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2013-08-12 08:53 8204850 Anonymous (image.jpg 845x1036 203kB)
Hello robots! I think I may actually be killing myself tonight. Hopefully, when I eventually go to sleep I'll never wake up again. Usually I bitch out, but it's kinda weird how easy this has been tonight. Anyone want to a bro on what might be his last night alive? I have no one else to talk to. Ask me anything I guess, might be interesting for you other suicidal bros.

0 min later 8204857 Anonymous
>>8204850 >anyone want to a bro Anyone want to talk to a bro

1 min later 8204864 Anonymous
>>8204850 My dad killed himself. Please don't do it.

3 min later 8204890 Anonymous
>>8204864 Want to give a reason why? I don't have any children to abandon haha. The process has already begun, btw. It's still reversible tho. I'm just sippin on some rum and coke and watching tv and feeling surprisingly good. This is so weird.

3 min later 8204891 Anonymous
>>8204857 I liked the original better. Accidentally and all that. Also, do make sure you really want to. Life could get better.

5 min later 8204909 Anonymous
In the end. OP was always a faggot.

5 min later 8204912 Anonymous
>>8204890 Because you now have the freedom to do whatever you want, anon. If you don't care about death you can do anything. Isn't there at least 1 more thing you want to do? Why do you want to kill yourself?

12 min later 8204982 Anonymous (image.jpg 740x490 130kB)
>>8204912 >>8204891 I don't think life can get better. I mean, life can, but I won't. I've been depressed since middle school. I always hear people saying "depression is a lifelong struggle," and I just don't want to feel like this my whole life. I've spent my entire life just getting by, day by day, thinking "things might get better tomorrow." They never have. Even when things go well for me I end up feeling like shit. And there's also some specific stuff that made me recently break recently, so that I can no longer cope with any of this, but when it comes down to it I just don't want to be alive. Still feelin pretty good tho. I should be more scared right now.

12 min later 8204985 Paul Wall the people's champ (1376001427012.gif 360x360 116kB)
Because I didn't shoot my load tonight you might be that reason

14 min later 8204998 Anonymous
You posted the spicy keychain! I get a good laugh every time it turns up, obviously you're not the sort who ought to kill themself. Relax and figure out how you want to change your life. Die metaphorically, what have you got to lose?

14 min later 8205006 Anonymous
don't do it don't kill yourself, you can just pick up and leave if you wanted to. live a fun life, go live now

15 min later 8205011 Anonymous
Thanks for sharing these moments. So how're you doing it?

15 min later 8205015 Anonymous
>>8204982 What happened that made you break? I really don't want you killing yourself over some trivial shit. Go ahead and spill.

15 min later 8205016 Cheshire Cat
>>8204850 >I think I may actually be killing myself tonight None of you ever do. Do it on webcam.

16 min later 8205017 Anonymous
You're a coward if you're just gonna "tap out" when shit is hard Move somewhere else

19 min later 8205055 Anonymous
I know that feeling life just doesn't seem that fulfilling at times (actually all of the time) but what's made this tonight any different?

19 min later 8205061 Anonymous
nice, I hope you go through with it. the people who are telling you not to do it only care about gratifying themselves. it's just death. Make sure when you do it you leave your address or town and age so we can look you up in the funny pages.

26 min later 8205144 Anonymous (Untitled.png 247x278 96kB)
OP don't sleep on me now I demand the truth! How do you get those pictures of Spider-Man

26 min later 8205145 Anonymous
>>8205055 >>8205015 Hold up, I'll vent in a sec. I'm on an ipad so typing is kinda hard. >>8205011 Np bud. I'm diabetic, so a shitload of insulin and alcohol. The alcohol is to help me pass out and ignore the shitty symptoms of low blood sugar. There's a chance I just go into a coma instead of die, but no one is going to find me anytime soon if I do, so I think this will work. Keep talking to me. It's really nice to be able to talk to people right now. >>8205061 Even this asshole haha.

29 min later 8205170 Anonymous
>>8205145 Are you listening to something?

30 min later 8205178 Anonymous
>>8205145 You're not going to do it.

30 min later 8205180 Anonymous
>>8205145 >iPad >killing yourself You fucking faggot. Do you realize there are people in the Third World clinging to life right now, who haven't eaten in weeks? How the fuck could you do this? Selfish AND a coward. Come to think of it, fuck you. Die. Life is a gift and it's wasted on you. Please post your name and town so we can look you up in the obits tomorrow. You're going to die anyway, aren't you? What do you care?

