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2019-06-21 02:37 53011251 Anonymous (1489360355991.jpg 635x473 45kB)
>it's a Your ex is now on her third boyfriend after you meanwhile you haven't even fucked anyone else and it's been a year and a half jesus fucking christ you are so pathetic episode

1 min later 53011267 Anonymous
>>53011251 >casually mentions having had a girlfriend >offhandedly mentions having had sex before Leave leave leave leave lea

2 min later 53011273 Anonymous (happywojakfuckyoufaggotforeadingtheimagename.png 1001x823 825kB)
you're missing the issue here, shes on her third boyfriend, meaning she got dumped twice, and is still asking for dick cuz she cant fill the hole you was in for her. My guy, you won at life vs her. shes trying desperately to go with guys and expanding her wizard sleeve and getting dumped by them. my guy, youve done it. who cares if you aint fucked noone, get that BREAD, get those nice houses n cars, work on yourself. Always look on the bright side of things.

4 min later 53011300 Anonymous
should never ask 4chan for wholesome support cuz the majority aint even fucking touched a girl let alone experienced a relationship.

6 min later 53011315 Anonymous
>>53011273 Me dumping her is completely negated by multiple times of me getting drunk, unbearably lonely and texting her. I don't love her anymore but nonetheless I will never learn to cope with how quickly can women replace us. As soon as I get a new girlfriend I will probably forget about the ex, even if I'm at the moment scared if some things will be as good as they were with her. World moving on while you are frozen and unable to move takes a hard toll on you. I'm gradually swallowing the blackpill of hating women for their common character flaws and personalities and I am trying to resist the urge but it's impossible.

12 min later 53011377 Anonymous
>>53011315 OP, you will occasionally be in that state, time stops for you whether it be stopping training for some goal, getting unemployed, or losing a loved one and greiving dispite death or loss of affiliation. You as a person decide what to move on with and how to move on and when. You feel like its stopped and its understandable but time never stops, only you do. The thing is people move on one way or another, whether replaced or they just give it time, or they reflect on it and learn from the situation. Women aint bad, its the majority of them that think that they have an amendment to sit behind because of this ideology of "no hitting women, womens righyts, equality" bullshit when really our rights as human beings is to thrive and prosper in an equal and community-like manner. Sadly, the 7 deadly sins one otherthrows women the most which is Greed. You will get rare girls that see life in the real prospective than a fantasy. you just need to wait for that girl my guy, but for now. you got the biggest opportunity to build yourself as a character up, no dfistractions, not spending on someone else, not even thinking of someone elses feeling at this moment in time. If you think you fucked it up, reflect on it, learn why you did and move on. Kevin Hart once said: embrace your fuck ups and learn from them. we all do them, saint or not.

14 min later 53011404 Anonymous
>>53011273 this post makes me feel like a winner, thatnks bro

16 min later 53011417 Anonymous (dogs-playing[1].jpg 660x400 63kB)
>>53011377 Thanks for a long wholesome post anon, I do feel a little better, even if only temporary. Hope you have a great day.

16 min later 53011420 Anonymous
>>53011315 you're definitely under 25 once you get established, you will have no problem finding new pussy. I live in an area of the USA where most young men have multiple kids already and shitty/no jobs. I have no children and work a decent office job. despite even wearing my girlfriends class ring, women throw themselves at me. don't kill yourself over some bitch that didn't want you anyway

17 min later 53011429 Anonymous
>>53011315 Yeah I started talking to my ex again lately even after I promised I wouldn't. We both kinda moved on, I texted her while I had another girl in my bed but it's just shit. I can't tell whether I actually want to get back with her or if I'm just nostalgic. I can't stop it.

19 min later 53011445 Anonymous
>>53011417 Im glad you feel better. We are all here for you my guy no mater what.

21 min later 53011463 Anonymous
>>53011420 I'm 28. I don't want to bore anyone with details and why and why nots but let's just say that I am not in the position of meeting many women despite wanting to. >>53011429 I have long ago learned that I don't have the discipline to ignore wanting to text exes or random girls when I'm really drunk and that 1am loneliness sets in. I got around this by promising myself to never learn anyone's phone number by memory anymore and to always delete them from my phonebook after we are done. And that's what I did in this case too. However a few months after I dumped her the bitch texted me out of hte blue and we fucked again, except her feelings were completely gone as she had a new boyfriend literally three weeks after we ended, meanwhile I was able to continue just where we left off. I ended up quite hurt. Hopefully I will meet someone better, all I can do is hope and move on. It just really hurts knowing that you are single and alone and someone other is making her laugh and cum and stuff. I wish I was mentally stronger.

25 min later 53011495 Anonymous
>>53011463 lol cry more. been alone for years. every ex i have had has moved on. married engaged or wahtever. other ex is just a dumb brain dead white trash slut. shes probably fucked a hundred dudes. drugs numb the pain. drugs numb the pain

27 min later 53011511 Anonymous
>>53011251 >it's been a year and a half try 9, but eh m8 why even need a gf? im self supporting and doing better than all my m8s who actually socialise.

