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2013-04-17 12:30 6526696 Anonymous (122653437654.jpg 1024x768 28kB)
Acne thread? Acne thread. I've been suffering from mild to heavy acne since I was 15, I guess it peaked at 22, I'm 25 now and I'd say I don't look like a monster (like I used to), but I'm pretty far to look decent for my standards. The last year I've been on a super strict routine which includes a wheat/gluten/meat/sugar free diet, lots of sunlight and supplements (zinc/vit a/omega3) and a pretty healthy lifestyle (I exercise and sleep well, I don't drink alcohol nor smoke cigarretes), anyways nothing seems to work 100%. I've always tried to keep a positive attitude towards this situation but today I finally feel hopeless. I'm really afraid to go out, I feel so anxious about everything, I couldn't stand someone looking me in the eye, the worst thing is I HAVE to go out, I have a job, it's really painful going there, the worst is that every day this feeling intensifies, the feeling of being ashamed about who you are. I didn't use to be like this, but now I can't help it, I don't want to die, I've been waiting for this to be over for so long... I wish I could sleep for a few years. Thank you /r9k/, I had to vent. >TL:DR; post your acne related feels

0 min later 6526708 Anonymous
>tfw acne on arms you don't know the feels i've feeled

1 min later 6526726 Anonymous
>have acne since 13 >stopped drinking milk/eating cheese/any form of dairy >stopped having acne almost immediately, skin is now flawless go vegan. do iiiit.

3 min later 6526746 Anonymous
>>6526726 That's not vegan. that's just not eating dairy.

5 min later 6526769 Anonymous (123476543764.jpg 500x750 151kB)
>>6526726 I forgot it, I'm on dairy free diet aswell, happy to hear about your success, bro. >>6526708 Picture related.

7 min later 6526786 Anonymous
I know that feel op, but go see a dermatologist and get a health check up. Acne is not really related to diet and lifestyle, though being healthy probably does help with complexion.

8 min later 6526799 Anonymous
>>6526769 what do you usually eat? seems like you only eat vegetables...

17 min later 6526900 Anonymous
>>6526786 Last time i went to a dermatologist my face broke up really badly, before that I treated my acne using benzoyl peroxide for 6 years, but I found out it's really bad for your health (cancer) so I quit it and started this diet (my face looks a bit better right now). >>6526799 Lots of vegetables, fruits and legumes, rice and gluten free pasta, I drink green smoothies for my breakfast too.

18 min later 6526919 Anonymous
>>6526900 Benzoyl peroxide doesn't cause cancer you fucking idiot. And if it hasn't worked after six years why don't you bite the bullet and go on Accutane? Sure there are a shit load of potential side effects but most of them are reversible and will dissapear after you discontinue taking it.

23 min later 6526972 Anonymous
>>6526708 >tfw acne on legs, back, front, arms, neck, face... get on my level son... or don't... it's terrible

27 min later 6527022 Anonymous
>>6526919 Even though it might not cause cancer (google it) I feel like it was such a waste of money, I mean, today my face looks just like when I used benzoyl peroxide, perhaps a bit better. My dermatologist didn't want to put me on Accutane, and I'm not sure if I'd want to after what I've read.

29 min later 6527049 Anonymous (1348825643668.jpg 3500x4194 656kB)
>the feeling of being ashamed about who you are

30 min later 6527056 Anonymous
I know how you feel. The worst kind of zits are Nose zits....no way that people can not notice em...and it's worse that they don't go away. If there's a whitehead, and you pop it, because who wants to be seen with a whitehead, the zit will get really really red and make it look like you were punched in the face. Shit fucking sucks. I've missed classes on several occasions because of acne.

31 min later 6527072 Anonymous
>go see a dermatologist >am rated an 8/10 on how severe it is >honestly thought it was a 6 at best >Not bad but not good either >prescribes something - doesn't work >fuck it I'll start lifting instead Stop being a bitch OP. You shouldn't live your life in fear

37 min later 6527130 Anonymous
>>6527056 >I've missed classes on several occasions because of acne I used to do that when I was in college, nowadays I cant skip job hours, those are the worst days. >>6527072 I admire you, bro, does lifting change anything?

42 min later 6527206 Anonymous
>>6527130 Being aesthetic has boosted my confidence considerably. Shame I can't do anything about the face though, just smile a lot

1 hours later 6527406 Anonymous
>>6527206 >I can't do anything about the face Sure?

1 hours later 6527586 Anonymous
>>6526726 How on earth could someone not drink milk, it's the best thing since, well, milk. If I have to stop drinking milk Id just kill myself, it's one of the few things I still enjoy. I salute your determination tho. Damn, Now I want some milk.

1 hours later 6527641 Anonymous
>>6527586 Eating has become a matter of subsistence, I'd kill for a glass of milk.

1 hours later 6527704 Anonymous
>>6527586 >tfw dairy allergy Oh yes batman I'd kill for that

1 hours later 6527724 Anonymous
anybody here have perioral dermatitis? Mine does not seem to want to go away. It disappears if I take antibiotics or creams provided by a dermatologist, but then just comes back gradually. It's like a reddish blotchy patch beneath my mouth, to the left and right. I know it's not as bad as bad acne, but I don't know, it fucking sucks having a rash-looking area right around my mouth. As if there weren't enough obstacles to overcome being a 29 year old kissless virgin.

