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2013-11-17 08:40 9548805 Anonymous Why I'm quitting 4chan (Untitled.png 1372x115 7kB)
Recently, I've ended a long relationship with my drug addled, needy, helpless, self-pitying best friend, and I'm relieved. For over 5 years, I have devoted my life to befriending a person for which companionship is irrelevant, because he can't stop himself from ruining his, and even my own, life. A friend that never improves himself, causes psychological illness, and makes people unhappy. But there was an easy way to pass time in it. A lot of time. In fact, my entire lifestyle depended on it. I knew it wasn't good for me, but I couldn't stop. This friend was 4chan. And then, when I recorded myself to see how long I was on 4chan in a week, I saw 30 hours and 26 minutes. I decided to quit. I realized, here was my chance to be someone who could sleep at night, because I know what I'm doing wont be a waste of my time, and a drain on society. So as of today, I will no longer visit 4chan. I know it's going to be hard. If you're interested in quitting 4chan, here's a list of activities that are good ways to spend your time: learning to cook, learning to program, playing video games, hiking, skiing swimming. If you're looking to better yourself through education, but you have not the money, nor the credentials to get into a good college, edx.org is free, and features courses for many subjects from top colleges around the world. As for me, I welcome all other hobbies and careers, because I'm certain that my best work is still ahead of me. Signed, Fellow Robot

1 min later 9548823 Anonymous
See you tomorrow. Make sure you bring a gift.

1 min later 9548828 GJ
>>9548805 See you next week Bob

3 min later 9548852 Anonymous
>>9548805 >30 hours and 26 minutes I've probably done that in the last 48 hours. Maybe you're problem is actually not enough 4chan.

3 min later 9548855 Anonymous
>drug addled, needy, helpless, self-pitying best friend >mfw I am 4chan personified

6 min later 9548887 Anonymous
>>9548852 On further reflection I'm sure it's even more than that. Seriously, step it up. every waking moment is misery

9 min later 9548927 Anonymous
>>9548887 Then quit. I'm not saying you have to become a chad thundercock, but as someone who wastes time having incredibly shallow conversations with thousands of losers for 15+ hours a day, you are worse than basement dwelling, self identified "Anime Pros". What you're doing requires no effort of thought on your part.

12 min later 9548963 Anonymous
You'll be back. >I saw 30 hours and 26 minutes. Only? Wow, get a load of this scrub. getgud

16 min later 9549007 Anonymous
I'm on here every waking moment I'm not in a lecture of buying food, its probably at least 70 hours a week.

21 min later 9549062 Anonymous
Welcome to the outside word robot. Have a nice life and be happy. Never forget us. We will miss you.

23 min later 9549079 Anonymous
>>9548805 Yeah see you tomorrow shit stain.

23 min later 9549080 Anonymous
>>9548927 I like to think I put thought into this. Every post I make is incredibly deep, with layers and layers of irony. god I'm such a pathetic faggot

24 min later 9549093 Anonymous
>>9549079 I'm not coming back tomorrow. Stfu.

25 min later 9549104 Anonymous
>>9549093 Oh I thought you were leaving dumbass. That's what I thought you're still here.

26 min later 9549114 Anonymous
>>9549093 If this thread stays alive you'll have to stay and watch it. You wouldn't just abandon you're final thread on 4chan ever would you?

26 min later 9549122 Anonymous
But why is 4chan so addictive? I feel like I'm addicted to it also.

28 min later 9549139 OP
>>9549104 >>9549093 >implying that's me OP here, I am leaving. But this is my last thread. I'm not watching any other threads. I wouldn't be so needlessly aggressive. >>9549122 It's addictive because it's quick, easy, riskless mental stimulation, on a very shallow level. You like it because it feels like you get something accomplished.

32 min later 9549190 Anonymous
>>9549139 >It's addictive because it's quick, easy, riskless mental stimulation, on a very shallow level Additionally it's a constant source of content. You can endlessly refresh threads and scroll as fast as your mind can process the information.

37 min later 9549253 Anonymous
Remember, you're here forever. robotblox

40 min later 9549285 Anonymous
You can use 4chan and be productive at the same time if you go to right boards. Boards like /fit/, /lit/, /ck/, /sci/, /g/, /asp/, /diy/ and /trv/ don't look that bad to me.

