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2014-10-06 03:13 6795013 Anonymous (asdf2.jpg 1000x750 85kB)
You can only pick one.

2 min later 6795015 Anonymous
>>6795013 $2 and watch tv 8 hours a day while you idly farm money. Now go away this isn't science

3 min later 6795018 Anonymous
you can earn $7200/hr taking coins out of your pocket. take coins to bank.

22 min later 6795052 Anonymous
>>6795013 You always pick the coins. Infinite potential > lump sum.

23 min later 6795056 Anonymous
>>6795052 >a bird in the hand >not worth two in the bush I'd pick the coin too but there are certainly situations where you'd pick the cash

26 min later 6795064 Anonymous
See, if the $2 coins had the property of never being called into question by anyone then that would be the way to go. I mean look at this: I can't exchange the coins for bills. I can't resell things for bills. I can't possess bills basically. If I want to keep my money in the bank and withdraw it I have to get them to give it to me in coins. There's no good way to launder it so I hope there's a spell protecting me from the IRS.

30 min later 6795072 Anonymous
I'd 3D print a plastic piece to line my pockets, and then sit with my knees pointed upwards. The plastic lining will act as a slide for the coins to roll endlessly out of. I'd sit on a ladder and go to coinstar once the pile of coins reach the height of the ladder.

32 min later 6795080 Anonymous
>>6795064 It doesn't say you can't use debit cards. Just bills.

35 min later 6795087 Anonymous
>>6795064 >what is a checking account

41 min later 6795100 Anonymous
>>6795080 >>6795087 There's a paper trail. But if it's suddenly legal to just conjure money then that works.

52 min later 6795122 Anonymous
>>6795052 You can still work if you pick option 1 though.

1 hours later 6795145 Anonymous
>>6795013 I would wear pants with big pockets and hang myself upside down for a while. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1 hours later 6795163 Anonymous
>>6795122 Pulling the coins makes you $1440 an hour even if it takes you five seconds each time. Not a lot of jobs that beat that.

1 hours later 6795166 Anonymous
pulling coins out of my pocket for years would be shitty. i'd rather take the instant 300,000. it's more useful to me.

1 hours later 6795170 Anonymous
>>6795072 You can't convert.

1 hours later 6795176 Anonymous
2. The coins.

1 hours later 6795188 Anonymous
lets see call it 3s to take a coin out of your pocket and deposit it in a pile 3s*20*$2=$40/min now you probably can't keep up this rate of repetitive motion for an entire hour, so let's be somewhat conservative and say that while you are 'working', you are pulling coins out of your pocket for 15 minutes out of the hour. 15*40=$600/hr. multiplying by 2000 hours for a 40 hour a week job with 2 weeks off during the year, you'd be making $1.2M/year so that is a very high cutoff to where your job would be worth more than this power. however pulling coins out of your pocket all day is likely to get really boring, really fast. so if you have a job you like that is somewhat high paying, it is likely to be worth more than this power and you are better off with the 300k. alternatively however there is the possibility of settling for less money, that is, only do it for maybe 500 hours over the year and earn $300k p.a. and use the rest of your free time for something more interesting. so the 300k is a vastly inferior option, it is strictly inferior for an income level of up to around 150-300k, at that point it is superior only if the utility of doing your job rather than pulling out money part time and doing whatever for the remainder is positive, at around $1.2M it becomes superior only if doing your job full time is preferable to pulling out money 40 hours a week, at around $2-2.5M you are reaching the maximum physical limit of how much money you could pull out in a year, and the 300k becomes superior as long as you are indifferent or prefer pulling out money over your job less than you prefer making more money. also of note are the physical effects. pulling out money all day is going to make your arm pretty ripped. since 'pocket' is singular presumably it only works for one pocket, youd need reversible pants and switch off pulling arms every few hours or ruin your physique. even doing this your arms are likely to grow out of proportion to the rest of your body.

1 hours later 6795190 Anonymous
>>6795166 Besides, you don't even know if the $2 coins are legal tender, is there a magical wizard treasury that authorizes these coins? Eventually someone is going to get suspicious that my only source of income is $2 magical coins, and the IRS will buttfuck me.

