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2019-10-10 03:22 54806812 Burgerkeep Frogs and Feels Tavern (wojak_barkeep2 (1).jpg 900x639 96kB)
Good evening everyone and hope you are all doing well tonight. It's starting to get more chilly outside and the Fall season is finally upon us so for tonight we are having a special on all our Oktoberfest beers. Come on in, grab a seat, and tell your ole barkeep what's on your mind. Currently on jukebox: https://youtu.be/ybYaONaws9k

23 min later 54807087 Anonymous
ah shit, i'm going to bed but ill give you a bump and i hope the thread stays alive have a gud night

25 min later 54807107 Anonymous
Hey barkeep. Feeling fancy today so I'll have a Tanqueray martini, dry, up and with a twist. Still not over my oneitis, so make it strong.

28 min later 54807132 Burgerkeep (tanqueray martini.jpg 1200x630 83kB)
>>54807107 Good choice. Did you guys ever date?

33 min later 54807182 Anonymous
Made perfectly, thank you. We hang out as friends, mainly getting food together. She said she's not interested in a relationship. It's not a great situation. But I don't really have enough friends where I can just drop her over unrequited feelings.

34 min later 54807187 Anonymous
>>54806812 Good song. I'll just have some orange juice. I feel inadequate compared to nearly everyone in my life. Everyone has a job, or friends, or a car, or passions. I tried to get a job, I tried to make friends, I tried to get my license. And I'm starting to realize that I have no passions in my life that can ever lead to anything productive.

39 min later 54807232 Anonymous
>>54806812 Say barkeep can I get something wet to wipe this chill of my bones.

47 min later 54807298 Burgerkeep (orange juice.jpg 600x600 72kB)
>>54807187 How old are you? You're not alone in the feeling of inadequacy. >>54807182 Sounds like it might cause more harm to keep your thing going. It will hurt man but you know yourself

48 min later 54807304 Burgerkeep (water in glass.jpg 860x460 67kB)
>>54807232 Not sure what that entails so I'll start you off with a nice glass of water

49 min later 54807320 Anonymous (7EAA6B48-B037-4ECB-9A6D-907C250D54A1.jpg 840x552 122kB)
>>54806812 I feel like the anon that I have been talking to is losing interest in me. I cant stand this feeling of helplessness.

51 min later 54807341 Anonymous
Heya barkeep. A double whiskey, please, and a glass of water. I suppose I still have to get up in the morning, but I don't see why I should bother.

55 min later 54807391 Anonymous
>>54807320 Ask them to be honest and tell you how they feel.

57 min later 54807407 Burgerkeep (2 fingers.jpg 275x183 6kB)
>>54807341 What's in the morning for you? School or work? Something keeps you going day to day

58 min later 54807416 Anonymous
>>54807298 I'm 19. I know I still have a lot ahead of me and a lot of time, but I just feel like shit because everyone is getting there faster than me.

58 min later 54807420 Anonymous
>>54807407 School. There's someone I keep going for, but I only see her every other day. I'm disgustingly in love with someone I can never have. Not because I'm unlikable, just because she's happily married. Even has a great kid. I'm not bitter about it, and I have nothing against the guy; he makes her happy and her happiness is all I could ever want. My day is always brightened when I see her. If anything, I'm mad at myself for feeling this way. I wish I could stop being so gross. But she cares about me, and I'd die for her, and I can live with our relationship staying like this.

59 min later 54807428 Burgerkeep
>>54807416 Getting where faster college? Vast majority of kids your age have no fucking clue what they are doing even if they're in school

59 min later 54807432 Anonymous
I think my cat is dying. If she dies I'm gonna stab msyself to death if not then i will be happy i don't want her to die I really really don't wanna lose her vet said they really couldn't pinpoint why shes sick so I think it will be a 50% chance she dies or survives

1 hours later 54807448 Anonymous
>>54807420 those severus snape feels

1 hours later 54807451 Anonymous
>>54807182 asked her out today, she got a man yesterday apparently. Still have my lab work with her once a week for a year

1 hours later 54807462 Anonymous
what's a good drink for dealing with the tragedy of life itself? not much into drinking, usually, but I might have dug my own grave when I embraced isolation and knowledge instead of blissful ignorance. everywhere I look there are false ideologies and TV lies. maybe I was born with a curse from the beginning, but I just can't pretend I'm satisfied or happy. I feel like I'm just an actor in a meaningless play. nothing is real, and I can't read the script. I'm alone, and I don't think I can handle taking care of anyone, or being taken care of. what do you say? what should I do with my life?

