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2013-07-23 08:58 7886882 Anonymous (1373858454651.png 462x320 73kB)
>today I was dumped by my boyfriend of 1 and 1/2 years >He was my only friend >I am a full introvert and struggle to/have no desire to make new friends >He said that I was too dependant on him and was sick of me being sick (Hardly my fault for having an unfortunate string of health problems) >literally have nothing else to live for >so fucking depressed right now and can't stop crying Help me. I had to talk myself out of jumping off of a parking building today. I might do it tomorrow and I also have some codene and tramadol here. What the fuck am I meant to do I literally have nothing to live for and I lvove him so much but when I tell him he says "people change"

2 min later 7886912 Anonymous
Take solace in the fact we fucking hate you. Yes we literally hate you more than the tripfags

2 min later 7886924 Anonymous
you'll always have us~

4 min later 7886950 Anonymous
Just get some ice cream and watch a few rom coms, sweetie. I'll be over tomorrow with some tampons, kleenex, and a matching set of "we hate men" t-shirts.

5 min later 7886965 Anonymous (1370582819049.gif 170x130 2061kB)
>>7885958 Nice try fuckface, Go back to reddit, and take this with you.

6 min later 7886980 Anonymous
>DO IT FAGGOT :D Seriously though it's not as bad as you think it is. You're in a dark place right now but that's no reason to do anything drastic. or maybe it's the perfect reason I don't know. The point is death is final and I can't imagine a greater regret then the regret felt by someone who changes their mind right after they step off the ledge. Be strong, and while there's nothing immoral or shameful about suicide (time honored tradition of the miserable) it's not a step to take lightly or on a whim over the loss of a boy or girl. Good luck.

7 min later 7886990 Anonymous
This sadness is momentary, just bear with it with some vidya .

7 min later 7886992 Anonymous

7 min later 7886997 Anonymous
>>7886965 What kind of edgemeister sets a dog on fire?

10 min later 7887034 Anonymous (1366988998728.gif 350x201 936kB)
>>7886912 Why :( >>7886990 But all my vidja I would play with him

10 min later 7887036 Anonymous
>>7886992 Darwinism at its finest. If you just stand there while you're being doused in gasoline you deserve a burning death.

10 min later 7887041 Anonymous
>>7887034 Well maybe you should play with yourself for a change!

11 min later 7887053 Anonymous
>>7887036 Well it's not like a dog knows what gasoline is.

11 min later 7887058 Anonymous
>>7887036 maybe the dog thought it was taking a shower fuck you what did the poor creature ever do to them?

12 min later 7887059 Anonymous
>>7887041 I do but I mean he would buy me hats and stuff so it just reminds me

12 min later 7887062 Anonymous (1351346951560.jpg 488x390 37kB)
You shouldn't allow your happiness to rest entirely on the shoulders of another. Find something for you. It will hurt less eventually and you will find somebody else.

12 min later 7887073 Anonymous
>>7886992 >>7886997 aw come on >>7886965 i now have the urge to set fire on a little dog.

13 min later 7887082 Anonymous
>>7887059 that was a double entendre :(

16 min later 7887126 Anonymous
This mad me sad. Don't kill yourself OP, at least not with codeine and tramadol. I doubt you would die from that, maybe just some horrible seizures or a coma. I don't know what to say to make you feel better, only that time heals all wounds. But I don't even know if that's true because I'm a socially awkward kissless virgin. I do hope you feel better though, whether this is a troll or not. I'll stay and chat or just listen if you want.

16 min later 7887134 Anonymous
>>7886965 Return to /b/, edgy cunt.

16 min later 7887135 Anonymous
>>7887126 made* correcting bloxxxx

18 min later 7887153 Anonymous
Tits already. Fuck

18 min later 7887157 Anonymous
>>7886882 before you will suicide post some nudes at least

20 min later 7887186 Anonymous
>>7887062 It hurts so much now though :( He told me everything was ok and took me home so I would suck his dick last night and then dumped me today. I'm angry and sad. >>7887126 Thanks, I just don't know where to begin to feel any better.