1 hours later 6795191 Anonymous
>>6795170 You can't convert to bills according to the rules. You could: >take coins to bank for credit >buy gold, take gold to bank or convert to cash >buy shit and return it for cash Even if they stipulate that your hand must grasp the coin in your pocket in order for it to duplicate when you pull it out, you'd still make bank just taking coins out all day.

1 hours later 6795196 Anonymous
>>6795188 you will likely get a strain injury too.

1 hours later 6795208 Anonymous
>>6795196 If it's not an assigned pocket (i.e. you just need to put a hand in a pocket) you can switch hands (with a tiny bit of ambidexterity) and if you get sore enough, just stop for a day or so.

1 hours later 6795219 Anonymous
>>6795013 Instant $300,000 means that the money means that I'm just given that money Regenerating $2 means that I'm physically creating new money and thus devaluing it

1 hours later 6795221 Anonymous
>>6795013 Assuming the coins can be deposited into banks like any legal tender, coins all the way. You pull shit out of your pocket 10 times an hour for regular work hours and you can support a family.

1 hours later 6795223 Anonymous
>>6795219 It won't make a measurable difference if its just you.

1 hours later 6795224 Anonymous
>>6795188 >>6795196 >>6795208 Are you stupid Build a machine that will remove it from your pockets, or pay someone to while you do other stuff

1 hours later 6795236 Anonymous
>>6795190 >Eventually someone is going to get suspicious that my only source of income is $2 magical coins, and the IRS will buttfuck me. this shouldnt be a prohibitive problem, you will just have to pay taxes on your free money >>6795196 well that is why i stipulated 15 minutes out of every hour of straight pulling out coins, so you have time to rest and for your arm to recover, going 60 minutes straight is completely unrealistic but maintaining 15 minutes on the hour over a longer term should be doable >>6795219 >Regenerating $2 means that I'm physically creating new money and thus devaluing it you are only creating at the very very most a few million a year, that is not going to have a real effect in devaluing the currency compared to $40B a month at the federal reserve

1 hours later 6795240 Anonymous
$2 coins, all the way. Only 150,000 pulls 'til you make up the difference. Plus, you never have to worry amount carrying around money again! It would be so convenient. Also, it's magic! $300,000 is not as exciting as a magic power!

1 hours later 6795242 Anonymous
>>6795224 >pay someone to reach into my pockets whyboner.jpg

1 hours later 6795245 Anonymous
>>6795191 >>buy gold, take gold to bank or convert to cash >>buy shit and return it for cash Isn't that income though? I'm unclear on what counts as income.

2 hours later 6795281 Anonymous
>>6795223 you underestimate my power

2 hours later 6795288 Anonymous
why don't you just hang upside down

2 hours later 6795292 Anonymous
>>6795288 make it rain

3 hours later 6795391 Anonymous
>>6795087 The tax man can get you by looking in your online accounts. The irs has programs that look for money put in accounts not reported as income. This happend to my friend who had a business online and didn't pay taxes

3 hours later 6795413 Anonymous
>>6795013 You can sell stuff you buy so that the value is less or equal so you aren't making money, just reclaiming the value of goods. In that way you could use notes.

4 hours later 6795426 Anonymous
>>6795191 >buy gold like, go to a gold reselling business with a huge sack full of coins and tell them you want gold? kek i'd rather employ 20 minions who get 50$ in coins from me and give me 40$ of valuables in return. doing that every day would yield valuables worth 1600$ every day. register a reselling business, sell that shit through ebay, pay taxes, and you're good. easy 1k $ every day.

4 hours later 6795445 Anonymous
You cant convert the coins to bills. Doesnt say anything about electronic currency. Go to the bank and spend an hour depositing 10K worth of coins into a debit account.

4 hours later 6795467 Anonymous
>>6795445 >go to bank >spend an hour in front of the teller taking 30 kilograms of coins out of your pants pocket at a time Ha, better get them in a bag or something first.

