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2019-06-21 02:30 53011195 Anonymous (20190621_082952.jpg 915x859 430kB)
what is your age gap limit for partners, robots?

1 min later 53011204 Anonymous
>>53011195 prolly around 15 years max. given both are older than 20.

5 min later 53011241 Anonymous
>>53011204 >given both are older than 20 lol the usual 50y

15 min later 53011337 Anonymous
As long as she is between the ages of 18-22 ill date her.

19 min later 53011383 Anonymous
>>53011195 >>age gap limit The only thing that matter in a relationship is the happiness of the people in it.

23 min later 53011418 Anonymous
>>53011195 I will only accept a girl being 1 year younger than me. between 4 months younger than me and 16 months younger than me.

23 min later 53011425 Anonymous
>>53011383 what if the country in which you live has a very low aoc?

38 min later 53011564 Anonymous (1522088670746.gif 227x221 1003kB)
Half my age plus nothing tbqh.

49 min later 53011652 Anonymous
my age / 2 + 7

1 hours later 53012138 Anonymous
>>53011564 how are you going to find a gf when the girl can't age half as quickly as you?

1 hours later 53012161 Anonymous
She cant be so much younger than me that we have nothing in common. I guess it could work if she is some kind of vintage hipster.

2 hours later 53012483 Anonymous
2 years older, 10 years younger.

2 hours later 53012509 Anonymous
im 25 shes 37 is this okay guys

2 hours later 53012759 Anonymous
>>53011195 24 year old male here. As far as serious relationships go I wouldn't date a woman more than a few years older than me. I'd go as young as 18 no problem, although I think it would be considered a bit taboo even at my age. 16 is the age of consent in my country (UK) but there's no way I'd go public with that because the backlash and stigma would be too severe even for me. 17 is a maybe depending on how physically mature they look.

2 hours later 53012775 Anonymous
I'm 23 so she can't be more than 10 years younger.

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