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2019-06-21 03:34 53011802 Anonymous (6088a4a81c3f15687338fd6546074f5a2688bb3f.png 1200x1200 901kB)
Have you realized yet that people around you are riddled with delusions and doublethink? Take /pol/ for example. /pol/ presents themselves as rational compared to their irrational ideological enemies, as can be seen with the infamous line "facts don't care about your feelings". Yet /pol/ does not realize that the fascism and nazism they admire, whether secretly or not, were founded on emotion and feeling; they are the anti-intellectual ideologies. If you were to point this out you would either get ignored or told that nobody cares. If there's one thing I'm tired of it's this kind of behavior.

1 min later 53011830 D
>>53011802 Communism and socialism aren't better tho. D.

2 min later 53011839 Anonymous
>>53011802 I cannot remember /pol/ ever claiming do be rational, all they claim is to be right.

4 min later 53011863 Anonymous
>>53011802 It's possible for an action to be right even if it was caused by emotion.

11 min later 53011942 Anonymous
>>53011839 I said present themselves, not claim they are. If you reply to a post with statistics and comment "BTFO with facts and logic" you are presenting yourself as rational. When you mock your ideological enemies for considering feelings important you are presenting yourself as rational. And so on.

42 min later 53012307 Anonymous
>>53011802 >impying /pol/ likes ben shapiro

44 min later 53012324 Anonymous
>>53011942 Everyone does that. The fact that you think they are special in some form because they used a childish version to do it is a bit worrying

47 min later 53012363 Anonymous
/pol/s whole racial argument is an emotional one there's no logical reason why you should be loyal or proud of your race, it just makes you feel good

48 min later 53012372 Anonymous
>>53011802 in our minds or heart of hearts can we ever truly separate our knowledge of the world as it seems from how our emotions wish it to be? will mankind ever truly emerge from the fog of a hearts turmoil to see the world with perfect clarity and rationality, or are we doomed to see the shapes and hear the echoes of reality through that fog forever? if this fog is all we've ever seen how would we even tell the difference?

52 min later 53012413 Anonymous
/pol/ board users are pseudo intellectual mental masturbator tier folks. Elitist shitposters who plaques their best ones on their mums basement. Keeps normies out tho.

56 min later 53012459 Anonymous (1560750516538.jpg 599x456 29kB)
>>53011802 Most of us are children pretending to be adults. Adults sent real Only children who got older

58 min later 53012475 Anonymous
>>53012324 >Everyone does that. Yes, read the first and last lines of my post. That is my problem. If your stance is based on emotion then it is dishonest to present yourself as rational.

1 hours later 53012598 Anonymous
>>53011802 >the fascism and nazism they admire, whether secretly or not, were founded on emotion and feeling; they are the anti-intellectual ideologies It's largely a question of what aspects of those ideologies they admire. The Nazis did in fact believe a mishmash of nonsense about the Volk and about blood and soil and the rootedness of culture and the will - all of which is thinly-disguised emotivism. So you're quite right that Nazism as an ideology catered to emotion and feeling. But the modern /pol/ alt-right "Nazi" has no connection to that part of Nazism's intellectual history. /pol/ doesn't want to exterminate blacks and Jews out of a desire to attain a mystical connection to truth as expressed by the soil of the land; they want to exterminate blacks and Jews as a straightforward solution to a number of practical problems. And there's a certain logic in that. I'm a rootless cosmopolitan as these things go, and feel no connection whatsoever to the blood of fellow white Americans and/or the soil beneath my feet. It means nothing to me. I merely observe that being a minority in a nation-state is often unpleasant and is nearly always unsafe, and as a result (and as a purely practical matter) I would prefer to be the majority in the United States. And if remaining in the majority requires us to deport millions or revoke birthright citizenship or deny all asylum claims from migrants from the Middle East and Africa - well, then, that's what it requires.

1 hours later 53012752 Anonymous (1553197559759.gif 671x757 106kB)
>>53011802 > the fascism and nazism they admire, whether secretly or not, were founded on emotion and feeling They were both founded on the assumption that a united, ethnically homogeneous population is capable of a lot more than one that is not. Which not only has proven completely correct, but is also an entirely different emotional base than the typical liberal "I saw something about this in the news so it's bad". > they are the anti-intellectual ideologies Are you getting at the censorship? That isn't entirely necessary. To get into that socialist B-B-BUT IN THEORY thing right now, a fascist society that has already cleansed itself of disruptive forces can be completely democratic and allow freedom of speech and thought. The only problem with that is that a democratic system is much more easily subverted for external interest. All of that goes out of the window with Nazism because of the Fuehrerprinzip tho. Which is also not entirely bad. It has the problem of actually finding a good Fuehrer, but only for one or two generations. The thought behind it is to form the subsequent generations into benevolent and good people through various means. Which will inherently yield a non-oppressive and well meaning leader, if the first two generations of leaders can actually keep it together. Both system can enjoy a lot of liberties outside of the political sphere, as most of them don't harm the people anymore after subversive elements have been exterminated.