20 min later 7887189 Anonymous
>>7886882 >today I was dumped by my boyfriend of 1 and 1/2 years >He was my only friend >I am a full introvert and struggle to/have no desire to make new friends Yeah, I did that, except I had been with her for 6 years and we were engaged before she fucked another guy and left me for him in the space of a few days. >get on my level

21 min later 7887197 Anonymous
>>7887186 Email meh. I assume you're Australian?

22 min later 7887213 Anonymous
>>7887189 >wow jealous >>7887197 Nah kiwi

24 min later 7887231 Anonymous
>>7887213 Ugh you're no match for me. How are your blowjob skills anyway?

24 min later 7887236 Anonymous
>>7887189 has hoards of men gunning after her and stroking her ego already :((((

27 min later 7887259 Anonymous
>>7887189 Just because your situation sucks more doesn't mean that OP's doesn't suck too. You both got fucked over. >>7887186 I didn't think there would be anything to talk about anyways, I just said it to be comforting. It comforts me to think that in a couple of decades I will be dead and soon there will be no trace of my existence. It doesn't matter whether you stayed with him until you guys died or whether you never even met, you will both meet the same fate along with the rest of us. So there is no point dwelling on it, just grieve and try your best to move on. Not that it matters but I would highly suggest not getting back with him if he tries because he will do the same shit or even worse. Sounds like a real piece of shit, you're better off without him. Maybe make an OKCupid when you're ready.

27 min later 7887272 Anonymous
>>7887186 Sounds like a cunt. I'm sure you can do better than a cunt. >>7887189 That's fairly similar to what happened to me.

29 min later 7887288 Anonymous
get a minecraft mod or terraria, escape for a bit you'll always have us We love you

31 min later 7887309 Anonymous
>>7887288 >Play Minecraft and post on /r9k/ Do you want her to get worse?

31 min later 7887311 Anonymous
>>7887231 10/10 >>7887259 I just cant stand the thought of him moving on with someone else and me still being stuck loving him. >>7887272 I still love him and want him back though : >>7887288 I have Terraria but the zombies stress me out so much :S Tomorrow I might go to the indoor skiing place and just make myself go fast and do jumps and shit

32 min later 7887319 Anonymous
>>7887288 no, you desperate beta love her

33 min later 7887341 Anonymous
There really is no point in starting a relationship with someone who would die early.

36 min later 7887369 Anonymous
>>7886882 Assuming you're a girl, take this advice: DO NOT KILL YOURSELF. Really, doesn't matter if you're an introvert or not. There will always be a man to like you. If you're a man on the other hand, I suggest you find a more sophisticated way of suicide than jumping or OD.

36 min later 7887382 Anonymous
>>7887369 Its hilarious that you think she actually was going to kill herself.

39 min later 7887424 Anonymous
>>7887382 Well I met girls who reacted exactly that way. Believe it or not.

39 min later 7887426 Anonymous
>>7887311 I'm sure the hit and quit prick isn't the guy you fell in love with. That personality has since been overwriten. When it happened to me, I took my mind off it by sleeping and watching movies all day which I'm still doing, so I guess it didn't work too well.

40 min later 7887431 Anonymous
>>7887382 Even if she isn't she is still in pain and didn't deserve what she got. Pretty much anytime anyone mentions plans to commit suicide, girl or guy, they are crying out for help. I don't have anything better to do and I'm feeling compassionate. I don't want anyone to be in pain whether they are going to kill themselves or not.

40 min later 7887437 Anonymous
>>7887369 It's not about having someone else It's about not having him Is there are more sophisticated way?

41 min later 7887445 Anonymous
>>7887382 Never overestimate the logic of an upset woman.