4 hours later 6795468 Anonymous
>>6795467 >one at a time

4 hours later 6795495 Anonymous
> $2 coins > not legal tender $300,000 all the way

5 hours later 6795507 Anonymous
>>6795013 >put vacuum hose in pocket while reading/surfing the web/playing vidya >change bag when full >??? >profit

5 hours later 6795510 Anonymous
>>6795013 2$ coins. Headstand >Coins, Coins Everywhere.jpg

5 hours later 6795513 Anonymous
>>6795507 >option 2 >build a career as a magician and someone constantly giving money away to the needy >become magician legend who conquered laws of physics >become immortalized as god >start religion >??? >world peace

5 hours later 6795520 Anonymous
wear pants upside down, would make money very fast

5 hours later 6795567 Anonymous
>>6795013 I threw some coins in my pocket and found I could pull out 2 per second if I really worked at it. Meaning that if I just pull these things out of my pockets for a job, I'll make $576,000 in a 40 hour work week. There is literally no scenario where picking the lump sum of $300,000 would be better than the opposite.

5 hours later 6795572 Anonymous
>>6795567 >I threw some coins in my pocket and found I could pull out 2 per second if I really worked at it. Meaning that if I just pull these things out of my pockets for a job, I'll make $576,000 in a 40 hour work week. There is literally no scenario where picking the lump sum of $300,000 would be better than the opposite. You only have 20.832 hours left to live.

6 hours later 6795577 Anonymous
>>6795567 you're not doing that consistently without fucking up your wrist or arm

6 hours later 6795583 Anonymous
>>6795572 ??? >>6795577 There's definitely a proper technique that wouldn't cause repetitive strain on the joints.

6 hours later 6795585 Anonymous
>>6795013 infinite shekels please

6 hours later 6795588 Anonymous
You guys know you can live off $300,000 and a low paying job if you just spend conservatively right?

6 hours later 6795597 Anonymous
You could make like $100k in one day from the coins. You'd never have to worry about money again. Meanwhile, if you wanted to occupy yourself you could just do your own projects in your own time

6 hours later 6795598 Anonymous
With the $2 shit, who the fuck is gonna convert all that shit into notes? That shit would be suspicious as fuck

6 hours later 6795623 Anonymous
>>6795013 I wear my pants on my head.

6 hours later 6795644 Anonymous
>>6795588 So? Infinite coins is better.

7 hours later 6795656 Anonymous
>>6795598 just say you busk for a living

7 hours later 6795668 Anonymous
>>6795656 >I busk for a living >and people only ever give me $2 coins >ever

7 hours later 6795672 Anonymous
>>6795598 Samsung gave Apple a billion dollars in pennies. I'm sure you could find some fuck to convert your $2 coins.

7 hours later 6795674 Anonymous
>>6795672 and if that failed , you could always melt the coins down into metal and sell that.

7 hours later 6795678 Anonymous
$2 coins granted they never got called into question. Who cares if I can't get a job, just means more time for hobbies.

7 hours later 6795680 Anonymous
>>6795013 Pick second, install vacuum cleaner at pocket, reap the inflation you cause.

7 hours later 6795685 Anonymous
>>6795052 Well, except that it's not actually infinite. It's clearly limited by the maximum lifespan of a human being, times the value of the coin you get, times the rate at which you draw coins from your pockets. Being generous, like drawing $2 per second 24/7 for 100 years, that's only like 6 billion dollars. Being more realistic, like working at it only 40h a week with some vacations (because let's be honest, you can take vacations), that's around a billion dollars. If option 1. was getting 10 billion dollars, it would be by far a much much better option than option 2 regardless of how you use option 2. Being realistic, I'd take option 1 even if it was only like 10 million dollars, because it's maybe only a percent of what I'd get by working my ass off for option 2 but with no constraint.

8 hours later 6795705 Anonymous
>>6795672 I call bullshit, you would need 120638588.8 tons of zinc for such amount of coins. Which is roughly 5% of estimated resources of zinc.

8 hours later 6795710 Anonymous
>>6795064 >There's no good way to launder it vending machine empire.

9 hours later 6795773 Anonymous
>>6795391 So pay fucking taxes. What is this, the United States of Even if I get Free Money I Still Don't Want to Help Pay for Roads?

