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2013-09-29 10:19 8908879 Anonymous (Deathnote.jpg 960x540 261kB)
I found 4chan in high-school during the Christmas of 2007. I know i've been here longer than the majority of you. Please heed the advice of your elder. If you've been here longer\as long as myself, please come, sit down, have a drink and discuss your wasted youth. tl;dr Movement is life.

1 min later 8908889 Anonymous
That's exactly the same time I got here OP. I want to leave

1 min later 8908890 Anonymous
I've been here since middle school.

4 min later 8908904 Anonymous
I've been here since middle school in 06. Finished high school last may. Missed out on a lot of that high school romance bullshit, still whining about no gf because I am unattractive and do not even know how to go about a relationship. It was over before it even started.

4 min later 8908906 Anonymous
I've been coming here for around 7 so 2006 unfortunately, but I have a job and great social skills so while my youth was indeed wasted it's all gucci.

9 min later 8908928 Anonymous
I've been here, god help me, since early 2005. I've tried to quit so many time, but I am such a depressed, uninspired, antisocial cunt that I have no friends and few distractions away from this place. I can F5 forever but it is so hard for me to make new friends and actually be open and honest with other people. I love you faggots, I'd be totally lost without this place. It just wouldn't be the same elsewhere. to broken spirits, OP's words of wisdom, and no one ever leaving

10 min later 8908931 Anonymous
Been here since the last year of high school in 2006. I have social anxiety and i can't go out without xanax. I have a job that takes most of my time, i want to be a neet again, but i can't because no money.

12 min later 8908946 Anonymous
I've been lurking since 2003-2004. All I remember is everyone being an edgy highschooler who liked anime.

14 min later 8908957 Anonymous (sdfgvyjhgfdfgf.jpg 223x168 28kB)
>>8908906 Pretty much this. Arrived from Jewgrounds/ED in '06, middle school years. Never left, just lurked. Except I can't find work and don't have great social skills.

15 min later 8908968 Anonymous
I don't remember when I found this place, but it was long before the Habbo raids. I was destined to waste my youth before finding 4chan, though. To be precise, it was the moment I gained access to a computer and the internet that doomed me. It's not this website's fault... It's mine.

17 min later 8908985 Anonymous
Been here since 2006. Turned from a socially awkward person to a successful NEET. Thanks 4chan. Without your support, I couldn't've done it.

22 min later 8909010 Anonymous
>>8908904 I know how that goes man. I've had several chances at forming relationships but i'm so clueless i can't even begin to understand the process involved in human courting. >>8908928 i would literally be dead Or a whole lot better off. >>8908968 See my image.. >>8908985 It is safe here. It feels good here. It's like heroin.

25 min later 8909027 Anonymous
>>8909010 I saw your image. I get it. I'm not so bothered by it. I can't change the past, only the present, but for some reason - no matter how much I may want to change - I don't seem to have the drive. Something in me wants to be here instead.

27 min later 8909039 Anonymous
>>8909027 >I'm not so bothered by it. You don't regret missing all that free ass in highschool? You don't regret joining sports and clubs to give yourself hobbies? You don't regret not making friends? >Something in me wants to be here instead. You want to be here. It's easy here

34 min later 8909071 Anonymous
>>8909039 No, I don't miss the "free ass." I was never really interested in sex. I do sort of regret not joining sports or clubs, I feel that if I had explored myself a bit more when I was younger I would have a little bit more direction now, when I'm older. And I used to have friends. Acquaintances. Sort of. Mostly I had online friends.

37 min later 8909084 Anonymous
I was in the thread on SA where moot announced 4chans. Niggas.

40 min later 8909100 Anonymous
>>8909071 >I was never really interested in sex Is that a coping method? I say the same thing all the time to myself when i'm crying alone in bed drunk.

