantly told. Heart of Told Toldiamat etc

20 min later 21131189 Anonymous (krysten ritter 2.gif 340x250 2003kB)
>>21131020 >>21131113

21 min later 21131204 MrJuggador
>>21131050 Enjoy your wins >>21131142 its happened before

21 min later 21131206 Anonymous (longestkillstreakofmylife.png 1280x799 1184kB)
>going legendary in a /vg/ ARAM why couldn't you guys let me buy my IE. I was trying so hard to die.

21 min later 21131214 Anonymous
>>21131149 What if people dont use default keybindings?

21 min later 21131215 Anonymous
>>21131127 >Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser

21 min later 21131230 Anonymous
>>21131135 >Ever going balls deep against Yorick

21 min later 21131234 Anonymous
>>21129915 Implying it wouldn't be Cass kissing a disgruntled Katarina.

21 min later 21131237 Zéphyr
aram need 9

22 min later 21131245 Anonymous
>>21131214 Why would that stop them from knowing what the original keybindings are?

22 min later 21131247 Anonymous
>>21131143 well he was, but didn't his lore state that the experiments on himself made him retarded?

22 min later 21131263 Anonymous
> No more lewd in the thread This is my queue to leave.

22 min later 21131265 Aniki-tan
>>21131214 People who play this game to know that even if your keybinds are different saying QWER applies to skill order 1234

22 min later 21131282 MrJuggador
>>21131135 Yes, I think, I haven't seen a Yorick in ages

22 min later 21131287 Anonymous (1354472827153.jpg 350x390 105kB)
/r/ing a picture of Lulu with a christmas hat Pls lolgen

22 min later 21131290 Eris
>>21131206 come back when you don't die. >posting ARAM results

23 min later 21131308 Anonymous
>>21131263 >Coming to LoLgen for lewd pics and stuff This guy

23 min later 21131323 Anonymous
Cone on guys post mundo pictures please.

23 min later 21131343 Anonymous
>>21128645 from other thread can someone answer please?

23 min later 21131345 Aniki-tan
>>21131265 >for some reason it doesn't register than i typed "People who play this game are smart enough to" I think this must be some sort of sign.

23 min later 21131348 Anonymous
>>21131206 has there ever been a /vg/ post-game chat that wouldn't make normal people want to kill themselves

23 min later 21131350 Anonymous
>>21131245 Because they might never used the default key bindings? Seriously. How fucking lazy do you have to be? No one would know what you meant when you said "Venomancer's Q" in Dota.

23 min later 21131364 Anonymous
>>21131323 There are no Mundo pictures because no one gives a fuck about Mundo and never have nor will they ever.

23 min later 21131368 Anonymous
>>21131186 the toldthirster fiendish toldex toldmail

23 min later 21131370 Anonymous
>>21131206 because twitch was AP build for 25 minutes and pantheon doesnt know how to fucking not die.

24 min later 21131386 Aniki-tan
>>21131345 >that i typed Fingers, what the hell are you doing?

24 min later 21131392 Anonymous
>>21130804 The guy who is basically Gambit with instant teleportation (in the lore it's instant)

24 min later 21131398 Anonymous
>>21131317 oh shit

24 min later 21131404 Anonymous (1355371915142.jpg 226x219 10kB)
>>21131317 Why would you post this anon? Thats just disgusting

24 min later 21131405 Anonymous
>>21131214 This is because the hotkeys aren't mad-retarded like in DotA. The only reason DotA calls abilities by variations of their actual names is because heroes tend to have hotkeys like "RKSC" and shit. Of course, DotA learned from LoL and fixed this in DotA2.

24 min later 21131414 Anonymous
>>21131343 I would help you if I could but I'm a shitter

24 min later 21131432 Anonymous
>>21131247 No, he just has a unique way of speaking, Mundo is still as brilliant as ever. In a Journal of Justice issue Mundo says he could change back to his normal self, but he likes the color purple

25 min later 21131441 CDriver (1332892783158.jpg 388x244 53kB)
>>21131263 ?

25 min later 21131456 Anonymous
>>21131082 >>21131082 >NEW ROTATION FAGS >Swain >Irelia >Cho Gath >Twitch >Kog >Teemo >Lux >Morde >Mundo >Soraka

25 min later 21131465 Anonymous
>>21131317 >BigBlackDick: i will find you with my big bros and i'll make your ass like a 5 dollar coin League Of Legends everybody.

25 min later 21131476 Anonymous
>>21131308 That's the only reason I ever come. Well there's League too, I suppose, but it's mostly about the lewd.

25 min later 21131478 Anonymous (DrMundo_Splash_0.jpg 1215x717 52kB)

25 min later 21131479 Anonymous (stackthatshit.png 1282x806 1172kB)
>>21131348 Yes Euw masterrace

25 min later 21131480 Anonymous
>>21131317 No she isn't. You lied to me you piece of shit.

25 min later 21131481 Anonymous
>>21131350 the ones who play dota 2 now would, in fact people are starting to refer to them as qwer in old dota obviously no because each fucking skill had a different binding for somer eason i guess standardizing is for casuals, game ruined, etc

25 min later 21131485 Eris
>>21131237 liar, i logged in and it was full. fk u

26 min later 21131490 Anonymous
>>21131456 it was already in the last thread you bunghole

26 min later 21131504 Anonymous (1353238940048.jpg 2300x1524 299kB)
Which League gentleman pulls the most women?

26 min later 21131505 Anonymous
That's a huge rack

26 min later 21131516 Zéphyr
>>21131485 ur 2 slow mexico

26 min later 21131525 Anonymous
>>21131504 Taric

26 min later 21131526 MrJuggador
>>21131485 >being a riven waifufag

26 min later 21131527 Anonymous
>>21131478 Because Mundo's chest was so massive for so long I kept seeing his splash/model as being really fat

26 min later 21131538 Anonymous
>>21131414 you don't need to be a pro to answer those questions i guess

27 min later 21131543 Anonymous
>>21131504 Blitz

27 min later 21131545 Anonymous
>>21131504 jayce

27 min later 21131556 Anonymous
>>21131504 Chogath

27 min later 21131558 Anonymous
Vi's skin isn't even available on PBE currently. Is it just me or does that not bode well for her being released today, or even tomorrow?

27 min later 21131561 Anonymous
>>21131476 >That's the only reason I ever come Did you do that on purpose?

27 min later 21131564 Anonymous
>>21131479 >implying that screenshot wasn't taken instantly after entering the lobby so no one had time to say anything

27 min later 21131571 Anonymous (lapaka 3rd bes jungler in the world.jpg 375x500 19kB)
>>21130706 >making secret meetings just to take TSM out lol Hotshot is such a pussy, just fucking tell them you don't want to scrim. I swear this guy loves talking shit about everyone yet is the two-faced motherfucker. Really need that black nigga on any team to just deck all these pussies. Where my Harlem niggas @?

27 min later 21131573 Anonymous
>>21131543 oh I fucking hate you

27 min later 21131576 Anonymous (1349471568043.jpg 1366x768 170kB)

27 min later 21131581 Anonymous
>>21131504 Mordekaiser, he's in a band

27 min later 21131583 Anonymous
>>21131504 Urgot

27 min later 21131584 Anonymous
>>21131504 tf

27 min later 21131592 Anonymous
>>21131558 It doesn't even have a splash yet does it, it's obviously coming later this week if anything

27 min later 21131593 Anonymous
>>21131504 Darius.

28 min later 21131612 Anonymous
>>21131543 Nice one m8

28 min later 21131613 Anonymous
>>21130146 n-nice..

28 min later 21131615 Anonymous
>Play Cass >Crush my lane >Gank lanes a few times >Be 10/1 at 10 minutes >Get triple kills >Team mates tunnel vision in team fights and and feed an ashe >Jax + Elise focuses you in team fights >Lose game >It was a placement match I want to die

28 min later 21131616 Anonymous (it gets funnier the more you stare at it.jpg 640x480 102kB)
>>21131543 this guy

28 min later 21131619 Anonymous
>>21131564 yeah it feels like looking at a picture of someone seconds before they got shot to death

28 min later 21131621 Anonymous
>>21131543 I can't stop laughing

28 min later 21131628 Anonymous (lapaka and aphromo reporting in for a gonk.jpg 565x388 85kB)

28 min later 21131651 Anonymous (evelynn ganks.jpg 315x278 18kB)
>>21131543 100/10

28 min later 21131658 Eris
>>21131558 As long as it comes out before Christmas.

28 min later 21131665 Anonymous
>>21131583 Fear? No...I am the pussy killer

29 min later 21131670 Anonymous (funrift.png 1283x804 1157kB)
>>21131564 What about this one?

29 min later 21131681 Anonymous (lapakaa 3rd best jungler is a fucking car.gif 477x575 93kB)

29 min later 21131684 Anonymous (tpatpa.jpg 1920x1080 201kB)
>>21131543 lol

29 min later 21131694 Anonymous
>>21131169 Not the same guy but when should I start ranked. I've played this game for a year now and never feel actually ready for ranked. I really don't solo queue at all and only play with friends. Plat friend thinks that I have a better chance of winning when not playing with my usual group.