43 min later 9549311 OP
>>9549285 I'm aware. I've actually had them mentally split for a while, as "leisure boards" and "information boards" They both support the idea of talking instead of doing, though

45 min later 9549333 Anonymous
>>9548805 >30 hours and 26 minutes >1 week casual

47 min later 9549363 Dante
>>9549285 >forgetting /pol/ You know, aside from the shitposters, /pol/ tends to be a pretty good source of information regarding ideas like economics, liberty, human nature, history, and other topics. You just gotta weed through the shitposts.

55 min later 9549458 Anonymous
I think it takes more willpower to do something you enjoy in moderation. Now if you just left because you outgrew it that is different but I don't think that is you because you had to make a goodbye post. I bet it felt real good to make this post but the guilt you get when you revisit it will be about as strong.

58 min later 9549492 Anonymous
>only 30 hours You're not even an addict, how are you "quitting"?

1 hours later 9549513 Anonymous
>>9549139 So you really didn't leave? As expected you little shit.

1 hours later 9549578 ge visible sa
Nobody give a shit, you overdramatic trip-coding piece of shit, go fuck yourself.

1 hours later 9549610 OP
>>9549513 I'm leavING. Closure is important. >>9549578 I'm trying to get other people to quit 4chan, so they can stop being useless

1 hours later 9549721 Anonymous
>>9549139 >riskless mental stimulation >Stimulation If you insist

1 hours later 9549735 Anonymous
>give your one source of social interaction so you can be even more miserable! uh no? inb4 "just go talk to people brah"

1 hours later 9549761 OP
>>9549735 The only people who need social interaction are those who are too weak to stand on their own

1 hours later 9549774 Anonymous
>>9549610 And you're still not leaving. We told you this would happen and we were right.

1 hours later 9549777 Anonymous
Thanks for the learning resource, OP. It looks extremely promising and has some interesting courses in it. I never would have found this if I hadn't been on 4chan.

1 hours later 9549796 Anonymous
>>9549761 >*tips fedora you sound like a massive neckbeard

1 hours later 9549857 OP
>>9549796 Isn't it true? I mean yeah, talking to other people is great, it's fun and engaging. But if you really cannot go a some months without talking to people, how are you any different than attention whores on facebook? Let me give you a hint. You aren't. >>9549774 There's clearly no arguing with you. You're projecting your own lack of ability to leave onto me. I've been watching Mad Men this whole time, checking in every once in a while for any updates. I'm not actively looking at any thread, nor am I on a board looking FOR a thread.

1 hours later 9549882 Anonymous
Hey, guess what, nobody cares. Good riddance faggot.

1 hours later 9549889 Anonymous
>>9549857 Can you reply to this? >>9549458

1 hours later 9549901 Anonymous
>>9549857 social contact is a basic human need, you're just a neckbeard and possibly autistic if you think its not. im tipping my fedora as hard as i can.

1 hours later 9549948 Anonymous (1373671474719.png 457x450 133kB)
>>9548927 I'm not depressing, drug addled, suicidal, or any of that shit. I just don't go out and I'm NEET status. Not everyone that's here all the time is as bad off as you.

1 hours later 9549974 OP
>>9549889 Sure thing. >>9549458 I think of 4chan as something like a drug. It makes me okay with doing nothing, which is something, I think, never should be done. I think anything that takes 0 effort on the part of the user to enjoy, is a waste of time. I'm not saying it's an inherently bad thing. It's just my opinion, something that should not be done. >>9549901 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs puts it in the middle step. Herein lies the issue with most robots. You are taking care of your Physiological issues, like hunger, thirst etc. but you fail to secure the security part of the pyramid. You don't have your secure resources, property etc. This is why you fail to make connections with others. You aren't even struggling to secure these, you're outright failing to.

1 hours later 9549988 Anonymous

1 hours later 9550001 Anonymous
>>9549735 It's not actually helping you. It's typical addict behavior to feel they need to use to survive. Maybe you need to feel miserable for a while to motivate you to get you're shit together. Just remember not to kill yourself. >>9549458 >it takes more willpower to do something you enjoy in moderation Of course. But do you enjoy actually enjoy coming here? Personally I rarely find any joy or value in my browsing. Endlessly refreshing is just pure distraction.

