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2013-06-22 01:42 7436233 Anonymous (1.png 237x315 126kB)
I have a nose similar to the picture, and I'm very self-concious about it. I think if my nose wasn't so horrific I would actually be a fairly good looking guy. Just wondering, how much would it cost to have this fixed, and how would I go about it?

1 min later 7436247 Anonymous
>>7436233 >and how would I go about it? There are no camps for the ausrottung anymore, sorry.

1 min later 7436250 Thatshortguy
>>7436233 That means you have a high IQ, that not that bad.

3 min later 7436275 Anonymous
Contrary to popular belief, a hooked nose =/= jewnose. You're probably just British or broke it when you were a child, jews just have big noses in general.

4 min later 7436296 Anonymous
>>7436250 Seriously, I hate it so much. I am so careful not to be side-on with anyone, for fear that they will think I'm ugly as fuck

5 min later 7436304 Anonymous
>>7436233 Roughly $8000 if you just want it tidied up a bit. If you want a totally new schnoz then it's going to set you back closer to $20k. But then, there are risks. They might fuck it up, make you look worse. So you'll want to go for a really really good nose guy, not just a standard pleb who might not do a good job. So that's more like $40-50k. It's an expensive business.

6 min later 7436319 Anonymous
>>7436275 You're right on both accounts, I am british and I did break it when I was around 12

6 min later 7436323 Anonymous
>>7436233 Is this a nose thread? Can we post our noses?

8 min later 7436342 Anonymous
Thats cool nose OP, dont mess it up.

9 min later 7436360 Anonymous
>>7436233 OP, I actually think noses like that are really attractive and cool. I'm a guy, so. Sorry. Not gay. But just. I'm not gay. I'm not.

12 min later 7436386 Anonymous
>>7436319 OP, I myself have a prominent nose bridge, although a good bit more subtle than the one you posted. I think it gives my face character. And besides, it's not like I can change it. Well, in theory I could, but c'mon. Plastic surgery? Here in the UK people will think you are nuts if you do that. If the story gets out it will stop you from getting pussy way more than your nose. Plus you might end up looking terrible like Michael Jackson

13 min later 7436396 Anonymous (Thunderbird Films is an expanded multiplatform media production, distribution and rights management company based in Vancouver, BC, Cananda..jpg 65x115 6kB)
At least you can pass yourself off as Jewish. I like my nose, perfectly straight.

13 min later 7436402 Anonymous (sweaty schlomo.png 183x232 15kB)
>>7436304 >$20k Now I know why Jews just keep their hook noses

15 min later 7436421 Anonymous
>>7436233 you have an aquiline nose; it makes you appear wise and roman. why do you care what a bunch of plebs think?

16 min later 7436436 Anonymous
OP, tons of people have noses like that, it's so common that no one cares stop being so insecure.

18 min later 7436465 Anonymous
I have the same nose and it looks awesome.

18 min later 7436473 Anonymous (NANANANANANGOATMAN.png 679x906 580kB)
>>7436436 Well I for one care, I'm always examining peoples noses. Those noses suck ass on women though. Fine for men.

21 min later 7436506 Thatshortguy
>>7436473 He is shopped, right?

21 min later 7436509 Anonymous
Nah, don't do a nose job, btw why didn't you post a real picture of your nose, so we could judge you better

23 min later 7436541 Anonymous (nose.jpg 370x588 116kB)
>tfw Greek nose

23 min later 7436547 Anonymous
Gf has same nose and she's Puerto Rican

28 min later 7436603 Anonymous
>>7436541 Greek nose is best nose. Most male models have it.

29 min later 7436615 Anonymous
>>7436509 its very similar to the one I posted. Almost identical

34 min later 7436680 Anonymous
>tfw no qt crooked-nosed bf the funny thing about being attracted to men on /r9k/ is that they want to 'fix' the things I'm attracted to and it makes me fucking angry, why don't you all go and become normalfags since you're so obsessed with self-improvement and being attractive to the opposite sex... fucking faggots. I'd still cuddle you though OP

37 min later 7436725 Anonymous
If you're a woman, get it fixed. If you're a man, take pride in your nose. Unusual features are attractive.

