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2019-06-21 02:37 53011252 Anonymous (1560913446103.jpg 960x795 64kB)
>start writing reply to thread >mid way through think "no one really cares (about my opinion)" >delete >go back to the catalog

1 min later 53011260 Anonymous
>>53011252 >tfw zelda 64 DD never saw the light of day

2 min later 53011269 Anonymous
>>53011260 that's unironically pokemon on the switch

2 min later 53011272 Anonymous
Literally me thqhwy famalam I just know I haven't got anything constructive to say bit I still want to say it

3 min later 53011280 Anonymous
>>53011269 what, also, what

3 min later 53011286 Anonymous
Yet you thought people would care about this low tier thread

4 min later 53011301 Anonymous
>write a long and articulate reply >Error: specified thread does not exist

5 min later 53011314 Anonymous (1560912638689.jpg 1200x1200 492kB)
This is a nostalgia for old games thread now

7 min later 53011330 Anonymous
>>53011252 >>reply to a thread with a long thought out reply >>No one else reply

8 min later 53011342 Anonymous
>>53011314 wtf is this why was link in the scene and have so many questions

9 min later 53011356 Anonymous (76qdqq5f7c431.jpg 1322x1096 87kB)
>>53011342 Stop pretending faggot, originlly

11 min later 53011373 Anonymous (1538124832442.png 1080x811 1099kB)
>>53011252 >see thread >urge to write "no one cares fag" before reading op >90% of time still hit all the right threads

13 min later 53011386 Anonymous
>>53011356 i stopped playing nintendo games after n64 i honestly had no idea what that is

15 min later 53011414 Anonymous
Nobody "cares" unless its bait or attention whores. And yet they still dont care.

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