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2019-06-21 03:26 53011727 Anonymous (1557601227334.png 1419x733 394kB)
Fembot here , TALK

1 min later 53011730 D
>>53011727 Go away attention whore. We are not your orbiters. D.

1 min later 53011732 Anonymous
>>53011727 >Fembot here , TALK how long since your last shower

1 min later 53011734 Anonymous
>>53011727 Bonjour. I know girls like French. Btw clean your room.

19 min later 53011952 Anonymous
Sure, what do you want to talk about? originally

21 min later 53011973 Anonymous
>>53011727 unironically looks like my cousin's life she was raised by a single mother tho girls with a dad are not like that

24 min later 53012025 Anonymous
>>53011727 i hope you have an unhappy uncomfortable life full of suffering and disappointment.

28 min later 53012053 Anonymous
When is the last time you showered or bathed?

35 min later 53012116 Anonymous (1559684970743.jpg 1189x1422 168kB)
>talk >doesn't respond to anyone

41 min later 53012185 Anonymous (1FDC2F13-93B5-47F2-8ACF-7ADD08290748.gif 500x269 457kB)
>>53011727 Eating a chocolate bar (who here /skor/?) bar, pissed into a cup, got work at 2P.M, got another job a month ago but I just....never completed the online training and walked in, probably fucked up my exams and got a B+ rather than an A, etc. Got normie roommates. A guy who seemed into me (the first...?) stopped talked for three weeks than abruptly asked me out so I'm pretty sure he just wants a cum dumpster so I'm probably not gonna respond and avoid wasting my time. >>53011732 Yesterday at 10 A.M.

54 min later 53012349 Anonymous
>>53012185 what do you do in your free time? and how much free time do you get

57 min later 53012393 Anonymous
Why do girls interested in a guy are also interest in 5 other dudes at the same time? ;_;

1 hours later 53012416 Anonymous
>>53012185 >I'm pretty sure he just wants a cum dumpster well you are a girl right?

1 hours later 53012482 Anonymous
>>53012349 >what do you do Honestly? Spin in circles listening to my favourite music and dreaming up stories. I also watch cartoons and do worldbuilding stuff / write stories for this elaborate fantasy world I've been fleshing out since I was 14. Less frequently, I play a vidya or two, draw, read, listening to an audio book, go hiking / birding. >how much free time I guess a lot. I try to make sure I have two hours a day to daydream. >>53012416 Exactly! And I have low expectations for men's capacity to not be emotionally vacant degenerates motivated solely by their dicks.

1 hours later 53012490 Anonymous
>>53012185 >Yesterday at 10 A.M. Not a fembot, fuck off

1 hours later 53012503 Anonymous
>>53012482 Oh! And >>53012349 I go swimming a lot now. My goal is to get lifeguard certified! And a driver's license... I'm 24... How about you?

1 hours later 53012519 Anonymous
>>53012490 Dude I literally am staring at three cups I pissed in and a pile of my own pubic hair and have known tf likely far longer than you. "Not a fembot" - eat my greasy pussy flaps, bitch.

1 hours later 53012533 Anonymous
>>53012482 >I have low expectations for men's capacity to not be emotionally vacant degenerates motivated solely by their dicks shit m8 thats what we do, no joke, genetic programing spanning millenia. your meant to be impregnanted, taken care of and loved, so you can bring fourth our offspring to do it all again.

1 hours later 53012582 Anonymous
>>53012533 >your >this lame use of evolutionary psychology I really hope you're under the age of 16 otherwise this is just so embarassing.

1 hours later 53012592 Anonymous
>>53012482 want to give a rundown of this elaborate fantasy world? sounds interesting. You say you've been building upon it since you were 14, what age are you now?