41 min later 8909111 Anonymous
I've been coming to 4chan pretty much daily for 7-ish years. Not sure exactly. I'm actually on the opposite boat. I love this website and cherish the countless hours it's filled of my time. As just one example of many, I used to write like a retard. I blew through all of my classes except for writing. Math three grades above my level? Cake. Didn't even need to take notes. Writing two paragraphs? Utterly impossible. My struggles with writing really ruined my school experience. The problem was (and, I guess, still is) that I'm a very obsessive perfectionist. In my subconscious, anything I'm not doing 100% completely correctly beyond any shadow of a doubt is just automatically discounted. I can override that type of thinking with a lot of effort, but it isn't easy. Because writing stuff just didn't come naturally to me, I hated how inadequately anything I would write would come out. It was so permanent when it was on paper, and changing my work in any substantial manner was only a little bit less difficult than completely redoing it. To young me, that meant writing was a venture that was never worth it in any case. Then I stumbled on 4chan. I got in a lot of stupid arguments, I posted my opinion even when nobody cared. Without even realizing it, I was honing my ability to wordsmith. I didn't care about how good my posts were because it was anonymous and in a day they were going to disappear off of the world forever. After I started to piece together what was happening, I took every opportunity to refine my skills. Now, I can actually, like, you know, state a topic and support it with evidence and not sound like a total hack while doing it and stuff. I'm still far off good, but I've scaled enormous leaps and bounds in terms of my ability to express myself because of 4chan, and that's infinitely valuable.

42 min later 8909119 Anonymous (4771845.jpg 555x777 119kB)
I don't remember when I first found this place, but I remember this being posted like it was new. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_YK DzYr2IA I would come back every now and again to find Osaka pics. The earliest pics I have date from 2006, but that was after a lifeshattering data loss, so it was probably a year or two before that. Started coming daily around 08-09. Don't know what the hell I used the internet for before then.

43 min later 8909127 Anonymous
>>8909100 No, it's not a coping method. I have a low sex drive. Companionship means more to me.

53 min later 8909179 Anonymous
>>8909127 >Companionship means more to me. Me too, but being the only virgin i know doesn't help either. >>8909119 Do you remember the inuyasha-world raids? >>8909111 sounds like you're not a total loser like me.

55 min later 8909197 Anonymous
>>8909179 >sounds like you're not a total loser like me. Suicidally depressed, high school dropout, NEET, likely to be homeless soon. Do I win?

56 min later 8909199 Anonymous
>>8909179 >Do you remember the inuyasha-world raids? nope

1 hours later 8909291 Anonymous
>>8909197 Suicidally depressed, X high school dropout, X NEET, X likely to be homeless soon ; November 3rd. Parents are kicking me out. Not allowed to take any clothes, electronics, or car. They're leaving me in down town seattle and saying good-bye and cutting off contact. You tell me? What do either of us win?

1 hours later 8909312 Anonymous
>>8909291 You have a valid excuse to commit suicide, take it.

1 hours later 8909320 Anonymous
>no one remembers r9k's raid

1 hours later 8909324 Anonymous
>>8909291 What I'm really hoping for is that the sink-or-swim survivalism of homelessness might kickstart the motivation part of my brain in to actually working. If it doesn't, hey I always have suicide.

1 hours later 8909334 Anonymous
I came here in 2008 when I was in 8th grade. Now I'm a sophomore in college.

1 hours later 8909335 Anonymous
I came here around 2008, I was 17. Back then I was pretty naiive. Only started masturbating that year, too. The constant misogyny, whether it was trolling or not, really fucked me up. I couldn't believe some men thought that way about women, and started to think that this is what nearly EVERY man thought, instead of thinking of it as a loud minority. Once I got a boyfriend I was overly critical of anything that could be construed as misogynistic when he was just being a normal 18 year old, e.g. ''We fucking raped them'' on the xbox, singing along to songs with slightly misogynistic lyrics, stuff like that. Probably contributed to the death of the relationship. I don't think r9k as a whole realises the effects their bile has on impressionable lurkers, including males. I remember seeing a few threads where some 18 year old boy was genuinely surprised that a nice girl with a good personality started dating him despite him not being good looking or rich, just made me a little sad. Obviously it also changed my view of nice guys. I used to feel sorry for and want to date every lonely guy out there,but christ they act so entitled. I've seen some progress with my writing skills. Every time I worked up the courage to make a comment in the beginning I'd have people replying to me just to call me a fucking moron for making that post, and now I can make a thread that'll get hundreds of replies (not trolling) easily. I can write up formal letters to lecturers and employers without overthinking it and making only minor tweaks to a first draft.

1 hours later 8909341 Anonymous
>>8908879 kek, OP's tripping dicks

1 hours later 8909350 Anonymous
since 07 in highschool myself, op. no regrets.

1 hours later 8909351 Anonymous
>>8909320 I do. we raided ourselves and it was so depressing it should never be spoken of again

1 hours later 8909366 Anonymous
>>8909351 >tfw we can't even raid properly It was the end of the whole Gentlemen and WCA era. A fedora-y era, but better than what we are now.

