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2013-02-26 11:14 5841776 Anonymous (images (1).jpg 201x251 6kB)
>post in thread >thread dies instantly Every time. Even on 4chan I'm a loser.

1 min later 5841780 Anonymous
me too, here i'll end this one for you

2 min later 5841784 Anonymous (1347598165502.jpg 499x647 93kB)
Are you me? Inb4 this is the last post in your thread

2 min later 5841785 Anonymous
so why did you think making a thread was a good idea? sage because OPs a loser

2 min later 5841787 Anonymous
>Type out long response to a thread >"Thread specified does not exist"

2 min later 5841789 Anonymous
>>5841776 I know that feeling. I got ya back mate.

5 min later 5841800 Anonymous
>>5841776 holy shit OP, i've had this same exact dilemma. once i make a post or something in a thread, it just goes totally dead, even if there was a discussion going on. i don't know why it happens, it has happened multiple times. it's like walking into a room, farting, and having everbody go dead silent. it's weird.

5 min later 5841803 Anonymous
>>5841787 Almost as bad as >type well thought-out useful on topic response >no one replies after you and thread dies

7 min later 5841813 Anonymous
>>5841787 Man that happened me just yesterday when that guy posted his 'choose/roll for one of these 9 girlfriends' image and the thread vanished.

8 min later 5841817 Anonymous
Back when I wasn't a 26 year old NEET sorceror, I used to occassionally go out drinking with friends. I remember one of them, Mikael, earned the nickname "the trainwreck" because whenever he entered the conversation, it literally stopped right there because whatever he said ended up being something really depressing or final.

10 min later 5841829 Anonymous
>>5841817 Don't worry anon, I'll post last so it doesn't happen to you.

12 min later 5841845 Anonymous
We will find a way to out-loser you, just to take away the last thing you excel at.

13 min later 5841851 Anonymous
>>5841803 >waiting for those replies next to your post >they never come

13 min later 5841855 Anonymous
>>5841776 >Worried you killed the thread >UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE >Someone else posts >Wave of relaxation flows through you

15 min later 5841863 Anonymous
>Make an obviously troll post >Ends up getting taken seriously >Come back to tons of replies >Can't play the "I was pretending to be retarded" card

19 min later 5841883 Anonymous
Nope it's always me OP

30 min later 5841942 Anonymous
>>5841883 Almost. Not today bud.

36 min later 5841969 Anonymous
>>5841863 I was replying to a guy but using worst like: "Whilst, good sir, ye ghast, etc." My whole post was written in old english. It was obviously a joke. I get called out for being an fedora wearing autist and all of that jazz. I keep replying to people in old english. They keep thinking I'm serious even though I'm obviously trolling at this point. I admit I was just trying to have fun with my post. >LEL I WAS JUST PRETENDING You just can't joke around anymore...

38 min later 5841976 Anonymous (1356855339279.jpg 2560x1440 1598kB)
>>5841969 >he got reverse trolled!

40 min later 5841983 Anonymous
No OP, I am the thread slayer around here

54 min later 5842043 Anonymous
I have it worse. I post in threads all the time and never get replies. The thread just keeps going like I never posted at all

58 min later 5842055 Anonymous
>>5841855 >Thread doesn't die >Nobody notices, replies, comments to your post It's the same either way, no one cares what I have to say

2 hours later 5842398 Anonymous
if someone is going to kill OPs thread it will be me

2 hours later 5842423 Anonymous
>>5841969 I recall that post anon. Also >swamii posts >neckbears froth at the mouth >insta-thread derail and luls

2 hours later 5842428 Anonymous

2 hours later 5842441 Anonymous
This thread will now die

2 hours later 5842492 Anonymous
oh hey OP you still here

2 hours later 5842513 Anonymous
>>5842043 I know your feel. The only time I get a reply is when I make off-topic reply and derailing the thread.

4 hours later 5843511 Anonymous
keeping the dream alive

4 hours later 5843523 Anonymous
>>5841803 even worse is when the thread is booming and no one replies I started making my posts shorter and less thought out because of that

9 hours later 5846390 Anonymous
saved from page eight

10 hours later 5847371 Anonymous
I love you OP. I'm glad that's not original.

11 hours later 5847803 Anonymous
testing thread killing

11 hours later 5847810 swami
>post in thread >suddenly it gets a billiontrillion million ;3 replies and becomes popular i dunno

11 hours later 5847817 Anonymous
>tfw ignored in real life >tfw ignored on 4chan I don't want to feel anymore...

