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2019-06-21 02:36 53011540 Anonymous (1541964727038.jpg 1200x838 673kB)
1. Women have far more options in regards to sex, relationship, and general companionship than you ever will. 2. An ugly women is worth more than an ugly man. 3. If you aren't being approached by women in regards to sex, relationships, or general companionship you are not attractive. 4. Most women want undesirable men dead, castrated, or transgender. 5. Most women see most men as asexual, worker drones. 6. Chad, being in the upper percentile of male looks, has far more options in regards to sex, relationships, and general companionship than most men and most women. 7. Women would rather share Chad with other women than date someone average or on their looks level. 8. Social media has given every women access to Chad. 9. Women will eventually cheat or leave on you for Chad. 10. Society is against you.

3 min later 53011541 Anonymous
What's this? The 10 lies incels tell?

4 min later 53011542 Nero (lol at using filenames to track posters down.jpg 261x145 13kB)
>>53011540 Tl;dr: Waaaaaaaaaaa WAAAAAAAAAAAA I'M AN INCEL GIVE ME ATTENTION! Fuck off back to >>>/r9k/, no one gives a shit about how you find our unfair world unfair. Faggot thinks he's the canary in the coal mines or some shit lmao. Point at him and laugh!

5 min later 53011543 Anonymous
Who let the incels out? Pitchfork them back to /r9k/ and reddit

10 min later 53011544 Anonymous
>>53011540 You weirdos come up with these strange redpill MGTOW beliefs, but at the end of the day, you need to understand that most men go out and date women and find companionship and love. The majority of men are NOT lonely, and NOT virgins. Your are in the bottom 10%, a reject and a fuckup. That's why you're here spreading this spiteful misinformation, perpetuating these weird ideals. Have sex or die, you are useless. God bless

12 min later 53011545 Anonymous
He's not wrong though, is he?

15 min later 53011546 Anonymous
>>53011545 The only thing that's remotely true is 6. Chad the meat dildo with legs will get a lot more offers from both sides.

17 min later 53011547 Anonymous
>>53011540 11. Be a Man and destroy all of your ;chances brainwashing about chads and incels

24 min later 53011548 Anonymous
>deluded betabux bloomers disagreeing with this and assuming only incels believe it to be true I am a Chad, and I know all of these things to be true. The real redpill is doing what Cristiano Ronaldo did - hiring a surrogate mother, should you ever decide you want children

29 min later 53011549 Anonymous
>women would rather share >women >share uhhhhh

32 min later 53011565 Anonymous
>>53011540 there is no reason for this post at all why did you waste time posting this?

40 min later 53011624 Anonymous
>>53011565 He doesn't have a job so he has a lot of free time.

42 min later 53011645 A
>>53011624 Even if true it wouldn't make OP wrong

44 min later 53011661 Anonymous (1556789018678.jpg 640x626 68kB)
>>53011540 Tbh popular men do not have it any good either, i have a friend who's exceedingly more competent in relationships and sex and he's also far more hateful and resentful towards women, despite being popular it's all superficial, i found kind of funny when he told me "hardest thing in relationship with a woman is to pretend to be as retarded as possible, do NOT show any signs of intelligence or personality, always lie anon". I dunno man.

45 min later 53011673 Anonymous
>>53011661 That's some grade A retarded advice.

49 min later 53011721 A
>>53011673 Have you ever had a conversation with a female?

53 min later 53011756 Anonymous
>>53011645 its still a waste of time to post. it's literally just bait jannies should clean this shit off the board. OP is a faggot

1 hours later 53011870 A
>>53011756 what rules is he breaking? and why does this post bother you so much?

1 hours later 53011936 Anonymous
>>53011540 >3. If you aren't being approached by women in regards to sex, relationships, or general companionship you are not attractive. This is extremely fucking true.

1 hours later 53011953 Anonymous
>>53011721 I have fucked far more girls than your "Chad" friend.

1 hours later 53011982 A
>>53011953 first off i'm not that anon second i highly doubt that you ever did so unless you payed for it

1 hours later 53012034 Anonymous (5ea13f28db632942dccbb61fa19a5f42bcc8025d60b55b05241eb74a68f2075d.gif 200x232 214kB)
>>53011953 It's kind of funny how you sound a bit frustrated yourself little fella, call it confident or retarded it does not matter, my point was that hooking up for sex does not make person happier and putting on fake persona all the time makes person resentful and miserable, kind of like you.

1 hours later 53012059 Anonymous
>>53011544 >you need to understand that most men go out and date women and find companionship and love. Yes. At least 51% of men find a partner at some point in their life

1 hours later 53012088 Anonymous
This doesn't belong here either you imbecile janitor Throw it to /trash/ or just delete it

1 hours later 53012109 Anonymous
>>53012059 come on there are only 28% of men who haven't had sex or relationships in the last year in burgerland

1 hours later 53012126 Anonymous
Anarchist's Cookbook is retarded. Get the US army manual on improvised munitions if you're not an edgy teen.

1 hours later 53012152 Anonymous
>>53012109 28% of don't post here, men told to either suck it up, get over it, or man up, just work till ya die.

1 hours later 53012170 Anonymous
>>53012152 >either suck it up Why don't they just have sex with each other? It's not like you can force women to have sex with you, sorry you are undesirable deal with it.

