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2019-06-21 02:45 53011333 Anonymous (AFE19F33-1666-431E-9310-7D1C6AEC5819.png 272x204 37kB)
how to get a 5/10 shy gf

3 min later 53011364 A
>female >shy ahahahah she was sucking around Chads cock since she was a teen you fool

1 hours later 53011988 Anonymous (F5B5EB29-616F-4336-96DF-19013DE47366.png 400x416 173kB)
>>53011364 there must be atleast one somewhere

1 hours later 53012101 Anonymous
>>53011988 Nope, all women are whores that will talk to 3 different orbiters while thy're talking to you

1 hours later 53012543 Anonymous
>>53012101 what an absolute beta

3 hours later 53012882 Anonymous (61F0CBAD-FCC5-46B7-AB52-5710B5EF714E.jpg 827x942 135kB)
>>53011333 What do yall think about this Indian girl?

3 hours later 53012904 Anonymous
>>53012543 It's the truth, even the most ugly girl has like 3 orbiters on speed dial that she can drain emotionally at any time

3 hours later 53012921 Anonymous
>>53011333 I'm shy but I'm 6/10 damn OP you were so close

3 hours later 53012995 Anonymous (4680338D-9D6D-4154-8DB4-1FF26D128B7B.jpg 461x797 47kB)
>>53012921 Hey nigger, wanna be my gf? I am White and 6 ft 1 in if that matters

3 hours later 53013031 Anonymous
>>53012995 if your height is the most interesting thing you can tell me about yourself then no

3 hours later 53013077 Anonymous
>>53013031 Interesting people usually are not on r9k, I play the piano and live alone

3 hours later 53013176 Anonymous
>>53013031 the most interesting thing about me is that there's actually nothing interesting about me while everyone else has at least one thing interesting about them. how about me?

3 hours later 53013517 Anonymous
>>53012921 close enough to me, femanon

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