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2019-06-21 03:23 53011688 Anonymous (8ed35c4842308a2b68411ca432d4c408.jpg 1775x2500 903kB)
good morning Kathy i noticed that I seem to click with girls who say they are bpd the most. I'm not sure why

39 min later 53012118 Anonymous
Nice dread game you got going there.

40 min later 53012131 Anonymous
>>53012118 dread game?

57 min later 53012342 Anonymous
>>53011688 i would not want to deal with any bpd girl. i don't mind if someone has issues but not if they're literally psycho and will drag me down with them.

58 min later 53012357 Anonymous
>>53012342 Alot of them will change moods very quickly. Met this one recently who seems to be a bit of a sociopath. Afraid to delete them

1 hours later 53012398 Anonymous
>>53011688 do you also like flat chested girls? or do you like boobs?

1 hours later 53012406 Anonymous
>>53012398 I don't have a preference for chests

1 hours later 53012441 Anonymous
>>53012398 Just has to be a submissive Californian Asian qt.

1 hours later 53012453 Anonymous
>>53012441 I don't think Kathy was very submissive if you mean her. Especially wasn't submissive when I met up with her

1 hours later 53012465 Anonymous
We can do it anons, we can make the spam irrelevant We can start with this harmless but still annoying kathyposting, all we need to do is 1) Not reply at all, not even sage 2) Report for spam flooding and move on Once we have achieved this we can move on to the big hitters, like the avatarfags, the trannies and so on

1 hours later 53012470 Anonymous
>>53012465 OP here good luck with that anon

1 hours later 53012480 Anonymous (images (6).jpg 724x423 25kB)
I seem to attract incel playboys who's into bdsm!

1 hours later 53012494 Anonymous
>>53012480 Why do you think I'm an incel anon

1 hours later 53012538 Anonymous
>>53012465 Mods are fags. >>53012494 So you're saying kathy devirginized you when you were underage?

1 hours later 53012604 Anonymous
>>53012538 No but I don't wanna share much more

1 hours later 53012625 Anonymous
>>53012604 You should share more. That'll push your dread game harder on kat.

1 hours later 53012635 Anonymous
>>53012625 What's dread game?

1 hours later 53012636 Anonymous
>>53012406 im sure you do, everyone does

1 hours later 53012654 Anonymous
>>53012636 >everyone does Doubting that

1 hours later 53012798 Anonymous
who the motherfuck is Kathy

2 hours later 53012958 Anonymous
>>53012798 Some stupid chink who ghosted her most sociopathic orbiter which has led to threads about her being spammed for about 2-3 years.

2 hours later 53013001 Anonymous
>>53012958 how am i sociopathic? also its been less than a year and a half. seems like everytime someone answers a post like that its always filled with misinformation

2 hours later 53013008 Anonymous
>>53012958 February of last year was when she ghosted him

2 hours later 53013052 Anonymous
>>53013001 You're nothing less than a pathetic retard and your internet privileges should be taken away.

2 hours later 53013064 Anonymous
>>53013052 dodged the question. i guess it was to be expected

2 hours later 53013144 Anonymous
>>53012958 About a year ago OP made up a story about contacting a girl on discord and being ghosted by her then becoming obsessed. In case you couldn't tell none of this ever happened, there is no kathy, just a faggot spamming 4chan and ban evading hoping that he will be noticed and have threads made about him. In other words attentionwhoring. Please report him for avatarfagging or just spamming. Either option usually gets his threads deleted

2 hours later 53013158 Anonymous
>>53013144 >there is no kathy people from this board have met kathy. just because i dont post pictures of her for you doesnt mean she isnt real

3 hours later 53013595 Anonymous
>>53012958 only 2 didnt happen in 2016

4 hours later 53014310 Anonymous
>>53013144 Hes added a few of my catfish accounts because I said I was an azn qt in cali. Hes searching hard.

4 hours later 53014364 Anonymous (1557459152439.gif 480x360 555kB)
>>53014310 I mean, I don't remember doing that but I don't doubt it. I remember looking for Kathy if someone claimed they were asian. Not sure what youre trying to prove by posting this.

4 hours later 53014463 Anonymous
>>53014364 Not sure what you're trying to prove constantly making these passive aggressive threads.

4 hours later 53014488 Anonymous
>>53014463 I'm not trying to be passive aggressive but judging from the way your brain works any other answer won't satisfy you.

4 hours later 53014500 Anonymous
>>53014488 Now just outright insulting people. I wonder why kat onee-chan ghosted you?

4 hours later 53014509 Anonymous
>>53014500 I guess that strawman works if you just take our entire conversation out of context too

4 hours later 53014539 Anonymous
>>53014509 So why did she ghost you then? Did you constantly whine about muh trauma to her all the time? Is there anyone that can actually even vouch that you were even worth her time? Do you want her in your life only for your benefit or can you even offer her anything?

4 hours later 53014592 Anonymous
>>53014539 I'd rather not humor someone who only replies in insults and strawmen arguments. If you want to know that badly just read the archives.

4 hours later 53014600 Anonymous
>>53014592 I'm not even him

4 hours later 53014616 Anonymous
Dang bro your always arguing with people in these threads. Everyone here must be jerks.

4 hours later 53014633 Anonymous
>>53014600 Same thing applies I guess? There's no way of telling who I'm replying to so my bad >>53014616 I don't mind it anymore. It's probably the most interaction I get with people

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