1 hours later 53012190 Anonymous
So fucking true lmao especially the first and second ones

1 hours later 53012209 Anonymous
>>53012170 >Just turn gay theory Legit

1 hours later 53012218 Anonymous
>>53011870 low quality post check the report, pretty sure 'bait' falls under that. why so defensive? you decided to pretend you're a spectator, OP?

1 hours later 53012233 Anonymous (1558582444336.gif 350x350 135kB)
>>53012170 ehhhh it's not about sex mostly, as i am quite poor, but not a bum, i can hire a prostitute, i'ts more about always being hated, i am just tired.

1 hours later 53012240 Anonymous
>>53012218 >low quality post Just bc it triggers you lol

1 hours later 53012249 Anonymous
just a bunch of beta hivemind low test fags responding to this. this is why you can't get women, because you spend time replying to pointless threads like this >>53012233 go fuck yourself for replying to this

1 hours later 53012260 A
>>53012218 >that spacing >getting angry over a thread that shows the reality of female behaviour How much do you weight?

1 hours later 53012261 Anonymous
>>53012240 bait/trolling is against the rules

1 hours later 53012266 Anonymous
>>53012249 >just a bunch of beta hivemind low test fags responding to this. this is why you can't get women, because you spend time replying to pointless threads like this What about you faggot?

1 hours later 53012271 Anonymous
>>53011544 >most men go out and date women and find companionship and love No, no they don't. The overwhelming majority of (young) men find a female partner just by going about their daily lives.

1 hours later 53012278 Anonymous
>>53012261 Are you sure that truth is baiting/trolling?Im not sure Anon

1 hours later 53012281 Anonymous
>>53012266 i'm an alpha, unphased by this shitty bait

1 hours later 53012284 Anonymous
>>53012249 anon, i really don't care, get over yourself, think about why did you get so triggered.

1 hours later 53012295 Anonymous
I'll show you guys how to be a real man

1 hours later 53012296 Anonymous
>>53012249 >said the guy who just posted in this thread

1 hours later 53012301 Anonymous
I fucking own you guys

1 hours later 53012308 Anonymous
I am Chad, bow down

1 hours later 53012311 Anonymous
>>53012281 But u still took the bait and replied to me and OP. k

1 hours later 53012314 Anonymous
>>53012311 I am chad, bow down to me replycuck

1 hours later 53012321 Anonymous
>>53012271 To follow up from this, if you are a male who went through his late teens and early twenties without effortlessly getting a girlfriend there is something wrong with you.

1 hours later 53012367 Anonymous (1554865955208.jpg 788x688 110kB)
>>53012321 >there is something wrong with you. >something just say that he is ugly, jesus why is the truth so difficult to accept and admit for you faggits

1 hours later 53012376 Anonymous
>>53012321 >Imagine if you made that argument for anything else Cucks are something else

1 hours later 53012405 Anonymous
>>53012367 ugly, but adept in social intelligence wont be single for life though, although their pair is looksmatch or worse, probably obese.

1 hours later 53012422 Anonymous
>>53012405 What does social intelligence has to do with anything? The ugly nerd can have dozens of friends, but no gf.

1 hours later 53012468 Anonymous
>>53012367 Being ugly definitely counts as "something wrong with you" in my eyes

1 hours later 53012512 Anonymous
>>53012422 with good social intelligence person sooner will end up as late bloomer since such person would achieve reasonable success at work, with bigger social network you put yourself out much more. It's not really appropriate example but Danny de vito had entire movie based around how ugly he is but still got married.

2 hours later 53012555 Anonymous
>>53012512 >Danny de vito had entire movie based around how ugly he is but still got married. Well yes but he is a rich actor. Now imagine a guy who has a middle class or upper middle class income.

2 hours later 53012618 Anonymous
>>53012555 >he is a rich actor. he IS ugly though, but countered that with intelligence >middle class know many who are slim and have obese girlfriends/wives >upper middle class almost all upper middle class ugly guys who i know. upper middle is not too high status but still a higher than low status and power is attractive.

2 hours later 53012653 Anonymous
>>53012618 >he IS ugly though, but countered that with intelligence RICH ACTOR.....MONEYYY

2 hours later 53012668 Anonymous
>>53012618 >he IS ugly though, but countered that with intelligence you don't become an actor because you are smart, it is just a question of luck >power is attractive no just the money that comes with it, and then the roast beef will divorce rape you and go with Chad

2 hours later 53012709 Anonymous
>>53012668 >>53012653 >>53012618 >>53012512 >>53012468 >>53012422 >>53012405 >>53012376 >>53012367 >>53012321 faggots. go have sex and learn about women rather than waste time on this thread. this discussion doesn't fucking matter, go figure shit out on your own than. you will never learn if you keep on communication with eachother

2 hours later 53012723 Anonymous
>>53012709 why are you so triggered virgin?

2 hours later 53012808 Anonymous (1556498843834.png 797x1215 1935kB)
>>53012653 >>53012668 there are shitton less known and more poor actors, networking is also important. >divorce rape he didn't get divorce raped though his wife is ugly too. I dunno only looks matter theory does not work for me since i know ton of ugly/fat/not really rich people who aren't single so i'd like to solve a puzzle thats all, my guess is they are still despite shortcomings pleasant to hang around or something.

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