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2012-11-25 12:41 5286265 Anonymous (intellectual.jpg 204x239 20kB)
Aether has been dox'd. EK has been too busy with fuck buddies and all his minions (personalities) have left. MathVent exhausted the supply of freshman math undergraduates Naggarothian and Skunkworks fled to le reddit. GL hasn't posted for months. Blackman doesn't post anymore. The list goes on. It's been a long time since /sci/ hasn't known a true mastertroll. The subtle and noble art of trolling is now plain shitposting; it used to be an intellectual joust, a clash of flaming masterminds vying to be as subtly fallacious and dishonest as possible. Yes, in days of yore, trolling was something. Now all we have is a few remains of their trolltastic genius and a pathetic bunch of idiots trying to imitate them, but failing miserably. Even Teacup and Richard Feynmann were better than the triptrolls of that piece of crap Carl Sagan !SAGAN7mVOk which still pollutes this board from time to time. Please, all of you, forget your childish debates about trifles you'll forget the next time you'll open your browser; in the name of these forgotten people who have taught us so much, observe a minute of silence.

3 min later 5286276 Anonymous
>better than the triptrolls of that piece of crap Seems like he trolled you hard. You're mad as fuck.

3 min later 5286282 Anonymous
>>5286265 The fact that you have memorized every faggot trip that posts here is why you should go

4 min later 5286285 Anonymous

5 min later 5286292 Anonymous sage (get out.png 353x234 36kB)
>>5286265 >a true mastertroll I hope you know you have to be at least 18 to post here. GTFO, underaged retard.

6 min later 5286296 Anonymous
https://archive.installgentoo.net/sci/image/80SqfFuJZsAYNS74y7kO9g%3D%3D Hello, /lit/

12 min later 5286314 Anonymous (412.jpg 512x484 33kB)
>that feel when no gf

13 min later 5286324 Anonymous (feeler of feels.jpg 800x539 46kB)

16 min later 5286339 Anonymous
Fuck off, Carl.

17 min later 5286348 Rebirth
>Aether >doxxed He was? What the fuck? Aether was one of the better tripfags. Blackman was just..weird. And as much as people hate to say it, EK did contribute to helping the board in some ways. She posted interesting opinions from time to time, although the vast majority of the time she was shit. Pure, pure shit. I don't even know who Naggarothian and Skunkworks are. MathVent was/is smart. I guess he left out of frustration. ponytiem was awesome, but he only stayed for like ten minutes and left. ChemGuy still comes around every now and again.

18 min later 5286356 Rebirth
>>5286348 >tfw trip changed i don't understand, it's still the same word. ;_ ;

19 min later 5286359 Rebirth
>>5286356 oh better. there we go. FUGGG :DDDDDDD

19 min later 5286360 Anonymous
>>5286348 >MathVent was/is smart. I guess he left out of frustration. He was a fucking shitposter. His knowledge of babby tier topology didn't give him the right to troll with twisting and denying basic logic.

20 min later 5286362 Rebirth
>>5286360 He said some interesting stuff from time to time, though. I remember exactly what thread you're referring to, though. It was some Topology thread and he kept saying some shit 'begged' the question when it was a simple conditional. It was fucking weird.

23 min later 5286376 sage sage (VVVVVVVVV.jpg 479x400 85kB)
>>5286348 >Aether was one of the better tripfags

25 min later 5286385 Rebirth
>>5286376 From the times I saw him, he seemed somewhat helpful. I don't browse /sci/ often enough, so maybe I viewed his good posts and missed his bad posts. Saging also since it's well, not /sci/.

27 min later 5286392 Anonymous
IQ fundie is a good tripfag.

29 min later 5286402 sage sage (1293417184248.jpg 634x600 81kB)
>>5286392 >IQ fundie GTFO

30 min later 5286404 Anonymous (129156.jpg 454x432 44kB)
>>5286392 >IQ Fundie >not a troll 0/100

31 min later 5286410 Anonymous
>>5286402 >>5286404 >doesn't understand qualia

31 min later 5286411 Anonymous (1267590795538.jpg 260x354 21kB)
>>5286392 >2012 >string theory

32 min later 5286415 Anonymous
>>5286411 Awww, babby don't like math? What course did you fail? Freshman calculus?

34 min later 5286419 Anonymous
>2012 >wanting EK on /sci/ >wanting tripfags lets be honest it was sad when we lost mad-scientist but EK and all these other personalities ARE the appex of cancer I can just feel EK's autism, correcting grammer and shit

35 min later 5286423 Anonymous
>>5286419 At least EK was entertaining.

35 min later 5286424 Anonymous (sad-face-thumb343186.jpg 300x300 34kB)
>>5286415 String theory isn't science. It's a mathematical circlejerk. GTFO of /sci/

36 min later 5286426 sage sage (never_go_full_retard1.jpg 410x272 66kB)
>>5286415 >defending something which adds nothing new to our understanding of the universe

37 min later 5286427 Anonymous
>>5286424 /sci/ is for science AND MATH >>5286426 Fuck off, physics guy. You are a mentally ill shitposter.

