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2013-09-06 01:43 8571145 eyedea (keep_calm_and_take_your_suicide_pills_by_warlordpete-d5p2fh5.jpg 786x1017 77kB)
I am swallowing a whole bottle of pills within the next hour. I am really killing myself this time. You may ask, why am I doing this? Its because I'm in too much pain. I suffered from lots of embarrassment, and bullying. I have OCD, Psychosis, PTSD, and undiagnosed chronic pain. I can't take this anymore. Fortunately, I am going to wake up to a new life on the other side. I get to be kid again! So goodbye, friends. I've had a good run. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfz0 BvLAO3k

0 min later 8571159 Anonymous
so no follow up thread im guessing?

3 min later 8571180 Anonymous
>>8571145 Do your friends / family know? What will they think?

3 min later 8571186 Anonymous
Where do you live, OP? bloxobl

4 min later 8571193 Anonymous
>oh look, another tripfag attention whoring thread!

5 min later 8571211 Anonymous
Didn't you say this last time? I'm filtering you.

5 min later 8571213 Anonymous
tell us your story; bit by bit, pill by pill

5 min later 8571219 Anonymous
>>8571145 So what kind of pills are you taking?

6 min later 8571227 Anonymous
Hitler's last words: Above all, I charge the leadership of the nation and their followers with the strict observance of the racial laws and with merciless resistance against the universal poisoners of all peoples, international Jewry

11 min later 8571312 Anonymous (49.png 300x100 17kB)
You cant die, Moot wont allow it.

12 min later 8571330 eyedea
>>8571219 either Tylenol, Seroquel, Neurontin, Prozac I'll decide

13 min later 8571343 Anonymous
>>8571330 can you overdose on any of those?

17 min later 8571403 Anonymous (e7lcf4jpg.gif 275x210 1260kB)
>>8571145 >I am going to wake up to a new life HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

19 min later 8571421 Anonymous
Just watch some anime and stop being a drama queen

19 min later 8571427 Anonymous
I wouldn't recommend pills... if you survive you will be in agonizing pain. Nigger, just run yourself a steaming hot bath, drink a bottle or two of gin. You'll passout (sleep) and slip under, painless and simple.

19 min later 8571429 Anonymous
Sucks to be you, l guess.

19 min later 8571435 eyedea
I am leaving now, indefinitely. You're all a bunch of faggots. All of you. none of you had the heart to reach out to me. Fuck the world.

20 min later 8571445 Anonymous
>>8571435 awww son... c'mon you shouldnt do this...

20 min later 8571450 Popeye
I misread the trip and thought this was eeyore and I was really happy for a second.

20 min later 8571451 Anonymous (1378336447205.jpg 795x1214 153kB)
When you die anime becomes real.

21 min later 8571455 Anonymous
>>8571435 If it was a plea for attention you should have just phoned someone instead of an anonymous imageboard.

21 min later 8571467 eyedea
>>8571403 fucking bitch I am coming back to reincarnate, and I will kill all of you.

21 min later 8571474 Anonymous
>>8571455 this, at least the cops will talk to you tripfag

22 min later 8571476 eyedea
And now its over. taking the pills now. Free at last, Free at last, Thank God Almighty, I'm free at last.

22 min later 8571479 Anonymous
Bye bye OP. I hope you enjoy Satans' pitchfork up your ass.

23 min later 8571488 Anonymous
>>8571435 >Fuck the world OP, when you turn 13, you might realize that life is tough shit, and we all gotta deal with it man. Stop attention whoring on fucking r9k and go outside.

23 min later 8571489 Anonymous
>>8571467 Have you called the Samaritans / suicide hotline? If you are at all serious, then it might be a good idea.

23 min later 8571491 Anonymous
>>8571467 please don't tripfag, I'll suck your zombie dick if you don't

23 min later 8571493 grime (1378243879097.jpg 382x480 98kB)
You don't really plan on leaving this realm without getting some sweet sweet vengeance do you?

23 min later 8571498 Anonymous
>>8571467 Suuuure. Just like you killed me during this life, right?

24 min later 8571512 Loser and proud of it
Pills are shit. Better use some gas.

24 min later 8571513 Anonymous
>>8571476 http://www.youtube.com/watch?featur e=player_detailpage&v=JxPj3GAYYZ0#t =16 adios amigo

24 min later 8571520 Anonymous
have fun waking up in a hospital - none of that stuff is lethal overdosing .. just lots of pain next time try to inform yourself before doing sstuff like this ....

25 min later 8571522 Anonymous
>>8571330 Don't do it. I also don't think any of those will kill you if you OD. At the worst you'd end up as a veggie.

25 min later 8571523 Anonymous
OP, give your address and we'll send someone and then you can be in a story about how 4chan saved your life.

25 min later 8571527 Anonymous (1325312659851.jpg 356x468 64kB)
One more for my chamber! Hahahahah!

26 min later 8571539 Anonymous
>>8571476 Get back to the cotton fields with you.

26 min later 8571547 Anonymous
>>8571435 Same time tomorrow?

27 min later 8571552 Anonymous
>>8571435 Do it faggot. Go now. DO IT

32 min later 8571627 Anonymous
Got stomach pains yet OP?

