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2013-11-20 03:02 9578028 Anonymous (quote-the-evil-that-is-in-the-world-almost-always-comes-of-ignorance-and-good-intentions-may-do-as-much-albert-camus-30682.jpg 850x400 68kB)
when was your last ban?

2 min later 9578051 Anonymous
Never been banned. yolo

5 min later 9578085 Anonymous
I love it how people keep getting banned for posting "tips fedora" and emoticons. The mods should be stricter on that type of thing because it eliminates so much trash.

6 min later 9578105 Anonymous
>>9578085 They really need to get rid of the /soc/ shit. That stuff is the most cringe worthy stuff on this board.

7 min later 9578109 Anonymous
>>9578028 About eight months ago, for checking dubs on /mu/.

8 min later 9578120 Anonymous
>>9578028 I've been banned from /int/ for behaviour that's completely standard there.

11 min later 9578157 Anonymous
Everyone was trying to get dubs in an /sp/ thread and I came in and accidentally got trips. Shitstorm ensued and I was banned for a few minutes

12 min later 9578165 Anonymous
God damn Camus is based

12 min later 9578166 Anonymous
I was temporarily muted from /r9k/ for forcing originality once. I was falsely banned for CP once. Other than that, I was banned like 3-4 years ago for admitting to being 15.

12 min later 9578168 peer
get banned for checking dubs here every few days or so

14 min later 9578193 Anonymous
Doubles attempt I think. Got a 1 day ban at 11:30 PM

15 min later 9578209 Anonymous
Got banned on /pol/ for posting female circumcision porn recently, was a 3-day ban I think got banned on kc for 3 days as well this week for a 'spree of shitposting' that I don't even remember

18 min later 9578231 Emi
One day ban like last month

18 min later 9578233 Anonymous
It was for saying "*tips fedora XD", so having a low-quality post.

18 min later 9578244 Anonymous
When i tried to annex /mlp/ in the name of /pol/

19 min later 9578249 Anonymous
>>9578244 Why the fuck would you associate with either board?

19 min later 9578251 Anonymous
>tfw I actively report dubs posts. just letting you know who to probably hate

21 min later 9578270 Anonymous
>>9578249 Well it kind of makes sense that he was trying to make a shit board part of another shit board.

21 min later 9578280 Anonymous
Shit posting on /fa/ about a month ago

21 min later 9578281 Anonymous
I can't even remember. I'm such a rabid, insatiable shitposter it's a wonder that I'm not permabanned.

21 min later 9578283 Anonymous
>>9578249 because /pol/ is always right and when they put in the sticky everyone was supposed to post /pol/ shit on /mlp/ until they removed it.

22 min later 9578286 Anonymous
>>9578270 By that logic there should only be 2 boards: /shit/ and /notshit/.

23 min later 9578302 Anonymous
>>9578251 >announcing reports ya dingus

23 min later 9578304 Anonymous
>>9578286 >implying both wouldn't be shit

24 min later 9578314 Anonymous
>>9578283 Removed which board of the two?

24 min later 9578317 Anonymous
>>9578304 No, I'm certainly not saying that. It would be just like every other board where everyone complains about how great it used to be and how terrible it is now.

25 min later 9578330 Anonymous (545444_396011210442598_100001011671041_1089751_455720013_n.jpg 482x600 32kB)
>>9578168 Hey, somebody needs to do it. I have witnessed your dub checking and applaud your efforts to quell the rampant unchecking phenomena on this board.

25 min later 9578334 Anonymous
>"marketing" thread about castAR on /v/ and banned just because the kickstarter was still going on. >shitposting doge as kneejerk reaction because some asshole deleted my thread.

26 min later 9578336 Anonymous
>>9578314 not the boards the sticky on /pol/.

26 min later 9578341 Anonymous (1368297010666.jpg 2598x3003 1080kB)
>>9578028 I posted pic related in a Chinese vs Japanese girls thread on /int/. Kind of stupid, I guess, but this was right after the moderation revamp we had recently.

28 min later 9578368 Anonymous
>tfw six years on 4chan and never got the hammer Mods, ban me for the experience plox

30 min later 9578392 Anonymous (1384844198859.jpg 412x280 32kB)
>>9578168 >>9578330 come over to [s4s] and let us celebrate in a world where we are all free to check each other's dubs and other kinds of repeating digits. also, have some topkek.