1 hours later 8909381 Anonymous
>>8908946 are you trying to ruse me?

1 hours later 8909383 Anonymous
>go straight home everyday right after school >play video games >stay home on weekends >play video games >friend ask me to hang out >play video games instead No regrets. I'm quite proud I didn't go to prom. Sure I had so call highschool friends, plenty. I knew alot of people but none of them would save me from a burning building. I announced I wasn't going to prom straight up to them. Despite that they were baffled at the idea of someone not going. I could have gotten a date with that one girl I didn't find actractive but I have more self respect than that. I know what its like. Those who attempt to get a date only to be rejected. Those who get a date but they were pratically strangers with nothing in common. Nothing but a night of pitiful people attempting to conform to the norm or so to say bandwagon going to prom for the sake of going to prom. I can just imagine all those guys sitting in the corner all alone. Are they superior to me because they attempted? Perhaps but in the end I still have $300 in my pocket while they spent it on suits and tickets.

1 hours later 8909396 Anonymous
>>8909335 >started masturbating at 17 Jesus christ dude. I was rubbing my dick as early as 7 years old and first properly ejaculated at 12.

1 hours later 8909418 Anonymous
feeling pretty new as only been here since 2010.

1 hours later 8909451 Anonymous
>>8909111 Yeah, being able to get "outside yourself" with anonymity is wonderful. I've taken it to the extreme, sometimes, though, and it gets a little weird. More than once, I've found that the several most recent posts in a thread were all me, having a heated argument about something that I didn't really care about.

1 hours later 8909454 Anonymous
>>8909366 I just miss the abundance of hilarious greentext and lack of betashit/feels/depressiongeneral/mi sogynygeneral used to come here to laugh until I cry now I just hide 80% of the threads on the front page and wallow in disappointment

1 hours later 8909456 Anonymous
>>8909396 it was a subtle troll. "she" is trying to poke fun at us. >>8909383 i didn't go either. I did cocaine in a trailer park. >>8909335 People think you're trolling because you're female. Your view on the world is very skewed from ours.

1 hours later 8909463 Anonymous
>>8908879 was it 3 years ago that people tried ddosing reddit until some genius tricked all the b kiddies into attacking 4chan instead. Then the site crashed and nobody could get on here to tell them to stop. Did that really happen or did I just dream it?

2 hours later 8909666 Anonymous
>>8909463 I recall an attack on Reddit a few years ago, when their site crashed and then /b/ took credit. I don't remember the attack being turned back on 4chan but maybe I was gone for that.

2 hours later 8909801 Anonymous
I've been here since 2007 as well. I have a gf, friends, a job in a good company. Life is pretty alright. WoW filled days are still my happiest memories though.

3 hours later 8910012 Anonymous
>>8909383 >Those who attempt to get a date only to be rejected. Those who get a date but they were pratically strangers with nothing in common. Nothing but a night of pitiful people attempting to conform to the norm or so to say bandwagon going to prom for the sake of going to prom. I can just imagine all those guys sitting in the corner all alone. Are they superior to me because they attempted? Perhaps but in the end I still have $300 in my pocket while they spent it on suits and tickets. Probably the smartest thing anyone on /r9k/ has ever said on the subject. Have a nice day, anon.

3 hours later 8910041 Anonymous
Since 2010, I've been here every day I can be. I wasted my golden summers

3 hours later 8910087 Anonymous
>Playing Maplestory in windowed mode (forgot that program name) and browsing /b/ were just about some of the funnest times of my life. I miss being younger

3 hours later 8910105 Anonymous
>>8908879 >tfw been here on and off since 2003

3 hours later 8910148 Anonymous
When I first came to /b/ Rozen Maiden was huge. It was before the desu spam even. I wasn't into anime for a long time before I arrived here but I started watching that one just because everyone there was into it. After I drifted away from it, it wasn't really a huge part of the board culture like it was in that time, I got more into raids/invasion. In 2007 I found threads where people were posting myspace passwords and encouraging people to destroy the accounts. I thought this was the greatest thing ever and I wanted to steal passwords myself. I asked in those threads how to do it but got no answers, so I went searching and eventually found a premade phishing page. I cleaned it up a little bit and made a shitty tutorial and shared all the info on 7chan's /i/, one other anon was helping me with this and he made some minor improvements to my work. This is when things really started to take off, before this habbo was all the rage for invasions, after it was all about chaos and destruction on myspace. I kept encouraging people to do this, updating the phishing pages, stealing thousands upon thousands of passwords myself and sharing them, I was really really dedicated to this shit. When that Fox Los Angeles video came out (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNO 6G4ApJQY) I wasn't really thinking holy shit, I am the guy that caused all this, I was just thinking LULZ EPIC WIN, what else is a 07 /b/tard gonna think? Now that I look back on it I think I was a bit of a pioneer. What people have done under the name anonymous is obviously much greater than anything I ever did though, and they are being done for much better reasons.