29 min later 21131716 Anonymous (1342115150250.jpg 454x606 57kB)

30 min later 21131745 Anonymous
>>21131558 vi skin was on the pbe. they took it off to fix something with it. nami skin never showed up on the pbe until well after she was released on live, yet she was released.

30 min later 21131761 Aniki-tan (shot0031.jpg 640x480 88kB)

30 min later 21131772 Anonymous
>no JaycexVi art yet

30 min later 21131773 Anonymous
>>21131263 >queue

30 min later 21131783 Anonymous
>>21131772 >Wanting that Fuck off

30 min later 21131792 Anonymous
>>21131432 You mean he wiped everything from his brain that didn't have to do with his branch of neuroscience, including linguistics?

31 min later 21131793 Anonymous
>>21131628 word my nigga, NA has the pussiest scene, everybody is always being a little bitch about shit. Need my nigga paka back on that shit. Guarentee if he was in the scene, he'd straight smack the shit out of all these beta ass niggas.

31 min later 21131795 Anonymous
>>21131772 Nobody likes Jayce.

31 min later 21131803 Anonymous
>>21131694 I didn't play ranked until like after a year, I guess it's really around 6 months in terms of playtime since I took a break from LoL for like over 6 months.

31 min later 21131819 Anonymous
>>21131615 >focus you >dying >not ulting them and instagibbing since youa re 10 and fucking 1 you are bad kid.

31 min later 21131820 Anonymous (1354612636151.jpg 1600x1319 297kB)
Can Skarner be played top ? I don't like to jungle.

31 min later 21131832 Anonymous (athenefagsbeingtold.png 511x400 171kB)

31 min later 21131834 Anonymous

31 min later 21131839 Anonymous

31 min later 21131843 Anonymous
LOL this bitch's face is fucking ugly

32 min later 21131853 Anonymous
>>21131820 That art looks like dogshit

32 min later 21131858 Omonomous
>>21131694 Don't be a pussy and just play ranked. One of two things will happen: a) You'll get your ass smacked around and realize that you're, in fact, a shitter (or, you'll blame is on Elo Hell like a baddie) b) You'll steamroll yourself to the Elo you belong at by shitting on bads If a: when you get better, you'll be able to climb out of low Elo rather easily. If b: you'll find your limits on your own and work to imrpove by continuing ranked at a roughly 50% win rate, or through arranged 5 normals

32 min later 21131875 Anonymous
>>21131773 I did it on purpose, hinting that I'm going to play LoL.

32 min later 21131879 Anonymous (Fiora 2.jpg 1300x1890 1048kB)
Xth for the best hips in the game.

33 min later 21131910 Anonymous
>>21131795 But he's fun.

33 min later 21131918 Anonymous (athene pls...jpg 1280x800 297kB)
for fucks sake not again

33 min later 21131927 Anonymous (lapakaa 3rd best jangler in da world gives no fucks on summoners cliff.jpg 600x800 162kB)
>>21131839 no thats lapaka they put him in a video game l0l

33 min later 21131949 Anonymous (Vayne_HeartseekerSkin.jpg 1215x717 254kB)
>>21131792 No, only Mundo's speech is impaired, the guy is still one of the geniuses of Zuan

34 min later 21131952 Anonymous (1352401973877.jpg 511x546 117kB)
http://www.twitch . tv/apocalyptickitten/popout The fuck did I just find?

34 min later 21131954 Anonymous
>>21131843 all she needs to do is play with her tits and we'll keep watching

34 min later 21131961 Shifty
>>21131918 show him your blitz

34 min later 21131973 Anonymous
>>21131842 >>21131853 >Being this bad

34 min later 21131985 Anonymous
>>21131949 MUNDO SMASH! MUNDO SMASH! He's also pretty evil isn't he.

34 min later 21131990 Anonymous
>>21131918 HAHAHAHAHAHA Prepare to get carried

34 min later 21131993 Anonymous
>>21131918 Have fun nigga

34 min later 21132004 Anonymous
>>21131879 So very fertile

34 min later 21132005 Anonymous
Why are Arcade Sona users always shit talkers

35 min later 21132009 Anonymous
Who would win in a duel? Twisted Fate or Yugi? Twisted Fate has magic to cheat with but hot damn, heart of the cards is OP as fuck.

35 min later 21132013 Anonymous (swain loses mid to anivia.gif 240x180 2268kB)

35 min later 21132028 Anonymous
>>21131918 >being yuropoor >being lower elo than athene

35 min later 21132031 Anonymous
>>21131879 Her stomach is too long wtf This is like rito body proportions

35 min later 21132045 Anonymous
>>21131918 call him a nigger

36 min later 21132054 Eris
>>21132028 >implying athene is 2.2k elo with unlocked camera

36 min later 21132058 Anonymous (1349662265493.jpg 1024x1024 107kB)
>>21131879 Would you a wan step ahead ?

36 min later 21132062 Anonymous
>>21131985 Not really, hes just a mad scientist

36 min later 21132085 Anonymous (rofl mang.jpg 412x162 25kB)
Guys placement matches are retarded, why do I have to waste time climbing up now because I had leavers and trolls in my placements -50 or +40 each. So dumb.

36 min later 21132086 Anonymous
>>21132058 If she's wan step ahead, wouldn't it be impossible to impregnate her unless you're swain?

36 min later 21132095 Anonymous
>>21132058 >Sword in front of her face because the artist can't draw noses. It's so obvious it hurts.

36 min later 21132096 Anonymous
>>21132009 TF.

36 min later 21132102 Anonymous
>>21131858 I think it's silly how a lot of people think they belong in high elo and they'll literally call anything below their dream elo 'elo hell'.

37 min later 21132149 Anonymous
>>21132062 He's a serial killer, m8.

37 min later 21132158 Anonymous
>>21132086 Swain has already knocked up all the women in the League, they just havn't caught up yet

38 min later 21132174 Anonymous
>>21131918 does he ONLY play ryze? literally every time i turn his stream on its him on ryze. such a boring champ to watch too

38 min later 21132182 Anonymous (eslchan.jpg 1920x1080 654kB)
>>21132095 I giggled

38 min later 21132186 Anonymous
>>21132149 So is most of the League

38 min later 21132187 Anonymous
>normally she turns people into stone, but i'll turn her into stone athene so witty

38 min later 21132193 Anonymous
>>21132095 Neither can riot. Maybe they should start doing the same thing.

38 min later 21132194 Anonymous
>>21132095 except bug eyed weeaboo art never has noses. sword has nothign to do with that shit.

38 min later 21132218 Anonymous
>>21132062 >It is said that the man now known as Dr. Mundo was born in the city of Zaun without any sort of conscience. Instead, he had an unquenchable desire to inflict pain through experimentation. By the time he was five, most of the pets in the Zaun neighborhood where Mundo grew up had gone missing. By his teenage years, his parents were nowhere to be found. >yfw if Mundo was created today he'd be a guy who found a secret magical powerful artifact that turned him into what he is and all his lines would be generic evil shit

38 min later 21132220 Friendly Anon (Kassadin iNether.jpg 600x337 34kB)
>>21130146 What you wrote is disgusting as hell, and for that pray that the Rift Dude ( Kassadin ) won't get you. The pic on the other hand is simply adorable.

39 min later 21132227 Anonymous
>>21132182 is it me or does she stutter a lot?

39 min later 21132236 Anonymous
What if you pop your hourglass when Cass ults you?

39 min later 21132258 Anonymous
>>21132174 ya, not as entertaining as watching darius and singed. i prefer skill based champs if im going to watch.

39 min later 21132259 Anonymous
>>21132220 You're disgusting.

40 min later 21132289 Anonymous
>>21132186 No. He's a serial killer who stood trial, but they couldn't make anything stick. >By the time he had legally acquired his license to practice medicine, he had been acquitted of thirty-eight separate charges of murder by the Zaun authorities; the lack of evidence made prosecution impossible. He's pretty evil.

40 min later 21132293 Anonymous
>>21132194 Well that's one of the reasons people draw weaboo "art" in the first place. Because they suck at drawing noses.

40 min later 21132306 Anonymous
>>21130951 It worked well. I had to go against a Darius/Jax duo top so of course I had a little issue trying to kill one or the other since the other is being totally aggressive and he can kill me too. How do I deal with duo tops easier? I know I can outfarm both of them, but really?

40 min later 21132312 Anonymous
>>21132187 their green bar turns red heuehue

40 min later 21132316 Anonymous
damn these threads are pretty shit until the westcoast gets off work

40 min later 21132326 Anonymous
>>21132174 He played nami like 2 days ago.. He was exhausting their jungle amumu and shit

41 min later 21132328 Anonymous
>>21132289 Ah well, doesn't make him any less brilliant

41 min later 21132334 Zéphyr
>>21132236 u turn to silver?

41 min later 21132338 Anonymous (1352166530237.jpg 845x945 165kB)
So why is Irelia bad now?

41 min later 21132364 Anonymous
Why can't I see the cooldown of my allies summoners on the scoreboard?

41 min later 21132367 Anonymous
>>21130085 This happens EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME a FotM gets nerfed. Win rate drops massively because the FotM shitters who would faceplant the keyboard suddenly can't win like that anymore. As they move on to different champions, the dedicated Diana players will deal with it because she's still strong, and her win ratio will come back up.

