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2013-10-02 06:47 8945179 Anonymous (1319483593.jpg 1280x720 58kB)
>tfw can't shake the feeling that /r9k/ is slowly becoming progressively normalfag >tfw one day our threads and feels will be mocked and derailed into dubs threads >tfw we'll have no place left on 4chan, or the internet as a whole I don't know where to go please hold me robots

1 min later 8945199 Anonymous
Jesus OP you really need to go outside more

2 min later 8945202 Anonymous
Normie here, I don't post about my friends or girlfriends or anything though. You always have wizardchan in case we take over.

2 min later 8945213 Anonymous
When it first came out, it was completely normalfag. Now it's a place for pathetic loserfags.

3 min later 8945217 Anonymous
>>8945199 This. OP needs to man up. It's actually really sad.

3 min later 8945218 Anonymous
rolling top kek

3 min later 8945220 Anonymous
>>8945202 >Normie here, FUCK OFF, you just being here is proof that op is right

4 min later 8945233 Anonymous
>>8945220 Hey i'm a good normie. I don't post about my friends. I have as much as right to be here as you do!

4 min later 8945234 Anonymous
/jp/ is still a safe haven they do a pretty good job of getting rid of the strays or curious normals

5 min later 8945250 Anonymous
isn't wizardchan a thing?

7 min later 8945263 Anonymous
>>8945213 >When it first came out, it was completely normalfag. A BIG OL FUCKING THIS This place used to be rampant with tripfags, both male and female tripfags. When this place started, it was mostly used to start green text stories of dealing with weeaboo's, fat people, retards, dealing with the opposite sex and how we were in school. After a while though, this place ran rampant with misogyny (which I'm okay with) and became feels central. I just miss my greentext story generals. We used to make fun of the very same people who now infest this board.

7 min later 8945264 Anonymous
>>8945234 But...I suck at Touhou...

8 min later 8945277 Anonymous
>>8945199 >99 >dubs >doubles >w >vv >2x >first post >got dubs >>tfw one day our threads and feels will be mocked and derailed into dubs threads >tfw that day is now Nice.

9 min later 8945298 Anonymous
>>8945263 I just don't understand why these losers won't leave. I get bored of facebook sometimes but /r9k/ is my second home. Will you fags please go to wizardchan?

10 min later 8945305 Anonymous (lequickbrownfox.jpg 400x400 12kB)
>>8945277 >>8945277 >le quick brown fox face

11 min later 8945316 Anonymous
>>8945298 I second that, fly off wizards. To your ugly wizard tower.

12 min later 8945328 Anonymous
>>8945213 >>8945263 >>8945298 Holy shit, fuck you faggots. You're all talking about the point when /r9k/ became shitty like it was the best thing ever. You, yes you, are literally the cancer that killed /r9k/. Fucking greentext stories? Really cunts? Can't read real fucking paragraphs or something?

12 min later 8945335 Anonymous
>>8945328 y u hefta b mad tho is only 4chan

14 min later 8945343 Anonymous
>>8945277 Nice. boxblox

16 min later 8945365 Anonymous
>>8945335 I just hate ignorance peddled as wisdom. >Hurf durf /r9k/ was good when it started! >It was full of tripfags and greentext and normalfags and was lolsorandumb Yeah, you're talking about the reincarnation, which is no better than the /r9k/ that was deleted because it was shit. You are pining for the shit that killed /r9k/.

16 min later 8945367 Anonymous
>>8945316 We got more time than you fucker. And we have taken this board why don't you go to soc and make greentext there

17 min later 8945370 Anonymous
I used to be really lonely and into /r9k/ and I was fucking mad at normalfags too ...But then I somehow got a bf and I don't feel lonely any more Now I am the normal I'm sorry robot ;_;

17 min later 8945380 Anonymous (x5lt3.jpg 794x767 76kB)
Well if this isn't proof that /r9k/ is infested with normals then I don't know what is. Hold me robots

17 min later 8945381 Anonymous
>>8945277 >>w >>vv Holy shit I never noticed this before god I feel so dumb

18 min later 8945396 Anonymous
>>8945328 It's better than having to read rambling paragraphs of people who failed basic English in high school.

18 min later 8945398 Anonymous
>>8945367 Naw, you're to beta to do anything about it anyway. Teleport elsewhere wizard.

20 min later 8945415 Anonymous
>>8945398 This. He'll probably just post more feels. Wizardchan is the right place for him then.

20 min later 8945424 Anonymous
/r9k/ used to be full of supportive robots. This board singlehandedly talked me out of killing myself. Now it's slowly being filled with normalfags and I worry that someone that was in my previous situation wouldn't be met with the same support I received, they would now be met with hostility.

