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2013-01-05 09:53 14328714 Anonymous (1353202803436.jpg 1440x900 299kB)
Hey /soc/. I've posted this thread once or twice before, and have come across a few interesting people, but haven't made a decision yet so here we go again. I'm a 24 year old guy who recently started a business and is getting super wealthy off of it. The nature of the business is that I don't have to do much work on it, and can do it from anywhere. So, I'm going to spend the next several months traveling the world. I don't want to go alone, so I'm looking for a companion - Doctor Who style, I guess. If and when one of us gets tired of the arrangement, I'd send you home (or wherever you want to go) on a plane and that would be the end of it. My Skype is "DaltontheSultan". Feel free to message me there, or ask questions in this thread if you have any.

1 min later 14328734 Anonymous
Wow that actually sounds pretty awesome.

4 min later 14328772 Anonymous

8 min later 14328828 Anonymous
what kind of business did you start?

9 min later 14328848 Anonymous
>>14328828 herewego.png I can't really talk about it because I signed an NDA. All I can really say is that it's internet based. Someone will call bullshit on this, I'm sure, but it's the truth.

10 min later 14328868 Anonymous
>>14328848 Do I have to be female or is it ok if I'm male?

12 min later 14328883 Anonymous
>>14328828 Programming, I'm sure.

14 min later 14328910 Anonymous
>>14328868 Femanons preferred. I might accept a male if he was some combination of the following: A) Interesting and charismatic B) Fit enough to help me beat the shit out of someone if they try to mug us C) A brother to the point that they'd go through basically anything with me. C) is going to be hard to find on 4chan, those kinds of bonds don't just spring up overnight. But I'm not saying no.

22 min later 14329008 Anonymous
>>14328910 I'd say I lack B on that list, simply because if a criminal is going to mug you they're going to mug you knowing they have the advantage.

25 min later 14329046 Anonymous
>>14329008 Well, yeah, that's sort of the point I was indirectly making. Two fit guys walking around = less chance to be fucked with if/when I go through some of the tougher parts of Glasgow, or whatever. I plan on going to a lot of capital cities so it's a risk.

32 min later 14329134 Anonymous
>>14329008 Yeah, going to have to second this. I could beat someone up hand to hand, but muggers usually avoid groups unless they're armed, in which case the wise thing to do is to surrender whatever they're asking for.

35 min later 14329172 Anonymous
I added you. I don't know if you're telling a tale here or even if I'd be able to come along if you weren't, but here's the deal: I want to talk to you. If I were able to come, here's what my qualifications are: I'm 6'3" and 270 pounds. Most of that is fat, but I've got a bit of strength and I'm kind of intimidating. I'm loyal as a dog and would take a bullet for my closest friends. I'm a school bus monitor. My job is actually to look after an extremely violent child. I've brought the kid down and calmed him down and protected the other kids, regardless of whether or not I liked them. And I keep the kid calm. That's me, basically. I'm an alright dude, I'd like to think. I just want to talk to you because you seem interesting enough to chill with, even over Skype.

54 min later 14329364 Anonymous
>>14329172 Hasn't shown up in my Skype yet, because it's finicky, but yeah I'll definitely chat with you.

2 hours later 14331080 Anonymous

3 hours later 14331240 Anonymous
I'm fat, but have a beard and a killer sense of humor. not a basement dweller. I look hard untill I open my mouth, then I'm a big teddy bear.

4 hours later 14331873 Anonymous
22 year old male, here. I like to think I have a great sense of humour and stick out for anyone in need. So, getting mugged is really not an issue with me as well. I love travelling, and even though you're a complete stranger, I'd be down to try to get tight as brothers. I'd be more interested in doing this if you were down to go to Asia (China, Korea, Japan), because I went on a trip there this summer and it was ridiculous. If you're serious about this, I can send you pictures and a video of my trip to show you what I mean haha. By the way, I'm completely straight. So we'd be poon hunting on this trip.

5 hours later 14332810 Anonymous

5 hours later 14332917 Anonymous
This sounds like an invitation to getting raped. I'm in.

6 hours later 14333135 Anonymous
>>14332917 Can't rape the willing. Skype me.

6 hours later 14333532 Anonymous

6 hours later 14333734 Anonymous
If this isn't a troll, do you expect that your "companion" might glean this NDA-protected information during a drunken episode? This is something I'm determined to do myself, but all avenues to passive income generation tend to involve quite a bit of active work. I find this sort of thing very interesting: the inequality of it all; how some people happen upon such opportunities and others spend a lifetime of working their balls off. It's almost a mix of intrigue and bitter jealousy.

