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2019-06-21 02:51 53011394 Anonymous (sf1526223032476.jpg 519x537 137kB)
>tell friends my darkest secret >now I gotta have them as friends forever or they can ruin my life if they want to Don't have friends. Don't trust them with your secrets.

2 min later 53011421 Anonymous
Just don't tell them who you are or your darkest secret?

3 min later 53011434 Anonymous
>>53011394 If you haven't killed or raped anyone it's probably not that bad. Chill.

6 min later 53011451 Anonymous
Its a double edged sword, it could bring you to a higher level of bonding, or it could make them call the cops on you, typically they just dont care. Sad but true, thanks for justifying my paranoia apu fren

1 hours later 53012605 Anonymous
yeah i told my friends I masturbated to my down syndrome cousin's panties and they spread the word through all college and I had to drop out cos everybody bullied me and they hated me

2 hours later 53012692 Anonymous
>>53011394 Tell us your secret, OP, its not like we know who you are.

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