1 hours later 54807472 Anonymous
>>54807448 Did you miss the part where I said I'm not bitter, don't hate her husband, and I'm not going to become a magic nazi and bully her child after she dies? Damn you actually got me feeling offended here.

1 hours later 54807480 Anonymous (ScareCrow.jpg 480x360 49kB)
>>54807320 Wow that's harsh, try killing your self. It'll make you, him, and everyone feel better.

1 hours later 54807487 Anonymous (negbeard.jpg 592x343 40kB)
Has hedonism any truth in it? I rarely leave my comfort zone anymore and focus on maximizing pleasure. I use too much alcohol, coffee and masturbation. I'm very bad at moderation and too lazy to go to the gym every week even though I know it makes me feel good.

1 hours later 54807514 Anonymous
>>54806812 Give me an Oktoberfest, good sir. My problem is that my inner voice is trying to convince me that I'm poison, that I'm still toxic. I've been to the doctor years ago, and they cleared me. Went again this week and have to wait a week or 2 for results.... the wait might kill me.

1 hours later 54807546 Anonymous (amaretto disaronno.jpg 210x350 17kB)
>>54806812 Why does that wojak have a bunch of stuff edited on/with him? Got the original? I'll trade you another bar wojak for the original of the OP pic. Also, I'll have a small glass of amaretto disaronno and a piece of chocolate cake to go with it. Today has been a decent day, I'm feeling good. Despite the fact that I lost a valuable piece of equipment today, and a whole bunch of other school supplies, I still feel oddly good. Accepted a new pattern of thinking/feeling. Maybe I just finally developed nerves of steel, or stopped taking things so seriously, but I feel perfectly ok, which isn't how I usually feel. Here's to new, good feels boys.

1 hours later 54807558 Burgerkeep
>>54807462 Any booze will do but that's a slippery slope my friend. I am sorry but no one can answer those questions for you. You seem like someone who could thrive alone doing literally anything but you won't know until you just take the leap

1 hours later 54807566 Burgerkeep (great-lakes-oktoberfest-lager-12oz-sgl.png 500x500 120kB)
>>54807514 Cleared you for what exactly?

1 hours later 54807575 Burgerkeep (bar2.jpg 1092x695 187kB)
>>54807546 Here's the original. It's classic but it's also necessary to give new ones a chance.

1 hours later 54807582 Anonymous
>>54807472 Could just be my own personal perspective but I don't think it would be possible for me or most people to not be bitter in your situation, so I assume on some level really deep down you must be. Now I've gone and made myself sad.

1 hours later 54807615 Anonymous
>>54807582 I was never in with a chance, so why should I feel like I've been cheated out of anything? It's ok. She's happy, and I love her so much that her happiness makes me feel alright. Don't be sad. We're all in this together.

1 hours later 54807675 Anonymous
>>54807615 I truly cannot even begin to wrap my head around that. I just don't think I'm wired that way.

1 hours later 54807699 Anonymous
I like a chick. She might like me too. At least her messages are pretty explicit. I'm kind of scared to be honest. I was feeling things I've never felt before couple of weeks ago, but we're far apart and I've managed to distance myself a little. But then she tells me shit that I don't know what to make of. If everything she says is true then she's definitely in love with me, but she might be lying. She might be just playing me. Still, whenever I get one of those hopelessly romantic messages I can't help but feel that agonizing pain of being infatuated with someone who you don't know when you'll see them again. She's all I ever think about anymore.

1 hours later 54807702 Anonymous (anime drink swishing.gif 500x400 327kB)
>>54807575 I got that one, my dude. I meant the original of the current OP pic, since it looks photoshopped. How are you doing, my dude?

1 hours later 54807718 Anonymous
>>54807699 Give it a shot and see. Why not, right? But don't get lost in her eyes, maybe she has a deeper, more cynical motive to her sudden actions. How long has she been "into you", so to speak?