31 min later 9578401 Anonymous (1372551899674.jpg 452x334 89kB)
>>9578392 Welcome all newfigs, its always nice to see a robot fig from time to time 6 get

32 min later 9578409 Anonymous
>>9578368 just shitpost off-topic on some shitass gay board. spam doge and other shitty memes so much, they will think they're browsing /b/ instead. post gore or post shit that ruins the fun for everybody by being an ass. use capital letters and talk about memeshit ironically with lots of emoticons.

34 min later 9578438 Anonymous (fuckno.jpg 400x400 24kB)
I was posting lewd images in a SFW board. Why does 4chan even have SFW boards though?

35 min later 9578457 Anonymous
>>9578302 >not knowing how things work I didn't quote and announce a specific report. this is a meta conversation about bans. get bent.

35 min later 9578462 Anonymous
In five years I only got banned for a day for trying to link to stee.info.

36 min later 9578465 Anonymous (1380672940297.png 506x513 223kB)
>>9578401 >robot fig i liek that. also, >tfw got three day bans countless times >tfw got a 90 day ban twice but it's not a big deal because >tfw dynamic IP

37 min later 9578470 Anonymous
I got banned last Friday because of that stupid image-swap bug. It switched out the picture I uploaded for a pony pic. I didn't know wtf that blue thing was, but I still got banned anyways for violating Global Rule 15. https://archive.foolz.us/tv/thread/ 38801417/

37 min later 9578482 Anonymous (1366178658497.png 626x491 209kB)
>>9578428 >i don't like /s4s/

37 min later 9578487 Anonymous
>shit post on a heavy traffic board >in a meta thread >with a sage >get b& I'm not sure how to feel about this.

39 min later 9578501 Anonymous
>>9578482 What's to like about it?

39 min later 9578507 Anonymous
Got banned for delivering a pornographic draw request on /a/ a few months ago. No good deed. Now I have another delivery coming up in a few weeks (when I get off my lazy ass, it's 10 pages doujin) for /a/ and idk what to do. Guess host on /i/. The entire site should be nsfw. You can't browse 4chan in front of normalfags anyway. The site is half porn.

40 min later 9578519 Anonymous
Trolling people on /lgbt/

40 min later 9578521 Anonymous (1379035357013.jpg 2560x1600 1512kB)
>>9578501 It's one of the few lighthearted boards left on 4chan.

42 min later 9578552 Anonymous
>>9578521 But there's nothing there. It's just pointless shit. I mean, I could maybe see getting a chuckle out of it the first few seconds you see it, but why stay after that? I look at it the same way I look at mentally retarded kids. Sure, they're having fun spinning in circles and pissing themselves, but that's stupid shit that's not fun/funny.

44 min later 9578572 Anonymous
Posting detailed instructions on how to synthesize amphetamine on /sci/

45 min later 9578586 Anonymous
>>9578519 Keep fighting the good fight. Fucking fags should be bullied until they an hero or else fuck off back to tumblr where they belong with the rest of the tryhard special snowflakes and degenerates. Pisses me off that we even have such a board, other than to be a joke or trap to permaban all the literal fags all at once.

46 min later 9578590 Anonymous
>>9578368 They pussified it so you can still browse when you're b&. I have no idea when.

46 min later 9578594 Anonymous
>>9578552 s4s is r9k for normal fags.

47 min later 9578602 Anonymous
>>9578590 Lol i noticed that too. Desperate for traffic much I've been banned at least 3 times for saying things like, "i'm 12" or "i'm 4" They ban you for 90 days what the hell

48 min later 9578610 Anonymous
>>9578572 Did auto correct make that amphetamine? Imean methamphetamine.

48 min later 9578625 Anonymous
>>9578594 >normal fags. I doubt that. Any normal person would have the same reaction I have to it since I am a normalfag. It's pointless stupid shit, the posters there can't be over the age of 11. There's just no way.

49 min later 9578629 Anonymous
>>9578602 Depends on the mod, really. I've seen them come as low as 7 days.

49 min later 9578631 Anonymous
>>9578610 Where did you even learn how to do such a thing?

51 min later 9578646 Anonymous
>>9578631 Organic Chemistry 1. Google. Hurp.

56 min later 9578691 Anonymous
>>9578646 So, you on a list now? Enjoy prison rape. Nah I mean I've come across instructions for this and that, but have you actually done it for yourself, or is your knowledge just theoretical hearsay?