21 min later 8945431 Anonymous
>>8945250 yeah but wizardchan is now owned by new owners which ban anyone for anything they dont like, any disrespect or saying your opinion or whatever they ban i dont think r9k is THAT full of normies, if anything they are quasi-normies usually... and there are a lot of real kissless virgins and neckbeards here anyways fucking wizzardchan, what a waste. over there they ban for ANYTHING, its such a shithole now. atleast here i can call people faggots and express my opinion and nothing will happen besides maybe someone disagreeing with me

21 min later 8945435 Anonymous
>>8945396 It isn't. It really isn't. Greentext is the lowest form of story telling. You should be shot for liking it. As I said, you are the cancer that killed /r9k/.

23 min later 8945455 Anonymous
>>8945328 >now greentext stories are bad What the fuck is wrong with you?

25 min later 8945473 Anonymous
>>8945234 You're joking right? /jp/ is full of normals that will jump at the chance to blog up a thread when the opportunity presents itself. We're still dealing with bullshit from AWA where the normalfags got together and did the whole XDDDD A DUDE DRESSED AS A FEMALE CHARACTER EPIC IRONY COSPLAY LMAO!! shit. Seriously, there are probably more college kids on /jp/ than NEETs

25 min later 8945479 Anonymous
>>8945455 Fuck off cancer. Your place is in /soc/. The board was tailor-made for your kind.

28 min later 8945502 Anonymous
>>8945479 /soc/ is nothing but amature porn. Begone sorcerror! Your Jesuit trickery won't work on me.

28 min later 8945504 Anonymous
No, it's worse than ever. I tend to leave the board when I've hidden the entire first page due to complete faggotry. Like this thread. Do us all a favour and kill yourself.

30 min later 8945520 Anonymous
>>8945504 No. My friends will miss me

30 min later 8945524 Anonymous
>>8945179 OP what's the animu pic from i see it all the time, yes i'm stupid

30 min later 8945528 Anonymous
/r9k/ 1.0 flooded with normalfags when it was near the end. Guess what? It was utter SHIT. >Meetups >3 rate me threads on the front page at any given time >/b/ shit Its a hell of a lot better around here now that /soc/ is around.

31 min later 8945532 Anonymous (neva.png 415x355 79kB)
>>8945370 >grill >used to >I was >too >Now

33 min later 8945553 Anonymous
>>8945370 Yeah unfortunately we can't all be female and live life on easy

33 min later 8945554 Anonymous
fuck off, OP, you had wizardchan for like two years already i long of the days when /r9k/ was about manly intellectual discussion and not 'feels' or 'misoginy' or 'height insecurity threads'

33 min later 8945562 Anonymous
>>8945479 >no greentexting on this board because I don't like it Don't think so Tim.

36 min later 8945591 Anonymous
>>8945524 WataMote, friend >>8945370 That's okay, anon. I don't really mind robots who've made it lingering around What gets me are the born norms coming in here and making threads like "best blowjob you've ever had" or w/e like they're mocking the main population of this board... >>8945380 I really was hoping this thread would prove me wrong but it looks like this is really the case and the futures only going to be worse...

38 min later 8945617 Anonymous
Well, they're normalfags, but by 4chan standards. Still following imageboard culture and shit, though they have sex and a social life. Cyborgs if you will. I still play a ton of vidya and everything, hide my powerlevel best when out and about with normalfag friends, but yeah.

39 min later 8945621 Anonymous
>>8945592 d'aaaaw poor feelboi feeling ENCROACHED? fuck off to wizardchan if you don't like it

39 min later 8945634 Anonymous (1380321412561 (1).png 278x388 115kB)
Why do normalshits even come here? They have the whole internet. Just leave us alone, faggots

40 min later 8945641 Anonymous
>>8945621 It just makes no sense to me, normalfaggot

41 min later 8945654 Anonymous
the "normalfags" you guys are raging about aren't here, because only losers come here it's just losers who act like they're above the other losers, like this loser >>8945621

41 min later 8945656 Anonymous (samuel-l-jackson-snakes-on-a-plane.jpg 300x225 10kB)

41 min later 8945660 Anonymous
>>8945641 Well, I wasn't here when it happened, but why did you guys decide to infest /r9k/ when it was originally brought back There are numerous hives across the internet for your ilk, why did you have to ruin what was presumably a good thing?

42 min later 8945667 Anonymous
>>8945654 >the "normalfags" you guys are raging about aren't here, because only losers come here it sounds like you're stuck in 4chan circa 2008 mode, anon

43 min later 8945668 Anonymous
>>8945660 They were here before /r9k/ was deleted, dipshit. They came back to their home.