9 hours later 6795775 Anonymous
>>6795567 >There is literally no scenario where picking the lump sum of $300,000 would be better than the opposite. >Gangster is here RIGHT NOW, demands $300000 or he shoots everybody. Lump sum, please.

14 hours later 6796048 Anonymous
>>6795775 >running into gangsters in the land of the free

14 hours later 6796053 Anonymous
>>6795064 The only "good" way I see is bitcoins. But even then, bitcoins are just not enough accepted to do anything worthwhile.

15 hours later 6796087 OSiRiS
>>6795013 What the fuck would you do with a $2 coin? You wouldn't be able to use it anywhere as $2 coins don't exist currently. I guess you could gather a shitload and sell the metal though but that would count as income so fuck your dumb ass game.

16 hours later 6796172 Anonymous
>stand in large container >do handstand >sell container for scrap metal >repeat

17 hours later 6796274 Anonymous (1366281095661.jpg 499x615 38kB)
>Take pants off >Hold them upside down >Money without having to do anything Alternatively: >Put pants on >Do handstand >Free money no work Repeat until quadrillionair

17 hours later 6796288 Anonymous (Canada_flag.jpg 3716x1900 317kB)
>>6796087 >Be me >Go to Tim Hortons >Medium double double please >Give them a toonie >Thanks have a nice day >Average day as a Canadian

17 hours later 6796293 OSiRiS
>>6796288 People generally associate the dollar with the united states though.

17 hours later 6796298 Anonymous
>>6796293 Do you have a $2 coin in america? I guess not, OP is therefore a canadian. CHECKMATE IBBTCH

17 hours later 6796311 Anonymous
>Go to a bar, infinite drink >Go to a casino, play all night and try to win >Donate to everyone

17 hours later 6796332 OSiRiS
>>6796298 I'm not american. I know they have $2 coins in other countries but this is a website based in the united states and whose majority of visitors come from the united states.

18 hours later 6796362 Anonymous
>>6796332 Citation?

18 hours later 6796378 OSiRiS
>>6796362 http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/4chan .org

18 hours later 6796379 Anonymous
>>6795013 >You cannot convert the coins to bills Watch me. >>6795052 Go with the lump sum. Birth in the hand, hand in your OP's mother's bush, etc.

20 hours later 6796644 Anonymous
>>6795064 maybe just hanging upside down 8 hours a day, melt the coins and use the raw materials, for example by just selling or starting a factory in something. Also, isn't magical generation of material also magic generation of energy? If you could harness this, what could you do with it?

32 hours later 6797634 Anonymous
>pay someone in coins to buy stuff for me >use coins to buy magnet ceiling >???? >profit

33 hours later 6797647 Anonymous
>those kids in HS that would breakdance in the halls and have change cone flying out of their pockets I always wondered why they didn't just take it out first. Now it all makes sense.

33 hours later 6797649 Anonymous (femanons.jpg 260x274 19kB)

33 hours later 6797652 Anonymous
>>6797649 no wonder this site has become so shit, especially this board.

41 hours later 6798118 OSiRiS
>>6797649 Yeah, however that's a relative statistic. It means more girls visit 4chan than an average website and less men visit 4chan than an average website. It doesn't mean girls are the majority here on 4chan.

41 hours later 6798140 Anonymous
Let's assume you have 2 pockets, and that you pick $4 up every 1 second(using both hands), after 75,000 seconds you have earned initial offer. 75,000 seconds is equal to 20 hours (aprox). To be honest, I couldn't be asked to do that consistently, however, it would be useful in possible situations. Now get off /sci/

42 hours later 6798148 Anonymous
you're a tard if you choose 1 2a. ok that's easy 2b. you earn a shitload in an hour than the vast majority of jobs 2c. ok i'll just use my card lmao

43 hours later 6798315 Anonymous
>>6796288 That's the way, ay?

44 hours later 6798380 Anonymous
>>6795288 underrated post

45 hours later 6798529 Anonymous
>>6797649 i'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the majority of public internet websites are pornographic and the majority of their userbase demographic is male

46 hours later 6798600 Anonymous
>>6797652 >no wonder this site has become so shit, especially this board. ain't that the truth. and the amount of censorship on hereā€¦ incredible. whole site has gone to shit as well.

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