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2019-06-21 02:44 53011326 Anonymous What fembots think about this bwc ((m=eaAaGwObaaaa)(mh=ZHRh40wcjUCUAdYJ)14.jpg 640x360 25kB)
Do you want to suck it?

2 min later 53011355 Anonymous
no i would rather get to know the person first

5 min later 53011380 Anonymous
>>53011326 Dicks look so weird.

11 min later 53011443 Anonymous
>>53011326 Looks too dry my guy. Wouldnt put my mouth anywhere near it

12 min later 53011446 Anonymous
>>53011380 It looks cool to me

22 min later 53011534 Anonymous
No and also >>53011380

29 min later 53011599 Anonymous
>cut not in your wildest dreams, I ain't putting my lips near that scarred mess

1 hours later 53012208 Anonymous (09E3F849-01A6-4135-A978-B2AEA81168BD.jpg 1517x1517 372kB)

2 hours later 53012610 Anonymous
>>53011326 Nope. Uncut or nothing.

3 hours later 53012873 Anonymous
>>53011326 >cut >gigantic >probably a fat 30yo No thanks

3 hours later 53012885 Anonymous
>>53011326 I'm a straight guy and that cock looks yummy to be honest. I feel like there's not a single female ITT and robots are just jealous

3 hours later 53012901 Anonymous (1558077217967.png 800x450 329kB)
>>53011326 I love dick!!! so yes

3 hours later 53012991 Anonymous
>>53011326 how many cms? looks big i wish i had something like that too :((

3 hours later 53013003 Anonymous (images (11).jpg 603x508 32kB)
>>53011326 This is me and you right now.

3 hours later 53013093 Anonymous
>>53012873 >gigantic I get the other 2 but how is that not a good thing?

3 hours later 53013136 Anonymous
Why do guys like dicks so much? I swear they are obsessed with them.

3 hours later 53013150 Anonymous
>>53013136 Op is a fembot, why would you assume it's a guy?

3 hours later 53013165 Anonymous
>>53013093 Hes a manlet thats why it looks bigger than it is. Look at his baby hands thats 7in at best

3 hours later 53013199 Anonymous
>>53013150 Only men post dicks

3 hours later 53013205 Anonymous
>>53012208 a bunch of jew dicks in black chicks, nothing special

3 hours later 53013229 Anonymous
>>53011326 >bwc AHAHAHHAHAHAHA if its so big why are you going extinct?

3 hours later 53013246 Anonymous
>>53013093 I want a dick that I can take without significant pain and that can fit all the way inside of me.

3 hours later 53013267 Anonymous
>>53011355 Fpbp Unfortunately you are neither a woman nor a gay/bi man

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