42 min later 21132392 Anonymous
>>21132338 >Cant auto win almost every lane >Baww why is she so bad now

42 min later 21132397 Anonymous
>>21132338 shes not

42 min later 21132410 Anonymous (guessthatplayer.png 828x38 6kB)
File name.

42 min later 21132420 Anonymous
>>21132338 if you dont know why, you are bad at the game.

43 min later 21132432 Anonymous
>>21132410 salce s1

43 min later 21132442 Anonymous
>>21132410 Dyrus

43 min later 21132452 Anonymous
omieshomies is that you here? m8

43 min later 21132456 Anonymous
legacy skins coming back anytime soon?

43 min later 21132463 Anonymous
>>21132367 This. This so much. Rengar had three dips on win rates already and all three times he has recovered as FotM jackwagons went on to greener pastures.

43 min later 21132476 Anonymous
>>21132410 Chauster obviously.

44 min later 21132503 Anonymous
>>21132432 damn how did you know that

44 min later 21132520 Anonymous
>>21131918 Good job getting first blood.

44 min later 21132523 Anonymous (volibear reaches level 2 before irelia.png 1166x925 395kB)
>>21132338 sup.

44 min later 21132529 Anonymous
>>21132503 i've been here a long time

45 min later 21132542 Anonymous
>bought Ez >every single game there's been a feeder/leaver in my team Oh god, who did I anger?

45 min later 21132554 Anonymous
>Hotshot wants more Dark Souls PLEASE HOTSHOT DO IT

45 min later 21132558 Anonymous
>hotshot wants to play dark souls >cant because of stream requirements ESPORTTTTSSSSSSS

45 min later 21132575 Friendly Anon
>>21132259 How? Is it because that I simply said something nice about a picture that is actually well done by someone with talent? If that's your twisted and warped way of thinking then I can simply imagine who or what kind of a human abomination you are.

45 min later 21132587 Anonymous
>>21132542 Buying Ezreal is unforgivable.

45 min later 21132593 Anonymous
>"Damn, I actually want to play Dark Souls today" SOON

46 min later 21132605 Anonymous
>>21131832 pwned hard xD

46 min later 21132616 Anonymous
Do I play Teemo top or Kayle top? I just don't know any more. Teemo seems ridiculous with the new items and AD carries are really bad, let alone a pseudo-carry.

46 min later 21132640 Anonymous
>>21132442 Did you seriously think that was dyrus?

47 min later 21132656 Anonymous (1351118133954.jpg 480x595 58kB)
>>21131952 why is the chat on stream I mean its right there on the right why is it on the stream and who puts the facecam anywhere else than in the gaps between skillbar and map/items

47 min later 21132663 Anonymous
>>21132616 I'd go with Kayle, but if you really want to do thangs, then just go Teemo and be a total cunt.

47 min later 21132669 Anonymous
>>21132587 But i had a support that started Doran's ring last game, that shit's too much.

47 min later 21132681 Anonymous
>>21132640 he was considered "the vlad god" some time ago why not

47 min later 21132687 Anonymous
>>21132523 Why don't people play Volibear more, specially against Irelia? He's like a Renekton that can actually offtank because he doesn't need damage items.

48 min later 21132713 Anonymous
>>21132542 >whenever I go top, every lane does well >whenever I go mid, every lane does well >whenever I jungle, they usually push all game and I just end up counterjungling or confirming kills during towerdives >whenever I support, every lane does shit except bot lane >whenever I play AD, my support disconnects I don't know what it is.

48 min later 21132726 Anonymous
>>21132681 ya no

48 min later 21132728 Anonymous
>>21132681 h4h4h4 thats a good one

48 min later 21132749 Anonymous
>>21132681 >he was considered "the vlad god" some time ago That must have been about 4 years ago

48 min later 21132754 Anonymous
>>21132681 Salce and SYDTKO were always better than him

49 min later 21132789 Shifty
>>21132754 tom pls

49 min later 21132803 Omonomous
>>21132754 >SYDTKO Oh boy... that guy had some strange theorycrafting ideas.

49 min later 21132806 Anonymous
>>21132754 >tom >good at anything

49 min later 21132808 Anonymous
>>21132754 >SYDTKO What happened to the dude? I have'nt seen him streaming for such a long time

49 min later 21132814 Anonymous
how soon until cheddar streams

49 min later 21132826 Anonymous
>completely unnecessary flash from athene >hurr nice try bro real btw you're doing good on lee sin anon

50 min later 21132847 Anonymous
>>21132808 he's been playing 3s with doble and tinker

50 min later 21132851 Anonymous
>>21132826 >unnecesary He would be dead if he didnt flashed

50 min later 21132856 Anonymous
>>21132808 ded

50 min later 21132859 Shifty
>>21132808 last time i saw him he was streaming dark souls he spent 20 minutes trying the crossbow jump in Undead Burg

51 min later 21132898 Anonymous (1355497161751.jpg 500x374 48kB)
I dare you to find the most attentionwhoring gurrl gamer on twitch! Only league.

51 min later 21132917 Anonymous
>>21132826 >anon >calling tea guy anon real

51 min later 21132920 Anonymous
>>21132851 >not baiting jarvan's ulti and then flashing Grow a pair.

51 min later 21132927 Anonymous
>athene says his key to success is not pushing the lane Im not much of a mid laner but I thought they were supposed to push the lane so they can roam?

52 min later 21132976 Anonymous (ashe player on his way to ELO hell.gif 500x246 2640kB)
>>21132663 I'd rather be a cunt to the enemy team than to my own.

52 min later 21132986 Anonymous
>>21132920 He would be shitdeadtoasted No extra resistances whatsoever

52 min later 21132996 Anonymous
>>21132927 He doesn't roam. Ever.

52 min later 21133001 Anonymous
>>21132927 dont tell anyone but athene is a shitter

53 min later 21133028 Anonymous
>locket on irelia y/n?

53 min later 21133072 Anonymous (1328308144823.png 142x138 2kB)
>>21132986 maybe

53 min later 21133075 Anonymous
So with S3 is the best way to play Singed... mana crystal 2 health pots -> catalyst -> tear -> boots -> usual build plus taking mana pots as well? using mana pots while keeping Q toggled makes it easy as fuck to get tear stacks

54 min later 21133079 Anonymous
>>21133028 >Locket on everyone y

54 min later 21133089 Anonymous
>>21133028 Fuck you.

54 min later 21133108 Anonymous
>>21132927 not till you are level 6 with most ap's till than when you have no wards and you push lane you get shit on.

54 min later 21133114 Anonymous
>>21132927 >shitter giving shit advice wow

54 min later 21133126 Anonymous
>>21133089 what?

55 min later 21133139 Anonymous
>>21133114 But athene is 1650 Thats almost pro level

55 min later 21133146 Anonymous
>>21132927 >athene says his key to success is not pushing the lane he hasn't played against many mids who exploit this

55 min later 21133154 Anonymous
sinc when is sona worse than a fucking creep we invade and my parrley did more than half hp with 21/9 masteries also wriggles > shiv on gp jungle is hella op

55 min later 21133176 Anonymous
>>21132920 >Not getting Jarvan to ult you then kicking his ass >Jarvan then uses his ult just to escape you

56 min later 21133179 Anonymous
>>21132996 u wot he literally has tp to roam

56 min later 21133201 Anonymous
>>21133154 just because someone ran the wrong runes on her doesn't make her worse than a creep she probably had no armor runes or some shit, sona's fine

56 min later 21133207 Anonymous
friendly reminder that athene is better than 99% of the people in this thread

56 min later 21133232 Anonymous
>>21133154 sona is OP support #1 you have the best level 1 in the game sona is innately indefensive

57 min later 21133240 Anonymous
>>21132927 Not until you are level 6 and get a blue. Its kinda dangerous to push out early.

57 min later 21133252 Anonymous
Gentleman Cho'gath worst legendary in game.

57 min later 21133260 Anonymous
Why is Varus so bad?

57 min later 21133268 Anonymous
>>21133207 oh hey athene didnt know u posted here - Dyrus

57 min later 21133269 Anonymous
>>21133154 she has paper for health and gp is one of the strongest level 1s in the game, it doesnt mean sona is bad

58 min later 21133278 Anonymous
>>21133260 >league of gapcloser

58 min later 21133283 Anonymous
>>21133252 Your opinions are wrong and you should feel bad.

58 min later 21133287 Shifty
>>21133252 is this not counting the ones that were taken out of the store

58 min later 21133289 Anonymous
>>21133201 nah pretty sure she had, this was at 1550-1600

58 min later 21133290 Anonymous
>athene runs straight through puddle and into cassi ult Wasn't this guy supposed to be good?

58 min later 21133303 Anonymous
>>21133075 >>21133075 >>21133075 anyone pls stop talking about athene

58 min later 21133324 Anonymous
>>21133252 That isn't Firefighter Tristana

58 min later 21133327 Anonymous
>>21133075 Don't tell me toggling Q gives tear stacks now...

58 min later 21133342 Anonymous
>>21133303 shut up scrubnub

58 min later 21133346 Anonymous
So which character has the best level 1 in the game?

