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2013-04-23 02:52 6613419 Anonymous (430888142_egg_face_flickr_xlarge.jpg 350x233 9kB)
>log containing every single post and picture you have made on 4chan >copy is given to every person you know irl Could you keep on living, is there anyone who would even tolerate you anymore?

5 min later 6613477 Anonymous
i'd end up in a crazy house or jail, so no

11 min later 6613539 Ozymsndias (image.jpg 900x544 159kB)
I'm only slightly less reserved on 4chan than I am in real life. Whilst the majority of people I know in real life already take issue with a lot of my opinions, they still choose to be my friends so I don't think they'd be too surprised or bothered if they read all my posts. Or maybe they would. Fuck knows.

12 min later 6613550 Anonymous
>"No, no no! See half that stuff is this thing called 'trolling', well, let me explain it to you...uh..."

12 min later 6613552 Anonymous
>>6613419 I would be picked up the cops and taken straight to a psych ward

13 min later 6613555 Ozymandias
>>6613539 >tfw I've misspelled my name For fuck's sake.

13 min later 6613559 Anonymous
no one would read it seriously if you know anyone that would sit through a pile of nonsense, then maybe they're not worth keeping in your life

13 min later 6613563 Anonymous
Is it given that they have read the whole thing and looked at every photo? This is crucial.

15 min later 6613573 Pachacutec
lol, I'm Pacha, of course I'd be fine. :3

16 min later 6613587 Anonymous
>>6613563 of course, this includes your close family, your crushes, bosses, everyone

17 min later 6613601 Anonymous
>>6613419 I'm more of a lurkre and less of a poster so, yes.

17 min later 6613610 Anonymous
>>6613419 ha, everyone i know irl already hates me. It wouldn't change anything.

19 min later 6613640 Anonymous (feelsgood.jpg 329x357 19kB)
>tfw effort-posting and earnest-posting 24/7 i wish my 4chan history would be made public. i'm rad as fuck

19 min later 6613649 Anonymous (paedofinder_general_1.jpg 423x300 12kB)
>those posts I made in a Bella Thorne thread on /tv/ I would be burned at the stake by an angry mob of tabloid newspaper readers.

20 min later 6613650 Anonymous
>>6613550 "so, uhm, you spend your days pretending to be retarded for complete strangers online?"

21 min later 6613678 Anonymous (TainakaRitsufull1255925_zpsa2cbeaae.jpg 335x1024 33kB)
I'm guessing that people would just tell me to get professional help. Mainly because of all the posts I make here talking about how all women are whores and how I want to kill myself, and also because of the posts I make on /c talking about how I want to cuddle and tenderly love Ritsu-chan but also how I want to fuck her brains out. I don't have any friends to begin with so it would affect me that much.

21 min later 6613683 Anonymous
>>6613650 >Y-yes but it's just to prove that THEY'RE the real retards!

22 min later 6613689 Anonymous
I think i would get arrested. But before they got me i would kill myself. Just thinking about this makes me nauseous

23 min later 6613705 Anonymous
>>6613587 Well I'm fine then. Sucks for you guys though!

23 min later 6613707 Anonymous
A legendary troll would be born that day

23 min later 6613710 Anonymous
>all those jew pics for /pol/ >various random shit >calling people fags >deep feels on certain threads Mixed bag.

25 min later 6613730 Anonymous (ah fuck it..png 562x581 100kB)
I'd definetly be jumping in front of a train.

28 min later 6613772 Anonymous (emilyspidey.jpg 400x400 134kB)
There's nothing to hide, except for my contributions to rage threads. I just hope whoever looks at it realizes that I enjoy the reactions and the stupidity and not the content itself.

35 min later 6613879 Anonymous (Emilysaurus.jpg 800x450 74kB)
>>6613772 I take that back, I posted some porn as well. It wasn't crazy stuff like Furry, Loli, Vore, Traps, etc. but I still prefer that no one sees it.

35 min later 6613885 Anonymous
I dunno about you two faced assholes, but I act like this in real life. And people appreciate me for it. I might want to explain one or two things I wrote that were context dependant, but that's it.

36 min later 6613899 Anonymous
it would not go well. it would not go well at all.

45 min later 6614022 Anonymous
yes, since they'd read one and think "wow this is some sick shit" and then read the second completely different and contradicting sick shit and realize everything I post on here is a joke and I'm not really a pedophile or racist or whatever I'm pretending to be that minute

46 min later 6614041 Anonymous
Jokes on you I don't know anyone in real life.