3 hours later 8910195 Anonymous
>>8909381 No. I swear the majority fit this category at one point. Besides that there were a bunch of liberal weed smoking college students

3 hours later 8910211 Anonymous
>>8910195 Yeah between 06-07 there was a huge shift though, people started to pour in.

4 hours later 8910235 Anonymous
>>8910133 Die whore fuck shit I hate myself why do you get so easy because you have a vag killmenow youwillhavesexwithhimandhewilldumpy ouandyourhusbandwillspendeverynight wishingyousavedyourselfforhim

4 hours later 8910241 Anonymous
>>8909100 Why are you such an edgy asshole. The guy wasn't interested

4 hours later 8910263 Anonymous (1369703222697.jpg 315x310 16kB)
Been lurking on and off since '09, only in the past year or so did I start browsing every day and posting. >am I wasting my youth Absolutely. I work, I sleep, and whenever I have free time, I don't know what to do with it other than turn on the computer and piss away a couple hours here, or in TF2, or minecraft. I could make a million excuses. >all my friends are scattered across the country for college >can't hang out with my co-workers, because all they do is go out drinking, and I'm not 21 yet >I never want to do anything that costs money, even though I have a decent amount of disposable income It's not that I'm stuck here, it just that I don't know how to do real things, so I do this instead. I'm pretty buff since /fit/ told me to start liftin, maybe I'll join the army. You can make friends in the army, right?

4 hours later 8910276 Anonymous
>>8908879 >I know i've been here longer than the majority of you Uh, you came here during the mass influx of people. You've probably been here the same amount of time as a majority of people. I started coming here as a sophomore in high school in 2005. Hasn't ruined my life.

4 hours later 8910283 Anonymous
>>8909335 Why are you such a bitch?

4 hours later 8910319 Anonymous
>>8910235 ..or I could be a gayfag....

4 hours later 8910322 Anonymous
>>8910263 >maybe I'll join the army. You can make friends in the army, right? I joined the Army 3 years ago (American here). It isn't so terrible. Yes, you can make a lot of friends. I don't regret joining, but I am getting out after my first term because there is a lot of bullshit.

4 hours later 8910334 Anonymous (filename.jpg 1000x750 382kB)
Well now, lets see... Thinking back oh it must have been about half way through 2005, and my friend whose name is Ryan, he told me about this site and I'm afraid I can't remember the exact conversation, but I do know he said, and I quote, "don't go there." Or it might of been "don't go there, dude," or even "dude. don't go there," but anyway, I hope you get the point. Well see naturally this caught my attention so the first thing I did when I got home was open the internet and type 'www-' ... Oh my, I couldn't remember. I saw Ryan the next day and asked him what that site was called, and he dutifully reminded me, and so I spent the rest of the day with 4chan written on my hand. Then when I got home I tried typing 'www.4chan.com' but no that didn't work, so I googled 4chan and that was that. As with most people I assume, I went straight to /b/ and found myself a little confused actually. You see at the time I didn't realise you could click 'reply' to reveal the whole thread, so I was browsing the first page thinking they all had three or four replies. Now, I suppose you could say I was fairly sheltered up until this point, because when I scrolled down I was met with image I will never forget. A cat's head, severed and bloody, tied to a CD, just dangling there. Considering myself a lover of all animals I thought that's quite enough for me, and so I promptly left with a dry mouth and my heartbeat in my ears. Of course I didn't stay away for very long, but oh I suppose that's a story for another time...

4 hours later 8910377 Anonymous
Been here 8 maybe 9 years, either 05 or 04. Couldn't honestly tell you which year it was, all I know is I started coming here young, puts me at about 14 or 15 when I first found 4chan. The worst part of it all? Ain't nothing changed much since I first started coming here. I don't doubt this site fucked up my developing mind and turned me into the man I am today though. Sometimes I wish I could quit, when you've been here this long it doesn't become a badge of honor anymore. But that isn't gonna happen, I'm on this sinking ship til the day it finally hits the sea floor, you guys have been closer to me than family.