7 hours later 14333923 Anonymous
>>14333734 Do you have a skype? I would love to talk to you about this. I feel similarly.

7 hours later 14333931 Anonymous
>>14333923 Are you the OP?

7 hours later 14333986 Anonymous
>>14333931 No, not OP

7 hours later 14334111 Anonymous
>>14333986 Drop your Skype and I'll add you.

7 hours later 14334129 Anonymous
>>14334111 no, drop yours. you can delete it in a minute if you want once i add you. want to talk about this passive income and the intrigue/jealousy thing.

7 hours later 14334246 Anonymous
>>14333734 There is pretty much a zero percent chance of me telling the person what I do, ever.

9 hours later 14335401 Anonymous

10 hours later 14336399 Anonymous
You're whoring out your trust to this person with your life, your health and possessions, yet you couldn't possibly consider divulging that information to them? I think the flaws in your juvenile plot are becoming quite apparent. This is all but a pipe dream, my friend. The only people you're going to attract with these antics are emotionally disturbed impetuous fagtards.

10 hours later 14336467 Anonymous
>>14336399 Pay attention everyone, this is what Asperger's looks like.

10 hours later 14336580 Anonymous
life is the pursuit of happiness, not wealth. I went to a certain part of the world not long ago and it blew my mind. Im now working my arse off so I can live there for a good few years whilst im still young. It will only be worth it if I know I've EARNT it, not given to me. 11 months to go...

10 hours later 14336619 Anonymous
>>14328714 Fuck I'd love to do this but I'm broke as fuck. Good luck on the adventures OP, I already conquered the fuck out of Canada and one day I'll expand my conquest.

10 hours later 14336628 Anonymous
>>14336580 Those kinds of platitudes were invented by people to make themselves feel better about not being able to do the things they love.

10 hours later 14336632 Anonymous
>>14336580 although by saying this, I realise I need money to for fill what Im aiming to do. Plus I have no plan B to my life when the dream is over, but then again, why should it end?

10 hours later 14336673 Anonymous
>>14336580 Care to divulge which part of the world that might be?

10 hours later 14336675 Anonymous
>>14336628 nothing stopping me from doing it, i have the education, position, time and luckily for me a decent supporting family. Im not criticizing you OP, just my personal view on things, but I guess thats the way I was brought up

10 hours later 14336682 Anonymous
>>14336619 The idea is that I would be bankrolling the trip if I find the right companion.

10 hours later 14336722 Anonymous
>>14328714 this is my current fav picture, OP. i like your style.

10 hours later 14336725 Anonymous
>>14336682 I got offered something similiar to this before. All paid and be basically set for life. But it guilts the fuck out of me and I can't do that. I'd feel like an ass if I couldn't pay for some shit and split hotels / gas / whatever else. There's this place in England I believe where you get to paint on a naked woman's body. Please turn her tits into google eyes and a mouth on her belly for me.

10 hours later 14336753 Anonymous
>>14336673 West Papua and the surrounding area

10 hours later 14336812 Anonymous
>>14336753 >West Papua Interesting. What attracts you to that place?

19 hours later 14340799 Anonymous

23 hours later 14342514 Anonymous

25 hours later 14343234 Anonymous
You'll never find a femanon that'll commit to this. It's not you, or the trip, it's just the nature of the female mind in general. I don't mean it in a derogatory way, but this sort of "wandering conquest" is a strictly male phenomenon and any females doing such a thing are statistical outliers.

25 hours later 14343252 Anonymous
I kind of wish I weren't starting a life together with my boyfriend right now... travelling for a year, no strings attached, with an occassional fuck sounds amazing.

25 hours later 14343264 Anonymous
>>14343234 >>14343234 Outliers, yes, but they do exist, and if they're going to exist, they're going to probably exist in a weird place like this board. I've already been talking to a half dozen, so... yeah.

25 hours later 14343297 Anonymous
>>14343264 >Talking >Commit

25 hours later 14343324 Anonymous
>>14343252 What he doesn't know won't hurt him, lel.

25 hours later 14343341 Anonymous
>>14343264 Any luck with any of them?

25 hours later 14343354 Anonymous
>>14328714 OP, just be straight up, say that you want a hot girl who will be fun and easy going, and then ask for pics. then choose the one you want

25 hours later 14343395 Anonymous
>>14343354 That's pretty much what I'm going for, but the thread got sidetracked and like 300 male anons jumped on when I said it was a remote possibility that I'd pick a guy if he was cool enough. I'll be more clear next time I post this.

