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2019-07-09 02:45 53291709 Anonymous (1553710027927.jpg 586x524 43kB)
>having a panic attack because I've been invited out how's your day been so far

5 min later 53291739 Anonymous (20190709_084858.jpg 2090x1997 2030kB)
>>53291709 I am happy, I am eating a apple

6 min later 53291746 Anonymous
>>53291709 >agonize over it >find an excuse >decline the invitation at the last minute >lose all your friends

8 min later 53291769 Anonymous (uhhh.jpg 236x231 8kB)
>mcdonalds >coffee >work >kfc >work >work >shop >ps4 >peanut butter roll x2 >ps4 >ps4 >now in bed

8 min later 53291770 Anonymous
>>53291709 Based and avoidant copingpilled

16 min later 53291820 Anonymous
For some reason when I go to my mates house I start shaking uncontrollably because I think I'm being set up and it's just a ruse to humiliate me, the guys there all smoke weed which makes it worse for my paranoia when peer pressured to take it. Alcohol is the only thing to put me at ease

17 min later 53291831 Anonymous
>>53291746 You don't have to decline, drugs/alcohol beforehand can be really assuring to handle social situations

23 min later 53291884 Anonymous (1535210752877.jpg 646x720 23kB)
>getting invited out Why are there so many normalfags here?

29 min later 53291919 Anonymous
>>53291884 Keep seething fag, you don't have to be normal to go out places

32 min later 53291947 Anonymous
>>53291919 You have to be normal to get invited out by someone, learn to read.

34 min later 53291971 Anonymous
>>53291947 That has nothing to do with reading comprehension you spastic

35 min later 53291982 Anonymous
>>53291709 You're lucky you've been invited out.

38 min later 53292004 Anonymous
>>53291971 Getting invited out requires being a normalfag. You are talking about going out which is something else. If it's not about reading comprehension, what is the real reason you didn't understand what I wrote?

45 min later 53292065 Anonymous
>>53292004 >hurr durr "I've never been invited out before because I'm so unique and different but anyone in the world with a single friend is considered normal to me because muh socialize". Have you ever held a conversation with family before? well if you have bad news for you son you're a normalfag. See how retarded that sounds? having a friend who you can manage a conversation with doesn't equate to normal, there's lots of dysfunctional inept losers who can still share their other spastic mates company. It has nothing to do with me misinterpreting what you've said, I truly think by you voicing a popular and unfounded belief with a fucking wojack pic you're just trying to fit in. Think for yourself fucking mong

51 min later 53292110 Anonymous
>>53292065 Having friends makes you about as much of a normalfag as having a gf.

54 min later 53292136 Anonymous
>>53292110 >doges the arguments in the post >"well you have friends = normalfag", end retort You really are a smart cookie aren't ya? Earned any 4chan points today by saying the most repetitive shit like everyone else?

58 min later 53292172 Anonymous
>>53292136 Love how normalfags like you out yourselves so quickly. Go back to twitter or Reddit faggot

1 hours later 53292232 Anonymous
>>53292172 Lol >go back to plebbit You do realize this further proves how normal you really are as you pretend to be different so you can fit in here. Just because you visit 4chan it doesn't automatically make you cool or interesting, in fact on the other chans 4chan is considered the normalfag hive which seems to be true. Because you repeat everything you see here to get your points it really shows off your true colors, please leave, you're the cancer which is ruining this board

1 hours later 53292240 Anonymous
>>53291709 >out til three a.m. >met a literature professor at an after hours club and talked about how our hearts BLEED for africa >got my final signature and rec letter for my own membership >slept til 8 currently getting ready to do it again. hopefully i can meet some masons or something bc i have an autistic love of exclusive things like this

1 hours later 53292243 Anonymous
>>53292136 There's a wide spectrum of normalfaggotry. Low level normalfags are still normalfags. They're on a completely different level from the ones who can't even have so little.

1 hours later 53292261 Anonymous
>>53292232 >if someone else has expressed the same opinion before, that means that it's false

1 hours later 53292263 Anonymous
>>53291709 I think you should go on Grindr and get TOPPED

1 hours later 53292267 Chadbot
>>53291709 Go out and have fun. The anxiety is a cage, let yourself free.

1 hours later 53292271 Anonymous
>>53291709 Not bad my roommate is NEET as I and was drunk 3 hours ago so I fucked his mouth and made eggs and toast for breakfast

1 hours later 53292274 Anonymous
>>53292243 Righto m8 so the people at pysch wards who can still interact with each other are considered normalfags even though they're more fucked up than most here?

1 hours later 53292287 Anonymous
>>53292261 You still haven't proved how you're right, you just end the conversation with "normalfag" every time, no wonder you get told you repeat shit

1 hours later 53292304 Anonymous
>>53292274 That depends a bit on how they interact. If you knew how to read you'd know that in my first post I was talking about getting invited out, not any interaction with other people.