50 min later 6614111 Anonymous
Probably. Every now and then I'm mean to people who deserve it, only rarely trolled, but otherwise, I'm simply here to have a conversation with people. I guess there might be a few things I've admitted to that make me a disgusting human being - like the way I keep my house - but my closest friends know this about me, anyway.

52 min later 6614134 Anonymous
There'd be a lot of "McMichael claimed this post was a joke"

55 min later 6614174 Anonymous
Considering the amount of times I've posted about my pregnant women fetish, I would definitely lose some friends.

1 hours later 6614251 Anonymous
I think the only posts I would regret are some of my very first posts. I was a Class-A lurker for many years though, so hopefully that thwarted some possible spaghet on my behalf.

1 hours later 6614266 Anonymous
>>6614174 Ditto for anal fisting and dickgirls.

1 hours later 6614301 Anonymous
I'd probably fine. I've only postes maybe 50 times in the 2 or so years I've been lurking. My lurk to post ratio is quite respectable.

1 hours later 6614344 Anonymous
The only thing that would really be hurtful are my posts about the horrible pain of having a small dick. Then again, I have no friends. It'd just be given out to a bunch of people I vaguely know so I don't care.

1 hours later 6614378 Anonymous
No I could not. Considering I've participated in "What's your fetish?" threads multiple times.

1 hours later 6614476 Anonymous
>>6613419 I don't shitpost much, so I'd probably be fine. I'd still rather that never happened though. I still go to great lengths to hide my browsing of this site, even if it isn't a secret clubhouse.

1 hours later 6614522 Anonymous
I would lose most of my friends, and then go on a grand journey to find someone in this wild and uncaring world who could accept me for what's on this log. This would be the final entry. They would think that was kind of cool too.

1 hours later 6614534 Anonymous
I feel like the mundane shit would outweigh the embarrassing/incriminating shit so I wouldn't really have to worry. Of course once people find the bad shit and start sharing it with each other then I'm screwed.

1 hours later 6614535 Anonymous (asuka2.jpg 730x548 43kB)
Only if the same thing happened to everyone else, then we'd be much more open to each other.

1 hours later 6614543 Anonymous
>>6613885 I'm not really that different in my posting style than I am IRL either. It's strange.

1 hours later 6614553 Anonymous
>>6613419 I'd probably get an intervention or someshit for my Munchausen syndrome. My girlfriend would probably leave me. Ehm... Yeah if everybody bothered to read through it all then my entire facade of a character and personality would crumble down around me.

1 hours later 6614584 Anonymous (1357528693251s.jpg 87x125 2kB)
>never shitposted >barely post eh

1 hours later 6614831 Anonymous
The first 30 pages were setting building. Fuck, I actually wish I had those.

1 hours later 6614899 Anonymous
Honestly I think I could, I haven't posted anything super outrageous. The only thing I could see me getting any looks for is when I dumped SWEEEEET on /a/ because of some of the reverse rape scenes with high schoolers at the begining.

1 hours later 6614911 Anonymous
If you got rid of the shit I posted on /b/, they could probably deal with it. Mostly just trolling and insulting people.

1 hours later 6614975 Anonymous
I love you, A. You know who you are. You are the only person I would write this to. I am completely in love with you. No matter what you do, you're fucking fantastic. You are amazing in literally every single way. I act like I'm moving on, but I'm not. I think about you so fucking much. When you send me a message or talk to me, it does something to me that I can't control. I just feel better. For the longest time I thought that you had broken me, and that I didn't know how to fix myself. Then I realized that I was already broken, and you had fixed me. Without you, I simply fall back apart again. You hold me together. I need you...please I need you to give me another chance. Every person I know is going to see this, and this is the most personal thing I've ever put out there. I don't care anymore. I want them to know. I need you to know. I can't get over you. >this is what I want her to see, regardless of who else sees it >everything else is pretty harmless

3 hours later 6616243 Anonymous
>>6614975 Nice job killing the thread with your gay ass whining faggot

3 hours later 6616273 Anonymous
"wow you really like pokemon anon" "you realllllllllllly like pokemon" :l

3 hours later 6616319 Anonymous (1366500366312.jpg 264x215 10kB)
I have nothing to hide. People would skim it at best and see a lot of pictures of jack frost.

3 hours later 6616402 Soop
>girlfriend has already seen my 2000+ folder of marceline Gf might be mad about the two times I posted pics of her, but whatever. I try to make an effort not to shitpost and when I do all the people I know irl would know I'm just talking shit.

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