27 min later 53011513 Anonymous
>>53011463 Hey, the wholesome guy here. I have been single for a year and half aswell. The girl i used to date was my fiance of 3 years running. she dropped a text to me after work saying shes going to a convention with no namer guy i dont know about which we previously planned to go to together. I caught her cheating once before but this was the final straw. being nice is one thing, but putting standards for yourself sets the foundation of you as a man. so my standards are 2 strikes your out. and I kicked her to the curb, i was heartbroken, hurt, felt depressed, drunk myself to sleep every night, noone batted an eye cyz i didnt want them to. this was few weeks before my birthday too so it hurt to go to my bday dinner without her fior the first time with family. hurt liuke hell OP, really did not seeing her again, but my friends were there for me on Discord, physically and they were very very supportive, giving me the best support i could get. I never asked for this kind of support. I am soo grateful to have friends liek this and ever since ive been bigger and better than ever. I felt alot stronger, my ego rose, and I pushed my standard higher to negate the type of thing happening again. so its now 1 strike and moreso being more stern with women than nice. I feel your pain on an emotional level OP. really do. and I just want you to feel the enlightenment I did after I had a pick me up from friends.

27 min later 53011520 Anonymous
>>53011251 My ex's facebook doesnt update. Fucking algorithm,

31 min later 53011562 Anonymous
>>53011495 This guy is dead weight. dont listen to this jerkoff.

31 min later 53011563 Anonymous (1508978662830.jpg 830x1024 131kB)
>left ex for new >still talk to ex >extract favors and tease about getting back together Don't even know why I do it. I have no intentions of actually getting back together, but at the same time it's my toy and no one is allowed to play with it even if I've thrown it away. Not even Chad, sometimes life is just strange like that and you find yourself with two girls.

33 min later 53011574 Anonymous
>>53011563 I hate to say but you got any nudes of her?

36 min later 53011597 Anonymous (img_8017.jpg 990x738 193kB)
>>53011574 Pic unrelated, I don't have any others of her afaik. Also, I'm extremely jealous. Only cucks share nudes of their girls, in case you were asking about that.

42 min later 53011657 Anonymous
>when you are single and emotionally starved for so long that you can only jerk off to amateur couples on pornhub because you can tell there is genuine affection going on send help

43 min later 53011665 Anonymous
>>53011657 felt this on a spiritual level

43 min later 53011667 Anonymous (Screenshot_20190621-092030.png 1080x1920 1467kB)
online dating never get replies or only weird ugly girls what the fuck how do I meet women

44 min later 53011678 Anonymous
>>53011667 explain the pic, Anon

48 min later 53011718 Anonymous
>>53011678 niggas showing off his autism 4's

49 min later 53011725 Anonymous
>>53011678 they're like shinguards for your feet lol for shop stuff, work a decent blue-collar job don't drink and no one wants anything to do with me

50 min later 53011731 Anonymous
>>53011718 Thats like the level 3 armour youd get from completing a quest my guy.

1 hours later 53012154 Anonymous
>>53011513 > >>53011463 > >Hey, the wholesome guy here. Beautiful post but why you gotta start with that faggy shit anon, just say your peace and move on. Makes you look like a huge cuck for giving yourself compliments right off the bat

1 hours later 53012254 Anonymous
>>53012154 cuz we all anon you fucking faglord, the guys gotta say who he is instead of going "hey its anon here" like nigga stfu its 4chan not reddit, fuck off back there.

1 hours later 53012425 Anonymous
>>53012254 Yeah it's 4chan why you gotta attenshion whore it up

1 hours later 53012520 Anonymous
>>53012425 how is he attention whoring? You sound like you got experience

2 hours later 53012539 Anonymous (kek.jpg 550x467 57kB)
>>53012425 > attenshion

2 hours later 53012567 Anonymous
>>53012520 Hes attention whoring by saying hey, wholesome guy here Its equivalent to a girl saying hey, femanon here Just say what you mean to say. If its a wholesome post, you dont need to tell everyone youre a wholesome guy Also nice samefag

2 hours later 53012630 Anonymous
>>53012567 Noones 'attenshion' whoring here. If i wanted to 'attenshion' whore, id go "wholesome guy here, the one who made you happy and stuff". fut it, to make your fat ugly betamale neet ass happy for once in your miserable life, ima just say AnUrN. Anon here, to say this nigga is a fucking geed.

2 hours later 53012676 Anonymous
>>53012630 >geed lmao im gonna use this

3 hours later 53012870 Anonymous
>>53012630 You have to be 18 years old to use this website

3 hours later 53013024 Anonymous
>>53012870 good advice for you there

3 hours later 53013083 Anonymous (bane.jpg 1300x649 53kB)
>>53012630 >your fat ugly betamale neet ass happy for once in your miserable life FOR YOU

3 hours later 53013221 Anonymous
>>5301308 nice quoting fag

3 hours later 53013360 Anonymous
>>53011267 I literally have autism, I'm a manlet, and I'm unemployed, yet I can still get attractive women to date me and bang me.

3 hours later 53013390 Anonymous
>>53011251 Its been almost a decade since i had a relationship. I still think about her even though she has had plenty of boyfriends and sex in that time. Still a virgin btw

3 hours later 53013461 Anonymous
>>53013390 Postitutes dont count, anon

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