1 hours later 54807738 Anonymous
Escapism is failing me and I don't know what to do but I'm too afraid of hurting my family to kill myself. I've been severely depressed for years, haven't had friends or ever been close to anyone in my life. People just don't care about anyone different than them.

1 hours later 54807745 Anonymous
>unifag >tutoring older married woman in calculus like I do once every week >she makes me baked goods in return >today she says that she wants to "fulfill her motherly instincts" by helping me meet a girl who she knows is smart >takes me to a spare classroom with some other students in it studying together, including the girl >she's looks like my perfect looksmatch and is smart enough to solve calculus problems on the board very rapidly >don't know what to say, so just give an autistic "hello, I'm anon." >make eye contact with her. >she gives me a weird look that I don't know how to read >continue teaching the older woman calculus until I have to leave >correct an error the girl made on the board before leaving What do you guys think of this?

1 hours later 54807753 Anonymous
>>54807718 I don't know, couple of months, but we've only seen each other twice. I kind of got my shit together, at least I'm not neglecting any other areas of my life, but my sleep is all fucked and so is my mood. I've got no idea if I feel good or bad but I definitely don't feel normal. Can't help but feel things for her tho. That is just something beyond what's under my control.

1 hours later 54807775 Anonymous (tenor.gif 220x220 37kB)
My poop has been vibrantly green for the past few days. I haven't been eating any copious amounts of green vegetables. It's freaking me out.

1 hours later 54807789 Anonymous
>>54807775 I did not mean to post this here.

1 hours later 54807811 Burgerkeep (wojak_barkeep2.jpg 900x639 346kB)
>>54807702 Oh my bad. I'm doing good and just chilling watching The Boys. Pretty comfy show

1 hours later 54807836 Anonymous
>>54807775 Sounds like excess bile in your system

1 hours later 54807853 Anonymous (E2C30C77E4CE4C51BF8944D9EC8A9843.jpg 1038x540 32kB)
>need poop >I'm naked and comfy >shared toilet with like 20 people I wanna poop but I wanna stay comfy and nakey

1 hours later 54807866 Anonymous
>>54807853 poo poo in the bed, Anon. Comfier

1 hours later 54807878 Anonymous
Hey barkeep. Can I have a shirley temple? I bit the bullet and made a tinder, but I think I will give up because as an aromantic-spectrum asexual I Don't think this is going to work. But on the bright side I have 70 likes in 6 hours. I don't know what to do with any of them though I don't get it am I supposed to feel attraction I don't feel attraction to anyone save best friends, and even then it's more of a voodoo doll arrangement where I am not in control of it and don't feel attraction til all of a sudden I've got a crush. can i have permission to quit tinder already? everyone keeps telling me to keep trying, as if I am capable of romantic and sexual feelings.

1 hours later 54807887 Anonymous (bcdf0d357debf03bf4fb8d6ef9a08d09.jpg 865x853 353kB)
>>54806812 Ill have 3 shots of Jack Daniels please. Im about to live in a van, going to setup solar for my phone and laptop

1 hours later 54807889 Anonymous (bartender wojak2.jpg 1688x1126 119kB)
>>54807811 bretty gud, thanks anon. Glad you're doing ok. Say, you wouldn't happen to know what happened to robot radio? Haven't seen a robot radio thread in a while. Here's another bartender wojak, as promised.

1 hours later 54807900 Anonymous (why.png 598x566 72kB)
I feel empty keep, I have friends and a social life, but I feel empty

1 hours later 54807930 Anonymous
>>54807887 >going to setup solar for my phone and laptop What will your set up be? I mean the name/brand/make of the solar panel, wires, etc..? Good luck and godspeed though anon, at least you'll be warm and dry. Remember to use public bathrooms to wash armpits and feet once in a while. Full on showers are available at truck stops, but not sure if you have to pay for them. Also, story?

1 hours later 54807997 Anonymous
>>54807930 Probably going to get 3 Renorgy 100w panels and be a lazy nig and get a 1400 goal zero power bank. Im going to get a buddy heater and a planet fitness membership, im going to shower daily still. Story is that im just kinda fucked man. Left my parents at 18. I have no money now. Current apartment has no heat, part of roof fell, and landlords lost the fucking lease paperwork. So im just going to squat for a few months then leave. Ive wanted to try "vanlife" or whatever you call it for a while now

2 hours later 54808077 Anonymous (drink.gif 320x240 1492kB)
>>54807997 Damn, that's harsh. Once again, Good luck and godspeed, van-anon. Keep us posted on this board once a while.