58 min later 21133348 Anonymous
>Tune into this athene shitter to see what the fuss is about >Stream loads and he runs top to do nothing and feed cass a double And this fucker got an item? lol

58 min later 21133349 Anonymous
>>21133075 >tear >singed NOPE.jpg mana crystal seems like a possible start, but you could probably just go cancer flask with ward and pots and stay in lane until catalyst. roa, rylai, liandry, tmail/ga/abyssal, warmog also twin shadows if you feel spooky

59 min later 21133353 Anonymous
>>21133179 >implying that he uses it unless his queue partner doesn't tell him Doesn't happen often enough to justify having the spell.

59 min later 21133357 Anonymous (1352550668756.jpg 427x471 82kB)
>>21133290 >Wasn't this guy supposed to be good?

59 min later 21133367 Omonomous
>>21133260 You can still auto attack and cast spells when he ults you. It's kind of sad.

59 min later 21133369 Anonymous
>>21133303 start flask or cloth depending on the lane and out trade the person you can build pretty much fucking anything on singed, hes close to broken. just get shit thats right for the situation

59 min later 21133373 Anonymous
>>21133324 >Firefighter Trist >Not the best Trist skin

59 min later 21133374 Anonymous
>>21133290 >Wasn't this guy supposed to be good? Uh, no? Are you retarded?

59 min later 21133386 Anonymous
>>21133346 gp

59 min later 21133391 Anonymous
Anyone watching Hotshot right now? He's playing Galio so fucking well he should play him more often in tournaments.

59 min later 21133394 Shifty
>>21133327 yeah, it's literally any time you spend mana now

59 min later 21133398 Anonymous
>>21133327 Spending mana gives tear stacks now so you can just leave Q on and get 750 mana easily

59 min later 21133403 Anonymous (jellylegs.jpg 640x826 82kB)
jelly legs

59 min later 21133408 Anonymous
Am I the only person that likes Reginald? I mean he doesn't play old champions like he used to, (leblanc, gragas) but I just enjoy his midlane play. Don't even mind him as a person, he's the leader, he's stern as shit. that's actually what you should want in a leader. He plays the least out of his team, yet always seems to do the best. Yeah, he looks like an ape, but do people really hate the guy just because of that?

1 hours later 21133435 Anonymous
>>21133391 he is playing vs shitters bro

1 hours later 21133439 Anonymous
>>21133403 literally

1 hours later 21133450 Anonymous
>Hotshot orgasming over the damage he does on Vlad with Galibro

1 hours later 21133467 Anonymous
Coming back after taking a small break from playing league after s2 ended, and I have a couple of questions before I jump back into the game I have an alright idea of how the jungle works, but is anything done in place of leashing? Would I still start Wraiths>red or Wolves>blue or just start right at the buff? If they do help how much damage do they generally put down? Anything else I should know before running head first into season 3?

1 hours later 21133474 Anonymous
>>21133369 >>21133349 but why wouldn't you want that crazy archangels upgrade item? with it and rod of ages and other mana items he has you dont really use mana at 18 anyway so may as well?

1 hours later 21133475 Anonymous
>>21133346 Riven Ashe Ez Draven

1 hours later 21133482 Anonymous
>>21133324 >>21133252 That's not magnificent twisted fate pre/post rework

1 hours later 21133510 Anonymous
>>21133408 >that's actually what you should want in a leader Not according to Dadyrus I'll side with the neckbeard over the missing link on this one

1 hours later 21133514 Anonymous
>>21133391 i'm watching m8 but galio is too feast or famine i feel, it's either he shits on stuff hard or he'll get abused

1 hours later 21133519 Anonymous
>>21133408 i used to like him and tsm back when they had rainman then kiev happened and m5 are my favourite team to date

1 hours later 21133523 Anonymous
>>21133408 no, we hate him because he's an asshole

1 hours later 21133537 Anonymous
>>21133349 It does stack off of Q, so it's posible to get the upgrade really early.

1 hours later 21133541 Anonymous
>>21133391 Isn't he still sub 2k?

1 hours later 21133549 Anonymous
>>21133327 yea, but it doesn't mean tear is good on singed. he can't discharge muramana fast enough and seraph gives you a shield which is redundant when you could have just bought hp/regen to begin with

1 hours later 21133551 Anonymous
>>21133474 ok build it if you want to, it doesn't really matter the steroid he gets from his ult and his trading is lane vs melee is strong enough to where you don't need any core set of items to do your job

1 hours later 21133562 Anonymous
>>21133435 >doesnt W before ulting yea he playing so gud

1 hours later 21133605 Anonymous
>>21133551 but im talking out of lane its a crazy good item on him imo

1 hours later 21133610 Anonymous
>>21133523 how is he an asshole though?

1 hours later 21133630 Anonymous
>>21133605 then build it anything works on him

1 hours later 21133646 Anonymous
>>21133610 because he's stubborn and based people think these are bad traits in people, but that's because they usually get told shit they dont want to by stubborn, based people

1 hours later 21133650 Anonymous (1355698954890.jpg 620x388 105kB)
Sup mangs, just stoppin' in to make you haven't been gay today.

1 hours later 21133658 Anonymous
>double >quadra wait, wtf

1 hours later 21133674 Anonymous
>>21133630 stop making trips look bad by being a retard please

1 hours later 21133679 Anonymous
>>21133523 but chauster and hotshot are also assholes, but /vg/ doesn't hate them

1 hours later 21133687 Anonymous
>>21133537 i know, but tear still doesn't give you anything that you should want as singed.

1 hours later 21133692 Anonymous
>>21133467 Junglers got shit on. It's easier for everyone, but gives you less gold. Sightstone also makes ganks very difficult if not impossible.

1 hours later 21133717 Anonymous (1326011017449.jpg 430x300 54kB)
"good pick up lines for Syndra"

1 hours later 21133718 Anonymous
>>21133646 >stubborn and based Didn't know being a pathetic "yolo, baylife" monkey was based

1 hours later 21133741 Anonymous (1352227926893.jpg 245x204 17kB)
>>21131952 I'm still watching it. Why is she playing against a lone Warwick bot and fucking streams it ?

1 hours later 21133743 Anonymous
>>21133679 but that's because they come to threads!!!!!!!!!!!!! literally everyone sucks hotshot's dick when we all know that if he wasn't hotshot and posted the same shit in threads everyone would just report him for offtopic

1 hours later 21133748 Anonymous
>>21133687 you use only like 10% of your mana running to lane with Q up, use 35g on a potion each time you do it and you lose like 5% of it. It stacks about 10~ times with normal boots by the time you get to lane, which is 40 mana, which is good

1 hours later 21133750 Anonymous
>>21133610 If we disregard what people consider to be his persona, he generally blames his team for all mistakes - They don't fight him about it. You could say this is impart the teams fault (though he is a shitty leader for doing that) but rainman had an example made of him for not always bitching up when regi said something.

1 hours later 21133756 Anonymous
>>21133408 i like him, he seems like a bro /vg/ doesnt like him because theyre butthurt that tsm trashed clg so many times in a row and they cant let it go

1 hours later 21133761 Anonymous
Seriously, how the fuck am I supposed to lane against Lulu? She can do LITERALLY everything.

1 hours later 21133765 Anonymous (reginald4.jpg 1434x897 200kB)
>>21133408 >looks like an ape >cocky faggot who trashtalks everyone and everything >YO BRO-BRO BAYLIFE DUDE #YOLO >is confirmed to be a scumbag who will do everything to market his brand for jewgold >plays shitty R-to-win champs >BRO BRO DUDE BRO BAYLIFE I AM LOAD AS FUCK ALL THE TIME DOESN'T MATTER WHAT SITUATION I WILL LITERALLY TALK SEVERAL DECIBELS LOUDER THAN EVERYONE ELSE JUST NATURALLY >I'll speak for regi, because I know him the best. Regi takes every opportunity to make money for himself and take as much of the pie as he can. If anyone ever opposes his thoughts he just threatens them. He also aggressively attacked CLG multiple times because we were more successful then them in S1 (getting his army to downvote GD posts and spam lies everywhere). Plotted out with Dan Dinh to collude in season 1 to cheat CLG out of our spot at the S1 finals. I fought for them thinking that nobody would be that scum, but eventually dyrus/double and a bunch of people confessed to me that they did actually collude with TSM to try to knock us out and secure a spot for TSM. >- HotshotGG on this very board

1 hours later 21133772 Anonymous
>mfw 40% cdr janna on dominoes slowing knocking shit up shielding healing saving killing. Fuck Riot for nerfing AP janna mid, that wasnt even played in tourney and even in soloqueue it was rare

1 hours later 21133787 Anonymous
>>21133674 >stop making trips look bad pls what am i saying thats retarded? singed is retardedly strong, literally almost anything that makes him tanky or gives ap is great on him

1 hours later 21133789 Anonymous
Wow the art for Galio's skills is really nice.

1 hours later 21133793 Anonymous
>>21133717 >hey baby, wanna try and untap the power of my balls?

1 hours later 21133797 eyes
>>21132814 at 4 hours i think http://clgaming.net/news/373-clg-streams-schedule keep in mind they dont follow it stricly

1 hours later 21133804 Anonymous
>did i just steal that with ignite? i just stole that with ignite Someone needs to make an updated HotshotGG soundboard.