40 min later 5286434 Anonymous
>>5286424 >a scientific theory >not science How retarded are you? Do you deny evolution as well?

41 min later 5286439 Anonymous (biggest pleb.jpg 409x409 29kB)
>>5286426 >implying a unified theory doesn't add to our understanding of the universe

44 min later 5286447 Anonymous
>>5286362 I don't remember that but I bet he was right, given that he was right that time with the 0th homology group being different that also triggered this guy's autism. But he was still annoying as fuck.

45 min later 5286448 Rebirth
>>5286419 >mad scientist >good That faggot just made threads about the >DEEP OCEAN XD Seriously, fuck him. He had /sci/ doing high-end role-play for a bit. You had faggots in paint, building underwater stations and uploading them. Those threads were fucking pathetic. Why did anyone ever like that guy? He was also one of those 'hur dur, let's post IQ pix of blks n wytes xD' posters, and didn't know a lick of actual mathematical knowledge.

46 min later 5286451 Anonymous
>>5286265 >Aether has been dox'd. [citation needed] >EK has been too busy with fuck buddies and all his minions (personalities) have left. She stopped posting because she knows the new janitor would instantly mute block her. >MathVent exhausted the supply of freshman math undergraduates We don't need shitposting trolls. >Naggarothian and Skunkworks fled to le reddit. >GL hasn't posted for months. We don't need pseudo-intellectual undergrads. >Blackman doesn't post anymore. We don't need mentally disordered children.

49 min later 5286460 Anonymous
>>5286448 He was mainly responsible for the decline of /sci/. He was among the most popular reasons for underaged shitposters to spend time on this board. Thank (non-existing) god we got rid of this pedophile.

54 min later 5286476 Anonymous
Theorem: All tripfags are shitposters Proof: They are tripfags QED

57 min later 5286482 Carl
>>5286476 This is why I namefag without trip. ;)

57 min later 5286483 Anonymous
>>5286476 Math PhD student here. That proof looks legit.

58 min later 5286487 Anonymous
Intellectual trolling is impossible without a fairly intelligent population. The intelligence of this board's population has dropped so low that shitposting is the most intellectual form of trolling possible. Go ahead, compare the level of trolling in high school math threads and meaningless pseudoscientific gibberish threads as opposed to discussing various definitions of Minkowski spacetime threads and Putnam problem threads. You will see what I mean. The level of trolling will not become better unless we send all the retarded niggers back to /lit/.

1 hours later 5286493 Anonymous
>>5286487 Has anyone asked in /q/ for the putnam problems to be stickied again?

1 hours later 5286501 Anonymous
>>5286493 We don't need a sticky. /sci/ is a slow board. Threads usually live longer than a day. If your putnam threads don't get enough replies to survive, then there are not enough people interested in it. There is no need to sticky something only to satisfy the needs of two or three posters.

1 hours later 5286513 Anonymous
>>5286501 Stickying it would give an atmosphere of caring about undergraduate science and math. It's about the impression people get when they come here. If they come and the top thread is IQ trolling, then they'll join in on treating /sci/ as an even worse version of /b/

1 hours later 5286526 Anonymous
>>5286513 Stickying it would give the impression of irrelevant elitist circlejerks. There's no need to complain about shit threads by the way. Just report them.

1 hours later 5286541 Anonymous
>troll away everyone who contributes quality >complain about lack of quality /sci/ logic

1 hours later 5286549 Anonymous
>>5286526 Well, whenever reporting starts doing something, I'm sure that will start working. And why the fuck are you here if you're anti-intellectual?

1 hours later 5286556 Anonymous
>>5286549 You are the anti-intellectual. You shitpost and complain instead of posting high quality comments.

1 hours later 5286561 Anonymous (sci meta.png 927x735 187kB)
>/sci/ will always be shit ;_;

1 hours later 5286568 Anonymous
>>5286265 >People hate when faggots use trips needlessly >This makes all trip posts epic trolls Super bro cool story brah

1 hours later 5286575 Anonymous
>>5286556 0/10

1 hours later 5286578 Anonymous
>>5286501 I hate that argument. >If most people want to drive fast gas-guzzling cars, why even attempt to make more efficient but slower cars? No one will buy them.

1 hours later 5286580 Anonymous
The worst shitposter is that autist who reposts the fucking "who wants to be a millionaire" copypasta every fucking day. He's the most obnoxious asshole.

1 hours later 5286584 Anonymous
>>5286578 >I hate that argument. Because it's right and you can't refute it?

1 hours later 5286585 Anonymous
>>5286575 Why do fail trolls on /sci/ always say "0/10" when their trolling gets debunked? That's fucking pathetic.

1 hours later 5286588 Anonymous
>>5286584 idk why I hate it, I just do lol

1 hours later 5286598 Anonymous (happy frog.png 195x179 46kB)
At least we got rid of the 4chan cup spam.

1 hours later 5286671 Anonymous
/sci/ needs more of a community, like /g/.

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