39 min later 7436749 Anonymous
Try being a girl with a nose like that. :c

40 min later 7436773 Anonymous
>>7436725 >If you're a woman, get it fixed. >If you're a man, take pride in your nose. Are you going to call me a feminazi/tumblrfag/some other kneejerk name for thinking that this is wrong?

42 min later 7436803 Anonymous
I have that sort of nose too, it runs in the gamily even though I'm not a jew. My dad had a normal nose though so it's not that bad.

43 min later 7436818 napstunna
>>7436749 >>7436773 I've seen some really qt girls with that nose. It's not unattractive.

44 min later 7436823 Anonymous
>>7436773 A strong nose is a masculine feature Anonette. It makes women look absolutely stinkingly ugly.

46 min later 7436855 Anonymous
Move to a slav country and have rich bitches swarm all over you.

46 min later 7436859 Anonymous
>>7436823 That's true, but why would a woman need to get it fixed? That just shows how insecure she is. I think people should be happy with their faces and not try to fuck with them even if they're ugly.

1 hours later 7437753 Anonymous (unlucky-son.jpg 251x182 8kB)
>>7436319 >I am british and I did break it when I was around 12

4 hours later 7439603 Anonymous
I'm a grill with a wide bulbous nose, I used to sleep with a peg on it to try and make it thinner

4 hours later 7439797 Anonymous
If you can grow a beard, do so. Beards compliment big noses.

4 hours later 7439823 Ricky (B1 copy 3.png 435x562 443kB)
Oh you silly goose, you have to accept it since you cannot change it

4 hours later 7439838 Anonymous
>>7439797 >tfw big nose and can grow ok beard is this true? i hope it is. some sort of source, maybe?

4 hours later 7439842 Anonymous
>>7436233 OP confirmed for ein Jude.

4 hours later 7439933 Anonymous
Cost me 7.5k, and you look around for a good Plastic Surgeon. Don't just look on the internet either. From what I've seen, the average price for a good rhinoplasty ranges from about 6k to 10k. Some good rhinoplasties I've seen (but very rare) are in the 5k range and then of course there's some in the 10 to 20k range as well. The 10 to 20k range however, is usually reserved to a good secondary rhinoplasty, which is why it's better to pay a little more the first time rather than shelling out another 10k for a second rhinoplasty. Realself is a great site to get an idea of how the outcome is, and it's just people talking about their experiences and stuff. Look for somebody that does a fair amount of rhinoplasties. Look for how much experience they have too and if they were previously surgeons in other fields or if they just went into plastic surgery. Schedule a consultation and go in and talk to him or her, if they aren't what you want or you don't feel right, talk to another one.

4 hours later 7440006 Anonymous (0622130034.jpg 2048x1536 472kB)
is it really that bad fucking terrible picture yes but it's the best i can do

4 hours later 7440027 Anonymous
>>7436233 Try having OP's nose, 5'8, 125 lbs, a pencil neck, and a protruding adam's apple. Thank fucking god I'm slavic and I'll get fatter when i'm older, but right now, if it weren't for the nose and adam's apple, i'd be halfway okay.

4 hours later 7440030 Anonymous
>>7440006 What? It's straight.

5 hours later 7440055 Anonymous
>>7440027 Roman noses are the greatest on guys in my personal opinion. As somebody else in the thread said, they look dignified. And you can always eat more/lift, but count your blessings now with being skinny because with people that end up getting fatter as they get older, it kind of hits them, it's not a gradual weight gain

5 hours later 7440057 Anonymous
>>7440030 yeah i've always been really self-conscious about it though.