1 hours later 21133819 Anonymous
>>21133679 >chauster and hotshot are also assholes speak for yourself, that's your opinion

1 hours later 21133837 Anonymous
>>21133679 They are but disregarding their fights, they always come to an agreement rather than playing the blame game.

1 hours later 21133858 Anonymous
>>21133743 I like chauster because his screams make me laugh and reminds me of jacky. Hotshot I find hilarious because how similar he is to saint at being shit

1 hours later 21133861 Anonymous (575249_251976038241111_1037897982_n.jpg 612x612 81kB)
>>21133650 >you will never run where lights won't chase us >you will never be dancing as the sun goes down >you will never take a trip to his house >you will never build sunfire on vlad

1 hours later 21133867 Anonymous
>>21133797 im off to sleep for 3 hours

1 hours later 21133870 Anonymous
>>21133743 >le edgy girl opposes evil pros GIRL POWAH XDDDDDDDD

1 hours later 21133898 Anonymous (1352668571983.jpg 364x447 49kB)
>cass is 15/2/0 against shitty athene

1 hours later 21133902 Anonymous
>>21133408 >Am I the only person that likes Reginald? yes

1 hours later 21133903 Anonymous
>>21133787 you're answering a question like that and you literally wonder what you're doing wrong

1 hours later 21133912 Anonymous
>>21133797 >voyboy LOL >penis streams whenever the fuck he wants based

1 hours later 21133914 Anonymous
>>21133870 i lol'd

1 hours later 21133920 Anonymous
>>21133679 Hotshot is actually the nicest person on CLG by far, according to Chauster (and some other people IIRC)

1 hours later 21133927 Anonymous
>>21133765 >making money >bad nitpick

1 hours later 21133939 Anonymous
>>21133748 what i mean is that tear and upgrades aren't good enough to want to get over other items.

1 hours later 21133948 Omonomous
>>21133748 There's a mana amount treshhold to proc tear. It's most effective to toggle it on and off every 3 seconds for about a second and a half so that you don't bomb your mana pool. This is not to say that I agree with tear on Singed, but tear stacking is hilarious ly bad; holy shit I have never been so squishy as Singed in my life

1 hours later 21133962 Anonymous
>>21133765 >implying half of this thread probably doesnt look weird >doublelift trash talks easily ten times more than regi, and doesnt even win anything and /vg/ worships him >implying hotshot didnt fly to korea to lie to locodoco's face and tell him clg was good, yet /vg/ worships him please see >>21133756

1 hours later 21133963 Anonymous
>>21133870 Not trying to defend giraffes here, but if you think the clg fanbase didn't get inherently worse when we found out that hotshot browsed the thread, then you're fucking retarded

1 hours later 21133967 Anonymous
>>21133920 Hotshot is dumb as fuck but he seems like a genuinely nice guy

1 hours later 21133972 Anonymous
>>21133903 its like the 3rd time I told the guy you can build anything it doesn't really matter and he keeps asking its good to build something on him. i figure if i put something as simply as possible, maybe he will grasp the concept

1 hours later 21133978 Anonymous (dfgdgdfgdsg.png 1515x691 81kB)

1 hours later 21133983 Anonymous
>>21133927 >making money through being an underhanded, dirty pile of scum >good LE JEW POWAH XDDDDDDD

1 hours later 21134006 Anonymous
>>21133962 I think you're still mad because TSM hasn't been a relevant international team since IPL4

1 hours later 21134008 Anonymous (plscanhave31RP.png 1000x1000 55kB)

1 hours later 21134013 Anonymous
>Hotshot considerate of his viewers The man continues to be based.

1 hours later 21134024 Anonymous
>>21133692 thanks, can you tell me about leashing now? I know a lot of people theory crafted putting damage on buffs, but not sure if that came to fruition. Also am I forced to start buffs?

1 hours later 21134026 Anonymous
>>21133927 It's not bad unless you take every opportunity to make a buck off of something.

1 hours later 21134031 Anonymous
>Riot calls Sona ult a mistake for a support hero >Proceed to give Nami the same kind of ult Lel

1 hours later 21134045 Anonymous
>>21133920 i think that this is the main issue with regi tbh hotshot is a dick in-game but in a professional setting or irl he's a nice guy, but regi's "persona" about being an elitist dick is actually his personality

1 hours later 21134048 Anonymous
>>21133963 It's been the same since always The only thing that changed was some edgy kids trying to "reverse troll" by pretending to be a CLG-version of porky

1 hours later 21134061 Anonymous
>>21133797 06:00 am - 11:00 am HotshotGG, Voyboy RIP in peace

1 hours later 21134067 Anonymous
>>21133983 >>21134026 i dont usually say this but you're all fucking >mad you can't make dosh so easy

1 hours later 21134080 Anonymous
>>21134031 with a range that covers all of a lane

1 hours later 21134081 Anonymous
>>21133646 Exactly, Chauster is the same way. Regi is a little more vocal though. Hell Chauster finds Regi to be one of the best mids in the world. >>21133765 Im a dignigga, and dignitas started the shit talking that tournament. He said he was cool with it until dig started taking shit too far, then when he called them out on it they started acting like victims. Baylife was really with Rainman and shit, hell I don't even think they do all of that anymore. He's making money lol, that's what you should be doing when you're playing a videogame. Hotshot is pussy man, I can't believe a lot of what he says. Im not denying what you said or anything, but Hotshot always seems to be worst. Like an actual two-faced shitter. He's always quick to try and shit talk other when they're down, like when TSM dropped MANG, he said CLG doesn't do shit like that and they're all bros...this was shortly after they dropped Elementz.

1 hours later 21134089 Anonymous
>>21134008 looking at those retarded pictures while giving out rp must be the best job in the world

1 hours later 21134093 Anonymous
>>21134045 You won't say that when you get an ape smash to your face.

1 hours later 21134112 Anonymous
>>21134045 are you sure thats his actual personality

1 hours later 21134121 Anonymous
>>21134006 lol they won like 5 lans after that, ipl4 was the start of their recent success and clg hasnt won an important tournament since 2011 just how new are you

1 hours later 21134130 Anonymous
>>21133983 Protip: At this point, almost every single NA "pro" is purely in it for money. They see fans as money through streaming and see the game only as a source of revenue. This kind of underhanded bullshit will only get worse.

1 hours later 21134136 Anonymous
>>21134080 And with a knockup

1 hours later 21134137 Anonymous
>>21133978 >typicallywe dont do this IMPLYING M P L Y I N G

1 hours later 21134140 Anonymous
>>21133972 or maybe instead of being an ignorant fuck who doesn't actually know the answer to a question don't fucking answer it at all

1 hours later 21134163 Anonymous
>>21134048 I'm guessing you weren't here when hotshot played that tomb raider game with /a/ and the thread literally had to split into 2 different threads because people couldn't stop spamming hotshot/a questions.

1 hours later 21134170 Anonymous
I've decided I'm never going to buy more RP, so why not spend those 400 I have on something? What champion should I buy with them?

1 hours later 21134172 Anonymous (oh god he didn't give me 4 rp.png 766x594 39kB)
>>21133978 >not being 1 rp short after riot trolls you

1 hours later 21134181 Anonymous
>u only one has damage this game, that's why we lose >and bad jungler Athene's friend. Hilarious.

1 hours later 21134190 Anonymous
I need some pros input on this Heimerdinger vs Swain mid, who wins?

1 hours later 21134213 Anonymous
>>21134045 > believing this is what regi is actually like how would you even know that? that's by far the dumbest thing i've ever read

1 hours later 21134217 Anonymous
>not making another aram

1 hours later 21134218 Anonymous
should i get toy gp ? it looks sweet but his default is like the best in the game

1 hours later 21134221 Zéphyr
>>21134190 >pros we got none of that here

1 hours later 21134224 Anonymous
>>21134045 Regi was nice in worlds and shit and the TSM event around Cali. Him Jonas and Dinner bought everyone pizza and shit. Hell his interview where he "retired" was probably one of the best I've seen in terms of professionalism from league pros.

1 hours later 21134225 Anonymous (Barks internally.jpg 524x468 37kB)

1 hours later 21134227 Anonymous
>>21134170 Buy a 520 skin when it goes on sale or something.

1 hours later 21134232 Anonymous
What would happen if you attached an image of league porn (preferably something you drew yourself) when asking for RP? Do you think Riot would ban you or just ignore your request?

1 hours later 21134238 Anonymous
>>21134190 shit champions you will never see that matchup

1 hours later 21134242 Anonymous
>>21134140 w/e you say kid you obviously know singed better than me so i'll defer to your judgement, answer his question for him instead of attacking me over nothing

1 hours later 21134243 Anonymous
>>21134190 Dingdongerdinger.