2 hours later 53012918 Anonymous
>>53011802 Most pol posters just want shit to be based on merit and end migration. That is the endgame. There is nothing else there.

2 hours later 53013074 Anonymous
>>53012598 Yes, but they refuse to recognize that these practical problems do not originate with certain demographic circles, but the larger system at hand. It is not the blacks, but the consistently disenfranchised and oppressed. It is not the Jews, but the people who have all the money, and thus hold all the cards. Being mean to Tyrone and Mr. Goldstein who never did anything to anyone won't improve the world and will only mark you as a problem. In fact, it will only teach these people to cry racism and be heard. The thing you need to recognize is that the system is to blame, individuals hold next to no power. The ones with the money are the ones who set things up the way they are, because it benefits them. See the capitalist reality for what it is, instead of letting people spoonfeed you ideology that won't actually challenge this.

2 hours later 53013197 Anonymous
>>53012752 >Which not only has proven completely correct Has it, though? I recall Nazi Germany being rather weak compared to the ethnically diverse US and USSR. I can see Japan and South Korea hurrying towards a demographic catastrophe. Africa might as well not exist, with the exception of the ethnically diverse Egypt and South Africa. The ethnically homogeneous parts of the middle east are either war torn shitholes or feudalist hells that still employ slave labor to this day. Where is your successful, capable ethnically homogenous state, exactly? The diversity in the US stems from the primarily racial lower class that is heavily exploitable for financial gain. This concerns both Hispanics and Blacks. Homogeneous societies based on race fail, because they don't provide a willing working class. If everyone is the greatest, why should you be a farmhand? If I am part of the master race, I don't want to be a farmhand, I want to feel like a master. If you are a genuine racist you should certainly exploit these people systematically for financial gain and keep them right where they are, if you are thinking logically. Removing them does not benefit you in any way. Oppression is favorable over removal. This is too difficult to stomach for the far right, because it is quite unsavory and it doesn't play to their emotional response ("I don't like brown people").

2 hours later 53013214 Anonymous (142252439786.jpg 1284x980 397kB)
Everything we do and think is emotional, because there is nothing that fucks up humanity like knowing that everything ends and dies. So in order to cope with this horrible feeling, mankind creates worldviews that make them feel bigger, special, with a purpose, with an enemy, with a promise of better tomorrows and (sometimes implied) eternal life. Everything people does and thinks is just there to fill a void, to ignore it.

3 hours later 53013531 Anonymous
>>53012752 HOMOGENEITY GOOD is only a gut feeling. The worst countries on earth are homogeneous. The most powerful country on earth is quite diverse. >fuehrerprinzip is not entirely bad It is. There is no "finding a good Fuehrer" or it would be democracy. It is barely different than monarchy.

3 hours later 53013703 Anonymous

3 hours later 53013731 Anonymous
You claim to be smart and "out of the box" with this pseudo post of yours, but you're also a moron who thinks to know better. You are pol, pol is you

3 hours later 53013861 Anonymous
>>53011802 That's not really a point on policy or any type of "problem-solution" situation. Nothing else matters than the concrete reality and how you want to approach it. Feelings are only really important when it comes to marketing the brand of your ideology.

3 hours later 53014129 Anonymous
>>53013531 >The worst countries on earth are homogeneous This is because 0% of the population is from a worthwile genetic group, so yes, homogeneity is only a good thing IF you're a part of the best genetic group on the planet. For worse groups heterogeneity is an improvement. >the most powerful country on earth is quite diverse The unemployed neighborhoods full of crack cocaine abusers don't contribute to that power in any way. The success and power created in this country comes from a very homogenous group, and crime comes from a different homogenous group. Remove the latter and it would be a country more powerful than anything in this world currently.

4 hours later 53014230 Anonymous
>>53013214 and that void is a natural consequence of leaving the endless circle of cave rape kill mammoth die of cold

4 hours later 53014236 Anonymous
>>53011802 >Yet /pol/ does not realize that the fascism and nazism they admire, whether secretly or not /pol/ isn't a hivemind and people who hate liberals aren't necessarily nazis.

4 hours later 53014288 Anonymous
>>53011802 >Have you realized yet that people around you are riddled with delusions and doublethink? Yeah and I would like to go back to you giving an example on /pol/. They also claim to hate blacks yet they secretly cannot stop fapping to interracial cuckold porn.