2 hours later 54808104 Anonymous
>>54808077 Thanks man, I'll be on this board a lot more soon. Not sure if ill be a namefag or not. But Ill make a thread in a week or so when i get the van, maybe posting pics of building it too

2 hours later 54808159 Anonymous (man drinking methylated spirits.jpg 480x480 66kB)
>>54808104 >Not sure if ill be a namefag or not. But Ill make a thread in a week or so when i get the van, maybe posting pics of building it too Good idea, maybe some anons who haven't seen/heard of you before could provide some tech advice. What's your plan on finding a job? Don't the majority of them need a home address? I mean, you can always rent a PO box though.

2 hours later 54808181 Anonymous
>>54808159 Yeah hopefully a few anons can help out. I currently work full time as a Security guard, its very easy work. I go on my phone most of the time watching youtube and browsing a few boards. I guess the best thing would to rent a PO box.

2 hours later 54808261 Anonymous
>>54807432 praying for your cat bro hope shes okay! stay strong either way! she would want you to! love ya

2 hours later 54808358 Anonymous
>>54807558 that's actually kind of comforting to hear. thanks, man.

3 hours later 54808611 Anonymous (neo matrix bullet stop2.jpg 600x350 56kB)
>>54807462 >but I just can't pretend I'm satisfied or happy. Oh boy did I feel like you a while ago. >tfw used to feel like trash everyday until I did some heavy thinking >took literally months to think and reflect >tfw you finally already realized that you can't pretend to be happy and have accepted being unhappy >actually begin to enjoy day-to-day living more than usual >enjoy things like whiskey, alcohol in general, food (especially things that don't taste that good like raw vegetables), even shaving facial hair more than usual >being around people is more enjoyable because I am not prioritizing pursuing something that would give me happiness around people first, such as their acceptance and conformity >Am used to living in near complete isolation so rather than holding words back all the time, I can choose to tell people the truth to their face if I see it, or I can tell them whatever I think as long as it's not heavily taboo/insulting, don't care about backlash or further isolation/ostracizing >begin to understand how I can control my version of reality >literally became happy by accepting that you most likely won't be happy Actually feel like pic related. Think of it as a slope, the first part is depressing thinking, then after the apex/pinnacle, you finally realize things and release. Currently thinking of pursuing cigarettes because they seem aesthetically pleasing, seem like they would be feel alright once in a while and won't kill me in heavy moderation (i.e smoke with a co-worker/classmate once a week) since I take care of my body by trying to stay as active as possible with my time schedule and keeping a good everyday diet to stay healthy. What do other anons think?

3 hours later 54808656 Anonymous
>>54807432 can you take her to the vet? or at least describe what's wrong with her?

3 hours later 54808668 Anonymous
>>54808611 Plebs always take comfort in being sad

3 hours later 54808680 Anonymous
>>54807900 Seemed only right to leave your post without any (you)s but fuck it, your alright. Next beers on me.

3 hours later 54808727 Anonymous (1560480415713m.jpg 1024x784 253kB)
>>54806812 Do you know for sure if you died tonight, you'd go to heaven r9k?

3 hours later 54808744 Anonymous
>>54808727 Esoteric is that you?

3 hours later 54808749 Anonymous
>>54808668 >Plebs always take comfort in being sad You callin' me a pleb? Or are you angry because you're still unhappy and haven't achieved what may be called nirvana, and went beyond that?

3 hours later 54808759 Anonymous
>>54808727 No I'm not sure because even if you accept Jesus there's still all kinds of verses that hint that you can lose salvation, or that you'll just turn out to be one of the people who thought they were Christian but actually weren't all along. >I never knew you.

3 hours later 54808791 Anonymous
I just take whatever on the tap, Not really an alcohol conosur. Just turn 21 a week or two, still have a vertical license if that ok with you. Heh, maybe I develope an alcohol addiction, much rather have that than this 4chan addiction. At least alcoholics get laid.

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