1 hours later 21134257 Anonymous
>>21134238 it's literally happening right now

1 hours later 21134263 Anonymous
hotshot no no you're not really watching zero punctuation are you

1 hours later 21134267 Anonymous (525480_398288036880828_1036761462_n.jpg 600x600 35kB)
>>21134190 >Hongerdonger >Having a good matchup

1 hours later 21134269 Anonymous
>>21134190 swains ultimate hits the turrets and he heals the damage back. he can snare the slower heimerdinger much easier. the only thing heimer has over him is longer range poke but if swain goes all in he'll probably win

1 hours later 21134278 Anonymous
>>21134081 Who the fuck said anything about Dig? TSM trashtalks every team I can't fucking stand their cocky "WE GONNA 2-0 EVERYONE XD" bullshit

1 hours later 21134281 Anonymous
>>21134238 >tfw i was playing ranked a few days ago and mid was annie vs veigar i felt like i was in 2009

1 hours later 21134294 Anonymous
>>21134121 >professionalism >hey guys I decided to retired >oh wait I just changed my mind Think you might wanna get your brain checked

1 hours later 21134296 Anonymous
>watch some random stream >Dingerdonger jungle >Taric j4 botlane >they are stomping why cant I have such nice games

1 hours later 21134309 Zéphyr
>>21134257 stream?

1 hours later 21134317 Anonymous
>There will never be a NA team of players who come out of no where and turn the pro scene on it's head by crushing the other "pros" using incredible skill, tactics and surprising new ways to play, their presence lighting a fire in the LoL esports world

1 hours later 21134327 Anonymous
>>21134081 when i was at IPL i got a baylife wristband from the odd one and i know dyrus was giving them out too hell, their shirts say BAYLIFE XD on them, they're still doing it

1 hours later 21134337 Anonymous
Who absolutely shits on Sona I'm tired of seeing this whore every bot lane

1 hours later 21134338 Anonymous
>>21134309 in my game its starting, will post results

1 hours later 21134347 Anonymous
>>21134238 >Swain >Shit

1 hours later 21134348 Anonymous
>>21133761 hope your support isn't some useless shit like taric otherwise every trade will go like this >taric stuns >his AD goes in. gets morphed or slowed or >lulu's AD gets shielded and you get poked/slowed with pix lulu is an overpowered support, literally no skill required

1 hours later 21134363 Anonymous
>>21134317 NA? nope Gooks have already decided to do that

1 hours later 21134371 Anonymous (wtfshot.jpg 888x512 82kB)
what happened to hotshot?

1 hours later 21134379 Anonymous
>>21134224 exactly. the only people who try to insult regi are people that have never met him.

1 hours later 21134382 Anonymous
>>21134337 blitz

1 hours later 21134387 Anonymous
>>21134337 Hard initiates. Leona or Blitz can fuck them up because they don't get time to poke.

1 hours later 21134393 Anonymous
>>21134347 you heard me kiddo

1 hours later 21134397 Anonymous
>>21134242 why are you still doing this? i asked the question. if you don't know the answer don't fucking say anything i used to use trips in certain places and every trip gets shit for simply being a trip user and it's because of shit like that

1 hours later 21134415 Anonymous
>>21134371 He died

1 hours later 21134418 Anonymous
>>21134317 As long as Riot subsidizes and gives preferential seating to an exclusive group of "pros" outside of performance this will never happen.

1 hours later 21134420 Anonymous
>>21134371 duuuuuuude his new watch arrived let him be proud

1 hours later 21134424 Anonymous
>>21134031 except nami's ult is shit by comparison.

1 hours later 21134431 Anonymous (Untitled.jpg 1280x800 180kB)
Have you ever gotten so mad at a team mate that you don't say anything at all? Yeah, that was this match in a nutshell. I wanted to reach through my screen and choke that Nidalee and Ezreal to death.

1 hours later 21134435 Anonymous

1 hours later 21134441 Anonymous
>You can only wear it based on your outfit really He's gone full /fa/. This mans just keeps getting better and better. I should have begun following the pro scene sooner.

1 hours later 21134443 Anonymous
>>21134371 He died.

1 hours later 21134451 Anonymous
>>21134420 didn't he spend like 1k on that shit

1 hours later 21134459 Anonymous
>>21134337 Leona or blitz because sona is crazy squishy and cant do shit if someone hard initiates on her botlane.

1 hours later 21134463 Anonymous
I'm so fucking tired but I need to stay up 6 more hours holy fuck what to do?

1 hours later 21134464 Anonymous
>>21134371 He should really get some nair for his nasty ass arms. Fuck that's nasty.

1 hours later 21134478 Anonymous
>>21134379 And the only people defending him are porky and literally 1 other guy. You can't argue the point of "you never met him, so you don't know what he's like" if you've never met him either.

1 hours later 21134482 Anonymous
>>21134278 you remember that in every tourney dig and CLG said TSM won because of luck/them not trying

1 hours later 21134485 Anonymous
>>21134317 >LoL >Legitimate e-sports Riot has to pay people to host the game most of the time

1 hours later 21134494 Anonymous
>>21134420 holy shit i hate it when he does this

1 hours later 21134495 Zéphyr
>>21134338 oh ok, swain wins betting my last 50 pretend bucks on it

1 hours later 21134497 Anonymous
>>21134397 ok the answer to your question is singed can build fucking anything and it will work on him because hes singed and thats how he works you dont have to take my advice. its just advice, do whatever the fuck you want to do. instead of getting butthurt about my opinion, go look up a guide or something. don't ask questions if you don't want people to answer it you dumb autist fuck

1 hours later 21134498 Anonymous

1 hours later 21134506 Anonymous
>>21134008 you should color it in

1 hours later 21134519 Anonymous
Finally guys after around 60 sacrifices I got a level 16 Parilisaag. Now where's my parade?

1 hours later 21134528 Anonymous
>>21134463 fap

1 hours later 21134530 Anonymous
>>21134317 Fnatic kinda did, oh NA. There aren't any such teams. If there comes one, CLG will buy their best player, cause them to crash, and dump that guy after month

1 hours later 21134532 Anonymous (kkk.jpg 848x543 98kB)

1 hours later 21134540 Zéphyr
>>21134371 his eyebrows happened

1 hours later 21134542 Anonymous
did hsgg beat dark souls yet?

1 hours later 21134545 Anonymous
>>21134498 they're too poor the house they're in costs so much they cant afford drapes...

1 hours later 21134547 Anonymous
>>21134506 I probably will touch this up (read: totally redraw) when I get a new tablet.

1 hours later 21134551 Anonymous
>>21134498 He was planning on buying some Not sure what happened with that though

1 hours later 21134554 Anonymous
>>21134463 dyrus pls animu

1 hours later 21134559 Anonymous
>>21134464 He should get an auto toilet flusher so his nasty shit actually goes down the drain.

1 hours later 21134563 Anonymous (fuckinggross.jpg 1920x1080 518kB)

1 hours later 21134574 Anonymous
>>21134532 >>>redddit

1 hours later 21134579 Anonymous
>>21134497 >butthurt stop being so fucking stubborn you dumb cunt, do you not even get the fucking point? you're not helping at all by "advising" someone to "build anything on them because it doesnt matter after x", because it's untrue and you're just a fucking idiot, and making trips look worse

1 hours later 21134592 Anonymous
>>21134519 woops wrong thread

1 hours later 21134596 Anonymous
>>21134498 they barely have furniture.

1 hours later 21134597 Anonymous
>>21134451 It's a nice watch though. Silver is always better than gold.

1 hours later 21134605 Anonymous
>usually stomp gold shitters >cant boost a friend account at 1200 elo i dont get it

1 hours later 21134606 Anonymous
>>21134559 >peeshotgg >>21134545 >nobody will ever give clg curtains for christmas ;_;

1 hours later 21134612 Anonymous (_lu_luls_by_withmyeyesclosed-d5m4566.jpg 900x821 347kB)
>>21134532 hahaha

1 hours later 21134618 Anonymous
>>21134532 epic, simply epic

1 hours later 21134619 Anonymous
>>21130085 Due in part to all the good players not playing her now

1 hours later 21134621 gakuen (1339155230586.png 493x402 8kB)
>>21129915 Guys guys. So I'm in the Thai server and these retards have been ruining my games. My next game - I'll ruin theirs. I've got Elf Teemo the game is starting. How can I generate maximum frustration on my team. Feeding is the obvious choice atm.

1 hours later 21134636 Anonymous
>>21134532 based CLG

1 hours later 21134646 Zéphyr
>>21134464 whats wrong with his arms?

1 hours later 21134647 Anonymous
>>21134606 they just need more boxes to stack in front of the windows

1 hours later 21134649 Anonymous
>>21134545 >>21134551 >>21134596 >tfw its fucking nothing

1 hours later 21134660 Anonymous
3 mins in and hotshots already a better mid than jiji.

1 hours later 21134669 Anonymous
the kimchi master seems happy then normal

1 hours later 21134671 Anonymous
>>21134478 see that's where you autism comes into play plenty of people HAVE met him, and i've never heard one of them say anything negative about him. if you can seriously think he acts like a self absorbed jerk in his every day life, you're a fucking idiot. in fact, the only people i've ever seen act so jaded and hateful toward him are you people. and if i were to believe that you hated him because of his "stage" personality and not some stupid reason like dyrus's pillow, that would make me the idiot.

1 hours later 21134695 Anonymous
>>21134606 It was that or a dragon dildo. There was a pretty clear winner.

1 hours later 21134696 Anonymous
>>21134542 >>21134542 >>21134542 pls respond

1 hours later 21134708 Anonymous
>>21134636 10000000000/10

1 hours later 21134710 Anonymous
>>21134669 >Kakasoul will never be back

1 hours later 21134716 Anonymous
>>21134671 i know a few different people who think he's an asshole in real life though

1 hours later 21134717 Aniki-tan
>>21134671 From ANY video i've ever watched with reginald in it, he seems like a complete tool.