25 hours later 14343414 Anonymous
>>14343324 We have an open relationship, but the issue lies in being apart from him for a year. I mean, what is he supposed to do, keep working his shit job and saving up for our new place all alone while I see the sights and eat the epic food?

25 hours later 14343423 Anonymous
>>14328910 What you're asking for with C is unrealistic, since that'd take years of friendship in the first place. Why not take one of your real life friends?

25 hours later 14343433 Anonymous
>>14343395 if you were gay, then 300 male anons would be great

25 hours later 14343436 Anonymous
>>14343395 Because bros love adventure man, did you expect any different? And bros are opportunists, always looking for the next grand conquest of the natural world. So yeah, next time say "I'm looking for a traveling concubine, submit your application" and avoid the confusion.

25 hours later 14343452 Anonymous
>>14343395 It's my dream to travel the world but I have a job that I can't just quit. :( Female here. I've been called hot multiple times but I'm no 9/10.

25 hours later 14343480 Anonymous
>>14343414 Message me on my Skype, I'd like to talk to you. >>14343423 I know. That was the point I was trying to make. I have a blood-brother type friend in my life, but his life is way too messed up right now to just leave the country. I could take my business partner but he's.... he's not the type to do that, let me just put it that way. >>14343452 Hit me up on Skype.

25 hours later 14343491 Anonymous
>>14343395 are you even attractive?

25 hours later 14343519 Anonymous
>>14343395 Figured. Too bad, I'd totally be in (femanon) but I have absolutely zero interest in sucking your dick, even if it were in Burma.

25 hours later 14343527 Anonymous
>>14343491 Looks-wise, I'm extremely average looking, aside from keeping pretty fit.

25 hours later 14343671 Anonymous
>>14343527 keep us posted on what occurs.

25 hours later 14343690 Anonymous
>>14343519 thanks mrs. killjoy. how about lightening up and having a new opportunity to meet someone in an interesting way

26 hours later 14343850 Anonymous
>>14343690 How about just letting me prefer pussy? Sorry, can't help

26 hours later 14343915 Anonymous
>>14343850 so basically you're not interested because you're a lesbian. then wtf are you mad about

26 hours later 14343962 Anonymous
>>14343915 In fact, I am not mad at all. It's a shame OP is looking for casual sex as well, or else I'd be totally in. That's what I was trying to say.

26 hours later 14344033 Anonymous
>>14343962 >It's a shame OP is looking for casual sex as well, or else I'd be totally in. That's what I was trying to say. if you are good in bed, it will stop being casual real quick

26 hours later 14344217 Anonymous
>>14344033 oh, well that changes everything. count me in!

26 hours later 14344257 Anonymous
>>14344033 >being this fucking stupid >not trolling

26 hours later 14344329 Anonymous
>>14343234 I find this to be incredibly untrue. At least for myself. Every year when it isnt winter Im somewhere new, with new people and places. Usually only Canada but i have crossed the border. I never have money when i leave and I always hitchhike/live off the woods or what minimal foods i bring (usually powdered soups) >>14342514 Which OP, is why I find this to be an exhilarating experience and would love to add you on skype.

26 hours later 14344416 Anonymous
>>14344329 Feel free. I'll be back on in a bit.

27 hours later 14345028 Anonymous
>>14344329 Are you the person who added me then went crazy when I said I wasn't going to say what my business was? Jeez.

28 hours later 14345694 Anonymous
This guy has posted sextapes of girls on 4chan that have come up and seen him. If you trust this you're an idiot.

28 hours later 14345735 Anonymous
>>14345694 That did not happen. You have me confused with somebody else.

28 hours later 14345808 Anonymous
>>14345735 Really because you just said on Skype that you tried to do this with Morgan aka the camwhore who's been getting threads posted about her BY YOU and the thread said you were sending her sextape to people on skype. You peed on her, made her lick your ass and toes, had sex with her for a thousand dollars. Sound familiar? She may be a massive slut but you're no better. Looking for your next victim? FYI don't use the same skype you posted in those threads because that's searchable.

29 hours later 14345922 Anonymous
I can think of at least 10 people I'd do this with tomorrow if they asked, people I'd be willing to stand by, come hell or high water, and even risk my life if necessary. But that's not because I'm an action hero that the BBC has found extremely marketable, it's because I trust those people implicitly and know they would do the same for me, and because I know they're smart and careful enough not to get into those kinds of situations lightly. I guess my point is, having the kind of relationship you'd need with someone to make this work requires real-life support, or at least the assurance of someone both of you trust to verify that. I find it highly unlikely you'd be able to build that over 4chan and Skype. That said, I at least would be more willing to try it out for a definite period first. Like, a 2-3 week trial run with a round-trip ticket.