1 hours later 53012609 Anonymous
>>53012582 nah im 27 and i very sorry about my abusive use of the english language, but im like 12 beers deep. prove to me you arn't just somehting for me do just pump my cum in, raise our children and accept the loving care that my work provides

1 hours later 53012736 Anonymous
i never wanted kids but in 2015 i got into a relationship with a guy from r9k and more and more over time i have gone from not wanting kids at all to these weird frustrated/desperate "i want to give you a child" feeling especially if i see him interact with kids at all it is a weird mix of some desire to GIVE him something like "look at what i made for you it is a little friend look how happy you are go play i love you" and "you are so good you are so nice to kids you will make such nice kids you will mold them so well you will create good things wow i need make sure you have that opportunity" like some frantic penguin repeatedly bringing pebbles to its mate or something but the pebbles are babies. what does this mean it feels extremely volatile and intense like i want to throw up out of frustration but just throw up children into his arms instead of vomit

1 hours later 53012778 Anonymous
>>53012592 >rundown It's super convoluted but basically I have five cycles of societies reaching incredibly high degrees of technological advancement followed by collapse and then advancement over and over again, with our current situation being the second cycle. Basically I play with /x/ stuff I don't really believe in like ancient aliens, reptilians, Lovecraftian horror, etc. The tone isn't always depressing, it's not like everyone always goes insane at the end (a lot of my stories are really happy / comedies; follow the hero's journey outlined by Campbell) but that's always sort of the backdrop. Like I wrote a bunch of stuff about these two spider-like aliens and it's essentially a romcom that ends with them happily married with kids. I guess it's sort of about finding happiness in a fundamentally horrific universe where nothing is accomplished, no one cares, and everything repeats. I never read Tolkien until very recently but it's sort of like how he thought things repeated, although I don't necessarily think things are getting worse with each repetition. I'm 24 now. I got called in early. I'd be down to talk more about your or my own worldbuilding ideas if the thread is still up? >>53012609 >he doesn't get burden of proof is on him >wants me to explain why a non-English speaking drunk who says the same things teenagers I know do shouldn't reproduce >>53012736 That is a very bad reason to reproduce. Unless he eats the babies you offer him. Then it's just a delicious source of GAINZ.

1 hours later 53012822 Anonymous (Screen_Shot_20190508_at_10.37.07.jpg 1648x930 170kB)
>>53012519 Prove it noww

2 hours later 53012837 Anonymous
>>53012778 >That is a very bad reason to reproduce. Unless he eats the babies you offer him. Then it's just a delicious source of GAINZ. i know and i also 1. hate pregnancy 2. hate birth 3. hate lactation. i am repulsed and terrified of all of it. i also dont really have the coddly "omg cute baby let me hold and smother you" thing at all. i dont feel maternal at all. i just feel like a dog. a guard dog that wants to guard the children. a service dog that wants to bring gifts to its master. why is this

2 hours later 53012844 Anonymous
>>53012519 How do you piss into cups? Stand and hold them under or squat over it? Why do you have a pile of pubes?

2 hours later 53012851 Anonymous
>>53012837 because you're a female who visits this board on a regular basis and everyone knows that if you visit this board on a regular basis you have some kind of mental problem or retardation

2 hours later 53012860 Anonymous
>>53012185 >Yesterday at 10 A.M. whats the stinkiest part of your body right now

2 hours later 53012887 Anonymous
>>53012851 should i just roll with it then should i just be a weird dog lady who births some fucked up human children

2 hours later 53012935 Anonymous
>>53012887 No. Supplant his desire for children with something else. Trust me.

2 hours later 53012937 Anonymous
>>53012887 Roll with it, yes but do not reproduce or give birth i think, it will only make things worse for you and you will probably end up hating the child or making him suffer like a lot of us in here by one reason or another. But that's just my opinion, you can do whatever the fuck you want, it doesnt even matters to be honest.

2 hours later 53012993 Anonymous
>>53012935 its not his desire like he is pushing me. he didnt want them when we first met. he thinks they are good now but is not pushing me to personally do anything. its me. its when i look at how he communicates with or handles children or how he enjoys having them around. its just the fact that he likes them. its awakens some "i want to give you this gift" thing. i dont know how better to explain it.

2 hours later 53013009 Anonymous (m_5c28a416035cf1f9e5075181.jpg 580x580 94kB)
femanons just need a daddy

2 hours later 53013035 Anonymous
>>53012778 thats actually really interesting. you should create some sort of online archive for your stories if you dont have one, id love to read it, and im sure it wouldnt just be me. My favourite type of stories are fantasy/sci-fi/lovecraftian that arent so predictably pessimistic and depressing. Id like to talk more about your universe if im still awake. Its 2am where i am now and idk if i can make it through the night.

2 hours later 53013039 Anonymous
>>53012993 It sounds like you're a dog wanting to please her master. Draw for him, make him music; something else, just not kids.