31 min later 8205189 Anonymous
>>8204982 death is permanent, try to keep going for a few years, and if things don't get better. an hero via exit bag.

31 min later 8205190 Anonymous (Untitled.png 229x159 59kB)
Your diabetic? That alcohols going to hit you hard

32 min later 8205200 Anonymous
I got drunk and threw a bunch of pills down my throat and went to sleep. Woke up to me being loaded into an ambulance vaguely hearing I had a seizure, I started seizing on the way to the hospital aswell, got put on life support and woke up in the ICU, spent the next week in the psyche ward, and the entire time I've had people saying "man you must have been scared" I still do not give a shit, people just don't seem to get the thought process of someone that is suicidal. I mean I've been on prozac for 2 months now and while I no longer spend every waking moment with my brain flashing "KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF" constantly, I still have no reason to live

34 min later 8205213 Anonymous (1327542779937.jpg 379x374 18kB)
>>8205180 >Do you realize there are people in the Third World Stopped reading there.

36 min later 8205239 OP (image.jpg 500x707 69kB)
So, basically I just ran out of options. I spent a good amount of highschool as a loner. I had friends I guess, but I just preferred being alone. I fought my depression and anxiety by watching movies, playing videogames, reading books, things like that. Over time that stopped working and I got suicidal again. So then I started making friends. I started being super social, hanging out with my friends and going to parties and stuff every day. Then that stopped working too so I got pretty suicidal again. Then I kinda started doing drugs more. Nothing too bad, but drugs helped me get through the depression. Then I met a girl that I fell for pretty hard. She was my best/only real friend for a while, and then we ended up getting together. She was basically the only person I ever trusted. The only person I've ever been able to open up to. Then she fucked me over and messed with all of my worst insecurities and abused my trust. So now I'm back in awful suicidal depression mode, except I have no idea what to do. The drugs got worse. I feel like I've tried distracting myself with everything: drugs, friends, sex, hobbies. None of it has worked for long. I just can't do it anymore. I feel so fucking hopeless. I don't even know what happiness is like. I think maybe I was happy as a real young kid. Blood sugars getting real low now. And I'm getting pretty drunk. Still enjoying this thread though. I'll still be here for a while answering your questions I think.

45 min later 8205317 Your past self
Any advice for me. I feel like my life has no direction.

46 min later 8205331 Anonymous (image.jpg 760x521 214kB)
>>8205178 Well, I've already kinda done it. Taken a shitload of insulin. I think I might go take some more right now, just to make sure. Although I will admit this plan isn't exactly fool proof. Worst case scenario I just do it again tomorrow though. It'll work eventually, and it's pretty impossible for me to get caught doing this.

46 min later 8205332 Anonymous
>>8205016 didn't Ricky kill himself? no it was that other trip friend. Can't even remember his name anymore.... Oh yeah no7 right? also to the people who are like "now you can do whatever you want because you wanna die" that's totally not how it works. I dunno OP's situation but moving away isn't an option when you've got no money no resources and a criminal record. I'm probably joining you soon OP, I've got this one last court thing at 8 and then I'll have a huge breakfast feast and use the exit bag I've been keeping. I'll be damned if i die on an empty stomach.

47 min later 8205335 Anonymous
>>8205239 And you're about to kill yourself over trivial shit. You have so many options, you just don't want to put in the effort. What about college? Working to get the things to make you happy? Hobbies? Travel? There are so many things you could do but you decide to end your life because some bitch backstabed you. If I had a dollar for everytime that happened, i'd have 7 dollars. The trick is to not give a fuck and focusing on bettering yourself and not giving up when shit gets tough. It's life. It's gonna be awesome. It's also gonna blow ass like you've never seen. It's not too late. It never is.

48 min later 8205347 Anonymous
>>8205331 No, you're not going to die. You're just a lower middle class womanly bitch.

50 min later 8205372 Anonymous
>>8205180 The survival instinct is strong amongst any creature. They struggle so hard to simply survive they never have time to stop and consider how shitty life really is. What a luxury to be a first world citizen.

54 min later 8205411 Anonymous
Stop attention whoring on /r9k/ and go get it over with.

55 min later 8205412 Anonymous
>>8205335 I feel like you missed what I was saying. It really has nothing to do with "some bitch who back stabbed me." I tried hobbies. As I said. I've tried traveling. Life has never been awesome. It's never blown ass. Some people ITT have made some decent arguments, but you're not one of them. I appreciate the effort though. I really do.

