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2019-08-09 05:31 53821702 Anonymous (1561400150030.gif 480x270 203kB)
/r9k/ seriousIy needs more positive transgender representation and such. Iess fetishisation of trans people, we are not your fap fueI. more discussion of the trans lifestyle and community, no more abuse and harassment. no haters and trolls allowed! if you don't have anything nice and constructive to contribute to the thread, just don't say anything at aII. you literally have 149 of your own threads all times.

3 min later 53821755 Anonymous
>>53821702 Go back to /LGBT/ faggot degenerate

6 min later 53821794 Anonymous
>>53821702 Get fucked nigger, you have your on board, go pump yourself full of hormones on your own fucking containment pit of a board

7 min later 53821806 Anonymous
>>53821702 Tell trans people to stop whoring themselves. The reason they are hated universally is because they are mentally ill neurotic retards that crave degenerate amounts of sexual attention. Trans people have been infamous for whoring themselves online and enjoying it. It's not our fault that they poisoned the well.

9 min later 53821829 Anonymous
>>53821702 >we exist and we wish you didn't, fuck off tranny faggot

11 min later 53821857 Anonymous (ew58f9d8dc.jpg 248x189 18kB)
>>53821794 >containment pit Hahahahahahaha made me kek so hard anon

11 min later 53821869 Anonymous
>>53821702 You're 40% more likely to kill yourself. Get it over with.

12 min later 53821877 Anonymous (1564817167791.jpg 960x1280 397kB)
The whole migration to this board was because of the lack of fap fuel on /LGBT/. What kind of newfag are you? Nigga people just wanted a space to collectively fap to gay shit.

13 min later 53821895 Anonymous (bait.jpg 1280x720 190kB)
>>53821702 thats some goooood b8 right there

15 min later 53821932 Anonymous
we desperately need a LGBT outside of /lgbt/ report option what's the point of having a containment board if these "people" are allowed to post outside of it?

18 min later 53821967 Anonymous
>>53821702 Trannies have to use cute animated cartoon things to represent their cause due to the fact that none of them look remotely like they want to. This is also why they are pushing for "anti discrimination" rules/laws, where they are not allowed to be judged by their genetalia or looks (as they look like men 99.9% of the time). Go onto dating/hookup websites and look for "transgenders" or "sissies' that actually look like a woman. You'll find maybe one that isn't a bot, and they already have hundreds of perverts thirting over them. The suicide rate as most of you know is about 44%, which is a little under half of all people that get involved in this jew movement that kill themselves. Your entire movement litterally sparked from a porn category. Your "lifestyle" is the same as any other person, you're not special you're just mentally ill and looking for attention points. You'll never be like them, you're only hurting yourselves, you're human for now, act like it. Its not too late to stop. (unless you cut off your dick, then its too late to stop.) Better to be a man thats made mistakes than a tranny.

19 min later 53821977 Anonymous
Trannies are a mentally ill burden on society. You are a man. You will always be a man. Every single cell in your body has an XY chromosome. I will not call you by your preferred gender. I am not legally obliged to. And if it ever becomes illegal to misgender you, I will just avoid you all together, because trannies make up 0.001% of the population. Grow up, stop playing pretend, and stop forcing society to play along with your delusions.

20 min later 53821989 Anonymous
>>53821702 interesting I think I have a simple solution >Iess fetishisation of trans people, we are not your fap fueI Not allowed on a blue board >more discussion of the trans lifestyle and community, no more abuse and harassment. There seems to be a board dedicated to this hmmm? simple go to lgbt, the attention trannies will just stay here and slut it up on the off chance it is serious post, I cant be positive towards your community, after I see some of your members acting like preadtors, preying on the mentally ill/weak (I am not talking about dysphoria) some of who are having hard times. some of your members encourage those with out gender dysphoria to transition, they sell them false hope (higher suicide rates, realising they dont pass etc) then some try to futher prey on them by making them get lewd etc. I am fine with those who transition due to gender dysphoria etc police your own before you start bitching please

20 min later 53821991 Anonymous
>>53821702 Dilate and have sex with woman

20 min later 53821995 Anonymous
dude just cut your cock off and stop bothering anyone else

25 min later 53822062 Anonymous
>don't fetishize us we aren't your fap fuel! >associated with sexualities (LGB) Trannies are fucking mentally sick and most gays want nothing to do with them. Fuck off.

32 min later 53822141 Anonymous
>>53821977 >falling for false flagging bait Either way most twitter and discord trannies are not representative of trans people as a whole, they're a very loud and annoying vocal minority. They want to be seen as trans moreso than just presenting themselves as the gender they identify/feel they are because they get more social points that way. I also feel most discord trannies aren't actual trannies but confused and lonely gay dudes/or just prison gays with a or who developed acrossdressing fetish. I think the actual amount of people who really feel they were born in the wrong body is quite small. Hypocritically however I will identify and out myself as trans and say this, as a trans person (i hate saying this) I never force people to call me by my preferred gender. It's cool and I understand and respect people's decisions and choices. I do think it's hilarious how when people misgender trannies or deadname them they lose their shit, especially with its obvious the people doing so just want to illicit those reactions from them. Then again I'm actually passable enough for people not to notice, I think maybe two people at most said anything to me. I don't find the term tranny to be offensive either, I think it's cute and endearing. Sure it can be used as a slur but it's all in how the person interprets the words, we decide what effect words have on us and ultimately most trannies nowadays just want an excuse to earn social brownie points.

42 min later 53822267 Anonymous
>>53821932 I agree anon, all these degenerate faggots should fuck off to their board.