4 hours later 53014293 Anonymous
>>53012363 When other races want to prey on you, then you should be loyal to yours to ensure survival.

4 hours later 53014313 Anonymous
yall saying you dont want emotional politics yet none of you want to go to gulag lmao buncha pseuds

4 hours later 53014315 Anonymous
>>53014236 True, commies also hate liberals

4 hours later 53014384 Anonymous
>>53013197 >Where is your successful, capable ethnically homogenous state, exactly? all of europe but about 70 years ago

4 hours later 53014386 Anonymous (masterless-361582303.png 128x128 20kB)
>>53014288 "It's easy to claim something. Until you can actually back your claims up, you're just a rumormonger." >>53014315 This is unironically true. They're like the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea. My area has both an antifa group and a group from the unironic communist party. They are at eachother's throats and both loathe the progressive party which is in power.

4 hours later 53014401 Anonymous
>>53013074 So the solution isnt to gas the kikes but rarther gas the rothschilds bloodline

4 hours later 53014409 Anonymous
>>53014384 they were so homogenous they killed and raped each other for 5 years

4 hours later 53014417 Anonymous
>>53014386 No they very much do fap to blacked porn and they are insanely obsessed with race, including jews. I've seen more than enough proof for myself. People have pointed out numerous times that /pol/ is behind most race baiting threads. Also if you go to that chan that cannot be named they have a board dedicated to white nationalist /pol/ types into interracial porn.

4 hours later 53014427 Anonymous
>>53014386 >My area has both an antifa group and a group from the unironic communist party. They are at eachother's throats and both loathe the progressive party which is in power. leftist groups like that all think that THEY should be the ones in power. That's why there's always so much infighting among them.

4 hours later 53014439 Anonymous
>>53014409 europe isnt one country the individual countries were homogenous may I remind you that the usa has also been part of international warfare

4 hours later 53014456 Anonymous
>>53014427 Everyone wants to be Stalin Nobody wants to be Trotsky

4 hours later 53014473 Anonymous
>>53011802 >Have you realized.... >Take /pol/ for example.... Wow you're so enlightened OP. Not retarded and biased at all. Staggering intellect. Much objectivity.

4 hours later 53014572 Anonymous
Why are you not explaining why nazism and fascism are founded on emotion and feeling? That would help, because all I see is /pol/ posting charts and statistics all the time, yet you claim to have the facts and not present any of them. Actually if you go to /pol/ and say "hey nazism is just founded on emotion, you're anti intellectual!!!" of course you're gonna get ignored, you're the one making a statement without providing facts here, yet complain about others being anti intellectual.

5 hours later 53015489 Anonymous
>>53014386 Anon, liberals like to retain the status quo, but believe that giving people rights somehow makes things magically better. Communists actually understand that to change you need to shoot the people in charge.

5 hours later 53015502 Anonymous
>>53014439 >the individual countries were homogenous Not Germany, Not France, Not Austro-Hungary, Not Italy and so on.

5 hours later 53015715 Anonymous
>>53014129 You only care about whiteness then, not homogeneity in a vacuum. >This is because 0% of the population is from a worthwile genetic group Like all of the homogeneous high IQ asians - oh wait they too are worse off than diverse America. It's not even white foundations. As demographics shifted, crime rates and GDP have improved. >The unemployed neighborhoods full of crack cocaine abusers don't contribute to that power in any way. I assume you mean the trailer parks full of white hillbilly losers. The master race. Of course removing races would show results. We have racial lines because your outdated thinking WAS historically implemented. To repeat history is such an evil shortcut.

5 hours later 53015728 Anonymous
>>53015502 >japan is not an ethnostate because theres atleast 1 black person living there european countries were homogenous aka around 90% one ethnicity

5 hours later 53015822 Anonymous
>>53011802 "facts don't care about your feelings" is the kind of shit Ben Shapiro says, and he is libertarian which is pretty much polar opposites with fascism and nazism. inb4 I get ignored or told nobody cares

6 hours later 53015919 Anonymous
>>53011830 >implying communism and socialism are the only alternatives to fascism >implying stalin and other authoritarain regimes practiced socialism

6 hours later 53015942 Anonymous
>>53011802 >cigarette God dammit, don't care if it's 2D, way to ruin a pic.....

6 hours later 53015956 Anonymous
I want to become Miku's slave!

6 hours later 53016015 Anonymous
>>53015942 >he doesnt think its sexy Lame

6 hours later 53016148 Anonymous
>>53015728 >Japan is in Europe

6 hours later 53016236 Anonymous
>>53015942 It's called gap moe. The cute bunny girl is actually a smoking drunkard. It improves the erotic quality significantly.

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