55 min later 8205416 Anonymous
>>8205332 no7 IS DEAD?!

1 hours later 8205460 Anonymous
OP I've seen what happens when blood sugar levels get low but what would happen if you decided to take a nice sugary death instead? Not saying you should kill yourself but what happens when you have so much sugar that your pancreas just explodes? Also I'm this guy

1 hours later 8205480 Anonymous
OP, I'm happy for you. That strange feeling of happiness you have is probably peace of mind.

1 hours later 8205488 Anonymous
opps forgot this

1 hours later 8205496 Anonymous
OP, it's not too late to back out. It seems like just ranting to some meaningless anons is doding you some good. Sometimes just complaining can help a lot. Just let it all out, OP, cry if you need to, but don't make a big decision like suicide without being 100% sure.

1 hours later 8205514 Anonymous
>>8205055 >>8205190 >>8205317 >>8205460 >>8205488 Sorry also drunk and usually lurk

1 hours later 8205534 Anonymous
See you on the other side, friend. :D

1 hours later 8205555 Anonymous
>>8205317 Just go out of your comfort zone. Make friends. Make girlfriends. Everything you're too scared to do but want to, do it. Just fucking do it. >>8205496 Yeah, it kind of is helping. But only right now. It's not keeping me from killing myself, but it's helping me keep from being too sad while I do it. >>8205460 I don't think it's really possible to die from TOO much sugar. Well, maybe it is, but it's hard. I've heard hypoglycemia is a very pleasant death. I'm still feeling nice right now, really. I should go check my blood sugar.

1 hours later 8205570 Anonymous
>>8204850 Worthless piece of shit to much of a pussy to face life

1 hours later 8205576 Anonymous
OP can you stream yourself for us as you go

1 hours later 8205585 Anonymous
Kill yourself faggot. You've done nothing for us, so there's nothing we can do for you. Empty space that's about to be replaced by something hopefully much more accomplished. I'm just glad you never passed on your genes. Depression tends to run in the family.

1 hours later 8205616 Anonymous
>>8205576 Well, if you'd read the thread you'd know it's not really a thing I can stream. Just me passing out. >>8205585 Hmm, I wonder if my family feels like I do.

1 hours later 8205617 Anonymous
Thanks for the advice I'll try to remember it whether your here with us next year or not.

1 hours later 8205623 Anonymous
>>8205616 yeah i know but i just kinda want to see you as you slip away

1 hours later 8205630 Anonymous
I envy you OP I'm also constantly feeling suicidal but never really do anything about it because of being a pussy and my parents I also imagine myself getting desensitized by alcohol and getting it over with

1 hours later 8205633 Anonymous
>>8205616 Probably more or less the same

1 hours later 8205654 Anonymous
Right guys...I think this is it...I'm drifting off

1 hours later 8205670 Anonymous (1356806093714.jpg 374x452 28kB)
If OP passes out can someone read me a bedtime story

1 hours later 8205689 OP
>>8205654 Lol shut up, this nigga isn't OP. my blood sugar is still dropping though. >>8205630 Yeah, usually I'm the same way. But today it's just working. I'm able to do this. >>8205623 Haha, that's kinda funny. Sorry man, I'd feel weird about a stream. I just want to fall asleep peacefully. It's funny to think that all I need to do is eat a little food and I'll live. Diabetes is so gay.

1 hours later 8205730 Anonymous
>>8205689 good luck OP, I hope I can make that decision soon too

1 hours later 8205796 OP (image.jpg 1038x1458 284kB)
Daaaaammn I think I'm falling asleep. I feel like I should say goodbye to somebody. I don't want to send suicide texts and then wake up tomorrow though. That'd be so awkward.

1 hours later 8205824 Anonymous
You forsake your life, giving up the things you could still achieve. You blame it on your circumstances of which you were born with, blame it on your parents, blame it on everyone else, but most of all, you blame it on yourself. The truth is life always play a joke on everyone, attacking you when you're at your weakest. Yet, you still have your last breath, and by giving that up, you've lost your chance to punish fate for giving you hell. What difference is an anon's comment going to make when you're behind your screen contemplating death ,it will be your choice to fight it, or surrender to it. Good luck anon.