1 hours later 53822544 Anonymous (flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg 904x864 85kB)
>>53821702 I have seen this exact post at least a dozen times. And by most metrics I am a newfag. All trans "people" should be put in labor camps, so they can actually be somewhat productive while being kept away from real society. In the meantime, please go back to your designated shithole of a board, dedicated specifically to abominations like you. If you don't, I will track your IP address and shit on your face. >>>/lgbt/

1 hours later 53822611 Anonymous
You have your own board. Go back to /mlp/ fag

1 hours later 53822740 Anonymous
Join the 40% today!

1 hours later 53822770 Anonymous (1520012233380.jpg 900x1260 214kB)
>>53821702 >trans people literally falling off the face of the earth after it's meme peak This is just too good

1 hours later 53822792 Anonymous (1565368430998.jpg 838x434 139kB)
>>53822544 I feel that OP is one of these faggots, if this is true.

1 hours later 53822823 Anonymous
>>53822792 this and also the jews

1 hours later 53822921 Anonymous
>>53821702 Except being trans is nothing but a fetish you moron. Nobody LOVES a trans guy and tge only reason people tolerate its because you satisfy their fetish.

1 hours later 53822997 Anonymous (charonboat_dot_com_female_suicidal_hanging1.jpg 551x707 195kB)
>>53821702 Kill yourself faggot unsurprisingly this comment was not original

1 hours later 53823287 Anonymous (1557376702737.png 800x732 55kB)
>>53821702 1.You guys are degenerate fucks who don't deserve respect 2.You have your own board for degenerate fucks 3.You will most likely try to kill yourself because you are a degenerate fuck

1 hours later 53823348 Anonymous
>>53822792 had a feeling this was happening, no one is really buying into it anyway they're just wasting their time

1 hours later 53823357 Anonymous
>>53823287 read the faq sperglord search how to not bump shitty threads

2 hours later 53823394 Anonymous
>>53821702 Traps are fap fuel Trannies are laughter fuel If you are a tranny on r9k then you are too ugly to be fetishized.

2 hours later 53824070 Anonymous
>>53821932 jannies won't do anything about it so stop crying

2 hours later 53824179 Anonymous
You guys have your own containment board. Fuck off

2 hours later 53824235 Anonymous
>>53824179 r9k is our new containment board now

3 hours later 53824391 Anonymous (1553397265869.png 1404x777 848kB)
>>53822792 >they see it as a war they're """winning""" >meanwhile we are not even sure we're raided, like /b/ on Independence Day

3 hours later 53824430 Anonymous (1561918847577.gif 2267x1903 404kB)
>>53824391 We already won the war Just take a look at all the sissy threads on /b/ and /r9k

3 hours later 53824488 Anonymous
>>53824430 >in literally all of those threads people are telling (You) to fuck off to /tttt/ Dilate.

3 hours later 53824502 Anonymous
>>53821702 >trannies exist Yes and all of our lives are worse as a result, thanks faggot

3 hours later 53824516 Anonymous
>>53824502 robots cant resist cute girl penis stay mad senpai

3 hours later 53824527 Anonymous
>>53824516 >girl >penis originellio

3 hours later 53824543 Anonymous
>>53821702 Trans are mentally ill

3 hours later 53824552 Anonymous
>>53824516 seeing some malformed ballsack and shriveled cock on a malnourished twink with silicone implants doesn't really turn me on tbqh, it just makes me sad a person would do that to themselves

3 hours later 53824598 Anonymous (telecamere-sicurezza-875455.gif 320x240 2018kB)
>>53822792 The funny thing is everytime they make a tranny/whatever appreciation thread it turns into a tranny/whatever hate thread. I've never seen it work, only fueling more fire.

3 hours later 53824615 Anonymous
>>53821702 trannies will never be the future. Too many pedophiles too many suicides too many ridiculous public outbursts like the GameStop guy. you have to seriously rework your image because right now you are an oddball minority group of men with fucked up fetishes

3 hours later 53824619 Anonymous
>>53824430 >threads are literally 20+ people dumping their tranny porn folders while the rest are people who tell them to fuck off and die You literally can't win agaisnt autists

3 hours later 53824646 Anonymous (41C7F958-3BC6-43F6-8C96-60CF9B51E0AD.png 905x619 579kB)
>>53822792 >we have a few agents with names in that board This is an anonymous website with no names???

3 hours later 53824667 Anonymous
>>53821877 /y/, /d/, /b/, /aco/, /hm/, and /trash/ exist retard

3 hours later 53824708 Anonymous (1555615567286.jpg 1500x1125 238kB)
>>53821877 >/LGBT/ The only newfag here is you, tranny.

3 hours later 53824776 Sage
>>53821702 Sage the threads you dumb fucking newfags Sage

3 hours later 53824832 Anonymous (1328367094607.jpg 524x481 47kB)
>>53821702 this but unironically They're not bothering me and all robots deserve a place here to talk about their fucked up lives regardless of who they are.

3 hours later 53824853 Anonymous
>>53821702 You deserve to die trannies,nobody mikes you you mentally unfit freaks

3 hours later 53824996 Anonymous (1565343913517.png 1134x664 601kB)
Neck yourself right this minute, you delusional faggot. Take your illness somewhere else and stop trying to infect the vulnerable. Get off our board.

3 hours later 53825002 Anonymous
>>53824776 Doesnt matter if you sage or not Another thread will pop up anyway

4 hours later 53825220 Anonymous
>>53821702 trannies have invaded and destroyed this board, why should we have any positive discussion about them?

4 hours later 53825244 Anonymous
>>53825220 >bumping the thread yeah trannie no one can notice you

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