11 hours later 5847840 Anonymous
>>5847810 here, op, I'll do you a favor. Swami is a dude, can't speak polish, and is so lonely he needs to pretend to be a girl on the internet just so people will pay attention to him. Prove me wrong. Oh, that's right. You can't.

11 hours later 5847850 Anonymous
>>5847840 pls stop replying man just fill the report and leave it. jebac policje

11 hours later 5847898 Anonymous
It ends here!

11 hours later 5847915 Anonymous
>>5847898 no it doesnt I will end this

11 hours later 5847928 Anonymous
just make a thread about unoriginal, unfunny, and overdone content. That'll get lots of responses.

11 hours later 5848004 Anonymous
>>5847928 Don't worry anon, Your post won't be the last one. I've got this. Just like Bruce Willis in armageddon, I'm going down with his thread.

11 hours later 5848020 Anonymous (1358413964773.png 846x744 62kB)
>>5847928 THIS IS NOW A >tfw no gf THREAD

11 hours later 5848102 Anonymous (1358498574813.jpg 983x758 101kB)
>>5848020 I am done feeling that fucking feel.

12 hours later 5848864 Anonymous (4jbkns9.jpg 1102x967 127kB)
>>5848020 are you trying to make me feel again you son of the bitch

15 hours later 5851016 Anonymous (1350183576567.jpg 106x126 2kB)
c'mon thread, let's die.

15 hours later 5851447 Anonymous (src_1339102608665.png 500x583 89kB)
>>5851016 let's not This thread will never die, just like my spirit.

18 hours later 5853233 Anonymous (1361932090133.gif 300x222 512kB)
>>5851447 >tfw this thread is still alive

18 hours later 5853268 Anonymous (1360707414892.jpg 360x295 43kB)
>post in a thread >respond to someone's tfw >thread dies even on 4chan i feel alone

18 hours later 5853301 Anonymous
The thread dies because they know it's you who's gonna post. They all say "oh shit anon is coming quick delete the thread"

18 hours later 5853302 Anonymous
The more sincere I am about a post the greater chance of it not being responded to. I even avoid obvious troll threads, but still if I say haw I really feel without embellishing no one cares. I guess even on 4chan I am boring.

18 hours later 5853343 Anonymous
I have found that posting in feels or relationshit threads with "I am a 29 year old kissless handholdless virgin" tends to either kill the thread or get me no responses even if my situation stands out the most in a loser competition thread. It's turning into some kind of weird masochistic thing. I might start opening with that even in threads totally unrelated to it.

18 hours later 5853378 Anonymous
Most times I post in a thread nobody replies to my comment. I have a pretty good idea why too. My posts are either too rude or not in the general consensus of what people want to hear.

19 hours later 5854203 Anonymous
>>5853268 You are not alone, I love you.

19 hours later 5854439 Anonymous
>tripfag circlejerk brigade shows up halfway through a thread and completely ruins it every time

19 hours later 5854451 Anonymous
No OP. You are a winner. We are all winners. Embrace that.

21 hours later 5855413 Anonymous
>>5841851 I'll not let you fall to that fate once again.

21 hours later 5855456 Anonymous
>>5853378 most likely your posts are just boring making rude or controversial posts is the #1 way to get replies on 4chan

21 hours later 5855470 Anonymous
Damn, and I thought I was the only one. No one ever responds to my posts, either. It's like I don't even exist on the internet.

21 hours later 5855488 Anonymous
>>5855470 Don't worry anon, I will take this bullet for you. >start a new thread that isn't bitching >get 3 replies >start a troll cum on her face thread, >get 400 replies r9k blows and moot needs to kill it.

21 hours later 5855489 Anonymous
>>5841776 you cant actually be a loser in 4chan. i mean, it os anonymous. just detach yourself from your fucking ego a bit, and in the vase tje thread dies, make a new one with your comment. if it doesnt catch try later again

21 hours later 5855495 Anonymous
>>5854439 >tfw you're afraid to make any friends with people online for fear of it devolving into a circlejerk I don't even know what to do with myself anymore So I guess I'll just kill the thread instead.

21 hours later 5855497 Anonymous
>>5855488 Oh yeah, that's the life of r9k.

21 hours later 5855520 Anonymous
>>5855489 >Did this once on /v/ a few hours after getting 4 replies to a topic. >"Fucking faggot, how many times are you going to make this shit thread?!? SAGE! SAGEEEEE!" Well at least that time I got 7 replies.

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