1 hours later 9550018 Anonymous
>>9549974 you dont know my fucking situation you arrogant neckbeard fuck, leave for r9k, you're dragging down the collective IQ.

1 hours later 9550055 OP
>>9550018 Can you just relax? Fucking christ no need to get so offensive. When I said "You" I wasn't saying you, as in YOU. But rather referring to a general person as "you" as people so often do in conversation. Like for instance Alex: >omg suzie did you see eric try and grab that girls ass? Suzie: >oh my god. that's just something you don't do to a girl you don't know.

1 hours later 9550079 Anonymous
>>9550055 >this level of autism >when i say you i dont mean you! take your retard pills faggot.

1 hours later 9550093 Anonymous
>>9548805 goodbye anon maybe I will leave to and hopefully see you on the other side of a better life

1 hours later 9550098 OP
>>9550079 http://lmgtfy.com/?q=definition+of+ you Check out number 2

1 hours later 9550132 Anonymous
>>9550098 That's obviously a big-hearted anon providing you encouragement in your venture.

1 hours later 9550141 Anonymous
>>9549363 Maybe if you're a stormfag.

1 hours later 9550146 Anonymous
>>9550098 uh how about no? go fuck yourself you stupid neckbeard fedora, nobody wants your shitty advice

1 hours later 9550178 Anonymous
>>9549974 So you are gonna stop doing everything that takes 0 effort and doesn't make you grow as a person? ok good luck. >>9550001 Maybe you have outgrown 4chan and have found nothing to replace it? Been here since '06, clocked a lot of hours and I regret nothing. Great place, love everyone. Quality comes and goes but so does everything in life

1 hours later 9550185 Anonymous
>>9550146 You remind me of a friend I stopped hanging out with a few months ago.

1 hours later 9550220 Anonymous
>>9550185 he was probably much cooler than you, neckbeard piece of shit. go fuck yourself with a claw hammer you turd.

2 hours later 9550229 Dante
>>9550141 Actually the stormfags ARE the shitposters. The majority of /pol/ thinks that the holocaust happened to some extent, that a "master race" doesn't exist while at the same time not all races and cultures are equal, and does not mistake disproportionate jewish world influence for a grand conspiracy.

2 hours later 9550241 Anonymous (1352037411379.jpg 762x716 140kB)
>>9548805 You came here in the first place because there was nothing out there for you. Guess what? There still is nothing out there for you. You'll be back.

2 hours later 9550243 Anonymous
32 virginfag here. The only reason I haven't left is because I'm too lazy to do anything else with my free time. There. I said it.

2 hours later 9550265 OP
>>9550178 I think you have a much higher standard for effort than I do. Watching TV requires effort. Playing video games requires effort. Browsing 4chan does not require effort. Doing drugs does not require effort. These are things I refuse to do from now on. >>9550241 I first came here when I was 16 because my parents refused to buy me any luxuries, and put me in intensely rigorous courses in High School. The latter of which I am happy for, the former I am not happy about. I needed some escape. And I found it. And now it's time to leave

2 hours later 9550282 Anonymous
>>9550243 >32 year old virgin femanon here, thats just lel. how does that even happen? i lost mine when i was 16 at an party.

2 hours later 9550293 Anonymous
>>9550265 And you think the world is full of unicorns and sunshine? You'll want to escape again. And guess where you'll be again?

2 hours later 9550310 OP
>>9550293 I'll escape into something I'm proud of. In something I want to do. I don't want to be here, and in fact I believe most robots don't want to be here either. They are here out of what they think is necessity.

2 hours later 9550365 Anonymous
>>9550265 >Your examples of stuff that takes effort. I won't get into the argument of what takes more effort because it is subjective especially considering you can change the amount of effort you invest into an activity for example making 50 posts a day on 4chan or falling onto a remote and watching whatever show turns on and laying there drooling. The problem is that you aren't good at having fun on 4chan not that you are now above 'things that require 0 effort'

2 hours later 9550391 Anonymous
>>9550310 If you wanted to go you'd already be doing something else dont worry about cutting yourself off completely OP just if you do other things you will limit the time you are here by default I am in a similar boat right now I fink

2 hours later 9550421 Anonymous
>>9550282 >femanon here, thats just lel. how does that even happen? i'm sure it would be a mystery to you

2 hours later 9550427 OP
>>9550365 It's not that I am not having fun. It is that I am having fun with something that requires no thought. There's too much content, that is delivered in the smallest packages, that take no time to consume.