1 hours later 21134721 Anonymous
>>21134498 >black curtains >not dark purple

1 hours later 21134727 Anonymous
>>21133475 > Go mid as Zed > See Draven is mid vs me > pffthahaha > He chunks me for almost half of my hp with 1 q'd auto > I have to play like a complete bitch getting zoned and missing out on CS Then I got to 6 and rekt him. The end.

1 hours later 21134736 Anonymous (wubwub.jpg 1366x768 173kB)
I was deleting and organizing some old shit, and found this. Do you remember when you were level 12? When a Heal/Revive Caitlyn could go 14/1? Where a completely AD team could win? When you thought Clarity/Clairvoyance were the best supports' summoner spells? When you used to buy Soul Shroud because it was "everything Sona wants"? Where Caitlyn buys a Catalyst because she probably "ran out of mana too much"? Where even Mordekaiser buys a Phantom Dancer? God damn, I probably didn't even appreciate these things back then. Being a noob is so much fun.

1 hours later 21134742 Anonymous
>>21134464 You hating on body hair, cake boy?

1 hours later 21134743 Anonymous
>>21134671 I haven't seen him masturbate but I'm still sure he does. You know why? Because it's fucking obvious.

1 hours later 21134747 Anonymous
>>21134348 >Taric >useless I don't have a reaction image for this. I don't even have words for this.

1 hours later 21134748 gakuen
>>21134670 Because I live here for the moment.

1 hours later 21134751 Anonymous
>>21134671 He's a complete asshole irl dude

1 hours later 21134756 Anonymous
>>21133357 Is that Slayer Boxer?

1 hours later 21134757 Anonymous
>>21134660 and Chauster is better mid, top, support, jungle and ad carry than either of those

1 hours later 21134759 Anonymous
>>21134579 are you really this dense or is this some epig b8

1 hours later 21134763 Anonymous
>>21134696 no of course not dude wtf he started like 2 days ago

1 hours later 21134764 Anonymous
>>21134671 >plenty of people have met him Yeah and plenty of pro's that have met him and hung out with him more than once have called him an asshole multiple times. Why am I still responding to you porky? If regi came to your house to shit on your face you would probably be thanking him

1 hours later 21134773 Anonymous
>>21134671 how about we concede that this is ultimately sports and celebrity personalities, and that we're talking shit from our computer monitors and it doesn't mean a thing irl?

1 hours later 21134775 Anonymous
>>21130095 lol warmogs

1 hours later 21134789 Anonymous (goodplayer.jpg 935x1100 197kB)
>>21134532 what the

1 hours later 21134801 Anonymous
>>21134717 im pretty sure theres a reginald and then theres an andy dinh sorta like how athene is a character that chiren plays i mite b wrong

1 hours later 21134803 Anonymous
>>21134671 How many people have you seen say anyhing positive about him? >Meet reginald >Immediately come home to tell 4chan about the experience

1 hours later 21134807 Anonymous
How do beat Cho"I'm always relevant no matter what by the way I hope your squishies didn't want that 800 hp"Gath?

1 hours later 21134810 Anonymous
>dat spear So close

1 hours later 21134815 Anonymous
>>21134756 it's ktf julyzerg actually

1 hours later 21134838 Anonymous
>>21134759 how am i dense? you're a fucking idiot just because someone can build boots, a rod of ages and frozen heart on singed, or merc treads and triforce on irelia, and snowball out and be unstoppable if played correctly, doesn't mean you have to be a fucking dickhead and say "hurr nothing else matters do wat u want!!!"

1 hours later 21134847 Anonymous (KITTEN KILLING KLAN.jpg 764x60 6kB)

1 hours later 21134853 Anonymous
>>21134807 kite

1 hours later 21134870 Anonymous
>>21134838 wow you really are that dense lol nevermind you win i quit

1 hours later 21134872 Anonymous
>>21134736 when i was 12 flash still had 900 range and disjointed projectiles. people weren't retarded

1 hours later 21134878 Zéphyr
>>21134807 dyke of top lane kayle

1 hours later 21134880 Anonymous
>>21134716 yeah that's lovely, and how many of them have spent over 5 minutes with him? how many aren't part of the pro scene? >>21134717 are you even reading? "stage" personality means when he's on camera. >>21134764 >rivals yeah im sure they have no reason to dislike him

1 hours later 21134882 Anonymous (worthson.jpg 904x679 98kB)

1 hours later 21134884 Anonymous
>>21134736 >vista my nigga also >anyone in the first 100 games of league with no moba experience >positive

1 hours later 21134890 Anonymous
>>21134736 i miss when mids ran teleport and/or were AD carries ;_;

1 hours later 21134894 Anonymous
>>21134815 >July will never help nal_ra interview people at ogn

1 hours later 21134902 Anonymous
>>21134801 there is an iwilldominate and a real person. Why would riot ban the character that dominate plays?

1 hours later 21134912 Anonymous
>>21134838 Actually that's what most people would say at that point. Why are you losing your shit over a comment like "build whatever you want" if you've already snowballed out of control on singed of all people?

1 hours later 21134917 Anonymous
Aww, hotshot is so happy.

1 hours later 21134920 Anonymous (544,.jpg 600x800 99kB)
>>21134736 dont remind me of the fun times... >league will never be fun again

1 hours later 21134924 Anonymous
>>21134880 Nobody fucking respond

1 hours later 21134927 Anonymous
>>21134870 stop diverting shit because you're fucking wrong you faggot

1 hours later 21134938 Anonymous
>>21134775 warmog's is probably better than ga in a lot of cases.

1 hours later 21134939 Anonymous
>>21134884 At least 50% of people are positive, at any level. Are you dim?

1 hours later 21134940 Anonymous (nazi gooks.jpg 1280x720 337kB)

1 hours later 21134945 Anonymous
>Hotshot playing AP Nid Fuck yes. None of this queer-ass bruiser Nidalee.

1 hours later 21134946 Anonymous
>>21134736 I remember playing AP ez mid when he came out Get at me faggort

1 hours later 21134949 Anonymous (psh.jpg 400x385 23kB)
>>21134882 >worthson.jpg This is so fucking funny

1 hours later 21134962 Anonymous
>>21134924 >he's starting to make sense, no one respond

1 hours later 21134967 Anonymous

1 hours later 21134976 Anonymous
>>21134927 :#) i'm wrong becus i said u can build things that u want to build on singed ur rite how cud i be so stupid

1 hours later 21134983 Anonymous

1 hours later 21134985 Anonymous
wow I didn't know nidalee was viable mid, gunna have to try it

1 hours later 21135002 Anonymous
>>21134838 >frozen heart singed son I have news for you...

1 hours later 21135006 Anonymous
I want to play Sejuani. How do I not suck?

1 hours later 21135007 Anonymous

1 hours later 21135012 Anonymous

1 hours later 21135016 Anonymous
>>21134985 sheep

1 hours later 21135021 Anonymous
>>21134946 I remember when Ez healed with his W Get on my level

1 hours later 21135027 Anonymous (Nidalee knows her way around a spear.gif 367x401 2092kB)

1 hours later 21135037 Anonymous
>>21134985 how new are you like really

1 hours later 21135038 Aniki-tan
>>21135002 no dude iceborn gauntlet is better on singed because its a new item and it gives more mana...

1 hours later 21135045 Anonymous
Hotshot is so cute when he's happy :3

1 hours later 21135049 Anonymous
>>21134902 i lol'd you got a good point there i guess the only way to solve this mystery is to have a man on the inside at the next live event, and have him befriend reginald with some bananas in order to show his true colors. although we mite b able to deduce this through our shit arguing

1 hours later 21135054 Anonymous (Nidalee hits 20 Mejai stacks.jpg 500x500 38kB)
>Soulstealer It's time.

1 hours later 21135063 Shifty
>>21135021 that would be the same time frame

1 hours later 21135073 Anonymous
>>21134736 I used to play Vayne her first free week on top and always build trinity force on her. Mang reminded me of it yesterday.

1 hours later 21135081 Anonymous
>>21135038 >tfw riot is making old items powercreeps

1 hours later 21135089 Anonymous
>>21134976 no really i have never ever met a trip user in my entire fucking time on any board that i have thought is ANYWHERE near the perfect example of why people instantly hate someone who adopts a trip until you replied to my simple, simple question. you're wrong because you're acting as if it's a proper fucking answer to the question of "whats a good build" or "how to build singed" "what ever u want :^^^^))))" isnt a fucking answer

1 hours later 21135090 Anonymous
>>21135054 to die

1 hours later 21135103 Anonymous
>>21134736 >new hud lol old shit

1 hours later 21135104 Anonymous
ghosting? who the fuck wards the bush bot between tehri towers and4 man ganks it?

1 hours later 21135114 Anonymous
>>21135027 >Forget about this gif >it's mmediately posted again I'll never be able to like Juno Temple again

1 hours later 21135120 Aniki-tan
>>21135089 Just be glad /a/ didn't reply to you.