2 hours later 53013042 Anonymous
>>53012993 how long have you been with him? i'm just curious because it amazes me how people on this site get involved romantically with other anons or find significant others in here. i have been here since 2006 and haven't made a single lasting friend so far.

2 hours later 53013079 Anonymous
>>53013039 i draw him pictures and give him snacks/treats and stuff a lot i wanna wash his hair >>53013042 since 2015

2 hours later 53013097 Anonymous
>>53013079 Then do that. Fascination with children is a passing phenomenon, HAVING children is not.

2 hours later 53013125 Anonymous
>>53013097 its not a passing fascination hes always been really good with them at family gatherings he tends to joke around and play with them intuitively and hes very gentle and protective towards them in a way that does something to me idk

2 hours later 53013147 Anonymous
>>53013125 Get a pet, like a dog or a cat It will be good practice If you two take care of it well, then a baby would be a good step up

2 hours later 53013161 Anonymous (1546362600935.jpg 1118x1536 220kB)
>>53013125 You're not listening. Just don't have children and there won't be any problem. You could volunteer at a crisis center to be around them if you want to imitate that feeling.

2 hours later 53013204 Anonymous
>>53012503 Getting certified as a lifeguard is easy, we have alot of underage lifeguards where I work

2 hours later 53013209 Anonymous
>>53013147 its not like i want something for ~me~ to take care of like "oh just get a dog" (i already have two dogs though, theyre old and i also grew up on a farm so animals are no big deal) >>53013161 youre not listening what feeling do you think i am describing that can be satisfied by taking me and placing me into a situation where i myself am going to take care of some random kids? that does not synchronize to anything i have described. i do not understand you.

2 hours later 53013224 Anonymous
>>53013209 Whatever. Just don't have children. It won't work out for you, your boyfriend or your spawn.

2 hours later 53013227 Anonymous
>>53013209 >its not like i want something for ~me~ Okay? Then just let him breed you, give birth and then leave him with the kids Im not sure what the problem is here. Youre purpose in life is to be bred. Fulfill that purpose

2 hours later 53013264 Anonymous
>>53013209 Grow up and realize the world doesn't revolve around you? You sound like a massive cunt.

2 hours later 53013269 Anonymous
>>53013227 that is not my sole purpose in life there is more to it than that and leaving the kids after destroys part of the purpose leaving him also destroys the purpose because i have drive to see him through to the end and make things as good as i can for/with him until then (also please dont forget that that is my sexual purpose but that is secondary to my human purpose many people seem to forget the word "woman" means human who is female--human, u know)

2 hours later 53013288 Anonymous
>>53013264 oh did my saying your reading comprehension is garbage make you upset enough to start becoming insulting and then immediately after accuse me of being insulting aka a cunt? amazing.

2 hours later 53013292 Anonymous
>>53013269 >leaving him also destroys the purpose because i have drive to see him through to the end and make things as good as i can for/with him until then Okay so you do want something for yourself You want to be a good mother and provide for your family So do that

2 hours later 53013298 Anonymous
>>53013288 >cunt is too dumb to see this is my first post in the thread because she doesn't even have 4chanX

2 hours later 53013310 Anonymous
>>53013298 Its not a girl, just a mentally ill man

2 hours later 53013319 Anonymous
>>53013298 it was giving me issues when the site was timing out earlier so i disabled the plugin and have not re-enabled it. >>53013292 but im not supposed to have kids because i am weird and damaged/broken/someone who would be on r9k in the first place

2 hours later 53013334 Anonymous
>>53013319 Broken people have children ALL THE TIME When will you learn to not let words posted on an Australian didgeridoo helpcenter get to you so much?

2 hours later 53013351 Anonymous
>>53013334 i want to do it right though i dont want to create some weird broken family that does bad things >When will you learn to not let words posted on an Australian didgeridoo helpcenter get to you so much? i consider them when making my end choice. i will do what i think is right in the end but i like having input from various sources.

3 hours later 53013385 Anonymous
hi zoe i love you.

3 hours later 53013407 Anonymous
>>53013351 >i want to do it right though Ignoring your urges is the worst thing you can do Your body is trying to tell you something You have to do what it says Besides, it has never been easier in the entirety of human civilization than now to be a parent. There are resources everywhere to make sure you do it right

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