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2019-06-21 02:52 53011409 Anonymous (246x0w[1].jpg 246x246 7kB)
is discord love genuine or superficial

2 min later 53011427 Anonymous
>>53011409 Are questions like these genuine or superficial?

2 min later 53011430 Anonymous
>>53011409 obligatory >discord >love >laughing_super_sentai.png

3 min later 53011437 Anonymous
>>53011409 superficial all love is superficial

5 min later 53011457 A
>>53011409 love doesn't exist, it is just your need to breed

41 min later 53011795 Anonymous
All love is superficial Relationships are an (unfairly one sided) exchange of services

1 hours later 53012193 Anonymous
All love is superficial, discord love isn't any different from irl love. The only difference is that you can't put your peepee in vagene over the discords.

2 hours later 53012683 Anonymous
>>53011409 All love is superficial. Stop using trannycord.

3 hours later 53013186 Anonymous
Female love is questionable. Only men can love.

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