1 hours later 21135123 Anonymous
why the hell is everyone getting caught out like that on hotshots team it's like I'm watching a 1400 game

1 hours later 21135124 Anonymous
>>21134985 >>21135037 in theory it doesnt seem very good considering she has no angles to Q

1 hours later 21135141 Anonymous
>>21135021 Are you dumb? That was release Ez

1 hours later 21135151 Anonymous
Anybody got a link to this weeks free to play champions?

1 hours later 21135153 Anonymous
>>21135073 >that feel when triforce, wit's end, warmogs all got nerfed >that fucking feel when everything holding bruiser vayne together got smashed this patch

1 hours later 21135160 Anonymous
>>21135123 they only cs better in high elo

1 hours later 21135164 Anonymous
>>21135070 Mine are unbelievably narcissistic. "I like how I'm carrying the game." "I'm all of our kills." >tfw I'm always support and save their precious k/d/a on a regular basis

1 hours later 21135171 Anonymous
>>21135070 Because you're playing a casual game which nobody really much cares to get good generally.

1 hours later 21135176 Anonymous
>tfw just want to play a game >all I want to do is not play support >4 dodges where I could of played a different role >end up in a game as last pick fuck

1 hours later 21135178 Anonymous
>>21135124 if you land 1 spear out of 10, you win the lane basicly

1 hours later 21135192 Anonymous
>>21135120 That's what he does to you though

1 hours later 21135193 Anonymous
well i wasn't able to finish one final for my class looks like league is my only happiness in my life

1 hours later 21135198 Anonymous
>>21135089 see what i ment by build whatever you want is build whatever you think is good on singed because its probably good on singed because you know almost everything is good on singed you're just butthurt as fuck for some reason and b8ing me 2 shitpost

1 hours later 21135206 Anonymous
>>21134912 because they're a fucking autist and they wont accept that it isn't fucking acceptable advice and wont realise its better to just not fucking say anything if you wont say anything productive >>21135002 >>21135038 >>21135081 i've played like 15 games since S3 and only 1 as singed so idk

1 hours later 21135207 Aniki-tan
>>21135192 /a/ doesn't reply to me

1 hours later 21135208 Lebron Games
>>21135123 its literally like that at 2k when i play up there and im given a solo lane i just pick whatever i want and sometimes i do retarded shit and it works

1 hours later 21135210 Anonymous
I know it's just a recolor but fuck Snowbunny looks nice. Wish I had it.

1 hours later 21135232 Anonymous
>>21135207 That's what i'm talking about LOL

1 hours later 21135235 Anonymous
I'm Ahri versus Kat. what do?

1 hours later 21135237 Anonymous
>>21135151 NO >NO NO >NO NO >NO I have to decline your request.

1 hours later 21135240 Anonymous
>>21134763 Did he make it past the sewers ?

1 hours later 21135256 Anonymous
>>21135171 >Because you're playing a casual game which nobody really much cares to get good generally. the only game i've played where this wasn't true is sc2. pretty much no one is there for "fun"

1 hours later 21135262 Anonymous
>>21135070 >tfw I play mid and my friend plays solo top pretty much every time in ranked >tfw we're guaranteed victory unless bot fucks up, which happens so often

1 hours later 21135265 Anonymous
>>21135210 fiddles looks sweet too thought it was a shitty skin but looks spooky

1 hours later 21135267 Anonymous
What if there was a champ whose ult allowed him to attack any person on the map from anywhere on the map, but made him immobile and visible when he attacks. Kind of like setting up a siege weapon

1 hours later 21135268 Anonymous
>>21135120 /a/ is a cool guy >>21135198 im shitposting in response to your shitposting shit response to my fucking question you autistic fuck and no almost everything is not good on singed you faggot thats half the fucking point of your ignorant as fuck answer

1 hours later 21135272 Anonymous

1 hours later 21135274 Anonymous (Javelins.jpg 843x782 220kB)
Based javelin toss

1 hours later 21135275 Anonymous

1 hours later 21135285 Anonymous
>>21135120 The thing is on /a/ google actually provides the correct search results. For this game not so much. >mobafire is the first search result for "How do I build X"

1 hours later 21135292 Anonymous
>>21135171 Yeah but it's not like it's hard to be good at League.

1 hours later 21135304 Anonymous
>>21135265 My stream is a bit laggy so I never get a good look but it seems very Nightmare Before Christmas-y.

1 hours later 21135314 Anonymous
>>21135235 Outslut her.

1 hours later 21135326 Zéphyr
>>21135210 new cougar looks really fucking weird,

1 hours later 21135337 Anonymous
Irelia has literally 50% win rate now why would you mess with that, it's balanced

1 hours later 21135346 Anonymous
>>21135268 ok whatever man you win im dumb and ignorant leave me alone pls

1 hours later 21135364 Anonymous
>>21135326 >tfw too cute to be savage

1 hours later 21135372 Anonymous
>>21135326 Yeah, I mostly meant the human form. Cougar is whatever. Maybe I'll get Leopard during the legacy sale, although French Maid is real nice too.

1 hours later 21135374 Anonymous
>>21135207 >not knowing how to get responses on /a/ Well you do come from /vg/ so it can't be helped.

1 hours later 21135375 Anonymous
>>21135235 Predict where she will shunpo and then Q at her. Use your E to interrupt her ult. If you die even once you've already lost.

1 hours later 21135381 Anonymous
>>21135123 2k is complete shitter elo.

1 hours later 21135387 Anonymous
>>21135326 I sorta like it. The Q animation is slow as fuck though.

1 hours later 21135414 Anonymous
>>21135374 >>21135285 this is the worse bait of my life

1 hours later 21135421 Anonymous
>>21135123 in high elo they have better mechanics but throw four times as often/hard

1 hours later 21135424 Anonymous
>>21135346 stop trying too fucking hard

1 hours later 21135439 Anonymous
>>21135372 Nid's new walking animation is fucking great.

1 hours later 21135469 Anonymous
>>21134172 That employee is my hero. If only more companies would do things like this.

1 hours later 21135506 Anonymous

1 hours later 21135541 Anonymous
This is so beautiful to watch ;_;

1 hours later 21135547 Anonymous
Hey guys, I've been playing Kat in ranked lately and discovered she's a real monster, I go perfect most of my matches and haven't even lost one yet. However, I'm worried about being countered one of these days. Who counters Kat and how do I deal with it?

1 hours later 21135567 Anonymous
>i hate him because he's so cocky and mean Beta, lucky i'm just a 1500 shitter, if I won a LAN or someshit I would call out everyone. Gotta be a heel for the easy cash bros'

1 hours later 21135572 Anonymous (First game.png 1280x800 635kB)
>>21134736 This was my first game. Blitzcrank was free that week. It was fun.

1 hours later 21135578 Anonymous
>>21135547 team with 5 GA's

1 hours later 21135581 Anonymous
>>21135469 All of Riot is like that, they will give you tiny bits of free RP if you ask them and include a drawing, no matter how crappy. It shows you actually took the time to at least work on something for your request

1 hours later 21135583 Anonymous
New thread >>21135574 >>21135574 >>21135574 >>21135574 >>21135574

1 hours later 21135597 Anonymous
>>21135381 >play mid vs some 1300's player in a normal >he never misses a skillshot and is always in the right place to brush gank despite not having wards >play bot vs a 2k easyreal >he offensively e's into skill shots and misses last hits with q

1 hours later 21135601 Anonymous
Reminder that commenting on streams is a bannable offence so you cocksuckers better stop your dick sucking in this thread if you want to keep posting.

1 hours later 21135617 Anonymous
>>21135547 Fiddlesticks can cause Kat some real problems. Same with Diana. Anyone with a stun/silence can be an issue if they're good/know what they're doing.

1 hours later 21135624 Anonymous
>>21135547 Kassadin, you have to outroam him. You're living cancer, (high risk) HIGH REWARD, etc.

1 hours later 21135632 Anonymous (1353911025144.png 283x352 196kB)
>>21135547 >Hey guys, I've been playing Kat in ranked lately and discovered she's a real monster. >Hey guys, I've been playing Kat >I've been playing Kat >playing Kat >Kat

1 hours later 21135634 Anonymous
>>21135547 Malzahar,Galio and most AD casters beat her in lane

1 hours later 21135638 Anonymous
>>21135089 Is Singed still OP enough that you can basically build whatever the fuck you want and, as long as you play well, you'll still win? I haven't played League for several months.

1 hours later 21135693 Anonymous
>>21135638 Yes

1 hours later 21135701 Anonymous
>>21135638 LOL yeah singed is really good

1 hours later 21135708 Anonymous (1355625164902.png 600x600 234kB)

1 hours later 21135756 Anonymous
>>21133837 Ya, they agree to blame somebody else and then kick them off the team.

1 hours later 21135857 Anonymous
>>21133983 >Helping the community with weekly tournaments, a single site to find streams, and semi-decent guides. >Scum

1 hours later 21135924 Anonymous
>>21134006 But that's every NA team ever. TSM was just the last relevant NA team.

1 hours later 21136094 Anonymous
>>21134045 Uh what. Hotshot talks more shit than anyone irl. Stop making excuses for /vg/ hypocrites that hate TSM because they've been the only semi-relevant NA team for the past year or more.

1 hours later 21136251 Anonymous
>>21134278 At least they say GG after losses rather than "le purple side face" while calling every team better than them trash.

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