5 hours later 7440095 Anonymous
>>7440057 How so? Like, what part of it bothers you?

5 hours later 7440109 Anonymous
>>7436506 Fuck no. Haven't you heard about MidnightNick?

5 hours later 7440128 Anonymous (CrystalCastles_IMG_2053-2.jpg 480x372 50kB)
>>7436233 grow a beard and start an experimental electronic band

5 hours later 7440147 Uglyfag (2013-05-19 01-19-38.720.jpg 142x225 7kB)
Get on muh level, yo.

5 hours later 7440155 Anonymous
>>7440095 i don't know, i've just always been a little bothered by it. honestly it's one of my lesser physical issues. i care about it way more than the giant beer gut/tits/stretch marks from being a fat drunk, which really should bother me more.

5 hours later 7440162 Anonymous
>>7436859 Try being ugly and saying that.

5 hours later 7440168 Anonymous
>Tfw Roman nose They're not so bad, right guys?

5 hours later 7440179 Anonymous
I got it fixed for almost nothing A relative of mine is a lawyer and argued that it was causing me some kind of breathing difficulty covered by our insurance so the company had the pay for it. i still had to pay 500$ for the hospital bed though Looks ok but the surgeon left a few scars. Overall it was definitely worth the money.

5 hours later 7440189 Anonymous
>>7440147 Moron. You can't use the trip "uglyfag", you have the Jesse Eisenberg thing going for you. And he really fucked up with that really bad interview he did, so market yourself as a nice JE and you're golden >>7440155 I think it looks fine, honestly. Your nose is about as average as it gets; it's neither good nor bad. Like, there's really no character in it.

5 hours later 7440195 Anonymous
You cannot run from who you are. Mutilation will not improve you as your insecurities come from within, not from your appearance.

5 hours later 7440211 Anonymous
>>7440179 Insurance covers Septoplasty and some people can get Rhinoplasty covered under it too. If you have a deviated septum this might be the way to go. The only problem with this method is usually you'll be getting somebody like an ENT or a less experienced Plastic Surgeon (As in, it's not what they specialize in) doing the rhinoplasty and aren't worried about it on a "looks" level as much. There's a lot of room for error when choosing this method, glad your surgery went well though

5 hours later 7440216 Anonymous (Fyvush_Finkel.jpg 743x492 37kB)
Nothing wrong with a Roman nose. Patrician as fuck. No, it isnt a Jew nose. Jew noses actually hook. Hence the term hooked-nose jew.

5 hours later 7440245 Anonymous
>>7440168 Not at all. >>7440195 This is true, as you have to accept yourself, love yourself, exc. yadda yadda tumblr bullshit But in all honestly, you're right. Plastic Surgery should never be used as the "end all" to your insecurities; you'll find another thing to focus on when the last thing is "fixed." That's why you get so many people that get way more than one procedure done after they say they only want "just one;" rather than accepting who they are or getting therapy or something they just get surgeries, hoping they'll like how they look if they just get one more...

5 hours later 7440258 Anonymous
>>7440211 Yep, I remember my surgeon telling me it was only his 15th rhinoplasty. though I don't look as great as I expected (because of the scars) I look like I entirely different person now. I got my surgery 2 or 3 months after leaving HS, I've ran into some of my old classmates multiple times and they've never recognized me.

5 hours later 7440262 Uglyfag
>>7440189 >You can't use the trip "uglyfag", you have the Jesse Eisenberg thing going for you. I'll use the trip that I feel is appropriate. I'm sorta like a metaphorical brother to TUTF. I'm going to see a plastic surgeon on Tuesday next week anyway, so I guess I'll end up seeing what he can do to fix this shit up. Probably the worst thing is how the middle part of my face looks extruded. Like a shark.

5 hours later 7440349 Anonymous
>>7440262 I have no idea what you're talking about. What are you wanting them to do? I mean it is your face, do with it what you will, just think it through.

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