33 hours later 14350060 Anonymous
>>14345808 I don't know who you think I am, but you must have me confused with someone else, as I certainly never posted sex tapes of anyone. Victim? Jesus, you must actually be Morgan. Please stop stalking me on 4chan, I had to send you home because you were too crazy, but that's neither here not there and doesn't belong in this thread.

33 hours later 14350169 Anonymous
I can confirm that this guy is a sex offender/sadist/freak/kind of depraved. I've blocked him before. He's also one of those guys who reads PUA blogs.

33 hours later 14350256 Anonymous
>>14350169 Morgan, really? You're going to send white knights in here to spout bullshit now? Do you seriously have nothing better to do? Also: LOL sex offender. You can't be serious. Do I rape children now too? At least make up believable shit.

34 hours later 14350392 Anonymous
I've talked to OP before and I can assure anyone that he is not a rapist. He's actually a sweetheart and you should just try talking to him before you make conclusions based on accusational posts. -.-

34 hours later 14350569 Anonymous
>>14350392 Thank you, I really appreciate that. Seriously.

34 hours later 14350747 Anonymous
>>14345028 lolz no I havn't added you yet sorry

35 hours later 14351647 Anonymous
>>14350060 I honestly wish I was her to fuck with your mind a bit more but no, you posted your information in a thread and thought it wouldn't get back to you when you decided to fuck over the next girl. lol Have fun pretending though.

35 hours later 14351891 Anonymous
>>14351647 Kid, I didn't "fuck over" anyone. Relax.

36 hours later 14351956 Anonymous
>>14328910 If you had been looking four months ago, I would have said yes in a heartbeat, based upon these qualifications (for the sake of what's the word... humility(!) I will go ahead and withhold my opinion on A, though). I hope to write a best-seller about my travels one day. But sadly, I turned to the military to satisfy my wanderlust. Congratulations on your success and best wishes to you on your journey!

36 hours later 14351982 Anonymous
Damn bro I wish we were both gay. Cuz apparently you're looking to fuck on this trip. I'm an attractive, fit 22 yo male looking for an adventure. How bout we go on an adventure and just fuck sluts across the world? I'll be your loyal wingman. No homo at all.

38 hours later 14352859 Anonymous
>>14350169 >I can confirm that this guy is a sex offender/sadist/freak/kind of depraved. This matches OP's profile. He admitted he tried this before at least once and shenanigans happened ( >>14350060 ). So you got a male, probably a socially underdeveloped nerdy guy, that suddenly got rich and has noone to bring him with to travel the world, so he needs to shop for one on /soc/. He also emphasized that he more or less wants a female companion, aka wants sex. For sex to play such a huge role in OP's planning, I can assume that he's depraved and tries to buy sex. He's willing to base all his plans on pussy. And the worst thing is that it's not the first time (if it was we could assume he just was an aspie virgin that got rich and had a crazy idea to get pussy). He's trying to do it again and again.

39 hours later 14353237 Anonymous
>>14352859 That's a pretty interesting theory, Dr. Phil. Have you considered pitching it to Oprah for a show idea?

40 hours later 14353287 Anonymous
>>14352859 look at this fag all up on ops nuts. op don't listen to these madfag troops, you are making it big and there will be people giving you shit out of jealousy forever now

43 hours later 14354403 Anonymous
>>14351956 You seem like a pretty cool guy. I hope your book sells if/when you write it! >>14351982 Maybe, add me on Skype.. I like fucking beautiful women but that's not really the main point of this trip. >>14353287 Thanks, anon.

45 hours later 14354781 Anonymous
>>14334246 You're so very, very wrong.

48 hours later 14356079 Anonymous
OP, what kinda stuff you got planned. Same age male anon hurr.

52 hours later 14358895 Anonymous
>>14356079 I don't have a solid plan, but, roughly, the places I want to see for sure: Paris, Tokyo, London, Moscow, Berlin (and other places in Germany, mostly WW2 stuff.) Various places in Poland, especially Krakow and other castles. My heritage, and all. India (though I hear it's a gigantic shithole), mostly to check out the ashrams, probably the same one Gandhi went to. And, I don't know, some nature-y stuff probably. Mountain climbing, backpacking, blah blah. Nothing is set in stone yet.

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