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2013-12-09 07:16 9818886 Anonymous (Dahmer.jpg 635x476 24kB)
Why don't any of you just become killers? You already have the common traits of killers: >desensitized >isolated >angry >depressed >sexually frustrated >traumatic childhood and adolescence So why not just cross the final barrier and go full Dahmer?

1 min later 9818903 Anonymous
I don't want to hurt anyone.

2 min later 9818913 Anonymous
>>9818886 Because they're charismatic as fuck and I'm not. Not only did Dahmer know how to talk to guys but he was 6' or 6'1'' and he's pretty handsome. I can't talk to people and I'm short and average looking at best

3 min later 9818918 Anonymous (xadam-lanza-photo-new.jpg.pagespeed.ic.3dwtQtKZSw.jpg 520x351 36kB)
we aren't social charmers and it's easy to get caught the only way for a robot to do this would be to go full Cho Lanza Colmbine

3 min later 9818920 Anonymous
I don't want to hurt people. I just want them to care about me.

3 min later 9818929 Anonymous
Because they'll catch me before I could even strike on 3 people. And I dont want prison for 3 dead only. Grant me they are never gonna catch me before I hit Breivik's record and we're fine. I dont mind killing people, I've seen death everyday in my life. >inb4 edgy

6 min later 9818950 Anonymous
>>9818886 We aren't psychopaths. We don't have extreme narcissistic issues. We have the ability to feel empathy. Murder and violence isn't one of our sexual desires. If there is someone her with yours and my criteria then they are probably way ahead of you.

6 min later 9818959 Anonymous
If I become a serial killer, I will finally get laid by hot groupies when they put me in prison.

7 min later 9818970 Anonymous
>>9818929 >I've seen death everyday in my life kek. What are you Taliban? Cartel? Fuck off kid.

9 min later 9818989 Anonymous
I still want to be loved...

10 min later 9819000 Anonymous
>>9818886 i could never murder anyone

10 min later 9819010 Anonymous
Won't have my 2d in prison. Also I just don't care enough about normalshits to go through the trouble.

12 min later 9819020 Anonymous
>>9818886 r9k should really have daily Dahmer/Bundy threads.

14 min later 9819033 Anonymous
Because bubba.

15 min later 9819042 Anonymous
>>9818970 >implying people in the medical and law enforcement careers aren't able to be exposed to death on a frequent basis Hell, he might even be a mortician.

16 min later 9819049 Anonymous
If you're of sound enough mind to make the conscious decision to do so, you'd already be doing it. If you wanted to out of desperation or to lash out at others, it wouldn't be a drawn out ordeal with all that work involved, it would be an explosive release of all that pent up aggression, like a shooting or bombing. If you were so mentally ill that you went to those lengths to do so over a long span of time, you would eventually be caught or deteriorate so badly that you'd be worse off than dead. Robots on the whole do not have the motivation, will, cunning, etc. that is required to prey on other people. The ones that do won't be talking about it openly. Dahmer is not someone to idolize, he was extremely ill, was caught, became a religious nut to try and live with himself when he was capable of realizing a fraction of what he had done, and was ultimately killed. You can't tell me that a robot would work for that when they can sit on their ass and post about feels in a hugbox, indefinitely.

17 min later 9819065 Anonymous (Lanza_hand[1].jpg 486x400 40kB)
>>9818918 >Googled him because I forgot about SH Found this "Adam Lanza's hand reveals some obvious psychological problems. His C-shaped little finger is a sign of personality fragmentation, which occurs during the first few months of a child's life before one year old. It may be due to a vituperative mother who yells or screams over the child's cradle. The personality fails to integrate, which leaves a person going in opposite directions. For example, the person may be very selfish on the one hand, but willing to give the shirt off his back on the other hand. The separation between the little finger and other fingers is a sign of a person in separate camps. He would desire to be in a separate camp from others, such as his family. The set apart little finger can also indicate a hatred for the mother. The thin middle phalange of the thumb coupled with the powerful tip phalange is a sign of a prodigal type, who wants everything now and lacks the mature logic to support his big plans. The middle phalange symbolizes logic. The thick mounts are a sign of powerful motivation and strong emotional drives. The very pronounced Masculine Mount under the thumb is the sign of a very strong initiator. It can indicate male dominance." Oh silly christian website

19 min later 9819084 Anonymous
>>9818886 That's alot of work and I don't want to end up in a tiny cage for 30 years. I just joined the military so I could kill people legally

20 min later 9819090 Anonymous
>tfw live in milwaukee near dahmer's old hangouts 2spooky4me

20 min later 9819095 Anonymous
>>9818886 Wasn't Dahmer diagnosed as being autistic?

36 min later 9819201 Anonymous
>implying i want to go to jail besides if you have kinky fetishes you could always just hire a hooker

37 min later 9819211 Anonymous
>>9818886 I guess most of the guys here are just too nice.

42 min later 9819240 necrofag
>>9819201 >implying if you use hookers you have to go to jail :^)

4 hours later 9820698 Anonymous
We're already killers OP. You can find me in deep-web I kill for 2 btc + expenses, no kids, will send you a photo for proof

4 hours later 9820722 Anonymous
I wouldn't kill anyone unless they endangered me or my family. That being said if I ever met the guy who raped my mother, I'd probably be in prison for murder

10 hours later 9822758 Anonymous
>>9818886 >desensitized not yet, but yes to everything else

11 hours later 9823398 Anonymous (1381222872918s.jpg 236x250 8kB)
Because doing so would mean going Outside.