1 hours later 6527771 Anonymous
>tfw no more acne but still living with scars

1 hours later 6527783 Anonymous
Had my acne since I was 14 im 21 now and i still get a bit but its finally starting to go away(i think) Got tons of red marks left over though that will take a year or so to fade because the marks were from big ass lumps of acne that i get. Sucks man I feel for you, keep that diet going its the only thing that works for me. Try intermittent fasting

1 hours later 6527815 Anonymous
>>6527783 >intermittent fasting I'll look that up, have you tried ACV for your red marks?

1 hours later 6527845 Gunnar (image.jpg 300x300 41kB)
>tfw zitzilla for all of middle school and half of high school >mfw

1 hours later 6527860 Anonymous
haha oh god you disgusting faggots We've had a guy in class who had severe acne and we used to call him moonface until he left school god damn it was he a loser

1 hours later 6527870 Anonymous
>>6526696 one word retin-a.

1 hours later 6527904 Anonymous
>tfw QT 3.14 is feeling my vibes >tfw face starts breaking out >tfw have to postpone plans til the scourge recedes fml

1 hours later 6527931 Anonymous
>>6527860 Not even close, man. You'll have to do better than that. >>6526726 >no dairy Yeah, this right here. I know it's hard (I love milk, pizza, ice cream...mmm) but it's way worth it. And if you've got insurance or can otherwise afford it, it's totally worth seeing a dermatologist. Mine prescribed me doxycycline which is great. Combined with daily showers, no dairy, fresh pillow sheets, antibac(k)terial bodywash and sensitive skin detergent, I'm finally almost rid of that shit.

1 hours later 6527932 Anonymous
>>6527815 i use raw honey and lemon and that seems to be helping.

1 hours later 6527957 Anonymous
>>6526786 There's a lot of acne myths, but there has been shown to be a positive relationship between dairy products and acne. Something to do with hormones, I believe. I always thought drinking lots of milk was normal, but it's turns out it's a pretty American thing. I mean other countries drink milk sometimes, but pretty much only us drink so much so frequently.

1 hours later 6527979 Anonymous
Been to derm, nothing has amanged to work. On top of the acne my fac eis perpetually oily. Apparently I have genetically-predisposed acne which is worse and never goes away. I know I;m never going to get gf so oh well.

1 hours later 6527990 Anonymous
>tfw ice pick holes on cheeks Fuck, they are so cute. Too bad women don't like cute.

1 hours later 6528008 Anonymous
>>6527932 Great, I really plan to do this holistically.

1 hours later 6528050 Anonymous
>>6527904 I know this feel too well.

2 hours later 6528104 Anonymous
>>6527957 Positive meaning milk gives you acne?

2 hours later 6528121 Anonymous
I used to get pimples one at a time on my cheeks, although each one was huge. They stopped after high school, but now I have pretty disgusting scars on both sides of my face. Is there any way to treat acne scars?

2 hours later 6528133 Anonymous
>>6528104 Yeah, milk and sugar increase acne. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-ma rk-hyman/do-milk-and-sugar-cause-a_ b_822163.html I'm sure you could find a better source, but I'm too drunk for that shit.

2 hours later 6528169 Anonymous
>>6528133 >_822163.html Alcohol gives you the acne too, my friend.

2 hours later 6528198 Anonymous
Wash your face when you get up, after work/school/, and before you go to bed. Also, wash your sheets, or at least switch out your pillowcase often. These 2 things helped me just as much as any face cream ever seemed to.

2 hours later 6528242 Anonymous
>>6528198 How doy you wash it?

2 hours later 6528355 Anonymous
>>6528169 That's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

2 hours later 6528566 Anonymous
>>6528355 This, life wouldn't be worth living without it.

3 hours later 6529112 Anonymous
>>6527845 Do you have any scars left?

5 hours later 6530326 Anonymous
>>6529112 My face is full of scars.

5 hours later 6530378 Anonymous
>tfw face doesn't look bad in my house mirrors >look in a mirror under white light/look into a car mirror >face looks like absolute shit Also >tfw my school has those glaringly bright white lights with low ceilings I can't imagine what I look like during classes..

5 hours later 6530397 Anonymous
>possess every undesirable gene possible >except acne >tfw still happy with genetics.

5 hours later 6530467 Anonymous
>tfw my back and chest are covered with acne scars and I might never be able to comfortably take off my shirt again

5 hours later 6530519 Anonymous
>>6530397 This hurtsblox.

5 hours later 6530718 Anonymous
>tfw all girls are expected to have impeccably perfect back skin and I'm the only one riddled with bacne

5 hours later 6530772 Anonymous (1360843842349.jpg 1182x549 232kB)
I went on a 3 hour odyssey today just to go to a local drugstore. But I got everything I needed. These numbers aren't going to kill you. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ 6407

5 hours later 6530846 Anonymous
>>6530772 Oh god, that sounds brutal.

5 hours later 6530863 Anonymous
>>6530846 Outside, not even once

6 hours later 6530883 Anonymous
>have severe acne from ages 12-15 >turn 16 >it goes away completely, no scars >thisisok.jpg

6 hours later 6530951 Anonymous
>>6530772 Please read this, my good friend. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/to pic/234595-vitamin-a/

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