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2019-06-21 02:42 53011305 Anonymous (1560729612319.jpg 630x318 16kB)
I don't know who needs to hear this, but seriously don't fall for that sissy/trap/faggot subliminal MKultra discord op that's been going on here I almost fell for it, and know who they prey on. depressed/degenerate/schizo/general mental illness types. Take a break from browsing here, or learn the difference so you can block that shit out. Once i got a comfy gf, I kinda "woke up" to the trap/tranny shit, and snapped out of it. we can ll make it bros

7 min later 53011387 Anonymous
Yeah take a break is the natural way of avoiding it, but what about other anons, how could you help them out?

21 min later 53011510 Anonymous (1508186121004.png 645x773 37kB)
>claims to not be a tranny >somehow can be "tricked" into injecting estrogen I seriously don't understand how people can fall for this shit

24 min later 53011535 Anonymous
>>53011387 What i could reccomemd is simpy a matter of recogniton. You have to be hyper-vigilant for the obvious psyop posts. Thankfully, there are filters you could install and censor keywords. Just look at obvious bait posts, compare them, and use common words. The posts will be auto hidden and, if you wish to view them amyway, you could click to view. Or just learn to tell which is which What they use subliminally a lot is pornography, to trick you using sexual reaffirmation. Go out of your way to watch vanilla, even soft-core porn. I would still reccoment that you avoid porn (not exactly no-fap, but the self-discipline helps confidence) for periods of time. It helps of youre moderately sexually active, but i understand that not everyone is.

25 min later 53011553 Anonymous
>>53011510 I never considered HRT, at any point. What the purpose of the post is to expose, with a broad brush, of some organized effort to demasculate, and hypnotize men.

28 min later 53011584 Anonymous
>>53011535 I think theyre getting more crafty than that, targetting down to the emotional level bypassing entirely the sexual aspect, subtle at first then as they open up the degen dose gets higher and higher. Man psychs would have a field day with these cases, its almost admirable.

1 hours later 53012292 Anonymous
>>53011553 If 4chan sissyposting "demasculatizes" you, you were never a man in the first place. Everyone knows survival of the fittest, and i believe in subsistence of the strongest. The mentally capable cant have their mental state changed from outside forces. Mother nature only wants the best to pass on their genes, which is why incels stay incels, idiots die, and the mentally weak become bbc sissy hpyno bimbo fags.

3 hours later 53013022 Anonymous
>>53012292 Propaganda can break down even the strongest of people.

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