59 min later 9578720 Anonymous
>>9578625 >implying [s4s] people aren't just pretending to be retarded kids i see s4s as some sort of a release. the only place in 4chan where you can take a break from all the shitposting for a while. they may be retarded but they have some sort of positive vibe going on in there. it gets rid of my feels. they're also probably the only board in 4chan that has a weekly newspaper and has an OC album. i dunno. it's like what they say, you can hate on s4s, but s4s will never hate on you.

1 hours later 9578757 Anonymous
>>9578691 No I've never done it.I copied something of google and posted it on /sci/ I never plan on making meth so i couldnt give a shit. The rage and asspain was hilarious

1 hours later 9578774 Anonymous
i got banned around 2 moths ago fro pretending to be a 16 year old

1 hours later 9578819 Anonymous
I got a 2day ban for mocking some dumb femanon. White knight mod didn't appreciate the words that I typed. Cant even remember what it was either.

1 hours later 9578844 Anonymous
>>9578028 About three to four months ago for posting off-topic shit on /mu/

1 hours later 9578850 Anonymous
I got banned once for participating in a habbo raid thread.

1 hours later 9579115 Anonymous
I think the last time I was banned was from some cp thread on /b/ a few years ago.

1 hours later 9579214 Anonymous (1359447872489.jpg 1024x768 202kB)
Providing some halftime faptime for an /sp/ gamethread like a month ago. I believe this was the kicker.

1 hours later 9579263 Anonymous
>>9579214 >posting a moomoo cow >posting in /sp/ ever

1 hours later 9579322 Anonymous
Just got banned for 90 days for talking about extracting psychedelic substances from plants on /sci/ but I appealed it and won.

2 hours later 9579422 Anonymous
>>9579214 is that constanza on the wall?

2 hours later 9579452 Anonymous
>>9579322 They'd ban you for that? What were you extracting anon? Do you know much about San Pedro cacti extraction?

2 hours later 9579522 Anonymous
>>9579422 I think you know the answer to that

2 hours later 9579841 Anonymous
>>9578028 About 2 months ago when i had to deal with exams.I went to /b/ called the mods a faggot and said i was 13.Worked like a charm.

2 hours later 9579857 Anonymous
Last time was on /p/, for linking a website of a photographer who doesn't post objectionable material and who is actually pretty good - this cemented my belief that /p/ should just be called /cameras/

3 hours later 9579888 Anonymous
3 days ago, on /pol/. I accidentally posted up a thread there that I meant to write here, about my cousin's cat. Normally, I'd just have deleted it, but it was funny watching everyone get butthurt about it. so I kept it there. Ban got lifted about 5 minutes ago.

3 hours later 9579939 Anonymous
A few months ago for accidentally posting a MLP reaction image outside of /mlp/

3 hours later 9579958 Anonymous
Two days ago. I was falsely banned for being underage, even though I'm nearly 25. Someone in power doesn't like me.

3 hours later 9580097 Anonymous
>>9578085 People are getting banned for that? I haven't seen it.

3 hours later 9580116 Anonymous
I've been banned from wizardchan about a month ago because I posted a story about how I was a 22 year old kissless virgin who finally met a girl but blew it because I was terrified of intimacy. They called me a normalfag and reported my thread. I'm still a kissless virgin

5 hours later 9581066 Anonymous
About a month ago for posting gore on a board it isn't allowed on. I'd do it again with no regrets.

5 hours later 9581079 Anonymous
>>9579939 I got banned for that. Except it was because of the image-swap bug. https://archive.foolz.us/tv/thread/ 38801417/

5 hours later 9581166 Anonymous
i got blocked from posting for 15 minutes when a janitor submitted a ban request, but not banned.

5 hours later 9581182 MJ Mage
>>9578028 Saturday night on /sp/ for accidentally posting a naked ass when posting ass

5 hours later 9581275 Anonymous
three months ago maybe for posting in a /gym/ thread on /sp/

6 hours later 9581339 GJ
>>9578028 15 mins on /mu/ by a janitor for starting a Meme Rap thread, didn't get banned, which I shouldn't have as Meme Rap is the best

9 hours later 9582382 Anonymous
I get banned from /sp/ every couple of days. My latest ban was yesterday for shitposting. #outlaws

9 hours later 9582447 Anonymous (;_;2.png 174x351 18kB)
I think I got banned for two weeks for trying to post a sound thread on /v/ some time ago (during august, I think). First time I'd ever done so and I wanted to share some new vidya images I'd made. I appealed it because two weeks is fucking overkill. Got it reduced down to a week. That was a boring week.

10 hours later 9582774 Anonymous
>>9578341 what the fuck is that white thing on that chink girls' anus?

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