2 hours later 9550445 Anonymous
>>9550391 I just have trouble shutting off the computer. I end up on here until 4-5am feeling like a pile of shit. Then when I actually try to sleep I'm wired with running thoughts and I can't get my brain to shut down.

2 hours later 9550481 Anonymous
>>9550427 Ok, I don't know you, maybe you truly believe that replacing 4chan time with tv time or video game time is somehow a better way for someone to use their free time but I don't agree with you.

2 hours later 9550529 OP
>>9550481 I guess we'll have to agree to disagree

2 hours later 9550541 Anonymous
>>9550282 Spent my teenage years with my mother dying of cancer. My time that I could have spent out chasing tail was with her making sure she was ok. When she passed 6 years ago I didn't have the social skills or experience someone else my age would have and come off as awkward and stilted. Now the thought of me having sex scares me since I almost feel as though I would need to trick them into it; something I could never do.

2 hours later 9550594 Anonymous
>>9550529 Oh but one last thing. It is pretty easy to swap out 4chan with any other socially unacceptable entertainment (especially chronic porn watching, for real it sounds like you are copy pasting from that nofap guys ted talk thing) when reading your posts which is why I thought that you were jaded.

2 hours later 9550627 OP
>>9550594 >nofap guys ted talk thing Video?

2 hours later 9550637 Anonymous
>>9550481 The idea isn't to spend as much time on tv or video games, because those things aren't compulsive behaviors for him, I assume. No ones's accusing you of anything, the "Why am I still up/here" posts are common, it shouldn't be be a stretch to assume other people go through the same thing. I definitely know 4chan messes with my sleep and kills motivation in a way tv doesn't.

2 hours later 9550679 Anonymous
>>9550637 I should rephrase that to endless internet browsing in general, 4chan isn't a unique source.

2 hours later 9550700 OP
>>9550637 Yes thank you Those are the words I couldn't find, to explain my thought process

2 hours later 9550752 Anonymous
>>9550627 http://www.youtube.com/watch?featur e=player_embedded&v=wSF82AwSDiU I think that is it. But please don't get hooked on that because I really think that completely cutting yourself of things is never healthy, sure if you have some kind of severe addiction then fair enough but most of the time just gently pressing the brakes is the most natural way to do things. >>9550637 Yea sure I agree with all that but the argument I was chasing was when he declared that he would no longer do any entertainment which requires no effort which is think is a pretty silly thing to say because so many things could be considered that by different people. I'll say it like this, there are things that make particular people worse off, no change or better. I have no problem with cutting off the stuff that makes you worse but everyone does no change activities. Everyone.

2 hours later 9550755 Anonymous
>>9549311 >They both support the idea of talking instead of doing not the person you're replying to, but when it comes to supporting the idea of talking instead of doing, I believe that responsibility falls on you. Now I'm not saying 4chan is good or bad, but if you think it's holding you back, then god speed OP, put your money where your mouth is and delete this thread, clear your browsing history, and make that bright future. WoW held me back, I never dreamed of the possibility that one day i'll quit, 5 years I wasted, now I can bravely say how much I've improved, 4chan might be your WoW, if so I can relate, and you just wasted your time reading my post. Good Luck.

2 hours later 9550946 Anonymous
>>9550752 And to add to that because now this has me thinking fuck everyone who says that some form of entertainment is inherently bad and shouldn't be done at all or even in moderation. No one can tell every person the best way to live so don't believe the people who pretend they have the keys to life because they don't know you.

2 hours later 9550947 Anonymous (coffee.jpg 430x286 66kB)
>>9550752 I can't argue with that. I think the real point is to not let it turn into mindless diversion. Even with your leisure you can slow down to really appreciate it.

3 hours later 9551104 Anonymous (peak_donuts.jpg 580x415 43kB)
I'm out. I'm going to just stay out for a week and see how it goes.

5 hours later 9552836 Anonymous
and yet, your still here

5 hours later 9553075 Anonymous don't forget to sage
I wish people would keep this shit to themselves.

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