4 hours later 8910400 Anonymous
just be known that you niggas ain't never leaving shit... I was thinking about giving a link to my 11 yr old cousin to ruin her life and then collect on the incest many many years later

4 hours later 8910412 Anonymous
>tfw /r9k/ used to be about OC and not retarded virgin threads

4 hours later 8910413 Anonymous
>>8910400 I've left and came back multiple times. I have gone on to bigger and better things in life. I am mostly here when I have no money and nothing better to do.

4 hours later 8910448 Anonymous
2010 was underage then, so yeah already some wasted years Also, all le epic oldfags /b/ros, you must all literally be quite old

4 hours later 8910498 Anonymous
>>8908879 Life is shit and then you die, why not do stuff you enjoy doing instead of living as someone else wants you to live YOU SHOULD GO TO PARTIES, DRINK GO HAVE SEX, SEE THE WORLD, SAVE THE TREES, SAVE THE BEES, SAVE THE WHALES, SAVE THOSE SNAILS. No I am exactly where I want to be, so what I sometimes feel like shit? Everyone feels like that every once in a while. I rather be a 27 year old hikkiNEET than work in some company and come back home tired just because "You have to contribute to society and its my role in life". FUCK THAT

4 hours later 8910505 Anonymous (1378904710886.jpg 625x482 89kB)
Been coming here since about 07-09. Don't remember the exact time when I started heavy browsing. But ever since then there's not a day that goes by that I don't get on 4chan. I've gotten so much from here, and its ruined my life. I'm at university now, spending $15000 to fail classes because I'm an unmotivated shitbag. I managed to get a girlfriend, but she doesn't know what I am. If she knew how much I browsed 4chan she'd leave in a heartbeat. I rarely post, don't contribute much. Biggest contribution would be being a talking head on /b/'s furfag circlejerks. Oh, and some OC for /v/'s stream eater streams. But that shit doesn't matter. I don't think 4chan has ruined my life, because on a fundamental level I'm just an awful person. But there are some people on the edge that get pushed over by the negativity, however truthful, into being shitty, broken people. I need to stop browsing and study someday soon.

4 hours later 8910553 Anonymous
>>8909381 What's the ruse? 4chan's original collective interest was weaboo stuff, and early /b/ was edgy incarnate.

5 hours later 8910560 Anonymous
>>8910505 >pic >implying I'm that physically attractive I wish that was my life. I'd be pulling homobros left and right, and then we could watch tv and do nothing together.

5 hours later 8910579 Anonymous (reactionguys.jpg 480x360 25kB)
>>8910334 >Now, I suppose you could say I was fairly sheltered up until this point, because when I scrolled down I was met with image I will never forget. Oh, I hope it's something that I remember...! >A cat's head, severed and bloody, tied to a CD, just dangling there. YES!

5 hours later 8910590 Anonymous
I hate it when people always blame things when it's their fault but I genuinely think this site has fucked me up. I just started University a week ago and I haven't made a single friend. I was fine before I found this site. Now I compare myself to everyone and think that I'm lesser than everyone else. I can't see myself living a normal life now.

5 hours later 8910603 Anonymous
>>8910590 You could have left at any t-- nope, nope, couldn't say it with a straight face. The ride never ends.

5 hours later 8910640 Anonymous
Been coming here a lot less, getting productive with school stopped fapping Been here since 2006 I learned a lot from this place things I would of never imagined, it probably made me a lot more aware in varying degrees in different circumstances (hard to really explain it) The fact that I'm gradually escaping this rut is a good sign. The important thing is not to be hard on yourself and take small steps in order to make the changes you want. You'd be surprised by how far you'll go

5 hours later 8910647 Anonymous
february 2008, i-i guess i could come, it's only 2 months from op

5 hours later 8910654 Anonymous
Found 4chan Summer of 06. I was twelve years old. Almost half of my life has been spent here so far, and I have no complaints. 4chan has made me so self aware. It's driven me to work harder, and it allows me to see what kind of people are worthwhile or not. You guys have also made me a more logical thinker.

5 hours later 8910655 Anonymous
Been here since 04. Why can't I stop? Shoot me

5 hours later 8910671 Anonymous
I've been about since 2004, and yeah I know the feels of attempting to quit several times, but it seems no matter what I come back... not sure if this makes me a e-masochist, especially once /r9k/ started up.

