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2019-06-21 02:57 53011450 Anonymous (1560665555581.png 1102x1600 861kB)
Is it acceptable to be a female virgin at 22? I just haven't found the right person.

1 min later 53011461 Anonymous
>>53011450 I permit it. You are welcome.

2 min later 53011468 Anonymous
>>53011461 Thank you kind person

3 min later 53011478 Anonymous
>>53011450 yes definitely we need more people in this world like you. dont let the mean normies shame you into throwing your virginity away for someone who will leave you

3 min later 53011482 Anonymous
>>53011450 >>53011468 nah bro go fuck the first chad you see on the street and ruin your ability to pair bond. just think about how hard you'll cum, it'll be worth ruining your life!

5 min later 53011501 Anonymous
24 virgin girl here society pushes us because they say the kids will born retarded after 30

8 min later 53011522 Anonymous
>>53011501 That is true yes, the older you grow the less healthy you will make.. I still haven't found the right person for me to even think about having children..

9 min later 53011531 Anonymous
>>53011450 is it affecting you in any meaningfull way? like do you cease to work or put in effort because you havent been dicked yet? if yes then probly, if no then why does it even matter?

9 min later 53011539 Anonymous
>>53011501 Do you want to be my friend? I can't find any girls whom are virgins like me. I promise that I'm not a guy and if you want I can prove it.

10 min later 53011558 Anonymous
>>53011450 I dont see anything wrong with it desuto

13 min later 53011582 Anonymous
>>53011539 the naivity, girls arn't freinds they're rivals. shit blokes arn't even m8s, we're the judging board.

18 min later 53011611 Anonymous
>>53011531 No, not really. But sometimes, I wish that I had a partner.

19 min later 53011623 Anonymous
>>53011450 Yeah just lie about like I do. The only reason I haven't lost mine is because I'm distrustful of guys.

19 min later 53011626 Anonymous
What about a virgin 22 male then ? Still alright ?

21 min later 53011638 Anonymous
>>53011501 Can confirm, mom got me when she was nearing 40 and I turned out as an absolute loser.

23 min later 53011666 Anonymous
>>53011623 Same issue here, but moreso because the candidates whom I meet have some flaws (well to me, I do think that they are inconveniences for me)

25 min later 53011683 Anonymous
>>53011626 You are an evil terrorist pedophile

27 min later 53011704 A (1556903890913.jpg 2280x2133 767kB)
>>53011450 ahahahahha Reminder that female virgins over the age of 18 don't exist

27 min later 53011705 Anonymous
I'm also a virgin but much younger

27 min later 53011709 Anonymous
It's perfectly fine. It's good that you're not rushing things, the more patience you have the greater the experience when you meet someone you genuinely love and want to be with forever. Whenever you're feeling lonely, remember that you don't have to rush because of loneliness.

31 min later 53011736 Anonymous
>>53011709 Yeah well maybe, bug I never had a gf in my life, and I'm scare of dying alone bc my anxiety keeps me from speaking to others people.

39 min later 53011837 Anonymous
nobody that matters give a shit about your weeb meme the only thing different between a virgin and a non virgin is how experienced they are and whether or not they know how to handle cocks if you want to stay a virgin, more power to you but if you believe that it holds some kind of special value or that it gives you more worth as a mate, then you're either retarded, larping (or both) or just showing that lack of experience

42 min later 53011869 Anonymous
>>53011539 you're probably a transtrender I don't want to be friends with those people

44 min later 53011896 Anonymous
>>53011837 I find a female virgin as of more value, and so do most uncucked males

54 min later 53012023 Anonymous
>>53011837 I am grossed out by the idea of having casual sex and I can't find a bf atm so that's why I am a virgin

55 min later 53012028 Anonymous
>>53011450 Completely acceptable and not really that uncommon

57 min later 53012045 Anonymous
>>53011837 > he wants sloppy 15ths Hows Jamals cum taste?

58 min later 53012057 Anonymous
>>53011611 did you not think of getting one, i mean shit look at us we're all desperate for any sort of female contact. most of us are shit, granted, but atleast we know that. why are you not trying to manipulate one of us subhumans into a respectable partnet you could be with? thats what the womens meant to do right? tame the male beast, we're fucking open for it, this is what we need.

1 hours later 53012065 Anonymous
>>53012057 shut up poo in loo It's a great thing she's a virgin

1 hours later 53012083 Anonymous
>>53011450 It's completely fine, and a lot of weirdos even fetishize it.

1 hours later 53012117 A
>>53012045 it is probably are fatass roasty tumblrina trying to cope

1 hours later 53012156 Anonymous
>>53012023 which is definitely a fine excuse, I haven't had any in nearly ten years because I haven't found the right one either I'm just pointing out that the fact that you're a 'virgin' doesn't really matter at all

1 hours later 53012213 Anonymous
>>53012156 > haven't found the right one either Could you define the traits the the "right one" should have in detail?

1 hours later 53012231 Anonymous
>>53012213 I'm not a female, if that's what you're asking

1 hours later 53012287 Anonymous
>>53011705 How old are you? im guessing 18?

1 hours later 53012306 Anonymous
>>53012065 >poo in loo nah m8, pale blue scottish here >great thing shes a virgin yeah sure, apart from she sometimes feels like she wants a partner, its not effecting her in anway tho. but ah she is only 22 give her that. doesn't have any ideas what she wants out of it and how to get there. probly got lots of strenght left in the hip/thigh area if she needs to breed

1 hours later 53012347 Anonymous
>>53012287 yes 18 orignoooool

1 hours later 53012404 Anonymous
>>53012347 gender? location? height/weight?

1 hours later 53012452 Anonymous
>>53012404 female USA 5'2, I don't know my current weight it's been a long time since I stepped on a scale and I don't have one at home but I think something around 90lbs would be close enough

1 hours later 53012558 Anonymous
>>53011450 Me too. My dad and brothers scared off the only 2 boyfriends I had so I've given up until I move out.

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