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2019-06-21 03:35 53011824 Anonymous (1472927702843.webm 640x640 1746kB)
I'm thinking of starting a youtube channel where I read video game articles... what are the chances I get 100k subscribers?

5 min later 53011886 Anonymous
>>53011824 There are already channels that do this except with text to speech. Also, any game is going to have a few popular youtubers that will go over any announcements for that game. It's a full market.

7 min later 53011910 Anonymous
>>53011824 Not good. The entire market is already over saturated everyone doing the same thing.

26 min later 53012122 Anonymous
>>53011886 >>53011910 are yong yea and quartering perhaps the 0.1% of successful ones?

1 hours later 53012679 Anonymous
>>53012122 Maybe less. Think about the amount of tiny channels with 20 or 50 subscribers that get 5 views per video. Some of them have even been in the game for a long time. Im not saying you have no chance, but dont bank on it. You will have to bring something interesting, like maybe your voice is interesting or asmr like, maybe you have unique insider information. Even then though, success in YouTube is part luck too.

1 hours later 53012688 Anonymous
Depends of your shtick really I have no idea what's the formula but you need to have something interesting besides your reading, and maybe if it clicks with people you can reach those numbers.

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