43 min later 8945675 Anonymous
I've been thinking of making some social website with some new rules. Gotta program, I guess. I don't want it to be a website, though. A program should do well enough.

44 min later 8945691 Anonymous
>>8945668 >dipshit. Well that's not nice anon, I'm just going off of what's frequently said around these parts.

45 min later 8945693 Anonymous (1294721565633.png 446x361 12kB)
>>8945634 >baww why can't everyone be as miserable as me, I hate these people. why is my life so shit?

46 min later 8945710 Anonymous
>>8945691 >I'm just going off of what's frequently said around these parts. So the normalfags are rewriting history now?

54 min later 8945806 Anonymous
I just discovered wizardchan I think it will become my new home b-bye

56 min later 8945815 Anonymous
>>8945806 Good riddance filthy loser scum

59 min later 8945844 Anonymous
'Normies' come here so they can feel better about themselves since they're not as cool or popular as real normies.

2 hours later 8946392 Anonymous
>>8945844 I actually come here because occasionally there's a funny/interesting story about someone's life Unfortunately this is buried under a lot of depressing threads that as a "normalfag" or w/e I can't really empathize with Not sure how feeling sad and dsiconnected is supposed to make me feel good about things but whatever man.

2 hours later 8946434 Anonymous
>>8945424 No, I'm here forever. I'll try to talk to and be supportive for any silly bot that walks in threatening to end themselves.

2 hours later 8946442 Anonymous
>>8945424 I wouldn't really consider someone "normal" if they're willing to push strangers to suicide, anon.

2 hours later 8946452 Anonymous
>>8946434 for = of*

2 hours later 8946457 Anonymous
>>8945179 go to wizardchan then.

2 hours later 8946466 Anonymous
I'm sick of this divide between "normalfags" and.. Whatever it is the other side thinks they are. Stop talking about faggoty topics we've discussed to hell and back and everyone will be happy.

2 hours later 8946480 Anonymous
>>8945179 I just finished watamote what should I watch next?

2 hours later 8946495 Anonymous
>>8946480 Welcome to the NHK, of course.

2 hours later 8946497 Anonymous
>>8946480 Welcome To The NHK should be mandatory viewing for all robots

2 hours later 8946502 Anonymous
>>8946495 >>8946497 Hah, great taste you got there man

2 hours later 8946509 Anonymous
>>8946502 y-you too I love it when moments like those happen. Two people having the same thought at the same time..

2 hours later 8946528 Anonymous
>>8946466 There's going to be a war between robots and normalfags. Between the normal midgets and the robot midgets. You're not even going to need a uniform any more. This isn't going to be a war where you pick your side. Your side is already picked for you.

2 hours later 8946542 Anonymous
I hate how all the losers think they hold dominion over this place. No you are just bad smells who won't go away. Nobody likes you and your presence here makes the board worse. Just fuck off.

2 hours later 8946558 Anonymous
>tfw you go on knowurmeme.org to figure out wth dubs are. >mfw i realize i am a retard I need to get laid

2 hours later 8946570 Anonymous
I'm tired of people changing the meaning of robot to misogynistic, illogical, hateful fuck who's duller than a spoon. Cynical, maybe even a bit hateful, but a real robot would adhere to sound logic and reasoning. They also wouldn't get all pissy like children just because they're deprived of sex. But I suppose that's just how things go. Meanings of words change with time and morons using them wrong.

2 hours later 8946577 Anonymous
There's the 4ch"o"n's /r9k/ you guys went to last time (many still do) and wizardchan.

3 hours later 8946856 Anonymous
>>8945179 >tfw one day our threads and feels will be mocked and derailed into dubs threads >tfw one day our threads and feels will be mocked >one day >implying they aren't already >implying /r9k/ wasn't corrupted into the cesspool of NEETS it is today because they had nowhere else to go

3 hours later 8946869 Anonymous
We've always been here, the script is just getting old.

3 hours later 8946892 Anonymous
>OP voices legitimate concerns over the future of one of the only places he can safely vent his emotions and what is he IMMEDIATELY met with? >>8945199 >Jesus OP you really need to go outside more Fuck off normalfags, you really just don't understand empathy at all do you?

3 hours later 8946901 Anonymous
>tfw subtly tell counselor that you want to die under the guise that people are attention whoring assholes who do things for attention, like telling their counselors that they want to commit suicide, for attention I just want attention ;_;

4 hours later 8946913 Anonymous
>>8945179 What is the provenance of that image, sir?

4 hours later 8947085 Anonymous
>>8946913 An anime called WataMote Its very enjoyable although incredibly cringe inducing Sometimes a little sad too because you might relate to her a little too much

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