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2019-06-21 02:47 53011361 Anonymous (1548962011960.png 850x1194 835kB)
You see this thots? This is what an unused Ferrari looks like and you'll never get to ride it. I'll only let a virgin touch my virgin dick.

1 min later 53011372 Anonymous
>implying that is big lelo

17 min later 53011523 Anonymous
>>53011361 Wnjoy the ban fagboi

42 min later 53011766 Anonymous
Looks dry. - virgin who wouldnt touch it either given youre such an insecure faggot

1 hours later 53012258 Anonymous
>>53011361 Nice larp incel

1 hours later 53012337 Anonymous
>>53011372 It's 20cm or 8 inches. It's pretty big

1 hours later 53012360 Anonymous
>>53012337 >20 cm >anything but average Loving every laugh

2 hours later 53012794 Anonymous (1561121276358.png 850x1194 1399kB)
>>53011361 Penis starts at the red line, I'd say it's about 19cm which is not bad, but still you're a giant faggot

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