37 min later 8571701 Anonymous
If you really want to go OP use a suicide bag instead the pills can be really painful

1 hours later 8572077 Anonymous
omfg. "I'll commit sudoku! I'll do it! " >nobody cares >whines that anonymous people online aren't giving him positive attention >eyedea you don't deserve to use that name if you're gonna do it, do it. like fuck you are though

3 hours later 8574452 Anonymous
>pills >serious suicide attempt Pick only one Enjoy your cry for help, you pathetic attention whore

3 hours later 8574487 Anonymous
>>8571145 >killing self by swallowing a bottle of piss lel In true neckbeard fashion. I read it as piss at first glance.

3 hours later 8574497 Anonymous (1377886762397.jpg 396x385 36kB)
>I am swallowing a whole bottle of pills within the next hour. >Trip You are clearly just attention whoring, again. If an individual really wants to kill themselves, they would use a bulletproof method such as cyanide or hanging. On the off chance that you succeed by using pills(highly unlikely - look at statistics: Good.

3 hours later 8574530 Anonymous
>>8571476 Which kind of pills did you decide on?

3 hours later 8574540 Anonymous
Z-RO? That's how you want to go out?

4 hours later 8574639 Anonymous
>not even streaming it lel bitch nigga

4 hours later 8574721 Anonymous
>>8571145 Pills are really an awful way to go on account of the comparatively high risk of failure. Try jumping in front of a full-speed train.

4 hours later 8574723 Anonymous
>>8572077 >"I'll commit sudoku! I'll do it! " lel

4 hours later 8574842 ññññññ
>>8571435 do it, you attentionwhoring faggot

4 hours later 8575173 Anonymous
>>8574842 One tripfag calling another an attention whore toplel.png

5 hours later 8575445 christfag
>>8575173 dude, just use the settings to filter them - tripfags are poopyheads

5 hours later 8575457 Anonymous
Please call friends, family. Or hotline. Just do it. You can still make it.

5 hours later 8575467 Anonymous
Umm wow, TRIGGER WARNING? I attempted suicide in the past so I would like it to be against the rules on 4chan to talk about suicide like this, omg~~~.....

5 hours later 8575486 Anonymous
See you on the other side, bro. Good luck.

5 hours later 8575501 Anonymous
>>8575467 bad troll 0/10

5 hours later 8575521 Anonymous
>>8575501 I was trying to leave OP with a nice taste of the world that he is leaving behind. A post like that will not be considered a troll post in the next 10-20 years. Check your trigger warning privilege, you neo-nazi misogynist.

5 hours later 8575575 Anonymous
>>8571145 seen one too many suicide threads on various boards too many attention whores these days If they really wanted to off themselves so bad they wouldn't even bother posting What bothers me more is the moral fags spouting their typical cringe-worthy jargon Why the fuck would you even give a single nano-fart about someone you have no relation to whatsoever, you have never met the person, you do not know their true intentions and even if you did what benefit do you get? One day you see someone claiming they are going to off themselves then the next day the same thread pops up again and you dense fucks just gobble it all up

5 hours later 8575713 christfag
>>8575575 basic rule of thumb is if they don't get on cam, they aren't legit course when it does happen, everyone in the chat poops brix and tries to phone the police makes for good gifs though

5 hours later 8575798 Anonymous
>>8574497 hanging has its flaws though, the chord could snap, you might not end up breaking your neck and choking in a horrible death instead. As for cyanide there doesn't seem to be many uses for it besides suicide. Hence it is hard to acquire since it raises red flags rather easily you'd imagine Based on the statistics I'd say cyanide and firearms would be the most effective methods. Of course both being the hardest to acquire depending on your location If desperate enough jumping of a large height/transport works but many people seem to chicken out suggesting that they either A) are just putting up a show or B) that your body would trigger a defense mechanism or response similar to choking when you stop breathing for instance causing one to hesitate even then the issue with falling is similar to hanging in that you have to get the right height or distance then there are suicide bags, but they too have their fair share of flaws. If successful the transition would be smooth much akin to cyanide. Getting it wrong however...

5 hours later 8575805 sage
>>8571145 >gimme atention pls im faget emo #cutforme

5 hours later 8575910 Anonymous
>>8575713 Have any gifs of it? How many people have actually done it on cam?

5 hours later 8575961 Anonymous
>>8575798 Guns or hieghts are near flawless, as for hanging just tie the knot right and hang from as tall as possible, either your head comes off or your neck brakes. You wont choke the longer your fall. Theres a chart online look it up and add anouther 2 feet for foolproof death. Hanging never appealed to me though, i always thought the way for me to go would be with a gun, jumping under a train i dont think i would ever do because of that scene in 'a bothersome man'. That was just horrendous for me.

5 hours later 8575989 Anonymous
>>8571435 You are just some fucking faggot. You are just a number to me, someone that will end up on AP news for 15 minutes and then fade out of existence. You are fucking useless, and there is no reason to reach out for a lost hope.

5 hours later 8576003 christfag
>>8575910 google 'grip of drugs' and go from there

5 hours later 8576038 Anonymous
>>8571435 OK I'll reach out to you just my dick a second to get in touch with your asspains

6 hours later 8576726 Anonymous
>>8571145 >Fortunately, I am going to wake up to a new life on the other side. Delusional/10

9 hours later 8577850 Anonymous
so much schizo here

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