8 hours later 8912041 Anonymous

8 hours later 8912104 Anonymous (1378160502836.jpg 444x1022 399kB)
I found 4chan around 2006, so I was 16 at the time. I learned of it from YTMND because every time there was a new joke people would say "stolen from 4chan". Lurked /b/ for like 6 months before moving on to /v/, /co/ and /tg/. There were a lot of college papers that suffered because I would browse 4chan rather than study. But if I were to go back to 2006 and get to choose whether or not I discovered 4chan I'd still do it. I've never tried to "quit" 4chan, seems like a retarded thing to do. Really no other place on the internet that moves as fast as it does.

8 hours later 8912132 Anonymous
First when on b when I was 16 in 2006, then posted on 420chan until I was 19, then one day when I was high, I decided to go back to 4chan and click other boards. I clicked r9k and read a hilarious green text story and I've been here since.

8 hours later 8912143 Anonymous
4chan of all places taught me to become a better person. Any time I'd join in on an argument or something, someone smarter than me would show up to remind me I was dumb as shit. Taught me critical thinking better than school did, it was like trial by fire. Except for the part where everyone was trying to force memes everywhere, copy/pasting some shit about Harry the VIP Dinosaur or whatever.

8 hours later 8912237 Anonymous
i've been coming here since 2006 (my junior year in high school) i wouldn't say i wasted my youth, but i would certainly be a better and happier person if 4chan never existed i lost my virginity at 17 like a normalfag and finished my college degree, so i'm not a complete fuckup at least

8 hours later 8912321 Anonymous
>>8910283 -r9k -bad parents -no friends as a kid for no logical reason, I was just rejected in every social situation I was put into -it's a choice between being a bitch and a doormat -it's fun >>8909456 But my threads have nothing to do with gender, the point was my threads I make aren't troll threads, but are still successful.

8 hours later 8912334 Anonymous (1367895254562.jpg 429x469 33kB)
>>8908879 I've been here since 2004. I haven't wasted anything. I experienced teen love for two years with an amazing girl. I did all sorts of drugs with my friends and had great times. I played in a gigging bar band for a while, and even though we sucked people seemed to like us. I partied a lot. Now I'm excelling academically, and actually teaching at my university and networking hard. About to go to graduate school, whether that's a good decision or not, to try and get my PhD. All the while I would stop by here to have some laughs and call people faggots. If you feel like 4chan has affected your life, I assure you 4chan is not what's to blame.

9 hours later 8912524 Anonymous
I remember falling black man and the mega loop flash things being old when I joined. Maybe 2008/2009 I think, by then I had already wasted my youth playing video games. I'm not all that unhappy about it though, I look pretty young for my age though people are surprised when I say I'm 28. So I guess I still have time.

9 hours later 8912647 Anonymous
>>8912321 >But my threads have nothing to do with gender, But they do. Anytime a female posts here she knows she is the minority and uses it as a means to gain attention. >>8912143 >Taught me critical thinking better than school did, it was like trial by fire. Dude i'm with you 100% on that. When i argue with people IRL i pick them apart like crows on corn. >>8912334 Yeah well i'm jesus AND barry bonds and i'm cuckholding you and your wife tonight >>8912524 I'm only 19 and i feel like my youth is far behind me. It's all work and grind from here on out. No fun, no love nothing but pain.

9 hours later 8912673 Anonymous
>>8912647 >Dude i'm with you 100% on that. When i argue with people IRL i pick them apart like crows on corn. More like your autism has intensified. 4chan teaches you to be a dogmatic asshole.

9 hours later 8912713 Anonymous
>>8912673 It doesn't have to teach you to be a dogmatic asshole. On the flipside of the coin it gives you a neverending army of dogmatic assholes to argue with, constantly grinding away at your ideas, sharpening them.

9 hours later 8912752 Anonymous
>>8912673 >uses a development disorder as an insult >calls me an asshole. See how this works?

9 hours later 8912769 Anonymous
bump driving 400 miles brb lol

9 hours later 8912842 Anonymous
>>8912647 But I don't understand. If I leave my gender ambiguous and the thread itself isn't about gender, how am I using my gender as a means to gain attention? Are you trolling? I'm joking I know you are.