11 hours later 9823420 Anonymous
>>9823398 >tfw going outside is such a foreign thing to you that just thinking about it throws me into an anxiety attack

12 hours later 9823507 Anonymous
I never accomplished anything worthwhile in live. Everything I start I give up soon. I could never be a good serial killer. Either I couldn't even rape and kill a bitch and get pepper sprayed, or I would get caught after one or two. I'd never get a good bodycount, or would be able to pull off a full zodiac-killer move. Hell, I don't even have a car, I'd have to kill in a too close vicinity to my home.

12 hours later 9823664 Anonymous
>desensitized check >isolated check >angry not quite >depressed check >sexually frustrated check >traumatic childhood and adolescence check If I were to go full Dahmer, I'd probably kill fat men, just fyi.

14 hours later 9825077 Anonymous
I always thought I could never kill anyone just like the rest of you guys... Then I fell in love. Or became obsessed, whatever. Anyway, I realized that I would kill people to be with her. I'd probably kill her husband before the wedding so I can have her just for myself. I'd kill innocent children to save her. Killing just for fun is retarded and dumb. Killing for a cause is justifiable in my opinion.

14 hours later 9825118 Anonymous
OP is right I can even become that bad boy girls like and make their vaginas wet.

14 hours later 9825151 Anonymous
>>9825077 >not including killing due to severe mental illness and misplaced anger Crimes of passion are excusable in court all the time, of course it's justifiable.

14 hours later 9825162 Anonymous
>>9818920 then why don't you... MAKE them care about you, anon?

14 hours later 9825170 Anonymous
The better question is why don't we become serial rapists

14 hours later 9825192 Anonymous
My mother is a forensic scientist. Anyone committing a murder in a first world country is extremely likely to get caught. When you factor in multiple murders, you're definitely going to get caught. I'm sure it could be done but Joe Bloggs /r9k/ user would be caught immediately, myself included.

14 hours later 9825193 Anonymous
>>9823507 the key to not getting caught is to never kill a someone you know.

14 hours later 9825202 Anonymous
>>9825193 I takes more than that. Way more.

14 hours later 9825225 Anonymous
>>9818903 This. I think the majority of /r9k/ just wants someone to hold onto and cuddle up against that they can forget the miseries of their life/the world with. We're really gentle teddy bears on the inside, OP.

14 hours later 9825226 Anonymous
It's impossible to get caught if you go about it on a rational way. But then again, serial killers are everything but rational.

14 hours later 9825241 Anonymous
Nigga I can't even work up the guts to kill myself let alone some other dude. Besides I'd just spill spaghetti trying to do it. I'd love to see the police report. >"Sir Mr. Duderocks here said you went up to him with a bottle of rohypnol and asked in a stutter if he would like to try one of your magic big dick vitamins. Is that right sir? Ok good. He also said you pulled out a spoon and held it up at him. When you noticed it was a spoon you mumbled something about in a haste mistaking a kitchen knife for a spoon when you pulled it from the dishwasher. Again is that correct sir? >Well sir from teh looks of it no real crime was committed here. You're free to go but under strong supervision to seek some sort of medical psychiatry help. Stay out of trouble now. Y-yo-you too

14 hours later 9825258 Anonymous
>>9825192 >not committing each murder in a different 2nd/3rd world country, far apart from one another >not running off to another country that would offer you complete protection/refuse to cooperate with an investigation from those countries afterwards >even thinking about wasting time on a 1st world country Your mother is doing a fine job deterring sick fucks from harming her nation's citizens.

14 hours later 9825313 Anonymous
>>9818886 >So why not just cross the final barrier and go full Dahmer? My social anxiety would make it hard to even murder-suicide someone, much less stalk, kill, and dispose of multiple someones. I'd feel like their ghost was judging my murder technique harshly.

14 hours later 9825329 Anonymous
>>9825202 Nah that's the most important thing. If you don't have any DNA on record or finger prints what can they do? Find someone in a deserted area and slit their throat. Then walk away. It will be hours until someone finds the body and you are long gone. Dont kill in the same place twice within a year from each other. Don't keep any of your weapons. They won't find any evidence on you. This is the main reason why hobos are killed all the time. Nobody knows them and there is no motive to kill them. 1000's of murders go unsolved every year. The ones that got caught killed someone they knew or already had a criminal record so they could identify any DNA left behind.

15 hours later 9825407 Anonymous
>>9825329 The police doesn't have a DNA database of everyone? Damn, I always thought they did.

15 hours later 9825453 Anonymous
>>9825407 >military service >arrests >security clearance >not even once have DNA taken We actually do have some freedoms

15 hours later 9825558 Anonymous
>>9825407 The police don't have the technology, storage space, financial resources or the know-how to actually create a national DNA database of civilians. They obviously keep a database of DNA profiles associated with violent crime though - most of these profiles don't have an identity attached to them.

15 hours later 9825560 Anonymous
>>9818886 >>desensitized Yes. Years of being in my room on the internet has probably done that. >>isolated I am a hikikomori. >>angry I feel nothing but hate towards the rest of society. >>depressed Yes. >>sexually frustrated 20 year old kissless virgin reporting in. >>traumatic childhood and adolescence Bullied throughout my school years for my aspergers.

15 hours later 9825647 Anonymous
>>9819065 Holy shit, what the fuck? People will "study" anything and make up all sorts of arbitrary bullshit as soon as you kill a few people.

15 hours later 9825722 Anonymous
>>9818918 I don't know whu but his eyes kind of creep me out

15 hours later 9825761 Anonymous
>>9819065 this have to be the biggest bullshit I've read today

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