51 min later 7887543 Anonymous
>>7887437 Well, I also met a girl who suffered from the same thing that you do. And I always wanted to give her this advice which I never did since it'd serve my personal benefit with her and that wouldn't be the right thing to do. But here it's alright. The thing is - if he dumped you, he had his reasons. He will not love you back again. If he ever comes back to you, and believe me he will try to, it will be only because other girls rejected him and now he's trying to settle for the worse (to him) but more stable. And all he'll ever want will be to fuck you and cut contact the next day. So please, do yourself a favour and move on. Do not dwell on the past. Whatever good was between the two of you is never coming back. Never. He's a different person that you used to be in love with. Really move on. Or otherwise you will miss someone else who will love you more and care about you because you will not be able to transfer your feelings from that fuck. But seriously isn't the fact that he dumped you enough to hate him to the point where you no longer love him?

57 min later 7887608 Anonymous
>>7887543 This actually helps me put it in perspective, thank you.

1 hours later 7887632 Anonymous
>>7887608 I really hope you move on from him. You'll spare yourself the suffering and probably the man who will love you but not be loved back won't suffer either. I was in the position of the said man and I can confirm it hurts like fuck. What would I give to have a girl love me so much to the point where she'd consider suicide if I dumped her...

1 hours later 7887653 Anonymous
>>7887632 It's not romantic. I feel pathetic and like a burden. And if I do it it will be "what a drama queen"

1 hours later 7887703 Anonymous
>>7887189 Where are you from? bloxbox

1 hours later 7887723 Anonymous
>>7887653 It is romantic if both sides love each other. Otherwise, well, it's just unrequited love. But no point in killing yourself for an asshole like that guy. I'm sure you will meet someone who will love you at least as much.

1 hours later 7887984 Anonymous
He's currently drinking at his friend's house... I thought he would be sad but I guess not :/

2 hours later 7888198 Anonymous (1371021723663.png 573x418 63kB)
>dumped by my boyfriend of 1 and 1/2 years >literally have nothing else to live for how abt living for yourself fgt don't validate your purpose in life through someone else. disgusting behaviour. and 18 months isn't that long for a relationship you must be underage

2 hours later 7888230 Anonymous
>he says you're too dependant on him >almost jump off a building naw op maybe you should get your life together

3 hours later 7888577 Anonymous
You'll get over it. I promise you, you'll get over it. And when you do, the mindset you're in right now will feel completely foreign to you. First, you'll be nothing but hurt and confused, next you'll know in your mind that the dude is a sniveling, spineless little prick who doesn't deserve your love, and finally it'll sink into your heart and you'll feel that way too. You can't really get rid of the pain until then, though. All you can do is know what that pain does and doesn't mean. It does mean that something you counted on has been pulled out from under you and you don't understand why. It also means that the way you do your life is going to change now in ways which you didn't want or expect, and it isn't gonna be easy to make that change. What it doesn't mean is that getting back with this guy will be good for you, that he must be feeling the same way you do, that you won't ever be happy again, or that this pain is more real than anything else.

3 hours later 7888711 Anonymous
>yesteday I was dumped by my girlfriend of 1 year >She was my only friend >I am a full introvert and struggle to/have no desire to make new friends >She said that she was too dependant on me and was sick of the heartbreak of our failing relationship >literally have nothing else to live for >so fucking depressed right now >the same day i find out my family as i know it is supposedly falling apart >the day after i find out my best friend is essentially gone >the day i realise that she's the only one that's ever been there for me, and that i need to work on making the relationship work so we can both be happy as a massive introvert, i struggle expressing emotions and just dealing with them in general. i've broken down for the first time since i can remember and i really don't know what to do with my life. i go to uni, and that's all i do. i don't work, i can't drive. i got to uni by staying at her house and walking on days that i had it, so now i can't really do uni. i have nothing right now. i'm working really hard on getting my shit together and have been applying for jobs like crazy, but i truly need her and i was too late. i feel for you so much right now OP. i never knew it was possible to feel like such an utter failure.

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