9 hours later 8912851 Anonymous
>>8912647 It depends on how you look at it. If you're making ends meet, you should feel like you can live your life around it. I was talking to someone the other day about how age is more about outlook than achievements. I was working with a group of workers at the time and some of them were 31 and still acted like school kids. Obviously that isn't a good thing when dealing with problems but you have to remain youthful in your hopes and dreams. When you're a kid everyone around you pushes you into hoping and striving (mostly), adulthood can feel like the hang over from that I guess.

10 hours later 8913504 Anonymous
As someone who came here in 2007 I would not consider myself an oldfag

10 hours later 8913516 Anonymous
>>8908879 >I found 4chan in high-school during the Christmas of 2007. >I know i've been here longer than the majority of you. Man, that's fucking depressing. Late 2007 is when I started to hate this place.

10 hours later 8913543 Anonymous
I have been here since winter 2006, mostly on /a/. I dropped from middle school, never did HS. I have gone from this site only for a few months but I end up coming back because insulting idiots on the Internet keeps me alive.

10 hours later 8913554 Anonymous
I was 12 years old, and it was early 2007. I was in 7th grade and my life was already very NEET-like, though my social skills were that of you'd expect from a shy kid pulled recently from private school. I started going on 4chan more and more, my opinions and humor being shaped immediately. I'm 19, now, and I just don't know what I would do without this site. I treat it like how other people treat Facebook; straight to it, no thinking, even typing it in when I'm trying to go somewhere else. Fuck. I should try and do something else but I can't now. Friendless, can barely open my mouth without spaghetti. It's over.

11 hours later 8913578 Anonymous
>>8913554 >people that were 12 in 2007 are now 18

11 hours later 8913635 poland
been here since 2009 4chan was much more exciting back then now its same shit all over again

11 hours later 8913637 Anonymous
Being on here for a long time does not equate to being a loser with a wasted life. I found this site in late 2007 as well, and since then I've had 4 girlfriends, including the one I'm with now who I've been with for 3 years. I'm still as unfit as I was back then, but now I'm in university with friends, a part time job and almost no free time. 4chan is my procrastination tool, the first thing I go on when I get up in the morning and the last thing I'm on before bed. It's just a part of my life at this point, the way facebook or tumblr are for others, only I don't know any of you and you're all a lot funnier than the people I do know. There's nothing wrong with this site. If you've wasted your life, there's no one to blame but yourself. This is just one of many different mediums for escapism. How you use it is up to you.

11 hours later 8913648 Anonymous
I've been here since 2006 and I still don't think I'm much of an oldfag at all. Especially because I know that 2006 is when the influx of new people happened, and 4chan started to go shittily. (particularly /b/).

11 hours later 8913679 Anonymous
>>8913578 I'm not even 18; I'm 19. >You're getting old.

11 hours later 8913688 Anonymous
Been here since 2003 ;_; all that wasted time...

11 hours later 8913714 Anonymous
>>8913648 All the oldfags are dead or in prison. Or they just moved on with their lives.

11 hours later 8913741 Anonymous
>>8913714 Most likely. Especially considering the fact that they probably found 4chan when they were around 15-18. And that was ten years ago.

11 hours later 8913797 Anonymous
I first visited very early, 2005 or 2006. Started coming regularly in 2007 or 2008. I can't really remember. Probably 2007 as I remember some stuff from back then. I'll probably be here forever. Forever meaning until I kill myself. I doubt I'll be alive ten years from now, I have nothing to look forward to in life and I'm addicted to feeling sad and blaming everything on myself.

11 hours later 8913821 Anonymous
>>8908968 >I was destined to waste my youth before finding 4chan, though. To be precise, it was the moment I gained access to a computer and the internet that doomed me. This. The irony is that I actually wanted to do shit when I was 13 like learning programming and shit. (I discovered the Internet with 12) And now 8 years later I have learned nothing. I can't finish anything I start. I have no motivation. If I have no succes in life like a gf the time I am 25 I'll probably be an hero.

11 hours later 8913933 Anonymous
Found 4chan in 2005, didn't start browsing until late 2006 because I thought it was for discussing anime only. I was 14 when I started browsing. I'm glad I found this site. It's taught me some things that I wouldn't have learned until much later, because I was a dumb fucking kid back then. I didn't know anything about "big" communities on the internet, except for maybe YTMND. 4chan gave me a little place on the internet that I could call home, and it gave me an outlet for my teenage angst in the form of raids (looking back, though, that shit was cancerous).