1 hours later 8205876 kontrametheus
don't do it, man!! at least, not yet.. lets talk this through somewhere more private, like a random e-mail adress or something. you need someone, who understands. and, believe me, i do!

2 hours later 8205968 kontrametheus
here's a fly on the eye of the lamb down in the field and i wonder how it feels to be down there i know it in my bones or maybe it's my soul but blood is all i really know in the corner sits a whispering guitar i'm listening for but i can't only hear you cry we sing this music from the dream in which we die before we wake this music from the dream in which we die before we wake this song that we're singing just to die http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu5R dVCMZmk may you find peace, unknown brother...

2 hours later 8205975 Wrestlebot
>>8205416 Are you really surprised? He's been dead for awhile.

2 hours later 8206045 Anonymous
>>8205975 banned != suicide

2 hours later 8206058 Anonymous
>>8204850 do it to this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=did zxUkrtS0 its the song i would off myself to, except i wont because my life has a lot to offer

3 hours later 8206316 Anonymous
>>8204850 >>8204982 Haven't read most of the thread, but I've been depressed for half my life, maybe even more, and have had suicidal feelings for over 4 years now. I can't say for certain that I've found any meaningful reason to keep living other than to spare my parents the grief of having to bury their own son. One semi-positive thing I've discovered is that although the urges and feelings of despair combined with numbness never quite go away for the remainder of your life, with time you will be able to tune them out a bit and eventually they sort of become your companions. They've known all your struggles and your fights with yourself, they've been right beside you when you've fallen the deepest, regardless of what goes on in the world you can always be certain that they will be the one thing that never abandons you, come what may. I think there's a special sort of comfort to be found in that. Everyone needs something to help and guide them, maybe this can be your thing. Take it easy, which ever path you choose, we're all going to the same place eventually.

9 hours later 8208959 Anonymous
You are an idiot. Have fun waking up from the dream of life with the greatest regret you'll ever know

11 hours later 8209742 Anonymous
OP's last words were "That'd be so awkward." Think about that.

11 hours later 8209757 Anonymous
How are you killing yourself, penis overdose?

11 hours later 8209791 Anonymous
OP here. I am still doing it. things are getting dark. good bye cruel world. I can see the light now. ::major fucking eyeroll::

11 hours later 8209801 Anonymous
>>8209791 >>8209757 Is it so hard to read the whole thread, let alone the posts with "OP" in the namefield?

11 hours later 8209804 Anonymous
OP here. So many dicks around me, I want them all!

11 hours later 8209870 christfag
so is OP dead, or do i still have time to remind of the Heaven and Hell thing [ctrl-f] 'hell' nope, only one mention - in the 'give you hell' sense - nothing about the fate of his immortal soul anon, you may be an atheist, but God isn't - and not even asking the important question for OP's benefit shows a complete disregard for his safety ...because unless you have proof positive that there is no soul, and no eternal destiantion for it, then you know nothing of the enormity which awaits him and since we have the very words of God, telling us of the eternal torment that awaits those who are not right with Him - His Divinty evidenced by the miracles He did, and by His resurrection - for you to ignore something so critical is insane now obviously OP can't be criticised for not being fully cognitive of his situation, his pain causing driving him the madness which thinks suicide is a legitimate solution - but you don't have that excuse and saying you see all things clearly, for you are wiser than the religious fools; God Himself will call you to account for the blood that's on your hands...should OP take your 'wisdom' as encouragement that he is doinitrite TL;DR there's a lot of people in this ITT who are in a lot of trouble with Christ, The Judge of All the Earth ...you should have at least asked if it was possible that Hell exists

11 hours later 8210041 Anonymous (1.jpg 720x486 16kB)
>>8204850 OP, it doesn't seem like your upset and making a frantic decision. To be honest, your pretty calm at the moment. I commend and respect that, as it is your choice. I wish you happiness and peace in your final moments, OP. See you on the far side.

12 hours later 8210196 christfag
>>8210041 if you knew anything about mental health you would recognise that seeming quietude and resolve as the eye of the storm - not a place to make decisions in, but rather a place to hunker down adn wait for it to pass basically OP is in the throws of his delirium, and driven mad to the point where he thinks it's a really really good idea to kill himself and if he were hear to see your counsel, you would have only afforded him another excuse to do something that is going to hurt everyone around him and when i say everyone, i mean EVERY one, for a though a pebble's lost to the depths, it sends ripples round the world

12 hours later 8210304 Loser and proud of it
What method? Please tell!

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