1 hours later 53292323 Anonymous
>>53291709 Browsing Grindr right now I will fuck a sissy and lose my virginity or at least a feminine twink

1 hours later 53292352 Anonymous
>>53292304 For the last time I know what you've said, getting invited out can be as simple as a mate asking you to come over which merits conversation skills/interaction right? For example a friend of mine I met in a ward lives in a caravan at his moms house at 31 who also pisses in a bucket because he's a schizophrenic NEET like I am, we barely talk just do drugs and drink enjoying the little company we do have together. Wait why am I even bothering your only response will be normalfag = friends

1 hours later 53292361 Anonymous
>>53292232 Are you a non-virgin? (don't count prostitutes)

1 hours later 53292368 Anonymous
>>53291709 Just got out of the doodle ward for 4 days got head from another guy there so it wasn't to bad

1 hours later 53292369 Anonymous
>>53292361 Virgin at 21 originari

1 hours later 53292388 Anonymous
>>53291709 Having horrible mental withdrawal symptoms because I'm an idiot and didn't order more of my meds in time. Life sucks.

1 hours later 53292397 Anonymous
>>53292271 That sounds great I'm a NEET bottomboi and wish I had a roommate who would TOP me

1 hours later 53292442 Anonymous
>>53292397 Not him but I fucked a twink on Grindr you might want to try that

1 hours later 53292461 Anonymous
>>53291709 Been fapping to Bailey Jay for an hour I love her cock

1 hours later 53292473 Anonymous
>>53291709 Took a xanax for anxiety and started getting drowsy it always makes me hard though, you or anyone want to group fap?

1 hours later 53292491 Anonymous
>>53292442 I'll try I'm worried my penis is to small so no one will want me its 6.5x6

1 hours later 53292496 Anonymous
>>53292352 >can be as simple as a mate asking you to come over Yeah, and that can't happen without some relatively advanced social skills

1 hours later 53292502 Anonymous
>>53291709 Ate a bacon king time to fap to sissies

1 hours later 53292514 Anonymous
>>53292496 You sound like a faggot an actual homosexual

1 hours later 53292531 Anonymous
You all are making me horny I want to fap

1 hours later 53292536 Anonymous
>>53291884 You were destined to be a loser. Go eat your own cum you retarded "rowboat".

1 hours later 53292543 Anonymous
>>53292496 Does it take advanced social skills to talk to your mother or sister/brother?

1 hours later 53292549 Anonymous
>>53291709 Nice thread you faggot fuck go to /lgbt/ with this propaganda

1 hours later 53292556 Anonymous
>>53292502 Sound like a great plan. I'm going to do the same now. Luckily for me I speak to a sissy online so I can always rely on him for hot pics.

1 hours later 53292565 Anonymous
>>53292536 Go play with your sissyclit

1 hours later 53292582 Anonymous
>>53292556 How did you meet her? I want to try Grindr but to scared. Is his butt cute?

1 hours later 53292593 Anonymous
>>53291709 Wearing panties right now for the first time feels good

1 hours later 53292605 Anonymous
>>53292582 Actually I met him on /b/ about a year ago and we're just friends but he posts so many cute/slutty pics so my dick is basically always hard when we talk. One day I will meet him and ravage him.

1 hours later 53292615 Anonymous
>>53292556 Your lucky they can be hard to find

1 hours later 53292622 Anonymous (1529274738214.jpg 700x688 155kB)
>>53291709 >how's your day been so far i'm at my job right now.

1 hours later 53292625 Anonymous
>>53292605 Wow nice can you post a pic?

1 hours later 53292640 Anonymous
>>53292622 Have someone from Grindr stop by to give you head

1 hours later 53292672 Anonymous
>>53291709 I just watched a chick on chaturbate suck off a 100% passable trap not sure what to think

1 hours later 53292716 Anonymous
>>53292622 Lmao fag wagie have fun you loser

1 hours later 53292753 Anonymous
>>53291709 Watching ancient aliens and have trap porn on my phone going to masturbate

1 hours later 53292768 Anonymous
>>53292605 Post his boiclit anon why tease us?

1 hours later 53292793 Anonymous
So many fags in this thread makes me want to have one of you jerk me off

1 hours later 53292809 Anonymous
>>53291709 I have a BD dildo coming in to day I cant wait to fuck my boipussy

2 hours later 53292878 Anonymous
>>53291709 God damn rofl your thread is gayer then r9k man, my day is good had a great laugh reading through this

2 hours later 53292885 Anonymous (sissyboi.jpg 960x540 38kB)
>>53292625 He's so adorable. Looks great in boymode and girlmode.

2 hours later 53292901 Anonymous
>>53292885 Ya I would pound his bussy till he cried

2 hours later 53292914 Anonymous
>>53292885 Go on anon keep posting more!

3 hours later 53294033 Anonymous (femboi.png 517x717 239kB)
>>53292914 He may be the cutest femboy who ever lived. Plus he's funny af

5 hours later 53295226 Anonymous
>>53292536 That came out to be extremely rude and apathetic. I'm sorry >>53291884 anon. I regret typing it.

6 hours later 53295813 Anonymous
I went to an interview and I feel like I fucked it up. I can't tell

6 hours later 53295855 Anonymous
>>53291831 bad advice, I'm pretty much unable to interact with people without amphetamines at this point. It wasn't THAT bad before and now even shitposting on 4chan is difficult without a bump for fucks sake

6 hours later 53296003 Anonymous
>>53291709 I just tell people I got laundry to do, and then I don't show up.

6 hours later 53296152 Anonymous
>>53294033 okay shotgunenvy

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