14 hours later 8916457 Anonymous (1376297378929.jpg 553x415 45kB)
So guys, when this thread started i was in northern california, now i'm back in seattle. Thanks for saving my image for me! I had to keep this thread bumped with my phone for almost 14 hours so i could save it to my HDD.

15 hours later 8916542 Anonymous
Found 4chan in 2006 when my college roommate browsed it like 10 hours a day. We used to have contests where the first person to gross/entertain the other person with a picture won.

15 hours later 8916747 Anonymous
>>8916542 >2006 >picture contest Your sexuality must be disturbed.

15 hours later 8916757 Anonymous
>you're wasting your youth it's not like I could do anything with it if I tried

15 hours later 8916767 Anonymous
>>8908879 same time as me

15 hours later 8916793 Anonymous
>>8913933 Bro, we are like 4chan twins, except I'm a few years older.

15 hours later 8916809 saturno
I learned a lot of things in here but yeah, too much time wasted I'll never get back. I don't really see myself anywhere else now

15 hours later 8917122 Anonymous
>>8916757 This. I know what I could have have but I never had the balls to.

16 hours later 8917451 Anonymous
Been here since 2008. I was in college. I'm a 27 year old virgin. My biggest regret in life is not taking any chances with life or people during my youth.

18 hours later 8919184 Anonymous
I started dabbling in '07, browsed /b/ constantly in '08, then kind of went through spurts of getting on constantly for a month and then not returning for for months in '09. After that, it was a total coast to destruction. I have class tomorrow, but fuck it. I'll crack open a beer with you faggots.

18 hours later 8919340 Anonymous
a friend introduced me to 4chan during early 2007 when I was 17 I was actually a pretty normal kid who went to parties and had friends, then at 18 I started playing WoW and my social life went on a sharp decline and I have no idea how I managed to finish my degree... skipped constantly to go home and play WoW, rarely studied, ect... I didn't make one single friend during college and did no "college experience" type things I constantly turned down my friends when they asked me to hang out because I wanted to stay home and play WoW until they eventually stopped talking to me, that was 4 years ago and now i'm a lonely bitter 24 year old, I still sometimes make awkward attempts to talk to one of them but it doesn't really go past "how are you" and the rest of them removed me from social media things kind of derailed my post from 4chan to WoW but still on the topic of wasted youth I guess >tfw realizing 2007 was 6 years ago, seems like just yesterday

18 hours later 8919349 Anonymous (news.png 648x359 7kB)
I started browsing in early '05. They were good times, things still felt like a community. Memes were naturally disseminated, GETs actually met something, nothing was forced. A comment on the raid culture that destroyed 4chan as I knew it. Initially the forays into bar giko and other flash chats were largely cultural exchanges, touching basis with our japanese brothers and asking them to touch our harbl. Hell even the livejasmin raids back in the day were good natured fun, trying to get tits mostly, asking for things on their head. I got one filipina to wear her dildo like a mustache. The really entry level shock tactics employed in the Habbo raids, not to mention the spirit of the new user base that thought it was acceptable to scream NIGGER and spam swastikas at 12 year olds, is what brought all of the edgy underaged users to the site. /b/ brought about it's own end which pushed shitty god awful /b/ culture out into the other boards, which degraded the entire site as a whole. I can't help but think what could have been.

18 hours later 8919397 Door
>>8919349 Any community that gets it's jollies from pretending to be idiots will eventually attract and be overwhelmed by actual idiots who think they've found a home.

18 hours later 8919419 Anonymous
I found 4chan during high-school 2005. I don't feel like my youth was wasted because I don't have insecurities. Life is a lot easier when you like yourself.

19 hours later 8919432 Anonymous
>>8919340 Fuck you, you had it all and threw it away for nothing. You don't deserve to be here! Obviously if I deem you unworthy of lurking, you MUST leave.

19 hours later 8919476 Anonymous
Been here since 2007-2008, though only sporadically until 2009 when I actually had my own computer.. Was told of this place by a student and one of my fucking middle school teachers. Finishing up my senior year of high school now. Yeah, I'm 18.

19 hours later 8919485 Anonymous
Started browsing during the end of my junior-senior year in HS, so around Summer 2008. My friend showed me this site. I remember being on the home page and asking, "where do I go?" >go to random man, it's so funny xD That moment is so engrained in my mind that it really does feel like it happened yesterday.

19 hours later 8919500 Anonymous
>>8919340 Holy fuck. 6 years...

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